You Decide: Comment Avatars

Update: By a LANDSLIDE….Retro wins!  Looks like we’re going old skool people! 🙂
Now I feel like we’re in an Atari game of Space Invaders. 😉

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How’s your Thursday going so far?  Ready for the weekend?  I know I am!  Anywho…we’ve been going through the feedback you guys left us on our Blogiversary poll  and slowly but surely implementing a lot of changes you’ve asked for.  You ask, we deliever!  TSTO Addicts is YOUR site & we want to make it feel as much like home for you guys as we possibly can.

So all of that being said…we wanted to get a little more feedback from YOU guys about this next change that was requested.  A few of you told us that if you could change anything about TSTOAddicts it would be the little icons (Avatar) when you comment.  Clearly some of you are not a fan of the monsters!  So we’re happy to make the change, but what should we change it to?  Currently Word Press offers 5 different options, in addition to making your own, for your Avatar these options are:
comment iconsWith MonsterID being the one we currently use.  

Instead of us deciding what to change it to, we’re going to leave it up to YOU!  That’s right you guys vote for whichever Avatar you want to represent you here on TSTO Addicts (and again, you can always set your own…which we always encourage you to do.  Helps us get to know your personality a little better 🙂 ).  So vote for your favorite and the winning icon will be implemented 🙂

What do YOU think of the icons?  Which one is your favorite?  Will you be setting your own Avatar from now on?  Sound off in the comments below.  You know we LOVE hearing from you! 🙂

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35 responses to “You Decide: Comment Avatars

  1. i like my Homer carrying the donut… as a penance.. are the avatars for when you comment and are not registered with any 3rd party like wordpress?

  2. I NEED FRIENDS….*****

  3. Ok it is working. Thanks Addicts! Sorry again

  4. Sorry again. I changed some things and am checking my avatar again

  5. Sorry. Just checking my account thingy

  6. Im happy with mine 🙂 Me and Jessica = two peas in a pod

  7. Finally!!! Now I am an official homersapien.

  8. One more time

  9. Just checking to see if my new Gravatar is working yet..

  10. Yay, I still get to keep my icon! (Cause I wasn’t a fan of the monsters, but I’m really not a fan of the retro, either)
    So I like my Heroes War one, though maybe I’ll update it…

  11. Just testing to see what it looks like.

  12. To be honest my dear I don’t give a monkeys elbow which you use .

  13. Woohoo…!!!…I made my own avatar and now you’re gonna change them…Nooooooooo!!!!

  14. Old skool!

  15. Sooo…does each one randomly assign an avatar…sorry…avatar -illiterate over here…making my own would be cool.

  16. RETRO all the way

  17. I’m happy with the one I have. 🙂

  18. All signed up with Gravatar and created my avatar. How’s it look?

  19. All signed up for Gravatar and testing it out.

  20. Tough choice, hmmm!
    WWBHD (What Would Baby Homer Do)?

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