Social Currency Event Rundown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Well now that Valentine’s Day has finally left our games we’re all kind of sitting here wondering…what’s next?  With today’s update hitting & not bringing a new Level with it  what the heck changed?  Well….there’s now a little incentive to visit your neighbor-eenos on a daily basis!  F-R-I-N-K Points…err Friend Points (you’ll see the reason for the change below the fold).

Friend points (FP) earn you prizes…like previous social events (only this one appears to be permanent).  Currently there are 5 prizes you can unlock earning FPs.  Once you’ve unlocked all 5 you’ll reach the max level, but it does appear EA has plans to add more.

Photo Feb 26, 12 30 46 PM

How do you activate the social event and start earning FP?  You won’t see it right away in your main Springfield Screen.  To unlock it you’ll need to go to your friend screen and visit one of your neighbor-eenos (yes it works on Other Springfield…which is what I used for my Screenshots).  Once you tap a building you’ll see blue FP come out (in addition to the normal cash and XP).  They look like this:
Once you collect your first FP some dialog will auto-start with Frink and Homer.  This will go over the details of how to collect points and earn prizes.  And it will also activate the event in your game. THERE IS NO RUSH on this.  It does not appear like it’s something EA plans to remove.  It looks as tho it’s a permanent addition to TSTO.  So take your time and have fun with it!

Neighbor-eenos are now important ALL the time in TSTO.  So if you need Friends be sure to check out our friend request page!

Now for more details…because I know some of you like to play the game in real time I’ve put the major details (and what the prizes are) below the fold.  So if you don’t want to find out more info about the event don’t click more.  So once you collect your first FP a dialog box will popup:
Frink: Mhoyvin!  I see you’ve found my newest invention — the “Frink Point”!  You’ll get one every time you interact with something in other Springfields.  With the tapping and the reading and the waiting too long for loading.
Homer: What’s in it for me?
Frink: I’m glad you asked, my good man!  Science has learned that interacting with other humans improves your quality of life, it may, in fact, extend your life.
Homer: That’s nice, but I’d really rather get some kind of imaginary prize or doodad for doing stuff.
Frink: *sign* Doodads, always with the doodads.Photo Feb 26, 12 32 10 PMFrink: Actually, they’re called FRINK points.  F-R-I-N-K.  Sometimes people mis-hear me ’cause of my Hoy-vin accent.
Homer: Actually, “Friend Points” has a nice ring to it, let’s call it that.
Frink: But I’m the inventory, and you’re just some guy.  So I think we both know who gets to name the points.
Photo Feb 26, 12 32 45 PM

Photo Feb 26, 12 30 46 PM

At this point you’ll see a little trophy appear in the bottom right when you visit your neighbors (next to Milhouse and Bart):
Photo Feb 26, 12 32 57 PM
This is where you’ll see the prizes:
Photo Feb 26, 12 33 03 PM

First prize is an Olmec Head.  This is earned at 1,000 FP OR you can spend 100 donuts.

The second prize you can win is the Singing Sirloin.  This is earned when you earn another 2,000FP OR you can spend 200 donuts.
singingsirloin_unlockThe third prize is Snowball II (finally after SLH being in the game for HOW long?!).  This is earned after you’ve unlocked the first two items and earn an additional 1,500FP OR you can spend 200 donuts.
unlock_snowballIIThe fourth prize is Homer’s Car (FINALLY!  Although you STILL can’t place it on the road)  This is earned after you’ve unlocked the other 3 items and earned an additional 2,000FP OR you can spend 350 donuts.
Homer CarThe fifth and final prize (for now) is Stampy.  Stampy unlocks after you’ve earned all of the other prizes and an additional 5,000 FP OR you can spend 500 donuts.
unlock_stampySo what happens when you unlock all of the prizes?  Well once you’ve reached the maximum number of FP you’ll earn TRIPLE the $$ from interacting in your neighbors towns.

So how do you earn FP?  Well just like visiting them normally, you just tap on Neighbor’s  buildings (as you normally would & 3 per town) to earn FP.  What IS different is the number of points per town.  This is a similar structure to the Valentine’s Day Hearts:

-First 30 actions (so visiting 10 friends and tapping 3 items in each town) 10 FP for each action.
-31-60 actions (so next 10 friends (11-20) and tapping on 3 items in each town) 5 FP for each action.
-61-90 (next 10 friends (21-30) and tapping 3 items in each town) 4 FP for each action.
-91-120 (next 10 friends (31-40) and tapping 3 items in each town) 2 FP for each action.
-121-300 (friends 41-100 and tapping 3 items in each town) 1 FP for each action.

As a bonus you’ll also earn more $$ from visiting friends the higher the level increase.  So it’s a good way to earn some extra money for your town.

UPDATE: 9PM EST: Here’s what we’ve learned from playing the game and from you AWESOME Addicted Tappers commenting what you’re seeing!

Fooeyfighter reminds us of a way to save time while visiting neighbors:
Since we are now being promoted to visit friends all the time, I thought I would share a small tip I discovered (I’m sure others know of this but as I did not until the Valentine’s Day event figured I would post).
When you visit other Springfields, you can jump in, click 3 locations and go right to the next town without the need to click on the money, exp and FP to collect them. You get them all automatically once you leave.
Huge time saver. I can visit 93 towns in about 20 minutes now. Love the site, keep it comin’.

Ryguyer, Alunited1961, Schneiper1988 (if I forgot anyone else I’m sorry!) let us know that cleaning up graffiti in YOUR town will earn you bonus FP!   This was Ryguyer’s take:
Seems like you can also get fp in YOUR OWN town when you clean up graffiti. One point for each. Nice to know since it will be more beneficial to graffiti friends vs just clicking buildings.

CGuy (my favorite number cruncher!  Even when it’s wrong) calculated how long it would take to earn each of the prizes if you visit your neighbors daily: Note:  his initial math was wrong.  And it’s my fault for not catching it..but he did correct it here:

 Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!
I was wrong (egads, zounds!)
I thought it was levels, like everything else. NO! Each prize is an ADDITIONAL number of friendship points.
So, to make the math clear (well, clear as mud for some),
10 pts x 30 actions
5 pts x 30 actions
4 pts x 30 actions
2 pts x 30 actions
1 pts x 180 actions
Total = 810 Frink Points *hoyvin!
So, with the recalculations based on my misunderstanding, in parenthesis is the total time from starting out:
1.2 days to Prize 1 (1.2 days)
2.5 days to Prize 2 (3.7 days)
3.7 days to Prize 3 (7.4 days)
4.9 days to Prize 4 (12.3 days)
6.2 days to Prize 5 (18.5 days)
So, if you tap EVERY DAY, it will take about 2 1/2 weeks to get prize 5, unless you get LOTS of graffiti!

Bad Math Once – Shame on me!
Bad Math Twice – Shame on Alissa!
Ok, the MATH was correct, the assumptions were wrong. I don’t know if I read some bad info on prize levels, or what. But I had the wrong number of Frink Points needed to earn each level. This is finally correct (swear, checked it 3x)….
Prize Points Days Total Days

Olmec Head 1,000 1.2 1.2
Singing Sirloin 2,000 2.5 3.7
Snowball II 1,500 1.9 5.6
Homer’s Car 2,000 2.5 8.0
Stampy 5,000 6.2 14.2
So TWO weeks for you addicted tappers.

tatsal13 let us know that the donut price decreases for each item as you collect some FP:

The dOnut cost per prize goes down as you get closer to the required friend points to acquire it. 

David Sutton let us know about Sideshow Bob and FP:
Sideshow Bob doesn’t yield any points unfortunately
BUT he doesn’t count toward your daily actions either…so he’s basically free money and XP…plus a righteousness boost 🙂

AND….you can earn FP in Krustyland too.  🙂

Ok Tappers that’s it for the event rundown!  We’ll be back with more details about the prizes soon.  In the meantime ENJOY YOUR NEIGHBOR’S TOWNS!  Check out their designs and how they built their Springfield.  Take your time with this event.  There is no clock on it!  🙂 

Remember if you’re looking for neighbor-eenos check out our Friends Page here.

What do YOU think of this little update?  Are you happy the FINALLY added Homer’s Car?  And that it’s FREE?  Are you a happy Tapper knowing your neighbors will visit you again?  Sound off in the comments below.  You know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I looked around for an answer to this question and didn’t find anything–I hope I didn’t just miss it somewhere! I have 25 friends. (In the game. I only have, like, five friends in real life, lol.) I visit them daily. Some of them visit me in return, which always gives me a warm fuzzy. (Maybe this is why I don’t have many friends in real life.) but I’ve noticed that I don’t always get friend points when I clear their handshakes. Is there some sort of limit as to how many friend points you can get from neighboreenos visiting you?

  2. blind guardian

    Hi everyone!
    Has anybody experienced the same thing as me? Namely completing the Snowball II level in FPs but no Snowball to be seen ! :-((
    Has anyone a solution (and explanation!) besides contacting EA?? Boohoo, I want my Snooooowbaaaaall…. I haven’t even seen it yet…. *sniff*
    Thanx in advance for any help offered!

    • Sorry your kitty is missing. Try a few things to see if you can locate it. Check your cardboard box inventory to see if it got put into storage. If it is not there, it very well could be roaming your game in an area you just can’t see (the kitty is VERY VERY tiny). I would suggest to go to your “Movement” menu (arrows up down/left right) and hide all the buildings and decorations. Then look around closely and carefully and see if you can locate where the kitty has wandered off to. Let me know if this helps.

      • blind guardian

        Hi bunny, thanks for your reply. Of course I had cheched the inventory right away but to no avail. I can see or find my turkey, racoon and zombie dog easily, but no kittycat. Guess I’ll check with EA. Thanx everyone!
        I’ll get back with the result if someone would like to know ;-))

  3. I didn’t get the Singing Sirloin and it just jumped straight to Snowball II. The building isn’t in my inventory.

    • Did you get the pop up for the Singing Sirloin? Stating it would be put in the inventory? If so, try some basic troubleshooting. Log out, restart your device, then log back in. Check the inventory cardboard box again to see if it is there. If it is still missing, EA would be the next step for a missing game item you earned. Let us know how it goes.

      • Yes, the pop up came but then before I could return to my own Springfield, the game stopped working. I restarted it and then I got the pop up for Snowball II. I did what you told me to do, but I didn’t work.

      • it*

      • How do you contact EA? I Just had the same issue. It said I received the singing sirloin then I just got the cat & when I look at the things I earned from the friendship points the singing sirloin & the cat are visible yet I never got the signing sirloin in my inventory

  4. superlambchops

    How is the amount of extra money you get from your neighbors tapping your buildings calculated.

    Ultimately I want to know if it is more profitable to leave higher earning buildings for neighbors to tap or to have some extra brown houses.

    • There is too much a variable to give proper calculation. It all depends how fast you clear it and how often they are tapped. For your neighbors, giving them lots of places to tap is a good thing, but some people don’t like “house farms” unless there is a design element to them.

  5. I haven’t seen an article where it’s covered, but why does it show in the picture with the friend point guide, 5x and 10x next to Homer? Is there a way to get more friend points? Is it random? Has anyone experienced this yet are all we all going so fast from neighbor to neighbor to notice?

  6. So I stared at my tablet for a while and observed
    How the good folks of Springfield seemed somewhat perturbed.
    Homer was anxious, Brandine was a mess,
    Kumiko was HOT, but I fear I digress…
    They all seemed so weary, so troubled, downhearted,
    They didn’t even laugh when Grandpa had farted.
    Not even Bart, who’s usually so slick,
    Could drum up the desire to pull off a trick.
    So what could it be that took them all from their prime?
    They are all sick of waiting for level 39!

  7. Sorry if I am leaving this in the wrong place, I was just curious if anyone knew if there will be a Whacking Day event this year? I didn’t start playing till last summer, so didn’t get to experience it, and I am going out of the country for about 10 days starting this Sunday. Was just curious…thank you so much for all you guys do!

  8. What the Frink…

    anyone think we’ll be getting a Cool Lisa skin too?

    Why would they post it if we can’t get it… lookin’ all cool ‘n junk

  9. Anyone have friends that you visit that you can no longer tap ? I had a few during Valentines day, I assumed they had’nt done the upgrade. I unfriended them and got new ones, but I still have the same problem, its about 1 in 25 neighbours.

    • I have a few. Either they’re not cleaning out their town at all or they just have so many neighbors that by the time i get to them there is nothing to tap. Like Valentine’s Day this event requires your neighbor to go in and clear their handshakes before new ones on the same building will appear.

      • If they have a Krustyland, you can try tapping in there. I’ve had a few friends who hadn’t cleared out their Springfield, but there were buildings available to tap in KL.

  10. Since this new update, I can’t make it all the way through my friends anymore without maxing-out my FP for the day. I always start at ‘Other Springfield’ and work all the way through, but when I always max out with one friend remaining. This did not happen during VDay, as I would always max out with the last friend. Is this the same for everyone?
    Also, and on the funny side, recently a few times every hour as I scroll around my town, all the brown houses in my ‘ghetto’ area will completely change into other buildings and sometimes even items. With no explanation, sometimes I get Kwik-E-Marts, lemonade stands, Frying Dutchmen, weather stations, Bart’s treehouses, etc. In fact, right now I’m staring at a screenfull of KrustyLand shuttles, as it does it again. Does it do this for anyone else? It’s really funny, and these ‘new’ brown houses still pay out like regular brown houses do. I hypothesize that it happens every time a friend is visiting my town. because usually within a few minutes of it, I’ll have friend actions to clear. Who knows? LOLs

    • It all depends on your neighbors that are tapping you multipliers as far as whether or not you will see a change in your payouts. If the tapper is still on a lower FP level with lil to no multiplier…you won’t notice a difference. They should still all cycle the normal regeneration time as long as you are clearing out those taps.

      As far as making it through. You get 100 neighbors total. NOT including the “Other” Springfield as you can not friend/unfriend that town. I would suggest to start with actual neighbors and save that one for last. Due also to it really only benefits you when you tap it vs TWO people benefit from neighbor taps.

      As for the glitch. This is the norm. The more items you put in your town, the more likely you will see those glitches with buildings changing out randomly, characters in place of decorations, and just all sorts of odd coding mix ups. It is funny to see and makes great screenshots. Lol. 😉

  11. I heard that you get 0.5% chance to find a single donut for every single action after you get all the prizes. Does anybody think that’s true?

    • I have yet to see it happen & have had all of the prizes on my B game for a while now. We’re keeping a close eye out to see if we see anything in our games to confirm this. We will keep you posted 🙂

      • Thank You!!! : ‘)

      • Found the website where I found the tidbit of info

        • Thanks, as for the information…we do not like to post information that is just “rumored”. We prefer to have confirmation from the files and some source to back it up. Until then, it is just a rumor.

          I would LOVE for their to be random donuts in the game. Last time I saw them was during the Halloween Event. I got a TON popping those ghosts. It was great.

          So for now, we have 3 games we sped up and acquired all the prizes for the blog and we are all tapping away to see if this rumor proves true. We will report back if it does indeed pan out.

          So hang in there. We will update when we can verify. 😉

    • No I dont think EA will give doughnuts away that cheaply.

  12. For the love of GOD! Please take down your Christmas Decorations!

    • As one of the guilty parties that has had them up since Christmas 2012 (Fact: Alissa and I started talking because of it), I say…. never!

    • Yessss doo it I HATE THEM!

    • I have left up the house lights on the typical houses that hoosier/lazy/crazy people that leave their lights up year round (you >>know<< we've all seen it in real life). Besides, the time it takes to remove them is unbelievable if you have a lot of houses. EA could have been kinder if they did it the way they were applied, remove one of a particular group, and all in that group be removed. JMO 🙂

  13. Off topic i know but n mention of the Oscars? Despite the many Simpsons references, is this because the British are favourites to win so many of the big prizes?

    Have to say so many good films this year up for an Oscar and Gravity.

  14. I know there is an ea request thread but this sort of pertains to this as well. I wish the friend visits reset at midnight every day instead of having to wait 24 hours to visit again. During the work week I do my visits before I leave in the morning.(I don’t have that many neighbors yet. Working on it though). But on the weekends if I sleep later it screws me up for Monday. I know I could do them later, but why not just make it once a day and not 24 hours? Sorry to ramble

  15. I guess to confirm as I haven’t seen it mentioned somewhere… So collecting friend points is like the V-day event where if the owner didn’t clear the cards, no one else could leave a card until that was done. For the FP, if the owner doesn’t tap their buildings that were tapped on by other people, new friends can’t tap on the buildings until they clear? So ideally, you’d want a friend who visits their own town a little frequently so you can get a chance.

    • Yes, that’s exactly right. If you don’t clear the handshakes from your town there won’t be anything for a neighbor to tap. So in that way it is like Valentine’s Day 🙂

      • I know it’s tempting to unfriend a neighbor that you are unable to collect from, but I usually take into consideration what level they are on, (I don’t want to discourage new players who might not have a lot of buildings or neighbors), then I check to see how long it’s been since they logged in & played. I usually factor in whether or not they visit regularly, too. Sometimes if you come back in about 15 minutes you are able to collect also. With all that said (whew), I am usually guilt free when I unfriend. Hope this helps 🙂

  16. Bad Math Once – Shame on me!

    Bad Math Twice – Shame on Alissa!

    Ok, the MATH was correct, the assumptions were wrong. I don’t know if I read some bad info on prize levels, or what. But I had the wrong number of Frink Points needed to earn each level. This is finally correct (swear, checked it 3x)….

    Prize Points Days Total Days

    Olmec Head 1,000 1.2 1.2
    Singing Sirloin 2,000 2.5 3.7
    Snowball II 1,500 1.9 5.6
    Homer’s Car 2,000 2.5 8.0
    Stampy 5,000 6.2 14.2

    So TWO weeks for you addicted tappers.

  17. Not sure if this has been addressed yet but I saw people saying they were deleting friends that vandalized their buildings. My issue is is I don’t have some huge town and I can have 6 or more buildings defaced with no loss in stars. Also, I’ve been getting Frink points (I believe 2 per) for clicking defaced buildings and nothing for handshakes. So, vandalize away if you are one of my friends.

  18. Are you happy the FINALLY added Homer’s Car? Yes I happy. I very happy the finally added homers car.

  19. I just had a really weird glitch happen – my prizes jumped from Olmec Head straight to Snowball II, and I didn’t get the Singing Sirloin 🙁 I was nowhere close to unlocking Snowball, so I’m very sure it was a glitch. I’ve looked and looked and can’t find the Singing Sirloin in my inventory.

    • 🙁 That is really odd. Have you tried to hard close the app and restart it? After that very basic troubleshoot method your next best bet would be to contact EA. Let them know you’re having the issue and they should be able to help you restore the Singing Sirloin to your town.

  20. I am nowhere near to getting stampy but one of my neighbours has him. He appears to be walking on the road, apart from road barriers is this the only item that can do this and is it a precursor for future decorations etc….cars on the road.

    Or is stampy technically on the pavement?

    • Ok so I’ve looked at this and noticed the same thing. It appears as though Stampy is walking on the road…BUT it’s always right next to the edge. This could just be because he’s so big that only his left side hits the pavement so it looks as though he’s on the road. Not quite sure, but I have a feeling he’s still technically on the pavement.

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