Social Currency Event Rundown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Well now that Valentine’s Day has finally left our games we’re all kind of sitting here wondering…what’s next?  With today’s update hitting & not bringing a new Level with it  what the heck changed?  Well….there’s now a little incentive to visit your neighbor-eenos on a daily basis!  F-R-I-N-K Points…err Friend Points (you’ll see the reason for the change below the fold).

Friend points (FP) earn you prizes…like previous social events (only this one appears to be permanent).  Currently there are 5 prizes you can unlock earning FPs.  Once you’ve unlocked all 5 you’ll reach the max level, but it does appear EA has plans to add more.

Photo Feb 26, 12 30 46 PM

How do you activate the social event and start earning FP?  You won’t see it right away in your main Springfield Screen.  To unlock it you’ll need to go to your friend screen and visit one of your neighbor-eenos (yes it works on Other Springfield…which is what I used for my Screenshots).  Once you tap a building you’ll see blue FP come out (in addition to the normal cash and XP).  They look like this:
Once you collect your first FP some dialog will auto-start with Frink and Homer.  This will go over the details of how to collect points and earn prizes.  And it will also activate the event in your game. THERE IS NO RUSH on this.  It does not appear like it’s something EA plans to remove.  It looks as tho it’s a permanent addition to TSTO.  So take your time and have fun with it!

Neighbor-eenos are now important ALL the time in TSTO.  So if you need Friends be sure to check out our friend request page!

Now for more details…because I know some of you like to play the game in real time I’ve put the major details (and what the prizes are) below the fold.  So if you don’t want to find out more info about the event don’t click more.  So once you collect your first FP a dialog box will popup:
Frink: Mhoyvin!  I see you’ve found my newest invention — the “Frink Point”!  You’ll get one every time you interact with something in other Springfields.  With the tapping and the reading and the waiting too long for loading.
Homer: What’s in it for me?
Frink: I’m glad you asked, my good man!  Science has learned that interacting with other humans improves your quality of life, it may, in fact, extend your life.
Homer: That’s nice, but I’d really rather get some kind of imaginary prize or doodad for doing stuff.
Frink: *sign* Doodads, always with the doodads.Photo Feb 26, 12 32 10 PMFrink: Actually, they’re called FRINK points.  F-R-I-N-K.  Sometimes people mis-hear me ’cause of my Hoy-vin accent.
Homer: Actually, “Friend Points” has a nice ring to it, let’s call it that.
Frink: But I’m the inventory, and you’re just some guy.  So I think we both know who gets to name the points.
Photo Feb 26, 12 32 45 PM

Photo Feb 26, 12 30 46 PM

At this point you’ll see a little trophy appear in the bottom right when you visit your neighbors (next to Milhouse and Bart):
Photo Feb 26, 12 32 57 PM
This is where you’ll see the prizes:
Photo Feb 26, 12 33 03 PM

First prize is an Olmec Head.  This is earned at 1,000 FP OR you can spend 100 donuts.

The second prize you can win is the Singing Sirloin.  This is earned when you earn another 2,000FP OR you can spend 200 donuts.
singingsirloin_unlockThe third prize is Snowball II (finally after SLH being in the game for HOW long?!).  This is earned after you’ve unlocked the first two items and earn an additional 1,500FP OR you can spend 200 donuts.
unlock_snowballIIThe fourth prize is Homer’s Car (FINALLY!  Although you STILL can’t place it on the road)  This is earned after you’ve unlocked the other 3 items and earned an additional 2,000FP OR you can spend 350 donuts.
Homer CarThe fifth and final prize (for now) is Stampy.  Stampy unlocks after you’ve earned all of the other prizes and an additional 5,000 FP OR you can spend 500 donuts.
unlock_stampySo what happens when you unlock all of the prizes?  Well once you’ve reached the maximum number of FP you’ll earn TRIPLE the $$ from interacting in your neighbors towns.

So how do you earn FP?  Well just like visiting them normally, you just tap on Neighbor’s  buildings (as you normally would & 3 per town) to earn FP.  What IS different is the number of points per town.  This is a similar structure to the Valentine’s Day Hearts:

-First 30 actions (so visiting 10 friends and tapping 3 items in each town) 10 FP for each action.
-31-60 actions (so next 10 friends (11-20) and tapping on 3 items in each town) 5 FP for each action.
-61-90 (next 10 friends (21-30) and tapping 3 items in each town) 4 FP for each action.
-91-120 (next 10 friends (31-40) and tapping 3 items in each town) 2 FP for each action.
-121-300 (friends 41-100 and tapping 3 items in each town) 1 FP for each action.

As a bonus you’ll also earn more $$ from visiting friends the higher the level increase.  So it’s a good way to earn some extra money for your town.

UPDATE: 9PM EST: Here’s what we’ve learned from playing the game and from you AWESOME Addicted Tappers commenting what you’re seeing!

Fooeyfighter reminds us of a way to save time while visiting neighbors:
Since we are now being promoted to visit friends all the time, I thought I would share a small tip I discovered (I’m sure others know of this but as I did not until the Valentine’s Day event figured I would post).
When you visit other Springfields, you can jump in, click 3 locations and go right to the next town without the need to click on the money, exp and FP to collect them. You get them all automatically once you leave.
Huge time saver. I can visit 93 towns in about 20 minutes now. Love the site, keep it comin’.

Ryguyer, Alunited1961, Schneiper1988 (if I forgot anyone else I’m sorry!) let us know that cleaning up graffiti in YOUR town will earn you bonus FP!   This was Ryguyer’s take:
Seems like you can also get fp in YOUR OWN town when you clean up graffiti. One point for each. Nice to know since it will be more beneficial to graffiti friends vs just clicking buildings.

CGuy (my favorite number cruncher!  Even when it’s wrong) calculated how long it would take to earn each of the prizes if you visit your neighbors daily: Note:  his initial math was wrong.  And it’s my fault for not catching it..but he did correct it here:

 Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!
I was wrong (egads, zounds!)
I thought it was levels, like everything else. NO! Each prize is an ADDITIONAL number of friendship points.
So, to make the math clear (well, clear as mud for some),
10 pts x 30 actions
5 pts x 30 actions
4 pts x 30 actions
2 pts x 30 actions
1 pts x 180 actions
Total = 810 Frink Points *hoyvin!
So, with the recalculations based on my misunderstanding, in parenthesis is the total time from starting out:
1.2 days to Prize 1 (1.2 days)
2.5 days to Prize 2 (3.7 days)
3.7 days to Prize 3 (7.4 days)
4.9 days to Prize 4 (12.3 days)
6.2 days to Prize 5 (18.5 days)
So, if you tap EVERY DAY, it will take about 2 1/2 weeks to get prize 5, unless you get LOTS of graffiti!

Bad Math Once – Shame on me!
Bad Math Twice – Shame on Alissa!
Ok, the MATH was correct, the assumptions were wrong. I don’t know if I read some bad info on prize levels, or what. But I had the wrong number of Frink Points needed to earn each level. This is finally correct (swear, checked it 3x)….
Prize Points Days Total Days

Olmec Head 1,000 1.2 1.2
Singing Sirloin 2,000 2.5 3.7
Snowball II 1,500 1.9 5.6
Homer’s Car 2,000 2.5 8.0
Stampy 5,000 6.2 14.2
So TWO weeks for you addicted tappers.

tatsal13 let us know that the donut price decreases for each item as you collect some FP:

The dOnut cost per prize goes down as you get closer to the required friend points to acquire it. 

David Sutton let us know about Sideshow Bob and FP:
Sideshow Bob doesn’t yield any points unfortunately
BUT he doesn’t count toward your daily actions either…so he’s basically free money and XP…plus a righteousness boost 🙂

AND….you can earn FP in Krustyland too.  🙂

Ok Tappers that’s it for the event rundown!  We’ll be back with more details about the prizes soon.  In the meantime ENJOY YOUR NEIGHBOR’S TOWNS!  Check out their designs and how they built their Springfield.  Take your time with this event.  There is no clock on it!  🙂 

Remember if you’re looking for neighbor-eenos check out our Friends Page here.

What do YOU think of this little update?  Are you happy the FINALLY added Homer’s Car?  And that it’s FREE?  Are you a happy Tapper knowing your neighbors will visit you again?  Sound off in the comments below.  You know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. Downside? Notice the tile glitch is gone. As well as the xtra xp from Cletus’ farm, weather station, & stage. Additionally, the fp has replaced some of our xp we’d normally get when visiting our neighboreeno’s. this means reaching max xp to get gift boxes w/ donuts seems impossible. Is this a good thing since the fp seems indefinite??

    • Actually…it is really cool. I do not know if you have noticed that you actually get MORE XP & $$ now with the neighbors tapping on your buildings. The reason is that you are getting THEIR multiplier to effect the payout on your buildings. So whatever percentage they are at…it will reflect when you collect their tap. For instance, the brown house pays out $6. After a handshake from a neighbor was made from tapping…the building paid out at $51 instead in one of our towns. So you may be missing one glitch, but there is kinda another. 😉

      • Thanks Bunny you’re the best!! Building houses like crazy! Also although it costs game bucks, I have been getting volleyball nets, getting the xp, then selling them. It’s only about a 1/4 of what you paid, but the xp is worth it. Thanks for that advice!!

        • The tap will apply to ANY building you have in the game. I just used the brown house as a reference. The payout will vary per each neighbor too. Some have higher and some have lower multipliers. On top of that YOUR multiplier will add to it. So those high payout buildings that take a while to payout are giving a good chunk of change so to speak. 😉

      • My god that’s awesome! Thanks Bunny : )

  2. Looking to get my second prize, I’m at 830 points. And I want that Singing Sirloin! Help me, help you.

    Add @BenDrenken for daily FP

  3. Just curious. During the vday event, I would visit about half my friends, wait and come back about 12 hours later and do the second half. When I would come back the amount of hearts received for each tap would start back at the max amount. Would this work now for FP? I made a ton of extra hearts this way 🙂

  4. Hi. Further to Lornesjade’s question about nothing to tap. Prior to the update the buildings used to regenerate (like the Simpson house) so there was always something to tap. Assuming this has been disabled now so the owner can get the cash?

    • They still are coded as regenerating. The cool thing is, the more you clear out the handshakes, the faster now you gain $$$ and XP as your neighbors multiplier is now effecting the payout on the building. Just try it. If you tap a building with $$ above it vs the same with a handshake. BIG differences (depending on neighbor) 😉

      • That explains it! I thought I was going crazy when I counted the Money from my Gulp’n’Blow to check on my bonus multiplier. Last count was 292 and today it was 362. And I knew I didn’t spend that many donuts since the last count. Somehow this little tidbit of information was mentioned nowhere else yet.

  5. Sheeves874

  6. Add me daily player, Makemehappy13

  7. shashank reddy

    add me shashank107090 level 17 daily player

  8. Just wanted to pop in and say a HUGE “Thank You” to TSTO for such a amazing wealth of knowledge, help, and just plain awesome commaraderie!

    I recently posted on the “Add Friends” blog post and within 30 minutes added almost 20 new Neighbooreenos! I was thrilled! I only had about 20 upto that point. I have to say that they have all been really fantastic neighbors too, visiting everyday! I hope to add more to get up to that magic number 99 (:
    (momma2cam is my Origin ID)

    I also wanted to add my two cents on the comment about spending money to buy donuts… I started out playing for the first 15 or so levels without spending a dime but as I continued to play I decided to go ahead and make a purchase here and there. Not because I felt like EA made it impossible to get ahead in the game or have nice buildings, characters, or decorations but because I treat myself to a new pair of jeans, dinner out, and other things when I can so why not treat myself to some donuts. (And not gain any weight from them, LOL!). My son also plays and he does chores when he wants to purchase some premium items and his Dad and I are more than happy to buy him an itunes card because it us no different than him spending it on video game rentals or etc.

    But hands down, free or pay, we play because it is fun! If I never spent another dime I would still play and STILL love my TSTO world. The people I have met through the game are great people and have become friends and that makes it worth more than any amount of money in the world to me.

    Thanks for reading through my long-winded post (:

    • WOOHOO!!! Welcome to the madness that is the ADDICTS!! Hope you are ready for some fun! 😉

      I feel the same. I played freemium and still had a blast for months. The only reason I buy so many donuts in my game now is for YOU guys. So I can speed up tasks and find out info for our readers so they can just sit back a cruise at a nice comfy speed and know what is ahead, what works, and what to avoid.

      I also find that I can spend money on so many things in the everyday world all the time (heck, I spend LOTS on my $6 a cup coffees) so why not here? 😉

      You are more than welcome to sound off at ANYTIME!!! We love hearing from our readers. 😉

  9. add me Daily player. jjarkew2586

  10. Hey guys, uneducated hypothesis here…this new gifts for FPs format seems to possibly be an easier way to transition into holiday events by just cycling the gifts and throwing us a smaller update…already talked about this, huh… 🙂

  11. How come in some of my friends towns there is nothing to click on? Even though they have heaps of buildings

  12. Definitely get FP tomclean up graffiti… it me or does brandeline get bigger as she gestates.

  13. OK Brandilene is gestateting is it me or is she getting bigger?

  14. They actually limit you now: “no more FP earned today”

  15. Plz friend me samijoe208722

  16. I never get the 10 extra FP for my actions. It resets itself back to ’30’ after every 24 hour period. The same thing happened during the Valentine’s day update. I added an extra friend hoping that it would help me to get there but at the time it told me ’27’ actions and when I added the friend it bumped up to ’30’. Is this a glitch? I can’t even get 10 right now much less the other categories that were listed above (31-60, 61-90, etc.).

  17. Does the squidort glitch stil work?

  18. Do the files say there is a hidden gift because the picture in the 3 guide panels show Lisa in a different costume?

  19. This morning I earned the Olmec Head which I immediately placed it in my town. Being on Friendship Level 2, I could see that the next prize was the Singing Sirloin, yet 6 hours later, the next prize for me has reverted back to the Olmec Head and my FP bar only goes to 1000. Do you think I’ll get another Olmec Head even though I’m still showing as being Friendship Level 2?

    • Sounds like a rollback glitch. Follow the basic troubleshooting steps in our Help Me! Section and see if that brings it back. Keep an eye on it, if it keeps having issues like this that effect your game play…contact EA.

      Let us know if that helped. 😉

    • Had same thing happen. Added another Olmec head to inventory but cannot place it. Now I am on way to 2000, but essentially list 1000 FP.

  20. Another money boosting trick is that Sideshow Bob reappears everytime you go to the ‘Other Spriengfield’ even if you already cleared it out. So you can go back and forth to ‘Other Springfield’ earning free money everytime.

  21. No more friends thank you im at max now lol

  22. Friend me please my username is ryanweber1261

  23. Just wanted to add some additional information. I have a 39% increase on my town as noted by the earnings for GNB being $139. The percent addition with the friend taps seems to vary. These are just a couple readings that I checked just now:

    Brown house
    Norm $9
    Friend $30

    Lemon tree
    Norm $278
    Friend $298

    Dr. Hibbert
    Same as Lemon tree numbers

    Gulp N’Blow
    Norm $139
    Friend $160

    Is there anything in the files that shows different multiplier additions for when friends tap items in your town? This might be useful to know to help friends earn more money by tapping buildings with higher percent increases in income/exp.

    • What I believe you are seeing is YOUR bonus multiplier in effect. When you purchase certain premium items or earn them through game play and events…they add a BONUS multiplier to your total amount you earn on your buildings. Like with Valentines. Everyone got a Choo Choo for free if they logged in to their game on Valentines. If this is in your town, it adds and extra 2.25% per choo choo to your $$$ & XP you earn off your buildings. On top of that, if you got ponds…those were an extra .75%…and it continues (See this post…

      As for when you are journeying through your neighbors towns with this event, as the post you are commenting on states…you earn more by first getting the Olmec Head, then by collecting all 5 items. 3 times more.

      So in short…I think you may be seeing a combination of one or both items effecting the amount of money you can collect. (Probably more noticeable with the FP event increase). The information is in this post and the Olmec Head. 😉

      • This new update is definitely giving more money and experience to items in your own town when a neighbor taps them. I specifically checked the dollar and experience amounts for several items and noticed an increase for ones where there was a handshake over them compared to the same item without a handshake. For instance the Brown house that I noted, I have several so I was able to check one with a handshake and one without during the same visit to my town. That’s where I noticed a huge difference and started investigating.

        It appears that the lower the item payout, the higher the increase in money and experience that you get. The larger the payout, the smaller the increase for a neighbor tapping on it. To make sure of this change, I tap on the item and then immediately tap the edit button since that locks the experience and money pieces on screen and you can tap them individually to see the amounts. I have checked it several times over the course of today and every single time a house/item with a handshake gives more money and exp. It just doesn’t seem to be a set percentage increase, it varies depending on the item/house.

        • Yah…it is a variance on YOUR multiplier and a variance on the neighbor multiplier that taps your building. So it’s impossible to calculate for anyone. It is cool though. Extra $$$ and XP for all. 😉

  24. Do I not earn friend points when people visit me? I’ve had about 5+ visit me today and I got no points.

  25. So I’ve maxed out on neighbors and I’ve visited all of them once and the first half a second time. I will be going thru the second half for a second time tonight but i have less than 1,000 FPs. Is this an error or is my math wrong?

  26. Wait. I’ve noticed that when I visit towns, I get fp when I click on ANY building. But whe I get visitors the ONLY fp I get is when Moes or my elementary school gets vandalilized. So we make out like bandits while visiting others, but when it comes to our own towns, unless we are level 38 with everything there is to add and purchase, and even then we’re screwed at one point per vandalism….. Does anyone else see what I am getting at here? At this rate I’ll never win anything.

    • No need to be at Level 38 or to have everything. My A game is still on Level 35 game play. The buildings you can tag are brought into the game on much lower levels. It is up to your neighbors whether or not they tag your places. It is just an extra bonus for you in the PF dept. For some, they prefer not as it will lower your righteousness rating (unless you are like me and have a few extra hidden training walls to keep it at 5 stars always).

      No need to hurry or worry on this one. No set time. No set method. Just go at your own pace and acquire the prizes as you want. I like that this is a worry free “event”. Just sit back and have fun at your own pace. 😉

  27. Has anyone been getting the “cannot connect to server” screen when selecting the “friends” option? Ever since the Valentines update, I have only been able to visit friends a few times. Am I the only one? This recent update still did not resolve the issue. I’m at level 38 now, and running TSTO on a 3rd gen iPad.

    • This seems to be a hit and miss mainly with Apple products. I would suggest trying the basic troubleshooting steps to see if it helps to resolve the issue. However, if the problem is still a persistent one, this may be a Contact EA as the next step issue. There may be more of an issue to this than we are aware of and EA needs to be alerted to it. Especially when it is effecting your game play where neighbors are needed to advance/collect prizes.

  28. I find it amusing that people are preoccupied with graffiti and their Conform-o-meter rating. Personally, I don’t give a damn what it says. If you enjoy the game, have fun designing and creating new venues it just doesn’t matter.

    • Well it depends. Some people are Freemium players and are hunting for donuts. So they won’t be amused with a lower rating (Although half a percent ain’t that much 😉 ). Also the FP is quite easy to max out within seven days, so there is actually no need to vandalize other towns. ^^

  29. Hi all!

    Did anybody mention this before?!
    When I leave 3 graffitis in a friend’s town, a small black box with the donut logo is popping up for a millisecond. Wonder what it is. Tried to make a screen shot but I was too slow.

    I’ve been forced into the update. Still had been trying to get the last item (bird bath – the only thing I REALLY wanted…) for over two weeks now. Quite p….d now…

    • Are you sure it’s not the Bonus Level Up game?

      • Not that box. It appears above the neighbors and Home-Springfield icons… It appears for such a short moment all I see is the donut inside. Probably a glitch…

        • So I just went through and tagged 3 buildings in a neighbors town. Just before the box telling me that I tapped all I can in the town came up…I DID notice a thin rectangular box flash just above the icons in the bottom right hand corner of screen. For me…it was too fast to see what was in it or grab a screenshot. I am curious now as to what it is too. Apparently just a glitch, but still…curiosity of the Bunny. Lol.

          I will keep trying to see if I can grab a shot of it and look into it further. (Look what you’ve done. Lol) 😉

      • Lol, well, we’re all addicts:-) Tried to make a screenshot several times, but it’s impossible, thought about filming with a friend’s device and then watching in slow motion. You see, I’m really curious to find out…

        • Hahahahah I was just setting up to do that next too. Video it. I did see the donut flash this time. I have found it doesn’t matter what you tap, but if the spray is the last…the SECOND you tap it…it flashes in the corner. Lol.

          Come on Addicts. Lets see who can grab me a CLEAN screenshot of it first. 😉

    • I’ve seen it too. It is only there for such a brief moment and all I can catch is that little rectangle on the right with a doughnut.

    • Used bluestacks this time and made a video in the hope to catch a good frame and yeah, seems like it’s downloading donuts in the background. 😛

      If only I knew where it saves them to. ^^

      • Oh wow you captured the mystery frame! Now we just have to figure out why….
        Thanks for the capture! 🙂

      • Oh wow! What IS that?

      • Woohoo!! Way to go. Video is the only way to snag it. It is just too fast for screenshots. Thanks! !

      • I’ve finally seen it…if you anticipate it while spray painting the last building, you can see what it is (well, once you know what it looks like, now you can see it)
        Has anyone noticed that before this update, the KL bus stop in other pppls towns was always the same as your bus stop, but now it reflects what that towns actual bus stop looks like?
        For example: When I used to go into my moms town, from my game, her bus stop looked just like mine, which is the five star bus stop with the big Krustyland cut out. Now it looks like her actual bus stop, the one that’s for KLs between 0 and 3 stars….does anyone know what I’m talking about? Has anyone noticed that?

  30. Does this still work on the boardwalk tiles and Channel 6?

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