Where did THAT come from – Homer’s Car

Everywhere!  (Reference Season 1, Episode 1 to Present)  See Alissa, I can write a short post!

Homer Car

Alright, who am I kidding?  I’m a glutton when it comes to writing words about my favorite show.  It really is the best part about being on this blog besides all the amazing folks who take the time to read said words and even comment about them.

Simpsons Car

For reals though, I’m sure y’all know that the pink sedan has been in every Simpsons episode.  Writing out that list would be a bit ridiculous.  I seriously think it could be a new definition in the OED (curse you OED and your practical application to college!).


Syllabification: ri·dic·u·lous
Pronunciation: /riˈdikyələs
• Deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd:when you realize how ridiculous these scenarios are, you will have to laugh
• A great description of a furry resident of Kashyyyk attempting to list every single episode of The Simpsons that had their car in it.

ridiculousness – NOUN
Origin: mid 16th century: from Latin ridiculosus, from ridiculus ‘laughable’ (see ridicule).

Anywho… it is also a skoshi ridiculosus (Latin is cool my friends) to not write a little about the car. Whether it’s parked in the driveway, crashing into a Chestnut tree or being driven down Main Street with ice chains and a piano, it’s just one of those iconic items from the Best. Show. Ever. No surprise that fans of TSTO have been clamoring for this for a long time.  I actually think of this more as the Simpsons’ car but it is Homer’s pink baby.  The real question is why he’s ok with a pink car but not a pink shirt but that’s a post for another day I suppose.

Simpsons Car Piano

Coming to us at Friend Point Level 4 after collecting a total of 7,000 friend points, I’m so happy this is finally in the game.  WOO HOO!

Level 4 Homer's Car

I think my favorite aspects of the car really is how many times it has been demolished and then appears right as rain later in the episode. The Simpsons must have one heck of a mechanic.

A great Homer’s car-centric episode is “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson” (S9:E1). Barney ends up “borrowing” the car after being forced to be a designated driver. He disappears for 2 months. Somewhere during his journeys he ended up leaving the car between the Twin Towers in New York.

Simpsons Car NY

Despite Homer’s hatred for the city, the family heads there by bus (only 9 bucks for a ticket, 11.50 if you want a restroom). Ah New York: Pimps, C.H.U.D.s, khlav kalash, the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, rabbis that look like ZZ Top, subways and Chinatown. Where rabbits sleep upside down and inside out and everyone else supposedly doesn’t sleep at all. We’ll get those rabbit killers Bunny, don’t you worry.

Dead Rabbits NY

The car is booted and covered in tickets. Homer ends up just driving it with the boot on and tears the car apart. His later attempt to remove the boot with a jackhammer causes even more damage.

Simpsons Car NY 2

Hilarious because in the very next episode, the car is good as “new”. We all know its never really pristine but someone fixed the damages. We don’t often get to see who fixes the car but in “The Great Louse Detective” (S14:E6), we do find out that one of Homer’s mechanics is named Junior. We also discover that the car was “built in Croatia. It’s made from old Soviet tanks.” There’s also another great reveal about this mechanic in the episode but I’m gonna insist you watch the episode for that info.

Simpsons Car Grimes Jr.

There are so many great ways the car gets broken. One of my absolute favorites, for its sheer ridiculousness, is in “The Great Money Caper” (S12:E7). What are the odds of being hit by a falling sturgeon from a Russian space station anyways?

Simpsons Car Sturgeon

Check out this mechanic! Anyone who has a clever shop named Dentz is ok by me.

Simpsons Car Dentz

Of course the repairs cost 6850 (removing foreign fish is expensive) so Homer and Bart turn to grifting to pay for it. They get a bit carried away but check out how cool the car looks!

Gold Plated Car

Great episode with the whole town carrying out an elaborate ruse (well, everyone but poor Willy) to teach Bart and Homer a lesson. Among the actors, one Devon Bradley voiced by none other than actor extraordinaire Edward Norton. Surfs up everybody! We also get another peek of the Lady Justice statue in front of the Springfield Courthouse in this episode.

Simpsons Car Courthouse

Whoa… am I getting carried away with this Simpsons car WDTCF? The answer is probably yes but still I carry on. Homer doesn’t always get his car fixed. In “She used to Be My Girl” (S16:E4), he mentions that the two halves of the car are held together with electrical tape. Not the most romantic thing to compare Marge to but funny info to know. This episode also has a great shot of the car driving towards an erupting volcano. Man I love The Simpsons!

Simpsons Car Volcano

Other great Homer’s car moments I enjoy:

“Old Money” (S2:E17) – Discount Lion Safari!

Simpsons Car Discount Lion Safari

“Lisa’s Pony” (S3:E9) – Let me be clear that I never condone cruelty to animals but watching Homer try to fit Princess into the car gets me every time.

Simpsons Car Pony

“Mr. Plow” (S4:E9) – Homer demolishes both family cars, buys a plow and hilarity ensues.


“Miracle on Evergreen Terrace” (S9E10) – Of course Homer would park in a handicap parking space, 3 of them!

Simpsons Car Handicap

Homer vs. Dignity (S12:E5) – Homer sells the backseat of the car for gas money but spends it on a novelty horn instead. Classic.

Simpsons Car Back Seat

“The Old Man Key” (S13:E13) – Grampa explains how he lost his license. Way funny seeing him drive the car into a Sea Panda exhibit at the Springfield Aquarium.

Simpsons Car Aquarium

Grampa even gets to first base and later home plate in this episode. Frankly, I’m ok with him kissing anyone as long as he never kisses Selma ever again. Just saying.

Simpsons Car Kiss

So many great car moments in this one but nothing truly beats Grampa, Jasper and Old Jewish Man participating in a death race and subsequently demolishing the car against Homer’s tree hammock. I can sympathize with Jasper breaking his beard. Forget the car, beards are important.

Simpsons Car Death Race

Well, I hear Alissa loudly coming up the attic stairs so I guess I better stop rambling. Before I go though, check out the car in LEGO form.


And look at this neat-o patch I found…

Simpsons Car Patch

And, and, here’s it as a toy you can tell your wife you bought for the kids…

Simpsons Car Toy

That is all, gotta go hide in the nearest available pile of cheetos bags. TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Here’s what I want to see an article on: Where are people putting Homer’s car? With pictures. (Since it can’t go in the Simpson Home driveway.)

  2. Remember british tv trailer for simpsons few years ago? One with live actors… In it you can clearly see that homer’s car is russian LADA Riva…

  3. “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson” is my favorite episode of all-time. When he calls the parking ticket hotline…..pure comedic gold! Computer voice for static info, with gruff “union boss” voice for changing info. If you missed it, all parking enforcement officers in the City of New York are named “Steve”. Only the last names change. Brilliant!

  4. Ahhhhhhh, “C.H.U.D.s”

    Great movie !!!!

    Almost as good as “H.O.T.S.”

    • I must admit I had never heard of H.O.T.S. but now I must see it.

      • Back in the early 80’s, my older brother worked at a video store. The owner would let me come in and take what I wanted for free. I got to watch a lot of really, really bad movies !!!!
        H.O.T.S was one of them !!!
        Still love C.H.U.D. today !

  5. So glad I found all of you! I already have 6 new friends! I play daily, several times. I have 5 stars and am on level 38. Please be my friend

  6. So THATS where that came from! LOL! Love the Legos!

  7. OK we gotten some obscure stuff from the Simpsons in this game but has this car been in any episodes…..

  8. WanderingCaveman

    When I saw Alissa’s post I thought to myself, surely that is one item that doesn’t need a “Where did THAT come from” post. Nevertheless, it was a great read. Excellent work, Wookiee.

  9. Sweet! Now we need the Canyanero and the Homer car (with brother Herb Powell).

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