Update on the Horizon?!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ok so I’ve been checking the files every half hr or so for the last day.  And haven’t noticed any changes.  In fact the main file kept saying it was last updated on 2-19-14…and this was as late as 9:45AM EST today:

BUT I just checked the files again (about 10:15AM EST) and the modified date has been changed to 2-24-14:

So doing a little further investigating I see that there is a new update that hit the server…a Valentine’s Day Takedown.  What exactly is in the update?  Going through it now.  But as you guys know we don’t post spoilers until they’re 100% confirmed with our own 2 eyes.

Does this mean an update will hit today?  No one can be 100% certain on this (only EA) BUT based on previous history it’s likely it will hit our devices at some point today.  (In the past it’s been between 12pm-2pm EST).  Remember this will be an APP STORE update, so be sure to check your stores for an update. If I gather any new information before the update hits I will post it on THIS post.

In the meantime…enjoy the last of the hearts!

UPDATE 12pm EST: So I’ve gone through the files…sorry it took a little longer than I had wanted it to.  Kept getting interrupted by my boss…as the joys of Tapping and working!
From what I’m seeing there is NO level update coming.  Well at least not in the traditional sense.  There is something in the files called a Social Currency Event.  But no clear indication if this will hit our games today or not.  It’s possible this update is just a Valentine’s Day removal (like Christmas).
The Social Currency Event as some neat aspects to it tho.  If it does hit our games it’ll be a great way to have friends visit you.  It appears as tho you’ll earn points for visiting friends (similar to GOO, Gifts & Hearts) and you can use those points to unlock free stuff.
As far as the free stuff goes…I won’t reveal any spoilers (until the update actually hits) but it looks like some long time coveted items will be added to the game (1 in particular) for FREE.  Always a neat little thing.
We’ll see what happens once the update actually hits….

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18 responses to “Update on the Horizon?!

  1. Ok so now that everyone has the up date, what are the long time coveted items (other than maybe snowball II and Homers car)? I also didnt notice any thing for free as mentioned above.

    • You get all the items for “free” as you hit each level. In other words, you do not have to spend in game cash for them or donuts (unless you choose to speed it up).

      Many people have been wanting Stampy. It is amusing to see him stick Bart in his mouth and ride around with him on his back.

  2. I noticed an update!
    When I visited another town you could click on building again for money, but this time Prof Frink showed up and told me about a new point system where you get Frink points, or Friend points..
    You get these and use them for Bonus Items like a huge Head!
    I guess you didn’t visit any friends towns yet to find out what got updated.

    I missed the first thing he said because I was tapping too fast, but I got the rest of it.
    I hope you can catch the first thing he said.

  3. Got it on android. Finally!

  4. I got an update at 12:25ish! Nothing new (yet) just no more Valentine hearts etc.

  5. The update just hit my App Store I am using an iPhone 5c but am afraid to download it yet

  6. Update hit!!

  7. I have 4 hearts left over and some pretty tacky stuff around town in the ‘rich’ people’s backyards. Thankfully I didn’t get a lot of the balloons. Love the heart trees…they look like apples so Springfield won’t want for apple pie/crisp. I think Cletus might become an apple orchard farmer now that his rose growing business is coming to an end. I wonder if he’ll be growing shamrocks next?
    This had better end soon before I spend all my money. Again. (I only bought donuts to get Brandine).

  8. I only started playing around Christmas and just reached level 33 today and don’t spend money on the game so I still have multiple open quest as I attempt to amass money for the required land and buildings so I am really hoping my hearts will be turned to cash as I cleared my wheel back on Valentines day and gave up days ago my hopes of winning more trains and ponds because I have a town and inventory fullof unwanted valentine decorations.

  9. Just hope it doesn’t mess up towns again like the Remove Christmas update did. I was locked out for a month with that one.

  10. Woooohoooo!!! I put up an “add me” for my son who is too shy to do it himself…he lacked the heart pond…me got about 25 friend requests in just a couple of hours! With what we thought was just a few hours to go he spun and spun but no pond…then outta the blue SeaPeach gave him the last needed heart and he got the pond!!!
    Now we are sooooo done with valentines day… 🙂

  11. hopefully we get more than just a removal of the valentines day event..I’m ready for some new content so I can start tapping like crazy

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