Has This Happened To You?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Almost 1 week in to the Social Event…are you still enjoying it?  Working your way through the prizes?  How far have you gotten?  Hitting any snags or snafus while collecting FP’s?  I can think of one such snafu many of you are hitting (myself included), as I see it pop up almost daily in the comments….


Tell me if this sounds familiar…you’re tapping away making your way from neighoreeno to neighboreeno, checking out the towns and collecting FP’s along then way, when it happens.  Without fail you reach that ONE neighbor and….THERE’S NOTHING TO TAP!

You quickly work your way around their town scrolling frantically for something, anything, to tap!  Surely, you just missed something and any minute you’re going to see that cash (or $ or cash register or check) floating over a building.  You check the buildings that you know regenerate income quickly, the Kwik-E-Mart, Brown Houses…the Simpson House…nothing, nothing and nothing!  What gives?!  

Annoying isn’t it?  This is an almost DAILY occurrence for me with at least a handful of neighbors, depending on the time of day.  (YES, i’m pointing the finger at YOU Bunny!)  I check their town and there’s NOTHING to tap!  There goes my daily FP count!  But, why isn’t there anything to tap?  What’s the deal?  Well like cards during Valentine’s Day, in order to tap a building it must be free of handshakes.  Meaning even those buildings that regenerate income quickly (like The Simpson House, Kwik-E-Mart & Brown Houses) won’t regenerate income for you to Tap on if your neighbor hasn’t cleared it of the handshake first.

2014-03-04 23.51.56

What can you do?  Well, for starters you can check their Krustyland.  Tapping items in KL will generate tickets and FP’s for you as well.  But if there’s nothing to tap in KL the next best thing is to just wait it out.  If you’re like me and Tap multiple times a day, check on that neighbor again later in the day.  Maybe during your first visit you just caught them in-between taps and something will open up during your next trip in.

What happens if there’s NEVER anything to Tap on, no matter what time you visit?  I have neighbor’s like this.  One in particular.  No matter what time of day I visit them, or how often, there’s never anything to Tap (Springfield or Krustyland).  It’s so frustrating BUT I won’t delete them.  I actually really enjoy their town.  They have a neat Springfield and have taken a lot of time to decorate and design it.  So I keep them on my friend’s list, so I can check out their town and enjoy the designs they’ve done.

Should you delete your neighbor that never has anything to Tap?  Well that’s entirely up to you.  There’s no time limit on this event, so there is no rush to earn all of the prizes, they’ll still be there next week.  So you have to ask yourself, ‘do I like their town?’, ‘are they active?’, ‘can I survive if I just don’t have this 1 neighbor to tap on?’  and then make the call.

This post started off with the intention of only being a few short paragraphs….apparently I can ramble on too.  (and no Wookiee, you can’t use this against me when I tell you to write shorter posts! 😉 )  So the entire point of this long ramble is this: CLEAR YOUR TOWN OF HANDSHAKES REGULARLY!  You never know when you’ll be the one your neighbors are getting annoyed at!

2014-03-04 23.52.28

What are your thoughts on having to clear handshakes to allow your neighbors to have something to Tap?  Do you like this new method or do you prefer the old way, where there was ALWAYS something to tap?  Do you have that annoying neighbor with nothing to Tap?  Are YOU that annoying neighbor?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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156 responses to “Has This Happened To You?

  1. Then either I have some really Annoying in game neighbours or is there a glitch for several days now my 4 friends. (3 + the Simpsons one). All have no interactions to tap.
    Oh and on top of that my friends handshakes have stopped appearing too in my town.


    • They’re disabled for the event. You can only tap Pagans in friends towns. Or Gnomes once/day. Until the Winter event is over, then it’ll go back to normal.

      • I have seen a few handshakes appear now and then…

        How does this happen? I first thought maybe those who haven’t upgraded? But surely these have all been forced to upgrade or stopped playing by now?


  2. I sometimes have this issue with Other Springfield which is strange as there’s always something to tap. Currently no bears spawning either, no matter what time I go.

  3. Anyone finding that you can’t get pacifiers in friends towns when tapping bears? I’m now just getting $. Also daily actions decreased from 3 to 2 per town I visit. Is this normal?

  4. My stepson is one of my TSTO friends and he says that I never have things to tap in my town despite the fact that I have cleared my town (he has shown me)…has anyone experienced this?? He is fairly new to the game and I have been playing for a few years…could our level differences be the issue?

  5. so glad i just read this didn’t know it was frequent players that left friends nothing to tap well atleast i now know.

  6. I noticed that sometimes i don’t get Friend Points from Handshakes. Any reason why?

    • Just a random glitch that happens…impacts some and not others.

      • I noticed that if the Handshakes haven’t been cleared for some time or/and haven’t been cleared after first login they don’t give Friend Points. Is it confirmed that this is a bug/glitch? What do You think, I wonder if I should contact EA.

        • It’s something that’s been on going since earlier this year. It’s not anything new (although it may be to you). There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes they’ll work and sometimes they won’t.

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