Episode Tie-In = Bunny Wishes Come True???!

So our lil sneaky buddies over at EA dropped a quick lil Episode Tie-in into our games. I like the “hints” they gave us as I am REEEEEAAAALLLLLY hoping that they FINALLY are gonna grant a wish I have had for ages.

Wanna know why? Well take a look at the Pomato dialog…

mad scientist line

Region Capture1

I IMMEDIATELY squealed! Well who IS he? Who is this “Mysterious Scientist“??? None other than my favorite psychotic criminal mastermind…Bob Terwilliger AKA Sideshow Bob!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PRETTY PLEASE EA!!!! Will we FINALLY get Sideshow Bob as a playable character??! A MAD Scientist??! I so hope. I would LOVE to have him in my town. I don’t care how many donuts he would cost. I would pay A LOT!!! Sheesh, I spent a TON just to make a 2D of him!!

Sideshow filled

Just think of all the cool things he could do. Torment Bart, Torment Bart, and did I mention Torment Bart? Hehehehe.


We could send him to jail. He could harass Krusty. He could go on a date with Mrs. Krabappel or Patty. Lol. He could chase both Bart and Lisa around town with his stabby knife. He could torment Sideshow Mel. The possibilities are endless. I have been seeing him a TON more in my town and neighboreeno visits lately.


I am ALL sorts of giddy now. Hopping all over the place with excitement. Poor Alissa keeps pounding on the floor above me with her broom. Screaming at me to quiet down. Even the Attic Fuzzball is complaining about all the noise I am making. I can’t help it. I WANT SIDESHOW BOB!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!


Will EA grant this furry lil creatures wishes? Will poor Alissa and Fuzzball get some sleep? Or will I be in the basement corner rocking back n forth and sobbing because nothing happened at all? What do YOU think?

Only time will tell. So stay tuned to Addicts to see what pops up in our lil TSTO games Sunday and set your TV’s for the two New Simpsons Episodes: The Man Who Grew Too Much (EEEEE SIDESHOW!) & Diggs (Harry Potter!)



Bunny Icon 2

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177 responses to “Episode Tie-In = Bunny Wishes Come True???!

  1. So, does mean that people who didn’t play during the episode tie-in won’t be able to grow pomatoes?

    • Looking into it as all our games were going during the event. In the files…I would say that if they did NOT start the dialog, they may not get the chance, but we want to make sure 100%. Gimme us a bit to play around with it and we will let you know. 😉

  2. So… I’m guessing that this weekend was NOT when EA planned to give us Sideshow Bob? Sad 🙁

  3. Might, oops, oh well a typo for the typo party

  4. It. Ight be a short time character, only availed for 24 hrs or so, but I. Sadly doubt it, for they would have to completely remove that aspect of the game. What I really want to know is when’s the next level come out… I’ve been stuck for a LONG time on 38!!!!! So I’d be happy even with that repeating levels isn’t fun.

  5. Bunny I think your dream’s coming true! After getting hacked, & spending ALL week resolving it all…I wound up getting some juicy info from a guy at EA!! There’s A LOT of great things coming our way! EA said they “never expected how profitable TSTO has turned out to be” & to “expect a bunch of stuff to be coming to the game”!!!!! Psyched!


    • ooooo the inside track! Thanks for getting the juicy details for us! 🙂

    • Oh…there is sooooo much fun stuff coming I am excited about. (I have a lil insight too, but like to wait til it actually arrives, just in case EA changes their minds or design). It helps to know people that actually work at EA and in the gaming industry. 😉

      In other news though…I am glad they are helping you get restored back. I really appreciate all they do for our readers. 😉

  6. However old you guys are, bless you, you’re fabulous(been wearing out “awesome”)…
    I couldn’t keep up earlier, was glazing a ham and baking two casseroles for supper…came back and the “conversation” I had been in had no “replies” to click on…well, just got Homer’s car…woohoo…you guys can bite me…anytime!!! 🙂

    • Awwwww well thank you very much. Flattery will get you everywhere. 😉

      Mmmmmmmm ham. What kind of casseroles? Potato? Bean? Pasta?

      • Big 10 lb spiral-cut ham, baked racamoni & cheese, and southern special dish called corn pudding…kinda like a fruit cobbler but using corn…being the oldest kid, I did a lot of cooking growing up. Now I cook for my family…I can have a batch of brownies from box to oven during a tv commercial break…if I have the munchies 😉

      • Power is out here, tree fell on the house…worst spring break…ever!!! We are iced in…car sits on a downward slanting driveway so the car can’t make it out…whiffy(wifi) backup battery will last for….unknown…
        Supper was spectacular, by the way!!!
        Love and kisses,
        Freak out…

        • WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA…A tree fell on your house?? OH NO!!!

          You stay safe n warm mister. Check in with us when all is well. Save your battery for important stuffs. Lots of Bunny loves and wishes for better day sending your way!! 😉

      • I didn’t care much for that tree anyway…house is fine, just getting cold…we have two or three days of HAM…!!!
        Oh and guys…feel free to tap the crap outta my town…hope you like my new message there!!!

        • Well that is good. Need some extra fur? I have plenty to spare. 😉

          Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ham. I will go see your new words. I made lots of new things in my B town. 😉

    • Did…did someone say ham?

    • “Awesome” is never over used when describing me! In fact, “awesome” is the only word that comes close to describing my…well…AWESOME! :p
      (Btw, I’m using my FB for this post so you guys can add me there if you’d like! Just shoot me a message letting me know who you are if you send a request.)

  7. About two months ago I asked bunny about being added to I can see her town, she gave me an email address to send my game name to but never heard back from her,…

    • Lol. I sent it to you…had to delete and resend again today. I see you FINALLY got it. Sheesh slow poke. 😉

      Don’t mind the chaos. 😉

      • Yup, Your user name is so different from “Bunny” that I almost thought it was someone else sending the request.. I guess I expected a more Fluffy sounding town name 😉

        • Well…it IS my B town. The A town has bunny in it. 😉

          • One town is enough for me, but doesn’t playing two towns get expensive?
            Or do you only use doughnuts In your One town and not the other?

            Hmm, Do you ever play both towns at the same time on two different computers?

            Cool, I’m not exactly in NY, more like Long Island..

            • It could get pricey. I only use real $$$ in my B game though. It is more for the blog than anything. I am able to create to my hearts content and get what I want. Along with fast tracking all the other items to gain info for here.

              For my A game…I still use it like originally…a freemium game. Outside a $20 Gift Card, all the doughnuts I have in there were earned during game play. I am still a few levels behind in that one on game play, though my XP has me at 38. I don’t mind. I just take it slow and easy in that one. Still don’t even have all the land.

              Right now BOTH are being redesigned. As my B game is more playful…I am making things sparatic. With my A game, I will redesign it last as most the items I place will remain there for a long time. I do tap the alternate towns with each other. Makes for some fun game play. Lol 😉

      • I would have added you sooner if it was there, I couldn’t miss it if it was there, it was the only name to show up today in my request box in months.

        Must have been a server glitch that it didn’t show up when you added it before..

      • I sprayed a few buildings in your town to help you get blue XP, but forgot to ask if you wanted me too, I don’t mind getting sprayed right now, I need the Blue XP, at least it’s ok till I get Stampy..

        • I got all the prizes in that town as I use it to fast track for the blog…but I like being vandalized too. So spray away. Lol 😉

  8. Something really peaked my curiosity..
    The item sitting behind the legitimate businessmans club in your 2D; concrete, round base and some sort of pole in the middle.
    What is that! I looked all through my town and build menus to no avail.
    Looks like a flagpole but aside from that I don’t know!

  9. No donut cost PLEASE!
    I’ve been holding my earned donuts for the Duff Brewery or Volcano
    …or an *irresistible* Gil deal.

    [I’m not buying donuts, btw]

  10. Sideshow Bob would be an excellent bday gift for me…my bday is Sat! (The 8th)
    Maybe donuts will be in my near future? ::contemplates::

  11. DeadBurgerKing

    Now that you mention it, Sideshow Bob HAS been showing up way more frequently lately…
    IF he IS a Attainable townsperson, what are the odds that they’ll pay the royalties to give hime Kelsey Grammar’s voice (I can’t remember how it’s spelled). Don’t… answer that…

  12. I can’t wait to see what happens! having sideshow bob permanently would be awesome! 🙂 crossing my fingers till Sunday!

  13. Pandi (@LadyPandi)

    Aww they’d better put in Sideshow… we don’t want our bunny sobbing in the corner! Just um, don’t offer to “pay anything” ok? lol I can’t afford that much. Do you know when the falcon will be gone? I just bought a new phone dangit I’m tapped! (har har)
    Reading your post, (I love your enthusiasm) was like a roller-coaster, yes! yea!! eep! (not too much!) nice 3D! yea!!! woohoo! awww… sadface… grr no sad Bunny.
    I’d imagine if we do get him Alissa is going to need a tranquilizer gun. hehe

    • I’ve been hoping for him for a while now. Keeping paws crossed. (I had fun making him too.) 😉

      As for Freedom, the tie-ins usually roll off after the new episode airs, so I assume Monday early am if it follows other trends in past.

      Tranq me???!!! ***gasp*** 😉

    • Who’s to say I don’t already have one 😉
      How do you think I get Bunny back in the basement when she escapes?!

      • A carrot on a string…???…does she leave little brown pellets behind her??? *scratches under bunnie’s chin*
        She’s had all her shots, right?
        🙂 lol 🙂

        • Don’t complain bout my chocolate covered raisins. 😉

          And c’mere…I’ll bite you to see if you get “rabbid”…that’s the way to tell whether I got some or not, right? Lol

        • I dunno…every so often she foams up at the mouth. Not sure if she’s sick or just eating alka-seltzer pellets again!

  14. OMG! I would LOVE Sideshow Bob as a playable character!!! Hopefully he will be freemium :-/

  15. Good post bunny 🙂

  16. Besides, if they made Sideshow Bob playable, they would have to remove him from randomly showing up in town because it would look funny to have him on a quest walking around town and a second Bob shows up to click, catch and get money for his,capture.

    • Or…they could do away with the “catch Sideshow Bob”…let you actually catch him once n for all and keep him in your town. 😉

  17. I’m hoping it’s Frink’s Father, Frinkenstien!
    He was a mad scientist before he was frozen.
    You can set him loose on the town to steal Brains from all the townsfolk!

    • The pics…are from new episode…that’s why I was so giddy. Bob is in new episode. However, Frinkenstien would be awesome too. 😉

      • Oh, that helps…girl, I thought you was trippin…Alissa beatn the flo cause you jammed to Wham or Drake…

      • Finally a “reply” button thingy…BUNNY STOP TELLING PEOPLE YOU’RE 30 something…unless of course this simply fits into your evil plan…your plan to rule the WORLD…!!!
        Oh and, you barely broke the skin when you bit me earlier…

        • Lol. The reply has ALWAYS been there. 😉

          I AM 30 something. Like I said. Alissa is the youngest, then Fuzzball, then me. TRUTH!!

          I will make sure and draw blood next time. 😉

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