Showoff Reminder: Me Lucky Charmz!

Bunny here hopping all over the place. Alissa got locked in the basement after I slipped a lil extra “water” in her coffee and convinced her there was a Leprechaun in the basement. Now myself and the Fuzzball are running wild all over the place. WOOHOO!!!

So while me n the Fuzzball are busy drink drink drinking…errr…tappa tappa tapping away at the Update and information for you…I figured I better get some actual work done too. Or at least remind YOU to do my work for me. Lol. 😛

SHOWOFF!!! For this week, let’s follow Lisa’s example and go green. Show me yur lucky charmz. Lol. I just wanna see what you have done with the new items just dropped into your town. Use a little or use a lot. Mix and match the new. Toss in some of the old too (all the other decorations). Be creative, be funny, be…odd (I’m looking at YOU Freak!) Just whatever you do, have fun!!! WOOHOO!!!

shamrocktopiary_menu stpatricksleprechaunstatue_menu oflanaganspub_menu wishingwell_menu Sham Rock Cafe

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at We can’t wait to see YOUR designs!

HOPPY Tappin’


Bunny Icon 2

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28 responses to “Showoff Reminder: Me Lucky Charmz!

  1. I did a lil something something for my Irish pub but I do not know how to take photos on my kindles…. Bunny if you dig it, could ya snag a pic of it? Oh burns plant has some green goo too. 😉


    Hi fellow addicts. Here’s my St. Pattys Day area

  3. I look at all this ART you guys do and rack my brain for something original…and for less than $5,000,000 …my album cover is nothing compared to the stuff I’ve seen you guys do…

    • Step it up Freak…I’m waiting…impatiently. 😉

      • It would be so cool if Lego did a town builder so then you could stack items…I soooooo wanna stack items, the constraints of 2D are frustrating!!!
        I don’t think you saw the new song I put out… 🙂

        • If they don’t dance…well they’re no friends of mine. 😉

          I understand on the contraints. Deal with it all the time. Lol.

  4. My first attempt at a Leprechaun I used the Shamrock potted plants as a Shamrock bed.

  5. Oh, nothing like alittle pressure from a lil bunny…lol

    • 😉

      ***sings Bowie & Queen “Under Pressure”***

      • Girl, you don’t know how fitting that song is to me and my son…!!! My son gets taunted by his xbox friends because of his nickname, Diceman…they say, “dice, dice baby” to the beat of the Vanilla Ice rip of “Under Pressure”…he got into my old cds and loves Queen and ELO, Yes and Supertramp…etc, etc…nobody cared for my last musical choice so check out my latest… 🙂

        • Smashing pumpkins? Billy is a great artist. I’ve listened to him for ages. I love Bowie and Queen. Amazing artists. Bowie rocks it to this day. So much good music out there. A reason I loved working in radio. Music feeds my soul. 😉

      • Billy’s birthday is St.Patrick’s day…thus his middle name is Patrick…

  6. RedEyeTexas add me…..

  7. Just a rough put-together. I’m sure I’ll end up moving it around as I always do!!

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