The “Art” of Friendship: Vandalizing

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are you all enjoying visiting your neighbors?  Are you taking the time to enjoy their towns and designs?  Remember this is not a limited-time event.  There is no countdown clock going on the Friendship Rewards…so take your time with it.  And enjoy looking at what your neighbors created!

Ok so now that all of that “lovey-dovey” stuff is out of the way I want to take a minute to discuss a hot button issue with this event.  Something that seems to have a lot of you either really giddy or really ticked.  And that something is….Graffiti!

Ah yes vandalizing your neighbors…which for the longest time has been something many of us have tried to avoid (and some of us only do) because of the negative dip in Righteousness Rating points.  BUT with the Friendship event vandalizing your neighbors seems to be beneficial to BOTH of you when it comes to earning those precious FPs!  So let’s take a closer look at some of the pros, cons & solutions of spraying that graffiti…

2014-02-27 22.03.42

The case FOR Vandalizing:

Vandalizing your neighbors benefits you AND them.  It’s the ONE thing you can do during this event to help your neighbor earn FP.  When you spray paint one of their buildings you earn the FP points you’re currently eligible for AND they’ll earn 1 FP for every one of their buildings that they “mop up” (plus cash and XP).  (Note: with this event you can no longer “mop up” a neighbor’s building for them.  Only they can clean them)2014-02-26 23.19.05

The four buildings you can currently vandalize are all buildings that do not generate income: The Springfield Elementary School, Town Hall, Police Station & Moe’s.  So you’re actually helping your neighbor earn a little extra cash & XP…in addition to the awesome FP bonus.

As long as they’re cleaned regularly you pretty much can always tap on one of those 4 buildings in a friend’s town to earn FP.

Boost to Righteousness Rating: Cleaning up your buildings will raise your Righteousness rating by 1 point for every building you clean.

The case AGAINST Vandalizing:

So far the only case I can make against vandalizing is…it messes with your Righteousness Rating.  The way the files have been coded in the past shows -Spray painting your neighbor’s buildings (and having yours painted). Every building you “tag” causes your Righteousness rating to drop 5 points.  So if you vandalize 3 buildings in your friend’s town that’s a drop of 15 points…in just 1 town!

The “Solution”: 

Personally, I’ve never really cared too much one way or another on spray painting or getting spray painted.   I do have a 5-Star Springfield…which means my Righteousness Rating is maxed out…so it’s not as if I don’t care because I don’t care about my Conform-o-Meter.

I take great pride in my 5-Star Springfield…it took me a LONG time to achieve it (with out building 10 Kwik-E-Marts) and I’d be pretty miffed if something caused it to drop.  BUT the 5 point drop in Righteousness for Spray paint doesn’t bother me.  Why?  Because of Training Walls.  That’s right my friends Training Walls help boost your Righteousness rating by 10 points for every wall you own.  (that’s 2 spray painted buildings per wall!)

Training walls are unlocked at Level 33 and cost $270.  You can have as many as you wish in your Springfield…and believe me I do.  I’ve got them hidden EVERYWHERE (and quite a few not so hidden).  You can even design with them!  Here’s an early design from Bunny’s town back when they first introduced Level 33:

Now I realize because they unlock at Level 33 it doesn’t benefit you Tappers that are just starting out or at a lower level.  However, if you’re at a lower level it’s really difficult to obtain a 5-star Springfield to begin with.  They didn’t start adding buildings that benefit some of the harder categories to max out (Righteousness, Consumerism) until Level 33 and higher.  So if this is you…I say don’t worry about it.  Benefit from those extra FP points your neighbors are gifting you…and you gift them!

So what’s the real solution?  Here’s my take…if you have 100 neighbors (the max you can have 99 + Other Springfield) you should max out your Friendship Prizes in about a week…assuming you visit your neighbors regularly.  So here’s what I say…Vandalize each other for about a week to 2 weeks.  After that there’s no point in doing it because neither of you will earn FP for it.

What do YOU think?  Is that a solution you can live with?  Workable for everyone?  Do you vandalize your neighbors?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Oh and before I let you go…let’s take a quick poll on the issue.  Let us know if you want to be vandalized to earn the extra FP or if you want your neighbors to stop painting your town red!

And just a reminder…as always…if you’re looking for more neighbor-eenos check out our Add Me Posts here.  Any Add me requests posted anywhere else (unless it’s with a comment to a post and you’re only using your ID to sign your post) risks getting deleted.  Trust me…you’ll find A LOT more friends on the Add Me page than you will on any other post. 🙂

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80 responses to “The “Art” of Friendship: Vandalizing

  1. Add me please Piam_00 play every day

  2. I found a glitch in game- when you have one more daily action to go, you can click on the vandalize bottles on all the buildings and Walla- 6 daily actions have been done in the town! 😉 is this just me?

  3. Add me Boro733dan regular player

  4. yuyiheng19594 daily player 🙂

  5. Don’t care either way… Wouldn’t mind extra points 😉 please add me vlove13

  6. Add me


  7. While I don’t necessarily seek out the graffiti buildings to tag when I visit neighbors, but sometimes there is no choice because there are no symbols above any of the other buildings to click (I’m assuming it is because they have yet to collected their FP from other visiting neighbors) and all that is left is the graffiti.
    It’s too time consuming to have to check back to find out when they have cleared their FP, so what is the etiquette here?
    Is this still considered okay for the people who leave their ID on the “friends who won’t graffiti” list?

    • I would say, if you are prone to graffiti a town and you added someone that does NOT want it, you may be better off deleting them and taking on a new neighbor that doesn’t care. Then you won’t have to worry about it. 😉

  8. What’s after Stampy? Do we still get FP’s & do they just add up for whatever’s next?

  9. My rightousness never goes down when I get vandalized, its always maxed. Its only ever been 1 star when i had no friends visit me for days at time.

  10. luckydiplomaticgold

    I tap what’s available, sometimes it’s only the buildings to vandalize and I do not like to do it. I’m in my game every four hours so I clean any graffiti quickly. Since maxing out my righteous stars I don’t lose points for the spray paint in my town (knock on wood).

  11. PLEASE vandalize me, and feel free to delete me if you don’t want me to vandalize you. I’d rather have neighbors who will do it so I can get more FP faster :))

  12. I don’t care about vandalizing either way..I tap what’s available..I just don’t think people should get worked up about it..after all it’s all fun and games right and you can just clean up just as you collect your money around your the end the conform-meter fluctuates and a .5 change won’t make much of a difference since it will go back up after cleaning up and catching sideshow bob so I just enjoy the game vandalizing and all 🙂

    • PLEASE vandalize me, and feel free please add me astro295 & buddymazda
      were daily players looking for people PLEASE vandalize us and feel free doing so enjoy the spray paint just as much as we do .trying to get earl the light house . but stampy was more interesting !

      • Boingochick79

        I added you! I just started this game yesterday but I can’t figure out how to vandalize 🙁

  13. Personally, I think it’s silly to get mad and even delete friends that vandalize especially now with this permanent event. I’ve learned, from playing this game almost for a year now (next month is my one yr anniversary) and from great blogs like this one, that the Righteousness rating is unstable and will go up and down regardless at some point. There are things you can do to boost it back up faster. With this event we are essentially getting free premium items (if you don’t spend the donuts and earn the required friend points). When my righteousness rating drops all the way down, my conform-a-meter drops down half a star. Half a star is minus .5 less money on money earned from jobs and buildings. I’ve gotten to the point where I have more money than I know what to do with (Man, that would be awesome if it was like that in real life). So I will gladly take .5 less money earned on jobs and buildings if it means I can earn a premium item more quickly, especially since that half a star will go back up all by itself with little to no effort. Premium items > conform-a-meter rating is what I say.

  14. I find that using hedges to communicate is a good way to tell your friends what your springfield rules are. Also knowing where they land helps. In my springfield you land on my town hall and police station. So they get vandalized a lot.

    I have to say I have 1 training wall and i have been vandalizing the crap out of my neighbor-eenos and getting vandalized. My rating has not dropped at all. Why would mine be so solid? I had no idea vandalizing dropped points. When my Springfield gets vandalize does that not provide me an opportunity to clean it up and earn righteousness points?

    I do have to say I never pass up a chance to catch Sideshow Bob. Some times I visit neighbor-eenos before the 24 hours period is up and there’s Sideshow waiting to be caught 😉

  15. So I’m kind of confused. Do we, or do we not vandalism? I like that part of the game. It makes me smile when I see that someone wrote on my buildings thinking Willie will have to climb up there to scrub them. Complaint all the way. Lol. Also I notice that the only way we get the FP when someone visits our town, is from the graffiti, but I don’t want to make neighbors mad at me if I ruin their ratings.


  16. I only get on either every eight hours or every twelve hours, and when I do, my town has always been vandalized, and it destroys my righteousness rating, thereby taking my overall rating down by half a star. That costs me income, so when anyone vandalizes my town, I delete them from my friends list. I started off post-Valentine event with my list maxed out, and I’m now down to less than 80, but I don’t care. The vandalism feature is the number one thing I dislike about this game (ahead of even the crashing and the server issues), and as long as people keep trashing my star rating, I’ll keep deleting them.

    What I’d love to see on this site is an “add me” thread for people who don’t trash each other’s towns. I seriously HATE being vandalized, and I NEVER vandalize anyone else. Is there a thread for like-minded, law-abiding citizens to find each other? I’ve got over twenty newly empty spots on my friends list for nice, non-destructive people like me!

    • I think I can come up with something. 🙂
      But can’t promise everyone who puts an “Add-Me” on it won’t vandalize you. We’ve got lots of great fellow Addicts who pay attention to where they’re adding their ID…but there are always those few who just put the Add-Me request on every post. But I’ll see what I can do. Check back a little later this morning 🙂

      • Excellent! *taps fingertips together*

      • Mr Jamb, Alissa did you and 100s of others a great service simply because you asked…we bow to her and the fuzzies’ awesomeness. On the other hand, trust her advice, get some extra training walls…you might have fun knowing that you’re helping out a neighbor when you paint…
        Hey, good luck and don’t add me cause I WILL paint your town!!!
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. My neighbors still tap all around my four paintables…I just got that head finally…no help from them.
    So my recourse is to go on and tap my town as usual so they will have no other choice but paint me…bunch ah wussies!!!

  18. Have the Righteousness Rating points changed? I only ask as I’ve been going crazy tagging my friends towns and my rating dropped from 5* to 1* took a while when very quickly plumetted, after cleaning up all the tags (4) in my town this morning the rating has already gone back to 3.5*.

  19. I don’t care about tags so much. I mean a) it takes only ~7days to get all prizes; b) my righteous rating hasn’t moved for ages. So, unlike in the past, I don’t care at all what my neighboreenos are tapping.

    Btw.: The ‘I don’t care’ answer is missing in the poll above. 😛

  20. Oooooo, a spanking, a spanking!!!! Oops sorry, wrong kind of abuse! LOL

  21. I foolishly played this game for a couple months before I added a friend so until Valentine’s Day I was pretty ignorant to how amazing fellow tapping friends can be! I didn’t know anything about the Righteousness dropping in points if spray paint was involved in visits because I had only given and received Valentines. I spent the entire day tagging every friend I could and would feel disappointed if they tagged other buildings when a spray paint building was available in my town. With that said, my Righteousness level is still at 5 stars. Could they have changed this in the update that the points no longer dip?

  22. For what it is worth (and I have no way been around as long as most of you) I have not noticed a drop on my end. But- I am at 3.5 stars level 21- my righteousness is 5 stars (consumerism is my killer! so far at .5 star grrrrr). Anyway I paid special attention today. I grafitied up all over the lands (I think I did 60 friends and i left graffiti at nearly all of them most of them all 3 buildings possible) I only have 2 of the 3 in my town so far. But I left them with graffiti for an hour or so- and saw no drop from the 5 stars I have for righteousness. SO! I don’t think it has the effect that it may have at one point? Maybe they changed it for this new “event” so that there are things for us to click on- EA has to know that the world at large has stayed away from doing it as instructed on blogs of awesome 😉

    Oh. I ALWAYS catch SideShow Bob when i see him in my town and everyone else’s ( and I catch him upwards of 10-15 times a day with 70 friends). Most times there is no notice.. i just see him wandering about- in my SF I get the alert.

    Just saying- I am all about the graffiti.
    ~cheers Clicq

  23. Please abuse me!!! Paint my town red!!! I was alittle ticked off earlier when I opened my town to see several visitors came by and painted nothing!!! I’ve gone outta my way to paint everyone else…wish others would follow that example!!! Otherwise…I love you all, anyway…

  24. I like the idea of a 2-week graffiti exhibition free-for-all (that returns as new items are released). We addicts will have those prizes in no time…

    On a side note, I’ve been hoping new graffiti targets would be added for some time — maybe this will finally be the prompt. Cooling towers and Retirement castle are at the top of my tagging list!

  25. it wouldn’t let me do the update. I tried several times. So I uninstalled the app and tried reinstalling but now it wont let me reinstall it. What do I do?

    • Is it saying you don’t have enough memory? I had that issue, so I moved around some more items. Game has been moved to my external mini SD card, and I deleted unwanted pics and apps to free up space.

  26. I used to see my Righteousness drop every so often — I think it had more to do with Sideshow Bob popping up in friends’ Springfields than my buildings getting graffitied. But as I hit Level 33 I stocked up on training walls and like this post says, your Righteousness never drops after that. They’re actually kind of fun to find places to hide them. They’re so skinny you can fit a whole bunch behind a row of buildings.

    One new Friendship feature I haven’t seen mentioned here yet is that if you tap on your friends’ rides/buildings in Krustyland, when your friends tap on the clasped hands, they get XP, tickets… AND cash. It seems really weird — getting cash in Krustyland feels like a glitch — but I’ve been tapping primarily in my friends’ Krustylands because of it. The way I see it the friend gets a little bonus: tickets and cash in one tap. The extra FP point is nice on the tagged buildings, but you’re limited to just those four buildings to tap on and other friends may have beat you to them.

    • Great tip! Thanks for sharing it! And yup, Sideshow Bob…the little sneak..does mess with your Righteousness rating. When Sideshow Bob appears in your town, or a friends town your visiting, (10% chance of this happening) your Righteousness rating will drop 5 points. Every time you tap him and send him on his way? 1 point will be added back to your rating. 🙂

    • I make Krustyland my first stop when tapping my Friends towns that have KL. Primarily for selfish reasons, as I’m trying to score as many tickets as possible to improve my own Krustyland. Good to hear that it also helps them a bit more. For those towns without KL, or depleted tapables there, I search out buildings to tag. Pre-VD event and glitch fix, I’d always take the time to search out tiles, TV, & farms to tap first.

  27. Bandango Phillips

    You mean there’s negative impact for doing vandalism? The tutorial made it seem like we were supposed to do it for each other. I thought they were trying to encourage friend visiting. Sometimes people don’t have enough buildings to tap and graffiti is the only thing to do.

    The training wall solution is ok, but I don’t like building a real wall out of multiple segments of it. I see people do that in other towns and it doesn’t look right. (Do they not see all the doors in the middle of each segment?)

    Oh well, thanks for this post. I am definitely more knowledgeable about this game since I started coming to this site.

    • We are here to help. Glad you found the info useful. 😉

      I put items in FRONT of the doors to hide them. Then they look just like a wall. Or hide them behind REALLY tall buildings that you never see behind anyway. So it is like they aren’t even there.

      I have fun tagging buildings and don’t mind people tagging mine. It is all in fun anyway. 😉

    • I used training walls to design Fat Tony’s compound w/ an extra tall security perimeter. Tall conifers are strategically placed to hide doors and camouflage gaps. Looks molto bene.

  28. Im choked as hell right now my town was at a 4.5 star and now im at a 4 star and my righteousness is at 1 star. I dont care about the friendship points its actually annoying because with work and life i dont have 1hr or 2 to sit and tap all my nieghbors towns. And the drop in $ is bugging me because im trying to save money for the elevator

    • My save all in this…training walls. I created a building structure with them and tuck/hid some behind other structures. My rating has never left 5 stars since. Hope this helps. 😉

  29. It’s funny because, before I found this blog I used to always spraypaint my neighbors (not knowing it had negative effects and have barely seen my righteousness drop. After finding this blog I stopped the the graffetti and would occasionally see a big drop from five to one starts. However it seemed to me when a dropped one I could always getting back up to five when a visited friends and vandalized them. I know what people say the code says but my experiences doesn’t seem to match.

  30. still no luck finding friends

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