Turbo Tapppin’ Level 25: Smithers

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Back with another blast from the past Turbo Tappin’ TSTO walkthrough.  This time we’re Turbo Tappin’ Level 25 and Smithers!

For those of you who don’t know Turbo Tappin’ is our quick version of a walkthrough for the Level/Update/Character where we give you who starts the quest, the task and what you earn.  This way you have your quick guide on who to keep free and when.  This is great for our fellow Addicts who love to copy and paste the walkthrough into their device for quick reference.  You can check out more of our Turbo Tappin’ Walkthroughs here.

So let’s get this going in Level 25 shall we?  You’ll need to have Mr. Burns free, as he kicks off Level 25…

turbo tappin' smithers

Executive Lackey Pt. 1
Mr Burns starts

Send Homer to do a Plant Shift– 16hrs
Keep Mr. Burns free when complete

Executive Lackey Pt. 2
Mr. Burns starts

Build Burns Manor- 24hr build

Executive Lackey Pt.3
Smithers starts

Build Springfield Post Office- 24hr build
Make Smithers Check the Mail– 4hrs
Keep Comic Book Guy free when complete

Executive Lackey Pt. 4
Comic Book Guy starts

Make Smithers Write Malibu Stacey Newsletter-6hrs
Make Smithers Whip It!-8hrs
Keep Mr. Burns free when complete

Executive Lackey Pt. 5
Mr. Burns starts

Make Smithers Become a Hideous Drunken Wreck (x2) -12hrs(each time)
Keep Wiggum free when complete

Executive Lackey Pt. 6
Wiggum starts

Make Smithers Sleep if off in the Drunk Tank-24hrs
Keep Mr. Burns free when complete

Executive Lackey Pt. 7
Mr. Burns starts

Make Smithers Attend an AA Meeting– 2hrs

Executive Lackey Pt. 8
Smithers starts

Make Smithers Exercise for Mr. Burns -1hr (both Smithers AND Mr. Burns are required for this task.  Make sure they’re both free to complete it)

And with that Level 25 is complete!

What did YOU think of Level 25 and Smithers?  Did you enjoy the questline?  Where did you place Burns Manor?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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16 responses to “Turbo Tapppin’ Level 25: Smithers

  1. Could someone give me his/her Gmail?
    I want to friend to get more points.
    Or can you please add?

  2. what do you mean by Mr. Brirns starts? I had home or do a 16 hour shift and no they want Mr. Burns to pay with candy canes

    • It means Mr. Burns triggers it. Right now with the Christmas event you’re getting hit wit christmas questlines inbetween the level ones.

  3. Thank you☺

  4. I’m very confused when I was level 21 it said reach level 25 and build burns mannor and when I clicked on it it had a tick on the quest but I just had to reach the required level 25 as I was no way near that level I forgot about it and just carried on but now I’m level 25 and the mannor is showing as locked now with a tick for the level but not the quest.

    • A level requirement will open some items, but you’ll still have to catch up with the character actions. So, you make be at that level, but the building won’t unlock until the proper character prompt comes up. And if you have a ton of tasks in your task bar it could be preventing it from coming up. Try clearing some of the tasks out and that should help it unlock.

  5. I’m at level 28 and have not gotten the executive lackey quests. I have even made sure to have Mr. Burns free for a couple days. Any ideas of what might be happening? I appreciate all your help and all these walkthroughs!

  6. Turns out the stall in the Smithers quest line was because CBG was waiting for me to build El Chemistri for Ralph. Once that building finished, CBG started Executive Lackey Pt 4. Thanks for the help!

  7. Really appreciate these walkthroughs. I built the post office and had Smithers check the mail, but now I’m not getting the next step from Comic Book Guy. It’s been a couple of days. Any suggestions on how to get the quest line rolling again?

    • I apologize…there was actually a part missing from the walkthrough:
      Executive Lackey Pt. 4
      Comic Book Guy starts

      Make Smithers Write Malibu Stacey Newsletter-6hrs
      Make Smithers Whip It!-8hrs
      Keep Mr. Burns free when complete

      Have you completed Smithers writing the newsletter and doing Whip it? If not and CBG won’t start the task try storing Android’s Dungeon and placing it again. This will store CBG and the place him back in your Springfield. Sometimes that helps to kick start the task. 🙂

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