The Survey Says: Wheel of Mayhem

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well our Springfield’s have been free of Valentines and Wheels for about a week now, isn’t it nicer with out all that pink around?  As the Event was coming to a close in our games I asked you guys to participate in one final Wheel of Friendship poll so we could get some final tallies on just how accurate the percentages were.  Now let’s all practice our best Richard Dawson impression because…The Survey Says….

surveysaysThe Items You Had the MOST Difficulty Getting:

Answer Percent
Train (5% odds) 22%
Balloons (10% odds) 12%
Bird Bath (10% odds) 11%
Lamp Post (10% odds) 10%
Flower Cart (10% odds) 9%
Fountain (10% odds) 9%
Gazebo (10% odds) 8%
Love Pond (10% odds) 8%
Bench (10% odds) 6%
Fence (15% odds) 5%

Looks like it stayed pretty true to the odds on this one.  Most of you had difficulty getting the train, which had the lowest odds, with everything at 10% odds falling right in the middle.

Now let’s take a look at the items you had the EASIEST time getting (don’t forget we left the Fence off of this one..because it had the best odds and I think everyone would pick this as the easiest item to win on the wheel):

Answer Percent
Gazebo (10% odds) 21%
Fountain (10% odds) 17%
Bench (10% odds) 13%
Love Pond (10% odds) 11%
Flower Cart (10% odds) 10%
Train (5% odds) 9%
Bird Bath (10% odds) 8%
Balloons (10% odds) 7%
Lamp Post (10% odds) 5%

These results were a little more interesting.  No surprise that a lot of the 10% odds items were the easiest to obtain (especially those Gazebos …seems like I won about 20 of those!) but it IS interesting that the Train isn’t at the bottom of this list.  Instead it’s the Lamp Post.

Now for the final question of the poll group…and the biggie.  Did YOU Clear the Wheel and Earn the Tunnel of Love?

69% of you said Yes…Woo-Hoo!!
31% of you said No… 🙁

Maybe the 31% should have picked a Wicked Wango Card instead of Spinning the Wheel of Mayhem! (Bonus points if anyone can tell me what show I’m referencing here.  Double bonus if you can tell me the name of the game!)

So that’s it for this results show…What do YOU think of the results?  Are you surprised?  Experience a similar outcome?  Do you even care?  Sound off in the comments below….you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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42 responses to “The Survey Says: Wheel of Mayhem

  1. I did end up getting the Tunnel of Love, but only after buying spins with donuts. I was stuck on the gazebo for days and days, yet I got four trains! (And let’s not go into how many dang fences I got!)

  2. I didn’t clear the wheel either. Some of the items I had from last year.
    By feb 13 I got all except the bird bath. With 2-3 spins/day I thought I had a real chance… In the end being forced to update, I’m still that p****d I think about writing EA (although I know they won’t care..)
    Did they really think I would waste my precious donuts for spins although I didn’t see a way of winning the bird bath anymore (by the way the only item I really wanted!!)
    They should have given an option to clear the wheel for everybody. Either at a very fair donut rate or game money.

  3. EvilKitten812

    I think the least they could have done was let us sell away our overstock for more hearts. I have 5 carts in my town & another 13 in storage. If I could have sold off those 13 carts for 10 or 20 hearts each, I would have at least worked up to another spin. Just a thought….

  4. I cleared them all with 10 spins remaining so I gave up on spinning it in hopes of extra money later like in some past events. And the Christmas event wheel was strange, I landed on the edge of claus co but got a snowman, but after the event I looked in my invatory and there it was although it never appeared on the screen like the rest of them did. Strange things sometimes. I’m hoping for whacking day event again this year. I loved it last year.

  5. is there already a post on here somewhere with the % of people who didn’t clear the Xmas wheel? I’m curious now that the poll shows a *!*third*!* of us who took the poll didn’t clear the Vday wheel. and I wonder how well the poll represents the TSTO population at large… like how many people took the poll vs. the guesstimate on total SkyFingers tapping…

  6. Friends & Joey’s game show Bamboozled!

    Yay no internet needed for that one.

    On another note Snowball 2 never showed in my inventory. Arg! Glitches suck.

  7. I only got 3 lampposts. I did get 4 trains and a huge amount of gazebos. I was lucky enough to get the tunnel of love. Woo Hoo

  8. I somehow ended up with 27 fences…???

  9. I am so sick of the stupid priz wheel stuff. I tried and tried and tried and never ended up getting the love tunnel for krustyland! I am actually pretty pissed about it! I wish the game would do away with the prize wheels. I play every single day, and to not get the final prize is absolutely ridiculous!

    • I feel ya, gumbie. (I’m still not over ClausCo.If I’d missed out on Tunnel of Love, I’d probably have quit the game.) The event currency should let us choose the things we want to use for our designs. If the point of the game is to design your own Springfield, I really don’t understand why EA would code this random distribution of stuff (that you can’t even sell) instead of just coding an event currency store.
      I love the ap, and I know lots of people roll their eyes at any complaining about the free content – but – I do think the developers love the show and care about the quality of their game. I’ve never had the luck that others have had in getting satisfaction (or any help) from EA’s support team, but I can’t help but notice that enough of what we discuss here seems to be feedback that makes its way into the game. So I think it’s important to be vocal about the things that turned out to be frustrating or disappointing. I can accept that there’s stuff I can’t have because I wasn’t playing at the time (cool brown house) or because I don’t have the donuts for (Mt. Springfield) – but I can’t really swallow tapping my @$$ off and not being able to get a huge building that other people are getting for free; that all my extra tapping is HELPING other people get for free. That’s bunk. Like rat in a Skinner box kind of bunk. (hmmmm… maybe the game developers aren’t the golden hearted superfans I’d imagined. Maybe they’re mad scientists. Maybe they’re Hank Scorpio)
      On the more positive side, I like the current social event. It feels fair, fun, motivating and rewarding.

    • The same with me. I could not land on the gazebo, and I also play every day.

  10. Friends…and the game was called…Bamboozled! Seriously. Not sure if it’s awesome or sad that I can tell you that from memory!

    • ding ding ding! And it’s AWESOME! If I said it was sad I think it would be sadder that I could quote that whole episode from memory…but shh don’t tell anyone. They might think I’m weird 😉

  11. The birdbath and balloons were the last two I cleared. I got three trains about five gazebos and loads of fences and lamp posts. I got the birdbath on the very last day it was supposed to run so had nothing to spin for on the extra few days the event ran for.

  12. What really surprises me is the percentage of people not winning the Tunnel of Love. Something has gone wrong there for EA in my opinion. While a small (unlucky) percentage would be expected if it is truly random, EA are annoying 1/3 of the people playing the game and risking them walking away. Would be interesting to compare this to the Christmas wheel of (Mis)fortune.

    • Don’t forget too some people didn’t start playing until halfway through or towards the end of the event. So that right there lessens their chances of clearing it. But I do agree with you…the percentage of those who didn’t cleared the wheel should be A LOT lower. 🙂

    • I believe a large number of people saw that the prizes/ride weren’t/wasn’t worth the effort…I felt that way but still wanted to “win”…my son and I were going to delete the game had we not completed the wheel…that’s how much we hated it.

  13. The day after they gave us the train I landed on the train by accident. LOL Those darn choo choo’s!

    • lol same thing happened to me!

      • Me too! The train was the last thing i needed to clear the wheel. I was one of the lucky ones this time but not so much during Xmas. I still want that Yeti. I think on the last day EA should have offered the chance to use your extra event currency to purchase the other wheel prizes. And they could have offered the Tunnel of Love ride up as a limited time premium item. I think everyone deserves the option to get all the items. We put so much effort and time and love into our towns. we all want the Best. Springfield. Ever.

    • I got it (train)the night before as my kindle lay dying…RIP…got a new one!

  14. Isn’t that the game Bamboozle that Joey auditioned to host. Friends.

  15. ???????
    I have six freakin’ trains.
    I let my VD event go an extra 18 hours to pick up another spin, and Lord All Mighty if I didn’t get the birdbath to empty the wheel !!!
    My “B” town and my daughter’s town did not empty the wheel.
    No shortage of trains in any of the three towns.

  16. It was the balloons for me. Got them on the very last day. Seem to have many, many carts and ponds in my inventory but the train was the first thing I got!

  17. What is… FRIENDS and BAMBOOZLED!

    Now that I’m redecorating, I’m sad I gave up on the wheel after getting the Tunnel of Love. I sure want more of those pretty lamp posts.

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