Last Chance: Leprechauns and Guinea Pigs

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder…TWO Events are set to end tomorow (3/25) at 4am EST (now that I’ve finally got my Daylight Savings time stuff figured out….but for those questioning its 8:00 GMT).  That’s right BOTH St. Patrick’s Day AND the War of Art Episode Tie-in are set to end in less than about 6.5 hrs or so.  So if you’re planning on, or on the fence, about purchasing ANY of the premium or freemium have until 4AM EST (3/25/14) to make your decision and final purchase.  As that’s when the events are scheduled to end.  Does that mean they’ll leave at exactly 4AM?  Not necessarily…but do you really want to take that chance?


Need a reminder about just what will leave our games in the wee hours of the morning?  Have no fear we’ve got a shopping guide for you:

From St. Patrick’s Day
Aside from O’Flanagan’s Pub (hopefully you’ve unlocked it by now) here’s the free items that will leave our games tomorrow:

shamrocktopiary_menu Shamrock Topiary Costs $10,000
stpatricksleprechaunstatue_menu  Leprechaun Statue Costs $25,000

St. Patrick’s Day Premium:

Yupprechaun Sham Rock Cafe Sham Rock Cafe & Yupprechaun 120 Donuts

wishingwell_menu LeprechaunWishing Well & Leprechaun 150 Donuts

On the fence about these premium items?  Not sure if you should invest the donuts?  Weigh the pros and cons with these posts:
Sham Rock Cafe & Yupprechaun
Wishing Well & Leprechaun

War of Art Episode Tie-In

Aside from the FREE Guinea Pig Rescue Center (which hopefully you’ve unlocked by now) here are the Premium items you can purchase that will leave our games tomorrow:

unlock_pokey  Pokey the Guinea Pig 40 Donuts
strupostatue_menu  Strupo Statue 20 donuts 0.5% bonus awarded

On the fence about these premium items?  Not sure if you should invest the donuts?  Weigh the pros and cons with these posts:
Strupo Statue 

Here’s our advice….stock on up all of the free (in game cash) items you can get.  Try to get at least 1 of each.  Because while some items do make a comeback you never now if you won’t see it again.  So as long as you add it to your town it’ll be yours forever!

Also, a REMINDER from our furry psychics…based on the history of TSTO we could very well see an update tomorrow (or the next day or even the next day) so be on alert for something to hit our games.  As a reminder don’t send your characters on 24hr tasks tonight (unless they premium characters, those you know won’t be needed to kick off an update)and try to have everyone free for the morning.  As always we’ll be here to take you step by step through the rundown of any new update.  🙂

Will YOU make the purchase?  Have you purchased any of the premium items?  What did you think of Sunday’s Episode?  Did you enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day Event?  What about the episode tie-in?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you!


36 responses to “Last Chance: Leprechauns and Guinea Pigs

  1. Where is the bottle of Strupo and the Guiena Pig?? Mahalo!!

  2. WOOHOO!!!…now I have enough for the wishing well!!!…what?…really?…April fool’s right?…c’mon…waaaaaaaa

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. If the holidays St Pattys Day and Guinea Pig quests are truly over,.. Then why are the rivers still green?
    Or is it somthing new to do with an upcomming Power Plant Quest?

    • The items were set to auto roll off with the Updates they came out with. The water takes a lil more coding and requires a separate Update to make the change. Hoping the new Update with the new stuff hits by this Thursday. 😉

  4. I made a great discovery today. You might have already made it, but whatever, I do what I want.

    If your friend has the Yupprechaun, you can tap on it and it WILL spit out $6 for you. It will run away like the Leprechaun, but you can tap on it unlimited times and get unlimited cash (really slowly though). I can imagine this would be helpful for new players. Sadly the glitch doesn’t work on the Leprechaun. Better take advantage before EA patches it up!

    • Also wanna point out: I believe the linked tasks have finally been consolidated into one general format. Whenever you assign a joint task, the main character is shown as usual in the menu, but below it is a linked sign with the other character’s symbol, indicating they’re working together. It’s much better than the mess of different codes for every linked task that they had before.

      • This is a new thing I started noticing at the beginning of this year. I like it. You never really knew if the characters were on a joint task or not. Now it shows that they are. Pretty cool. 😉

    • Not a glitch. It is supposed to do that. 😉

      Last year the Leprechaun did. This year it is the Yupprechaun. Great way to make extra cash and XP in your neighbors. Not to mention have some fun.

  5. Its been a busy few weeks with, frink points St. Paddys day and episode tie ins.. Didn’t bother with pokey or the bottle but we got a new building for free.

    Great now looking forward to. Whacking day.

  6. Only 45 minutes to go. Leaving all my folk free

    • If an update is going to hit today it won’t hit until later in the morning or the afternoon…just the items are set to disappear at 4a 🙂

      • Yes. Items are gone now. The next dilemma. 19:45 Oz time. Do I wait till bed time before sending the town folk on their overnight tasks or do it now ………

  7. The_Spider-Fan

    Hi guys, my friend has had problems with the episode tie in. Could you advise:

    “I got the guinea pigs quest where you save the 40 guinea pigs, it finished, i got the mission where i had to find a home for them with lisa, but lisa wasn’t available for 8 minutes. I come back 8 minutes later and the mission is gone. So I turn off my iPhone and turn it back on, come back in the game, and I have the guinea pig collecting mission again, but there are no guinea pigs anywhere… what the hell? I restarted the game a few times and I have the same thing… “

  8. A new level would be well pleasing lo

  9. everything but that bottle of Strupo! I am ready for something else now! Bring it on, EA!!! 😉

  10. I should have read this earlier because I just sent a BUNCH of characters on 24 hr tasks! Doh! Homie and Lisa are safe, so here’s hoping any possible update starts with them.

  11. So Smunchie, does this mean you’ll pull another all-nighter, in case EA gives us a welcome surprise? 🙂

  12. Capital City Goofball

    I love the dance that the Yupprechan does after he runs away. Also love his sayings! Had to buy both leprechauns, it’s fun to tap them and chase them around my town!

  13. I finally caved a few hours ago and bought the Wishing Well because of my love for leprechauns which I don’t quite understand. The only premium characters I’ve bought have been Luann Van Houton (for Fleet-a-Pita) and Hans Moleman so the fact that I spent 150 donuts on a NPC with a decoration wasn’t an easy decision. At least I have my Leprechaun now 🙂

  14. Thanks for the reminder but I have already bought them ALLLL yay! lol

  15. Did anyone ever notice that the good Leprachan says..
    Hi diddle Dee, a Plasma TV!

  16. Wow…just three donuts shy… 🙂
    I did great with this month!!!

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