Guinea Glitch

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bunny pouncing in to notify you of a trend we are seeing grow involving the Episode tie-in quest line.


From what we are seeing players that use their iPhones are playing the first part of the quest, Tapping 40 Guinea Pigs, no problem. The glitch occurs when the device is switched out to a secondary one. In most cases, the iPad.

For whatever reason the two devices are NOT syncing up properly. I am unsure if the game was completely logged out prior to making the switch or what steps were taken. What we do know is when the switch is made, the secondary device rolls back to the start of the quest…asking the player to tap once again 40 guinea pigs, but this time there are none to tap. Not a single guinea pig in site.

Guinea pig

The basic troubleshooting does not seem to provide a fix as of yet. I am currently contacting EA myself to see if there is any resolve in place.

I would suggest ANYONE with this glitch to contact EA right away so they are aware just how far spread the issue is and what devices effected. This will allow them to correct it quicker and faster. They have already started a thread at the Help HQ on the issue too. These threads are monitored and managed by the same people that would be helping you via email, so please add your information there too as it will help them in finding resolve.

In the meantime, sit tight. I will update you if I receive anything further back from EA.

03-20-14 1:10PM EST UPDATE: Contacted back by EA. They are trying to gather all the information to help them narrow down the cause of the issue so they can patch it. They also suggest anyone effected to use the forum thread to notify them. I was directed to same link I already posted above. So please, anyone effected…report it to EA. It will help all the effected users in the long run. 

 03-20-14 5:00 PM EST UPDATE: There was an in market update released to a lot of Android and Apple devices. Unsure if this helped resolve the issue for some. Or if it was for other glitch issues, but go to your app market, download the update, and check none the less. Let us know if any of you are able to progress.  

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23 responses to “Guinea Glitch

  1. Stuck at 39 guinea pigs, started on iPhone switched to ipad at some point. Last one just isn’t there

    • They hide very well. They are TEENY TINY. I basically took out every last one of my roads minus a few squares, sent all my characters to tasks indoors. Then waited for them to gather.

      If you still have the issue after going to the iTunes market and Updating the app for BOTH devices… and the basic troubleshooting isn’t helping (restarting/ uninstall-reinstall) then please use the link in my post to notify EA that the issue is still there.

  2. Nothing changed there’s still a glitch

    • It didn’t change for everyone. Have you tried logging out and restarting or uninstalling and reinstalling the app since the new update? If so, and issue still exists…use the link and notify EA.

  3. No solutions for me yet… I play on android and iPad, updated, uninstalled, cleared cookies, reinstalled, still tells me I need to catch the 40 guinea pigs I’ve already caught.

  4. Glitchy pig patched!

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    Some of our readers were experiencing glitches with this latest episode tie-in update. Hopefully this information courtesy of TSTO Addicts will help you if you are one of the players experiencing issues.

  6. Oh Bunny, I am in France and over the past few days in my Springfield it has been glitch city. I’ve taken some screenshots to send to you because some of them have been pretty stellar. Today it forced me to do an update on my iPad- thank “G” that it didn’t reset the quest, but it did throw a bunch of other glitchy problems my way. That’s just for the iPad. On my iPhone, TSTO is in a permanent state of “waiting” for the update and for whatever reason my phone refuses to connect to any WiFi source to complete the update-and it won’t finish updating running off of 3G/4G…???…and none of the standard troubleshooting fixes are working for either the iPad or the iPhone 🙁

    • If the basic power down/restart or uninstall/reinstall just is not working…EA is really the next step. So sorry. This game is HUGE file wise and really needs a good strong signal to stay stable. I know my 3G/4G sometimes just isn’t stable long enough to keep it where I need it. Not to mention the data usage. So I try to tap into WiFi at all times. It seems to carry it better. I hope you can tap into a better signal to get the download at least. Many issues with Apple right now. 🙁

      Send your SS to if you’d like.

  7. I reeee-heeee-heeeeaaallllyyy hope they find a solution for this.

    • You and me both. It is spreading fast, and from responses from them…they are most definitely aware of the issues. Sorry. 🙁

  8. Well, I was on successfully after the update, but now can’t connect and getting the “undergoing maintenance” message. (12:00 pm EST)

  9. I was forced to download an update from the app store (Apple) this morning. I assume it was a fix for this glitch as there’s no obvious other changes.

    • We are not sure as there are no details for the patch, we are hoping it is a fix for this many other issues going on with Apple products. Like the issue with the 7.1 update.

  10. sfdsquid aka minky

    FYI I play on a kindle & a Nexus 7 and this happened to me in one of my towns yesterday. I don’t remember what fixed it but it’s resolved. I either logged out then went back in or went to the neighbours screen or Krustyland & it resolved itself.

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