Pi Day (Contest)

The Pi Contest is now closed.  All entries submitted from this point forward will not be considered valid entries and not eligible to win the pies.  THANK YOU to everyone who participated and be sure to check out TSTO Addicts tomorrow when we announce the winner of the FREE Pie!  


Pi Day 3

Are your eyes hurting yet? How about your brain? Thing is…that is only a teeny tiny fraction of the numbers in π or Pi. So why on earth am I telling you all this? Well did you look at the date today? Go look…I will wait…

Today just so happens to be 3-14 or in the  world of Geeks, Pi Day. As 3.14 is the short short short version for the symbol Pi. (Click here for more info on Pi.) Not to mention one of the Geeks of ALL Geeks, Albert Einstein, just so happens to have his birthday fall on 3-14. Seriously! It is quite a celebrated day. The College Kids at Princeton REALLY get into it each year. Just check this out.

Now why on earth am I bugging you about all things geeky and nerdy while you are on a sight about the Simpsons? Well let me explain. For one thing, Bunny is a full fledged Geek Girl and I LOVE me some Geek Boys! You also have THREE very loud and proud geek characters running around your games right now. Comic Book Guy, Sideshow Bob, and Professor Frink. (Not to mention the other members of Mensa. Can YOU name them all?) These geeks are very proud of their intellect and show it as often as they can. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm guys with intelligent brains…so HOT!!!

Sorry…got distracted there for a minute. Where was I? Oh yah, Pi Day. So in honor of my geeky nerds, nerdy geeks, and all in between…WE ARE GIVING AWAY A PIE. WOOHOO!! Mmmmmmmmm PIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!! ***drools***. Now don’t you go and worry your lil heads, Bunny did NOT make this herself. (They wouldn’t let me. 🙁  )

Pi Day 2

So WHERE are the Pies coming from? Mr. Tod’s. Ooooooh. Even better, you don’t get just ONE pie…OH NO, us Addicts like to “sweeten” the deal…you will get to pick TEN mini pies. WOOHOO!!!! Just take a peak at their site and see all the mouth watering options.  https://www.whybake.com/browse.cfm

Now comes the fun stuff…HOW do you win these delicious pies? It is really simple…

Step 1: Put your Origin ID or First name and Last initial in the comments below. (If we run into two names that are similar, your email address will be used instead.)

Step 2: Answer one or ALL of the following questions. What was your geekiest/nerdiest moment? What was your favorite/hated mathematical equation? What is the Ultimate Answer? Have you ever used Pi? Have you ever smashed pie in someones face or had it smashed in yours? Which Addict Team Member would you like to smash a pie on?

Step 3: Put the phrase, “PIE ME ADDICTS” in your comment.

Pi Day 1

Simple enough, right? Don’t forget to do ALL 3 steps. No corrections accepted. First time has to be done right. (Making yah think. 😉  )

The contest will close as of 11:59 PM EST on March 14th, 2014. Any submissions after that will not be accepted into the contest. Once the contest is closed, we will put all the Origin ID’s/Names into http://www.random.org/ and let the Geeky computer spit out a WINNER!

Once a Winner is picked, we will announce it here at Addicts on Saturday March 15th, 2014. We will then get in contact with the Winner via email (so make sure you enter a valid one in the email section when you fill out your information on the comment form) to make their pie selection and send them PIES! WOOHOO!

Pi Day 4

Now for all that legal stuff…

Official Rules: Each contestant may only submit ONE entry! (No revisions/reposting accepted.  If multiple entries are submitted by the same reader only the FIRST entry submitted will be accepted.)
Valid email address must be provided when submitting an entry, this will be how we will contact you to let you know you’ll be featured. (This is the email address you provided in the comment form, they are not published on the blog and only viewable by the blog staff.)
Unfortunately, due to food shipping laws/issues, this contest is only open to U.S. residents.
You must be 18 or older to enter.
Void where prohibited
No purchase necessary
Addicts and their family members are not eligible to participate.
If you have won a prize from Addicts in the past 90 days, you are not eligible for this contest. (This does not apply to the promotional gifts from Giant Microbes.)

If you would like a copy of the Official Rules, email  TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com

Stay tuned as I actually will be going into a lil more detail of the connection to the Pies and the Simpsons in a post later today. 😉

HOPPY Tappin’


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163 responses to “Pi Day (Contest)

  1. I purposely waited until the contest was over – no chance of winning Pies that way – and my waistline thanks me.

    But I HAD to include my favorite equation.

    Euler’s Identity:

    e^(i Pi) +1 = 0

    1 BEAUTIFUL equation that ties the base of the natural logarithm, imaginary numbers and Pi into 1 tidy little package. (0 and 1 aren’t any slouches either)

  2. I feel so left out… And I bet I could geek out with the best of them!
    Speaking of which, what is the difference between a geek and a nerd? I always used this synonymously. – And does this count as a geek or a nerd moment now?
    Don’t have much use for Pi in my daily life, and as far as pies go – we don’t do pies in Germany, so no pie smashing. Don’t get me wrong, the variety of baked goods you could smash into people’s faces is “überabzählbar”, but pies – not so much.

  3. When I was in middle school, we got to celebrate the end of the school year by voting two teacher or staff members to get pied in the face. One year I had the chance to throw a pie at one of my favorite math teachers.

  4. Origin ID – Bloodangel736

    Nerdiest moment – Telling my husband I read and wrote HP fanfiction
    Hated math – Anything with geometry ugh
    Ultimate answer – 42
    Used Pi – Not really I work with children (mostly infants) so I don’t do much past 2 + 2 these days lol
    Smashes pie – Never had the glorious opportunity to smash pie in anyone’s face and never had it smashed in mine
    Pie Me Addicts – Can I say all 3? And if not does wookiemama count? :p

  5. Origin ID: sambakitty

    Geekiest moment: Can it span over many years of watching The X-Files? And “SQUEE!”ing anytime Mulder and Scully touch hands??!!! SQUEE!!!
    And as for pi, I used to be totally into math. Used it a lot. But it’s been years, as I went into film instead… I guess film is kind of geeky too.
    I’d smash a pie on bunny, cuz I think she’s crazy enough that she’d like it and start a pie fight and it would be fun!


  6. thaddeustu569
    My geekiest moment was back in the mid 90’s while living in Las Vegas, I went to a Star Trek convention and had won the sound alike contest doing an impersonation of Captain Kirk and Mr. Worf playing Battleship. “You Klingon…..bastard…….you sank………my……….Battleship!” Afterwards Shatner was set to appear. I was called back on stage and told by the MC that he was still ‘sobering up’ and to ‘entertain’ the crowd a few minutes. So…after 1/2 an hour I had gone into a routing of Kirk and Scotty looking for toilet paper on the Enterprise…..Something along the lines of “I….need……two ply…….Mr. Scot……: while dropping a ‘Captain’s Log……” Shatner walks out and is staring at me and the crowd goes wild. After the show he chatted with me for a while and gave me his autograph. I asked him if he could please die in a plane crash on the way home so that I could sell his photo on eBay for an insane amount of money…..he stared at me, and burst out laughing….I think we’re friends now!
    My favorite math problem is E=MC2. Because if you reverse the polarity (See what I did there? Successful geek reference) then it becomes E-M2=M or, if energy was to slow down below the speed of light, then it would become matter! Oh yea, it’s true…..try it of you don’t believe me!
    The ultimate answer is 42, but it’s not so much that, as what is the untimate question? How many roads must a man travel in his life? Hmmmmm?
    Pie in my face? Yes, I did it to myself….in elementary school trying to make friends……didn’t work!
    Who would I smash a pie in the face to addicts wise? Bunny….because making up is so much fun!


    As a wise bowl of petunias once said, “Oh no, not again!”

    Hop on!

  7. (email removed for privacy) origin acct: Tsaucey93
    Tyler Wood

    My nerdiest moment has to be when I was in fifth grade (1997ish), I brought in several dozen of the Star Wars action figures (original movies obviously) and all the girls actually liked them. *Thumbs up

    Since I build swimming pools for a living my favorite equations is Pi x D to find the circumference of our pools. I already answered the next part of if I have ever used Pi. I use it all the time.

    I hate any math equation with imaginary numbers in them. How can a number be imaginary?

    I smashed a pie off a clowns face for a charity event back in college.

    If I could smash a pie on any team members face it would have to be Wookiee. Thanks for being so indecisive in the “should I spend my donuts on this” columns.

  8. Origin name: tenacious1d

    Well with a name like tenacious1d, either you get it or you don’t. I have had some people just go with it when I tell them, or they recognize the reference and we geek out. My geekiest moment would have to be when I was like 12 i would play Xmen with my brother and some friends. I was always Rogue. We were really into it. We were so into it, that as I, Rogue, was helping Storm (my friend) defeat a sentinel, Magneto ( my brother), tried to attack us as well. As he was attacking Storm, I “flew” behind him and pushed him. He went straight through a glass shower door. He miraculously was not hurt, but we were also not allowed to play at my friends house anymore.
    Also, I hate math with a passion.

  9. Please pick me jfa2324413

  10. Origin ID sliqstream

    Nerdiest moment: my mother works in entertainment as an entertainment journalist for the largest daily back home in Norway. It was completely unprofessional but I begged her to take me along as she was going to interview Patrick Stewart at a round table type interview (this was back in the mid-late-90’s and I was a teenager). She’s awesome and smuggled me into the hallway (later I found out she had talked to his publicist or the organizer or whatever and it was already arranged but she made it all cloak and dagger). When Sir Patrick Mr. Stewart finished and came out I went up to him and gripped his hand and wouldn’t let go and kept shaking his hand (big nervous pumps of his hand) and babbled like a fool and geeked out on him completely. I said something like I would still love him if he did get completely transformed by the Borg. Just total nonsense. Then I burst into tears for some reason and abruptly turned and left. This memory has both the power to make me cringe and laugh at myself utterly.

    Favourite math: y=r cubed/3 and calculate the rate of change in this curve (from Simpsons episode where Bart takes Martins’ test as his own for the school for the gifted). My husband will do the arm movements like the teacher and after 14 years together I still bust out laughing. Har de har har

    42 of course ( and always take a towel with you)

    Used 3141 as the ending in screen name for pogo.com

    Would never ever smash a pie in someone’s face. Why waste good food?

  11. Interesting topic (very nice competition, too ^^). Did you know that there is a book analyzing maths appearing in the Simpsons? It’s called ‘Homers letzter Satz’ (Homer’s last sentence’) which is actually already referring to a mathematical discussion within the Simpsons. You might remember the minigolf contest between Bart and Tod (or Rod?) – S02E06. The day before that contest Homer and Ned are bedding on their own sons to win, and the loser has to wear a woman’s dress. The discussion ends like this:

    Homer: This time tomorrow, you’ll be wearing high heels!
    Ned: Nope, will.
    Homer: ‘Fraid not.
    Ned: ‘Fraid so!
    Homer: ‘Fraid not.
    Ned: ‘Fraid so!
    Homer: ‘Fraid not infinity!
    Ned: ‘Fraid so infinity plus one!
    Homer: D’oh!

    Simon Singh used this example to discuss the possibility of infinity + 1 (look for ‘Hilberts Hotel’).
    In S03E4 ‘Homer³’ – a Treehouse of Horror episode – it is the first time that the Simpsons appear in 3D (I guess everybody can remember that, one of the episodes that burn into your mind). In the ‘other world’ we see formulas passing by. For example the ‘P versus NP’-problem, which is an unsolved question in computer science asking if every problem verified by a computer could also be solved by it (you can earn one million dollar, just by solving it, so go for it! – Pies sound better though 😀 ).

    In S01E02 (over 24 years ago!) ‘Bart the Genius’ Maggie uses blocks to bild a tower reading ‘EMCSQU’ (get it? 😉 ), but Bart fails in maths.

    In S17E22 Homer and Marge are in a baseballstadium and the video wall shows the contest to guess the attendance. The numbers are ‘8191’; ‘8128’; ‘8208’; and ‘impossible to guess’. 8191 is a Mersenne prime of the form 2^n-1 (n is a prime as well). *Side-note: The biggest yet discovered Mersenne prime is 2^^57885161 – 1 and consists of not less than 17 million digits* Back to the videowall: 8128 is the fourth ‘perfect number’ meaning the number of its proper positive divisors results in the number itself. Last but not least: 8208 is a narcissistic number. This means if you raise each digit of number with the power of the amount of digits in this numer (here it is 4), it results in the number itself. Not sure if my English is good enough but the formula will make it clear. 8208 consits of 4 digits = 8^4+2^4+0^4+8^4 = 8204. These numbers really love themselves, don’t they?

    Okay now I somehow need to return to Pi(e). In S04E21 ‘Marge in Chains’ Apu claims to know Pi’s first 40,000 digits that come after the comma, the 40,000th being a 1.

    Wow, so much time passed. Guess I’m gonna drink the smallest narcissistic number in beer tonight. By the way, I hate maths.

    (reference and interesting to German-speaking fellows: http://www.welt.de/kultur/literarischewelt/article121532481/Die-Liebe-der-Simpsons-zu-hoeherer-Mathematik.html):

    • I can neither confirm or deny…but we may have a post about these very mathematical things sitting in drafts right now 😉

    • So scary when I find other addicts on the same wavelength as me. I actually have a post on Simon Singh coming tonight.

      • Hehe! I just saw the number of Pi on this lovely site and thought it would be the discussion of maths in the Simpsons, just to find out that you guyz have sth. like a Pi-day. Maybe we celebrate it on the 31st of April and….oh…*checking calendar*…okay, I guess Pi-day doesn’t exist over here. 🙁

    • Google just verified the existence of the N versus NP problem. That’s a computer. And it sure as heck can’t solve it. There. I win. Where’s my million?

  12. Origin ID mrfootball70
    1) watching the 1st televised girl/girl kiss on Star Trek: DS9
    2) x/0
    3) 0
    4) pi and algebra have never been used in real life
    5) no pie smashing – just cake smashing
    6) wookie – I’m jealous he gets to work with two girls all day!!
    7) pie me addicts!!

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