Turbo Tappin’ St. Patrick’s Day: Training Day

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well another event is upon us and you know what that means…no time like the present to start to those fingers Turbo Tappin’!

What’s great about this update is that even though the brought back a building from last year & a character from last year…they’ve definitely changed up the dialogue and it’s great!  Actually includes one of Bunny’s favorite animations!

So let’s get to it shall we?

As we mentioned in the Rundown Homer kicks off St. Patrick’s Day in Springfield and the Training Day questline….


Training Day Pt. 1
Homer starts

Build O’Flanagan’s Pub- Costs $1,900, and a 24hr build (unless of course you already have it)
Send Springfielders to Train for a St. Patrick’s Day Beer Bash
– 12hrs x10 Springfielders (earns $420, 100xp, premium characters earn $600, 150xp) Here’s a list of who can go:
Homer, Apu, Frink, Hank Scorpio, Barney, Duffman, Otto, Sideshow Mel, Luigi, Smithers, Dr. Nick, Hans Moleman, Kearney, Miss. Springfield, Tatum, Lugash, Jasper, Skinner, Willie, Mr. Burns, Comic Book Guy, Rev. Lovejoy, Moe, Marge, Wiggum, Sea Captain, Snake, Grampa, Quimby, Mrs. Krabappel, Brockman, Dr. Hibbert, Carl, Lenny, Fat Tony, Legs, Louie, Agnes, Abe Lincoln, Herman, Wolfcastle, Tom O’Flanagan, Lou, Eddie, Chalmers, Arnie Pye, Rich Texan, Bumblebee Man, Flanders, Krusty, Kang, Selma, Patty, Disco Stu, Booberella, Kodos, Cletus, Suzanne the Witch, Kirk, Luann, Tribal Chief, Mr. Costington, The Grumple, The Yes Guy, Kumiko, Brandine (if she’s not pregnant of course) and Mindy.  

Training Day Pt. 2
Tom O’Flanagan starts

Make Homer Drink his Doubts Away– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Training Day Pt. 3
Tom O’Flanagan starts

Make Homer Reach Level Leprechaun Lush– 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Training Day Pt. 4
Homer starts

Make Homer Pass Out- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Training Day Pt. 5
Homer starts

Make Homer See his Drinking Past– 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Training Day Pt. 6
Homer starts

Make Homer See What his Drinking Life Might Become- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Training Day Pt. 7
Homer starts

Make Homer Reflect on his Life– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

And with that the Training Day questline is complete!

I’ll be back a little later with the second part of the St. Patrick’s Day questline…Dye the Town Green (Keep Lisa free once you’ve completed Training Day because she’ll kick start the next part).  In the meantime this first part is designed to take you a while (if you don’t use donuts).  The event lasts until March 25th (12 days) so there’s no hurry on this.

Training Day (assuming you have to build O’Flanagan’s Pub AND you send 10 characters to the first task at once) takes 4 days, 5hrs to complete.  If you already have the Pub from last year just knock 1 day off…so it’ll take 3 days, 5hrs to complete.  

Take your time with this questline Tappers!  There’s some GREAT dialogue in it so be sure to not miss it!

Happy Tapping!

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39 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ St. Patrick’s Day: Training Day

  1. I have been reset with my friendship progress back to level15 and cannot progress forward. I was a sixteen and had the prize for that level, but it is now gone from my town.

    In addition, My BatCave is gone.

    as if these two things were not frustrating enough, I now have not been given the quest line to start the St, Patrick’s Day event. I spend a ton of money and time on this game, and now I am beginning to wonder why?

    I have posted messages here as well as reported it to E A and have had no replies. Can anyone out there help me?

  2. Have you heard of anyone getting set back during this update? I had reached Pt. 3 of this quest line and suddenly the quest line started over. O’Flannigan’s Pub was still there, as was all my game cash, donuts, XP, and FP. The only thing that changed is that the opening dialog returned and then I was on Training Day Pt. 1. All the characters were still on the tasks I had assigned, including Homer who was on “Reach Level Leprechaun Lush”, which of course is a task that shouldn’t exist if you haven’t reached Pt. 3. It basically just set me back 2 days (as all my characters are on 24 hr tasks to keep pace with Homer). Not a huge deal, but I’m wondering if anyone else had this happen and whether I will still have time to complete the quests.

    • Rollbacks do happen off n on. I would suggest to try logging out and restarting your device to see if it refreshes and puts you back where you were. 😉

      • I did, but it didn’t. I actually logged out and back in several times and hard reset my devices too. At least I didn’t lose anything but quest time. Thanks Bunny. 🙂

        • Rollbacks are so unpredictable. Sorry. If it does bother you though, give EA a contact and see if they’ll offer a fix or compensation for the hassle.

  3. Will there be a walkthrough with dialogue? I accidentally tapped too fast and missed some 🙁

    • Usually with events we don’t post the dialogue. BUT since you’re requesting it (normally it’s not requested…we’re finding people like the Turbo Tap better) I can make an exception. Look for it to be posted next week 🙂

      • Thank you!! The dialogue is my favourite part….but every now and then I miss some and the OCD player in me gets very disappointed.

  4. Question 2: A few of the neighboreenos don’t erase their graffitis when I visit their towns. But they are the first with the paint can on my buildings. Is that fair?

  5. Question 1: What’s the story about that little Irish PIA? (I’m sure you know what PIA means). Shamrock says tap the guy 10 times. When I do that, the shamrock says: 3/10. There’s probably something I didn’t pick up on.

    • You’ll have to tap him 10 times and collect money from him. Basically once you tap him he’ll run away, then you’ll have to follow him wait till he stops running & tap him again. Do that 10 times to complete it. 🙂
      And yup…although I use PITA myself 😉

  6. Ok now I’m going to sound stupid, but I’ve forgotten who are ALL of the premium characters. Some just come w/ quests or buying buildings. I honestly can’t remember just one’s I had to get w/ donuts. Help?

  7. I had O’flaniggans pub from last year, but it’s disappeared! I’m having to rebuild it. Has anyone else reported this?

    • I had mine from last year and didn’t have to. This is the first I am hearing of it. Did you try restarting your device to see if it would bring it back? Or double check your cardboard box inventory to see if it jumped into there?

  8. So the update loaded and I was able to start the Pub building. I also bought the Well and the Sham Rock Café. I played chase the Leprechaun and completed the quest Now the update seems to have disappeared. The donuts are all still gone, and the pub shows it is building, but the Café, the Well, and the wee folk are all gone. All quests are gone, not just the in game ones. Anyone else had that problem?

    (Nexus 5, Level 38 Premium Player).

    • Well if the pub is still building that’s why no new quests launched. Do you still see a Shamrock in your taskbook?
      Check the buy menu to see if you see the Wishing Well back in as an item you can purchase (Shamrock Cafe too). If they’re there then you know it’s a weird glitch (because they’re unique) and you’re best bet is to contact EA. If they’re not there try some of the basic troubleshooting steps (hard close app and restart it, restart your device) and see if that helps. If not contact EA and let them know what happened. They should be able to restore your town to an earlier version (and yes return your donuts as well) so you can repurchase the items. Let us know how it works out! 🙂

  9. I know what the prize is!!!!!!!!!

  10. I also had to force quit the game and then restart my ipad to get the event to start after the update was already loaded.

    • Alissa bunny whoever can answer this what is the prize you get after all the quests if there is one

      • No prize at the end of quests, but stay tuned on St. Pats 😉

      • Wait bunny what is the incentive prize on March 12

        • Today is March 12th…no incentive other than starting a new event and unlocking O’Flanagans. The one you want to look for is on the Day the event is celebrating. St Patrick’s Day. March 17th. 😉

      • No prize this time. BUT there is something that will unlock on St. Patrick’s Day (Monday). So be sure to log in to TSTO on Monday! 🙂

      • Plz tell me I don’t like waiting for surprises

        • lol well you never know with EA. They could change their minds and make it something completely different. So we won’t know until it’s out…BUT I gave a little hint in the post about about it. Or at least what it says now 🙂

        • I only see what is in the files…whether or not some, most, or all of it would be released we do not know until EA actually releases it. Hence why we don’t like to put out “Spoilers”. There is so much information in there that was never let go to the game. So we don’t like to mislead or get our readers hopes up unless we can verify 100% that it is released. Sorry.

          Not to mention some of the information is still a bit sketchy. So I want to wait until I see more on it. 😉

      • I’m gonna figure it out lol what post

      • I know what the st patties prize is its a leprechaun

      • Actually alissa I don’t know if that’s right I thought u knew and if I guessed right you’d tell me lol

      • Lol 😀

  11. I have Homer (and most characters free) but the St Patricks day questline won’t kick off???
    The water has turned green, so the game is updated……..just wonder why the quest won’t start?

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