Find and Add Friends the Addicts Way

Update 3/27: This thread was getting pretty full and some of you were getting “lost in the shuffle” so we’ve decided to close friend requests on this post.  ALL of your Origin ID’s will still be readable in the comments of this post, you just will no longer be able to comment on this specific post.  Instead we’ll move all Add Me requests to our new Add me Thread which can be found here. 🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Ok the old Add Friends thread was getting a little long and some of you were getting”lost in the shuffle” so time to start a new Add-Me thread!

So now…hit up this post with your Origin ID’s and Add Me Requests!  Who wants to be first?

Pssssst….If you’re looking for a thread to find neighbor-eenos who WON’T vandalize you check out this Add-Me page…now Graffiti free! 🙂

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1,920 responses to “Find and Add Friends the Addicts Way

  1. hagermonster… I work nights but play most of the time

  2. Add me

  3. Please add me

  4. Add me please! r0yrul3z
    it’s a “zero” not an “o” in the name, thanks! 🙂

  5. Play All The Time Philly2109

  6. swgoff86

  7. anevermann431. Play daily

  8. Feel free to add me 🙂


  9. Add me please

  10. Add me

  11. Add me please

  12. Darth-22-Vader

    Please add me, I play several times a day


  13. Please add TasonRiggs22, Candacerig23, lriggs2226 and cactusjack1107. Thank you

  14. Bruceloveslola

    Add me!

  15. Add me MSbou07

  16. VonSparkles

  17. Add me! jillmeier87

  18. i play daily add me please sassy8612

  19. fune_gabi
    play daily, will only vandalize if that is the only option available as well