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Hey there Hoppereenos, just bouncing in. An update has hit the Android Market, however I do not see changes seen in the files yet. I am hoping this is a glitch fix as I do not see any changes to my games as of yet, but still combing through them. This means you need to go to your Google Play Market and initiate the Update (Version 4.7.4).

4.7.4 Update 032014

Let us know if you notice anything in YOURS. (Still hoping for the Guinea Glitch Patch.)

FYI…the update to iTunes Market seems to be fixing some of those Guinea Pig task glitches, so make sure you go to your app market and Update.

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16 responses to “UPDATE: Android Market

  1. It seems to have also fixed (or created) a KL glitch.. i was getting 10+ gickets per person every 4 hours (for a 5 ball park). Now only getting 6 tickets…

  2. Still getting the decoration / character glitch. I have fat tony playing the violin right now and his upper body is currently hidden in a hedge lol. But I did notice after the episode tie-in (before the manual update) that the lawn chair glitch was fixed. Kent can now relax ON the lawn chair instead of under it 🙂

  3. There was an update in iTunes for the game and it seems like the glitch is fixed because I can FINALLY advance to the next quest for the episode tie-in!!!

  4. Warning for android users. I play on both iOS and android and after the android update, I noticed that the notifications were turned ON and the donut confirm was turned OFF. Please check your settings after the update.

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for the news. I heard that apple too released the similar updates in the App Store. This one is a good step overall.


  6. I was hoping this would be a fix for the lag and un-responsiveness issue on the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 editon that I reported to EA back in January and has been since been passed to the studio for further investigation. But alas no such luck and I shall have to continue playing on my Galaxy SIII 🙂

    • I haven’t played on the Note, but I do have a GS4 and a Tab 3. I do notice there is a lag with the larger devices. I am faster on the phone vs the tab. I always wonder if it is due to the screen size too. I can see a much bigger area of my town on the tab. A lot more code to render, that is for sure.

      • I would have expected a new tablet that has more ram and cpu than my ageing phone to not struggle so much. EA seem to think it maybe something with the device as its not just me having the issue. The lag is ridiculous at times, for example a character can be walking along normally and then they pause for a millisecond and then appear two blocks over. Tapping characters and buildings can take anywhere up to 6 taps before relinquishing any money , xp or completing their task. Like I said hopefully EA will find the fix soon so I can play on a bigger screen but in the mean time I can still play on my phone at least.

  7. One thing I notices was that the music now loops over and over instead of just playing once and stopping like it did before the update

  8. My only glitch is between my ears!!! Woohoo, android update…I’m on a kindlefirehd, that qualify?
    Well I too hope these people get their gliches fixed…I’ve seen what that one does where the characters disappear when walking next to a building…that must suck…

    Persistence prevails…one sticky donut was spit out my way by a jailhouse, woohoo!!! Yeah, I should wipe it off, huh…

  9. Hmm. I didn’t initiate anything. Just got notified an update and must say “ok”. Then, Bart kept pulling the plug. So. I shut down my ipad completely and re-started, just like you do with a computer up-grade. So now all is working just fine (knock wood)!

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