There’s Donuts In Them There Friend Points!!!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bunny jumping on in here for a minute to confirm that YES, after you hit that max level of Friend Points or FP…you do INDEED start to accumulate FREE DONUTS! Now how many/how often I am still trying to work out.


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Here is the difficult part, unlike during past events (like Halloween) I did NOT see an actual donut pop out as I was tapping away. I thought at first I was losing my mind or miscalculating when I would max my XP and get a chance at more donuts. (I also just purchased a ton of new items for St. Paddy’s, so I wasn’t keeping close track.) So I hadn’t noticed that extra donut or three sneaking in. I didn’t think to check my counter.

After we started getting more and more confirmed free donuts from our readers and not just me, I tried testing it out again. I found this…IT IS RANDOM! Lol. At least for me it was. So how do YOU know you are getting these free donuts? Well you need to watch your donut counter in your town. You know, that amount that shows up in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Under your XP. Next to your in game cash. (Or keep an eye out for a pink sprinkly sweet to pop up with that $$$ & XP.)

free donuts

To test mine out, I took a screenshot of my donut count and headed off to my Neighboreenos. After tapping through 19 towns (the 20th had nothing to tap), I headed back to MY Springfield. Sure enough, I had ONE FREE DONUT!! WOOHOO!!!

I am still playing around with this as I am going crazy trying to figure out if there is a formula (the info in the files was so vague, nothing to go off of other than “Donut: 1”.) Sneaky sneaky EA.  😉

This is from our reader Safi
“…But switching desserts from pie to donuts, at FP level 6, I am not only getting $94 per action, but also got a donut from two neighbour’s yesterday and another one from a neighbour’s today. Got $56,400 and 3 donuts visiting neighbour’s last two days. Hurray!!!”

Short story long…KEEP ON TAPPING THOSE FP AFTER YOU GET STAMPY!!! Who in their right mind does NOT want free donuts??!!!

Have YOU gotten any FREE DONUTS yet? If so, how many have you got by now? Did YOU notice when, where, how often? Is the calculation driving YOU insane too? Lol. Sound off in the comments below.

UPDATE 715 PM EST: Bunny here…I still keep getting donuts WITHOUT seeing a donut when I tap. Lol. Glitch in my game I guess. Oh well, at least I still get a donut. For those of you lucky to see it, grab a screenshot and link it to us or send it to FREE DONUTS!!! WOOHOO!!! 

THIS is why I love our readers. I ask for something and YOU overwhelm me with emails. LOVE IT!!!! Here are some of many of the submissions you sent me of the donuts you are getting as you tap through your neighbors towns. THANKS!!! I am still hoping to get an elusive donut or 3 to show in my town.

Tony P.

Tony P


saramary3 donuts

Kathy K.

kathy k






ant44lbs 1



So there you all go. The pretty pink sprinkly sweeties are at your neighboreenoes…SO GO GET ‘EM!!!

HOPPY Tappin’


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159 responses to “There’s Donuts In Them There Friend Points!!!

  1. Just for fun, I’ve tracked how many taps I made per donut for the past few weeks, and it’s ranged anywhere from 8 to almost 800. This was briefly interrupted by the L16 update, but so far I’ve gotten 16 donuts for 3576 taps, so that’s an average of 226 taps for one donut (or as I count it, 75-ish neighbor visits). Will keep this going till I get a better sample and update appropriately.

  2. I usually average 2-3 donuts/day with 100 neighbors, but since the latest update I’ve received a max of 1/day…and the past 2 days, I’ve gotten nothing.

    I thought the probability was 1 in 200 taps generated a sprinklie. With 100 neighbors, thats 300 chances, making it an almost-certainty of getting at least one a day…but my current success rate is 1/900 over the past 3 days.

    I understand probability and statistics, and 3 days is a very small “n”, but it makes me wonder if the probability has changed?

    • …make that 1/1200 over the past 4 days now.

    • I’ve been the same for the past 2-3 days 🙁 1 donut at most and I visit over 100 friends a day…I used to get 2 a day, sometimes 3 or 4… But the Past 2 days…none at all!!!

  3. No free donuts, have stampy and the light house, over 80 friends and tap all them everyday, need another 29 to get bartman help needed as I dont see the free donuts

    • You have to MAX out on the. Currently 14 is the MAX Friend Point Level. Once you hit that…then you’ll see it.

      • Thanks wil, keep on tapping

      • I cry while reading this, as I note I still have six more friendship levels to crawl through to reach the current max level before enjoying this blessing EA bestows upon us. I cry knowing it is more like seven, as one more will surely be added before I get to max….

        Hmm, neglect ‘the Heights’ to tap friends to keep moving towards free ‘d’oh’nuts. Work in SH to keep my place in the real estate rankings? Actually do the job they pay me to do, rather than tapping during the hours at the office?

        I refer everyone to the Queen song ‘I Want It All’ for a how I feel:

        I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now,
        I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now….

  4. ive gotten free donuts as well but i want to know if it is random or are there certain buildings that you get them out of.

  5. fwiw–I maxed out on friend points after new years, and I’m still getting random free donuts when I visit neighbors. I didn’t even realize it at first, until I saw my donut numbers going up. I don’t usually wait around after I do my 3 clicks, so mostly I miss seeing the donut. Sometimes hear Homer say, “mmm, premium currency”. Today, I got 3 free donuts when I visited all of my neighbors (all 100 of ’em!) I LOVE it, since I try to be mostly freemium. Thanks EA!

  6. I’ve received donuts and they pop up

  7. I’ve finally maxed out my friend points by getting goofball today..but I was wondering if you also needed max friends to get the random donuts? I don’t have a maxed out friends list.

    • Nope, just maxed Friend Points. I don’t have my list maxed out either and I’ve gotten about 10 free donuts from tapping.

      • Horraayyy! !!

        Wow you guys are everywhere fielding left right and center! Thanks again so much for the work that you do (even if you have to deal with debbie downers). It takes quite a great skill to remain positive after negative comments.. don’t know how you do it!

    • Just been tapping away in friends’ towns for the past three days with maxed out friend points and there do not appear to be any more donuts 🙁 I think this started with the last update?

  8. I noticed this yesterday. I received THREE donuts (one each, three times). Totally random, BUT I did notice I got them when tapping on the BLOCKO (Lego) building. Random?? Let’s figure this out because I need donuts and only lay the golden ticket every once in awhile to get more. Peace!

  9. TheRealestSitek

    Assuming this is still alive, I actually received two free donuts in a row two days ago. I had Homer and Lisa cleaning up next to each other and both popped a sweet treat! Seems this would be a random act of woo hoo!

  10. i’ve seen a donut a few times, but i mostly notice it because homer says: mmm, premium currency. i do my friend visits at work, so i can’t always look at the screen, but i can hear homer’s voice…i got 2 the other day and 1 today….seems completely random…

  11. I completed e.a.r.l. five days ago, and since then have not got any free donuts tapping on the graffiti items. It looks like the update for e.a.r.l. has removed the ability to get donuts. pity

    • No, it is still there. No worries. Just still random. That and some see the donuts and some don’t. Still trying to figure out if it is linked to vandalism as (for my own game at least) they tend to show more when I tag then when I don’t. But again, just a theory.

  12. You get a 1% chance of cleaning up debris and a 5% chance of finding donuts by collecting from friends

  13. Ok to add to this…
    When visiting your friends, make your third action the spray paint. A black box with a donut in it that says “Dowloading” will flash for literally a millisecond in the bottom right area. I’m not sure if that has to do with anything as I am still playing with it. But I will say my donut count has gone up without any donut icons coming out of friends buildings.
    Mind you I am working on getting “E.A.R.L.” at this time and haven’t maxed out friend points yet. Before friend level six was created I had indeed maxed out my friend points and was finding donuts in my friends’ Springfield buildings. I’d say one for every 75 taps or so.

  14. I got one donut from Lisa’s task “clean Springfield” but unfortunately, i don’t have a screenshot. I guess that you can get donuts even flow doing jobs but ods are like 1:10000 because it happened to me first time

  15. I maxed two days ago and have earned three donuts from tapping neighbors. I earned one yesterday and two today in separate Springfields but close together, so it seems to be totally random. (I even tried to see it was connected to not vandalizing vs vandalizing properties, but no rhyme or reason so far.)

  16. I unlocked stampy 4 days ago, i visit friends everyday. still have not gotten any donuts. Is there something you have to do to get them? i have noticed after tapping a paint, for a split sec a little screen pops up and i see a donut but nothing appears with my xp and cash. So am i getting fu*ked or what? If someone can explain it, that would be great. Thanks

    • It’s random. We dont know when or how often. They just appear. Sometimes you don’t even notice you get them as sometimes there is no donut to see. Your count just goes up. Just keep trying. 🙂

      • no i know i have not gotten any. and i have visited all my friends”45″ for 4 days now. But ill keep trying. 😉 thanks

    • i got 5 or 6 donuts the first few days after maxing out on FP, then nothing for about a week, and now i’ve gotten 3 donuts from the last 50 or so Springfield’s i’ve visited. Good things will (hopefully) come if you just keep at it!

    • I’m getting that too when I tap on the paint… It’s like I’m getting ripped on them too dunno if it’s game glitch

  17. I have 99 springfields to visit , have collected 11 donuts over 2 days, anybody know when you get them? Or is it totally random???

  18. 3 my first post-Stampy day, then just 2 then 5 (!!!), and today none. Random? Over? Hard to tell, but 10 free donuts is still pretty nice, so I’m trying to keep it in perspective.

  19. Any word on whether this is still happening? My free donuts seem to have stopped with the episode tie-in. I got at least 1 every day before, but none in the two days after. Thanks for your great work here, avid reader ever since I got addicted!

    • There are unpredictable. So you may get a ton at once, then none for a while, then one a day, then none, then a ton again. There is just absolutely no way what so ever of knowing when, where, or how often they hit. Just that they ARE still there. People are STILL getting them (including myself). 😉

      FREE DONUTS!! I am not gonna complain. At end of Halloween I had acquired over 150 free donuts from ghost pops. So any at all I get, is AWESOME!! 😉

  20. Just a heads-up/reminder to check your “confirm donut spend” settings with all these recent updates. I lost 4 donuts this morning because mine had reset itself to “no” and I didn’t realize it until too late. I finally got Stampy last night, so maybe I can accumulate a few freebie friend donuts and break even.

  21. This is more of a heads up to those receiving donuts after getting all the prizes. Today I got 1 donut in a neighbor’s town, then 1 more in another town, which is obviously good news. Then my iPod hit the 20% dead mark, which then kicks me out of visiting towns and back to my town. When I got back to my town, I only received my first donut and when I went back to the town I received my 2nd donut in, it was back to 3 actions available. So long story short, I didn’t get one of the donuts I got. I guess from now on, I’ll be charging away while visiting towns.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Always important to get a first hand account from Tappers incase someone else is going through the same thing. 🙂

  22. So, every now and again, when I vandalized, a donut would pop out. But, it’d be on top of a black bar and disappear. It’d only flash for a second. It’d be like it wanted to spit out a donut, but glitched. This happened 4-5 times to me tonight and I got ZERO donuts. So…that’s awesome.

  23. I got a donut today in my own town! I tapped on Homer after he completed a task and a donut popped up along with the usual money and XP. I don’t see them when I tap in my neighbor’s towns, but my donut count keeps going up so I know I’ve gotten a few that way too. Thanks EA!

  24. Just to let anyone who’s curious know about how many donuts other people are getting, my first day or so after getting Stampy, I got 3 donuts. The second day I got 2 donuts and today just 1. So by this rate, tomorrow I should hit either 0 or go in the negative. Is 4 donuts the most that someone has gotten so far?

  25. Got stamps on Sunday morning ….75 neighbours….3 actions per town…….. 52 hours later I got my first donut ! Wooooohoooo ! *happy dance*

  26. No donuts for about 4 days now 🙁

  27. One donut in five days. I guess I am one of those people. This is as bad as the X-Mas wheel.

  28. Got one free donut so far but am getting about $285 per town visit plus XP so that’s nice too.
    Luurve Stampy and have Bart riding on Stampy so it seems Bart won’t be going to Kamp Krusty for a while! Too cute.

  29. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Got Stampy 3/15/14 at 5:40pm and then found 3 donuts in my neighbors towns!!!

    • Woo-Hoo!!!! That’s AWESOME!

      • Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

        So far, in the last 3 days I have accumulated a total of 13 free donuts!!!

        5 from visiting my neighbors
        5 from EA’s St. Patrick’s Day gift
        3 from leveling up

        “Mmmm premium currency” 😀

  30. This apparently doesn’t happen in Krustyland. I’ve been maxed for 2-3 days now and have not seen a single donut. I pay attention to my donuts, too.

    • Ok, I got 3 donuts today! And! I think I noticed a pattern! Keeping variation to your taps seems to increase the chances of a donut spawning! Either different icons or different actions entirely. For example tapping a money wad, then a $ followed by graffiti. OR different actions all together like Krustyland tickets,then crop/boardwalk icon/news report icon and then graffiti. Not sure if this is an actual pattern or just coincidence, but it would explain whybI have never seen a donut until now and why some people don’t get the full 3 donuts a day.

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