New Feature: Monthly Shout Out!

Update: We’ve updated the post to reflect a new collaborative effort on this great tribute to the players of TSTO between TSTO Topix and TSTO game.  So check out the revised details below…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re loving all of the emails, comments & images you guys send us on a daily basis! We love seeing just how creative & funny you all can be, as well as getting to know more about you!  We love it so much we’ve decided to create a new feature across THREE TSTO Blogs.

In a collaborative effort between TSTO Topix, TSTO game and TSTO Addicts, we want to feature YOU!  Your town, your words anything/everything about YOU!  Each month we’ll pick a handful of readers across the three blogs to be featured in our Monthly Shout Out, where we’ll feature your town and some fun information about you.  Then at the end of the Shout Out we’ll let the TSTO Community vote for their favorite.  That winner will be declared our Tapper of the Month!


So what’s in it for you?  Well we’ll feature the Tapper of the Month as a widget on our sidebar, so you and your town will be on display for 10s of thousands of Tappers each and everyday!  Oh…and did I mention the Tapper of the Month wins a $10 iTunes/Google Play/Amazon Gift Card?!!!  😀

That’s right…each and every month we’re giving the Tapper of the Month $10 in donuts!!!

So here’s the deal: starting right now…ok well you can finish reading this post first….send us your Springfields (preferably Stitched Photo of your full town, you can find a how-to here), a few sentences about YOU, how long you’ve been Tapping, why you love TSTO & why YOU should be featured in our Monthly Shout Out.  Send them to (put Shout Out in the subject line please 🙂 ) and be sure to include your origin id and where you’re from.  Also, make sure you let us know how you Tap (iOS, Android or Kindle).  The three blog sites will then go through the entries and pick our favorites to be featured that month.  At the end of each month we’ll post our picks.  At the end of the post we’ll leave it up to the TSTO Community to vote for their favorite.  The winner will then be declared the Tapper of the Month!

If you need help “Stitching” images of your town (where you combine multiple photos of your town to make one large image.  An example is shown in the main graphic for this post, btw that’s Bunny’s town!) check out this How-To Post OR email us ( and we’ll be happy to help in anyway we can.  🙂 Note: you don’t need to send it a full image of your town.  You can send us an area of your town that you just love,  2D/3D designs, your Krustyland…basically just areas of your town you love.  

This will start THIS MONTH.  So start sending us your submissions!  We’ll pick our favorites and post about them during the last week of March and the winner of the Community Poll will be the Tapper of the Month for April. Then we’ll pick more favorites for the last week of April and the winner of that poll will be the Tapper of the Month for May..and so on.  We’ll keep going until you guys stop submitting stuff… 🙂

And now…for everyone’s favorite part…the legal mumbo jumbo 🙂
Here are the Official Rules:

Each contestant may only submit ONE entry! (no revisions once submitted.  If multiple entries are submitted by the same reader only the FIRST entry submitted will be accepted)
Valid email address must be provided when submitting an entry, this will be how we will contact you to let you know you’ll be featured (email address provided in the comment form, they are not published on the blog and only viewable by the blog staff.)
We’re working as hard as we can to secure Gift Cards for our friends overseas….so we’re keeping this contest open to EVERYONE for now.  However be aware that our friends outside of the US 18 and older you may enter the contest but an alternate prize may be awarded at our discretion if the Gift Card from your Country is not available.
Void where prohibited
No purchase necessary
Topix, Addicts and game writers, and family members are not eligible to participate.
You must let us know within 1 week of winning which platform (iOS or Android) you’d prefer the GC on.
Vote totals will not be seen until after the Tapper of the Month is announced.
All entries will be reviewed by Topix, game and Addicts writers prior to posting.
Any entry deemed by the team as not PG, will not be posted and not be eligible to participate in the contest.
ONE $10 Gift Card (iTunes/Google/Amazon) will be awarded each month.
$10 or equivalent for that country.
All gift cards will be awarded to winners electronically.
Previous First/Grand prize winners are not eligible to win a prize, unless it’s been more than 180 days since they’ve won.
Previous contest runners up are not eligible to win a prize, unless it’s been more than 90 days since they’ve won.  However, winners of the Kissing Disease Plush (only) at Valentine’s Day may still be eligible.
Gift cards will be awarded for the amounts indicated above.  TSTO Addicts, TSTO Topix and TSTO game is not responsible for any taxes and fess that may occur outside of the rates indicated in Tapped Out by EA.
Contest winner is responsible for all taxes and fees that may occur when purchasing.
This contest is not affiliated with Google, iTunes, EA, Fox, Gracie Films or anyone else in association with The Simpsons, The Simpsons Tapped Out, Google and iTunes.
For a copy of the official rules email us at (note we’re just gonna give you a copy of the rules you just read…in PDF format 🙂 )

So there you have it….the newest collaborative effort from TSTO Topix, TSTO game and TSTO Addicts!  All because we want to get to know YOU better!  So what are you waiting for?  Start sending us your details! 🙂

What do YOU think?  Will you be submitting your town?  Sound off in the comments below, you know when LOVE hearing from you!

All original art and content © Up All Night, LLC and
All Screen Shots of Game Graphics & Dialogue and Game Graphics from files ™ and © EA, Gracie Films and FOX

44 responses to “New Feature: Monthly Shout Out!

  1. This game is a beast I spend so much time on it I love it lol.

  2. Esther Pontnak

    Enjoy your blog and play helps. Have been playing just since Easter and enjoy the game. Only problem is getting kicked out of the game when visiting friends. Not fun!!

  3. Would love to connect with new neighbors, ID arceesf
    I visit everyday.

  4. Add me please, I play every day. cboo6972521 thanks

  5. I have one opening in my town. I play almost ALL the time. Ummmm let’s see, it’s 4:00 am and I’m playing. Man I love this game!

  6. Love the game I’m on it 3-4 times a day…how do some players get a ton of emblems already? What’s the trick?

    • THey either spend donuts or use dubious methods. Most I’ve seen from freemium tappers to this point is the 8-9K mark.

    • i think they use a cheat tool or they use they real money to buy it online.

      • My A game is complete Freemium. I barely play it, barely visit neighbors, never complete Number 1 tasks in it, no longer maxed on friends. I’m sitting close to 18,000 for hardly any effort. So if someone paid for a boatload of donuts and just bought out the 35,000 emblem prizes but kept playing daily…they could be quite far.

        That’s how Halloween was for me. I completed all the prizes in my FREEMIUM game within the first week of play. I played constantly daily. This is an easy to acquire items event like it 😉

    • I’ve never spent a dollar on the game and I’m at 20k emblems just playing for free. If you do all 4 of Number 1’s tasks you can get a thousand emblems daily and then you can also get more from your neighbors.

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  8. The game is wicked

  9. Add me playing 247 gotta level up help,! Aebval687

  10. Add me daily player level 39 beto9894

  11. add me!! galindor84

  12. add me!! jayymie
    I’m playing constantly & love to visit neighbours xx

  13. Add me I love New friends! saintnew530

  14. Add me madelinelaw

  15. How will you give the card to people internationally? For example, the UK – people here can’t redeem foreign Google Play gift cards, and they go in £10…£20 and £50 varieties…

    • We have access with the mutiple sites together to writers living all over the world. We will do our best to get one for the winners location.

  16. What I like is all the diverse people who use these blogs from different countries and cultures who find something in common around a computer game.

    I am all for diversity and its what we have in common.

    Ohh yes I need 54 pictures or screen shots to do my whole town, then autostitch and it looks like a weird bendy thing…….I think I will pass on this for now.

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  20. Contest idea sounds good. What’s perplexing is even with all our devoted time and love for the Simpsons, there seems to be (correct me if I’m wrong) uneven ground and a difference of opinions from different sites, who no doubt about it, share the same love. Whether it’s a matter of opinion or personalities, it very quickly reminded me of a simple fact. You can love something a lot, and share it with others who share the same passion, in the end there will always be differences. Trying to bring communities together can be difficult to approach, even when it feels like the pieces would naturally fit together.
    I like multiple sources of information, I always have. Different view points bring different ideas and ways of thinking.
    Very much so like how and when we design our Springfields.
    If you look at you neighbors towns you would most likely notice big differences between them all. I sometimes look around and think how did they do that design or what made them put a certain building in a certain place.
    I’m probably not making sense and just rambling, but I think if we all like the same thing, but have different approaches to a common goal… Why can’t just the love of this game and more importantly, The Simpsons (there would obviously be no game there wasn’t awesome show) be celebrated?

    • Thanks so much for your opinion. I truly appreciate it. Yes, there are many differences in each and every human being. This can make it difficult for all to function under one household, however…it does not mean that they can not make the most fantastic and amazing of neighbors on the same block. This way each household can still manage the way they see fit, but invite other neighbors over for dinner, movies, games, BBQs, etc. It is a great way to show unity within a group of people without making each other feel like their voice isn’t being heard. At the end of the day…it is all about a silly lil game. So THAT is where we are focusing. No matter the house you came from, your style of decor, your favorite color, your favorite movie…each household is different and unique in its own beautiful way. THAT is what we want to see. Individuality with a common love. We benefit greatly from learning, teaching, laughing, and growing as a group. I myself get inspiration from others as I am seeing things through their eyes. It amazes me.

      This contest, in my eyes, is the perfect combination of a community coming together to have a great BBQ. (Of course someone gets to go home with a door prize. Lol)


      • Cool, agreed. I just didn’t want to come off as rude or disrespectful in any way.
        Mmmm BBQ… Summer needs to hurry up.

        • I think it was a very thoughtful comment. No disrespect taken at all. 😉

          I can’t wait to start BBQ-ing full time in the nice outdoors (though I still do year round…even in the snow)

  21. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    When is the deadline for entries?

  22. I see a lot of great pictures people take of their towns, how are some of you getting such full, good looking pics? I use an iPad and know how to take them but is there any particular way or apps to get the full town included or is it just taking several precise pictures and editing them all together to show the whole town?

  23. This sounds great! Is this just a contest for full town pics or can you submit various 2D and 3D art? I’m not the greatest at stitching large areas together despite the really awesome and detailed tutorial.

    • Full town photos aren’t needed (just help if you wanna show off a huge chunk of your town) but you can send us anything you’d like. 2D/3D/4D…ok maybe not 4D 😉
      We’ll even take groups of photos for certain areas of your town as well. It’s more to get to know you and how you design your town and play TSTO! 🙂

  24. Great news and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me, just hit level 38 today! I’ve been refusing to buy land and “design” my Springfield until I was on the latest available level so I can start designing (and stop cramming everything into as little space as possible) with this competition in mind.

  25. So i only have 60 friends on my game but it wont allow me to accept more friends? Saids i maxed out but how is that possible i thought were allowed 100 friends?

    • You can only add 30 people a day max if I recall correctly so that could be whats stopping you. ALso, when you try to add people who already have 100 friends, theres a glitch that says YOU are maxed out instead of them.

    • This is one of the main reasons I prefer to use the Origin Desktop Manager vs the App to manage my friends. You can actually see if a person is already maxed at their 100 friends and not get that “false” message that YOU are maxed when in fact THEY are. It is my preferred method anyway. 😉

  26. Awesome. Look forward to voting for my fellow addicts. As winner of the VDay poem contest, I’m not eligible for 180 days. But I hope I’ll be Addict of the Month September 2014!!!

    As for shout outs, I’d like to give one to EA for the recent updates. On iPads, they’ve changed the zoom feature so now you can zoom in even closer and more importantly zoom out to see even more blocks at once.

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