Showoff Reminder: Forgotten Krustyland

Hey Hoppereenos. Just bouncing on in here to remind you about the upcoming Springfield Showoff for this week.

I want to see what YOU have done in that sad sad lil Amusement Park that we seem to have forgotten about. Krustyland. How are you decorating it? Do you even go there anymore? Did you add some of those Valentine Day decorations there? I want to see what YOU did to it.

TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the Comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 

HOPPY Tappin’


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52 responses to “Showoff Reminder: Forgotten Krustyland

  1. Well… This came out a little creepy. But, this my first attempt at Krusty in Krustyland…

  2. Couldn’t find this blog last night…and there’s no mention of STITCHING!!! Woohoo!!!

    • Nope. None needed. 🙂

      • Woohoo!! …of course if I could do my own screenshots without connecting to a puter, I believe I could also stitch…my puter still has Windows98…lol
        …got another donut…yippeeeeee!!! 🙂
        …now back to lumberjacking…that word is almost perverse…

      • You did it again…another donut from you… two today!!!

        • You’re WELCOME!!! You are actually the 6th person to tell me they got donuts in my town. Apparently I am the one hoarding them. Lol 😛

  3. It’s a freakin amusement park…why would we not go there every day???

    I’m still following that kid with the ice cream cone trying to find out where he got it…

    3, 2, 1. I GOT FIVE DONUTS THIS EVENING…!!!…and their mine, all mine… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Krunchyland is cool, yeah…let’s do this thing til the wheels come off!!!

    • And here you were complaining you weren’t getting no sprinkly sweeties. 😛

      Amusement parks are a blast…I just want MORE! I am greedy like that. How womanly of me. 😉

      • Would my “sign” in krustyland be shown or is that R-rated?…not that my park is ready yet…

        • I do not think it offensive or abusive in anyway…it should be ok. If we feel any images are in question, I can always blur them out. 🙂

    • Sweet, congrats.

      I got 5 donuts from Sideshow You yesterday too. Only my second time since I started July 31st 2013.

      • You mean the ballon popping booth thingy??? Best I ever did was a 50 & two 25’s…never a donut…
        Got up this morning and was halfheartedly tapping my peeps and low and behold, out pops another donut from the infamous Bunny!!! Perhaps she was a little sorry for biting me the other day???
        WOOHOO, 6 donuts in 15 hours!!! Makes me kinda feel like one of you lucky tappers now…wait…this donut has brown sprinkles…



          The Sideshow You pays out at least 5 donuts every 300 pop or so. It is one of the ONLY reasons I kept going back in. Just to pop balloons. Lol

  4. Finally managed to put my KL in a picture – took way to long, fortunately it is still small-ish.

    • Looks great! I’ve been stitching and stitching and I have yet to get a large area like that! I really hope that one of these updates includes being able to zoom farther out!

  5. Email is on its way now 😉

    • What is this “e-mail” you speak of and how much are stamps???

      • If you look at my responses to YOU…you will see an email. 😛

      • E-mail is old school like two cans and some string…the term first went into use when I was in Animation school in nineteen hundred and ninety three…we started in Dos…running Windows 3.1…blah blah blah…(boring)…blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        Yeah, I saw that…you just wanna jack my identity…you might be from Utah but your basement is in Jersey, the identity stealinest place other than some village in Africa…lol 🙂
        (Alissa, I’m just kidding) * sticks tongue out at Bunny*


        • Hahahahah 😛

          Just figured in case you didn’t want EVERYONE here to see…but see what happens when I try n be all nice. Sheesh. 😛

      • Thanks sweetie…my son took a pic of me from months ago and using some app he put a “Bob Ross” style afro on me…I was tempted to post it but it was grainy and did Not make me look any better at all…still haven’t found the Nikon wire but I’ll put up my mug soon…promise(I don’t use that word much).
        Gotta sleep, g’night!!! 🙂

  6. For a long time my KL was a big jumbled mess. I never went there, not even to collect. Poor KL, so neglected. Then Wookie did that post on how to make the stage area and I got motivated to get in there and overhaul the whole thing! So now I think it’s pretty cool and I’m waiting for another big Krustyland update with MORE STUFF! I took a bunch of screen shots, gonna try to use the autostitch app as I am not as techy as some. Wish me luck!

    • Good luck. If you still have issues, email us the un-stitched photos (please limit it to 3 or 4 per area) and I will help put them together. 😉 Biggest thing is gathering them all at same time on same zoom. It’s the change in sizing that seems to trip up those apps.

      I am also hoping this helps to spark some interest back into the area. I am curious to see what little or a lot people have done.

  7. I finally finished my flower patch working on other stuff there too. I ran out of tickets too. I’ll post some pics today. I hope it looks nice and people enjoy it. I made it different then I had before with it all in a smaller area making it easy Tappin with some cute & a dash of organized.

  8. Been working on my KL for 2 weeks, but I’m running into the same slow ticket earning issue. I even have multiple characters in KL 24/7 with a 5 (ball?) Rating. But it’ll get done eventually. Trying to earn 9000 tickets just for one square of land is lengthy lol. Can’t wait to see some designs tho!!

  9. WanderingCaveman

    My Krustland is pretty much in shambles at this point. I wanted to unlock all of the land before doing a complete redesign of the park, but it’s been slow going collecting tickets. I do wish there were options to use the back side of buildings in Krustyland. I really want to make some back stage areas.

  10. I’ve spent a fair amount of time the last week redecorating Krustyland. While no where near done, I will send in a pic by Friday night of what I’ve accomplished so far.

  11. CentralCali559

    I wish I could do these but it would take forever on my iPhone cuz it’s so small. I really need an iPad 😪

  12. I LOVE Krustlyand, probably because I’m a former theme park cast member. I want a parade! I want a tram! I want to be able to move the entrance so it is centered.
    Right now I’m reworking KL so I can build a Tunnel of Love pavillion with my 108 (ugh) Lovely Fence sections.
    I still haven’t been able to take a screenshot with my Nook HD, but I look forward to seeing what others have done.. Some of my TSTO friends have the coolest KLs.

  13. Charlie Zandieh

    If you want to see my amazing krustyland, add me on origin. I accept all friend requests. My name is csz-precolle. See you soon

    • Sorry, but I am full up with neighbors on both my A & B game. 🙁

      • Honored to be a friend on your B game. If you’ve ever been in my town or my Krustyland, you’ll know that both are quite sloppy, especially for a Level 38 player. Right now I just stick things wherever they fit, and I have two small house farms going. In both places, I’m waiting until I’ve made enough money to buy all the land, and then hopefully I’ll spend a free Saturday doing a massive rennovation in both towns. I already have blueprints for the design in my head. My hope is to design as much of it as I can around the general layout of Springfield in the show.

        Once that’s done I’ll participate in this Showoff thing. Until then, there’s nothing showoff-able about a row of buildings and some house farms.

        • Lol…good luck. I HAVE all the town in my B game. You can see how long it has been taking me to put it together. It is slowly getting there, but I am no where near complete. That is just Springfield. Poor Krustyland…haven’t touched it in ages. Lol 😉

          p.s. I do “design sections” so you can participate just by taking one lil corner and making something. Then you dont have to keep it. You can just move it til you want to try another one. This is what I do to help my creativity flow sometimes. Work out ideas to see how they will actually look. I only do it with one or a couple buildings. Then, pull it all apart.

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