Thank You! Thank You! From Me To You!!

Hey there Tappereenos, here at Addicts we get a question a LOT about our readers wanting to reach out to other Neighbereenos in the game. To date, EA has not made a way possible for us to reach out to our Neighboreenos.


A great suggestion was provided to us by one of our readers, brmharvey, who wrote this…

Is there any way to set up a running post where friends can commend or thank each other? I mean, this new event has showed me I have some pretty great friends. And I know some must have come from the tstoaddicts site. So it would be nice to have a dedicated space where they can be thanked, because some of mine do seem to go above and beyond.
Just a thought – I think it’s too bad EA has set up this big social game, but it doesn’t actually allow for any, you know, *social* interaction.

We really do quite like this idea. So we decided to give it a go. Feel free to use the comment section below to give a “SHOUT OUT” to your Neighboreenos. Admire their decorations, town design, consistent tapping in your town, pretty much what ever you would like to say.

Here are a few guidelines we ask that you follow though, we would like to keep this as positive as possible…so please, no negative comments…or Bunny will bury them in the basement with the bodies…errrr…ummm…just don’t do it. If you want to put your email address out for contact, you do it at YOUR OWN RISK!! You will take full responsibility for any and all emails along with their content that are sent to you by doing so. Just remember, you are putting it out there for ALL to see. Anyone that reads the comments and/or site will have access to it. ANYONE.

So play nice and have fun. Here is a way now you can tell your neighboreenos just how you feel about them. 🙂

Team Addicts

REMEMBER: No add me requests on THIS page.  Let’s keep this page for those looking to thank their neighbors.  If you’re looking for friends post your Origin ID on our Add Me Page 🙂

838 responses to “Thank You! Thank You! From Me To You!!

  1. For any of my neighbors who MIGHT read this: I will be out of pocket for the entire month of January. “See” you in February!


  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my faithful friends. Most of you have been with me since the beginning, and thanks for your friendship! I really enjoy looking at your towns and all your creative ideas.

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  3. So am still adding and accepting new neighbors so b on the look out and for all my neighbors I do have have now your towns look great I am still in process of fixing up mine n would like any and all help and comments of what u think would b good, plze n thxz. And again plze have a great and wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.


  4. This may be a duplicate, and if so my appologizes. Since using the Please Add Me thread, I have had over a dozen people friend me. I am so grateful to TSTOAddicts, and all that have friended me!!! Thank you all so very much!


  5. Admire my Springfield at valdo562


  6. Take a look at my town guys I’m back after two years… add me at valdo562 I’m very proud of my Springfield layout


  7. So I wanted to give a big shout out to all who accepted my friends request am not sending or receiving so keep them coming n plze no graffiti if there is not enough to do then plze come back later as I do w your towns, I am new to this sight and thanks my great friend darkmass7 whom turned me on to this appreciate it very much, again I just took down a lot more names to send out request so plze I would like for u to consider accepting I DO NOT GRAFFITI and will visit everyday. Thank u and plze have a wonderful and safe holiday everyone!!!!!


  8. Take a look at my town and tell me what you guys think, thanks!


  9. Thank you to everyone that friend requested me, it’s very appreciated!!! 😊


  10. HiDeHo tappers. Great event so far, and thanks to all for visiting. I’ve visited loads, and am rewarded by being booted out the game. Just wanted to say thanks, and keep on tapping… YeHa

    Rster Sr.


  11. @LDBLTG – love what you’ve done with your forested Halloween area! Great job 👏🏻🎃


  12. Thank you to all my long time loyal neighbours 🙂

    Thank you as well to all my new neighbours,
    and everyone who recently sent a friend request to me

    See you all in Springfield soon. 🙂

    If you have sent a request (or if you do send a request) and I cannot/
    do not accept, it’s only because I am now at the maximum. Sorry 😦
    (I had a sudden rush of new neighbour requests)

    But thank you for thinking of me as a neighbour. 🙂



  13. A big shout out for the message in your town, Toxic Shark! Well done!


  14. A big Thank You to all my neighbors for visiting my town! I always appreciate friends’ visits, but during this event it’s especially appreciated. I really enjoy seeing how each of you is decorating this Halloween – some great prizes and craftables to play around with.


  15. @lilcutekitty – love the way you’I’ve set up your Springfield: super cute, fun and whimsical. Keep up the great work. 😊🎃

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    • Aw, Thank you AllHalloween, that’s nice 🙂
      “Welcome to my Springfield” 🙂
      I like putting little messages in my town to make it look nice and fun for when neighbours visit.
      I Like your town too 😉


  16. I play a few times a day. Level 103. I want people who are daily active during events and with well designed towns. Just look at my town and tell me what you think 🙂



  17. Lilcutekitty your town is adorable! I love the way you are setting up your Halloween area. My kids love the way you have labeled areas of town. Great job!

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    • Hi frycat, wow, thank you 😊 I love making my town look nice and fun to look at. And I like your town too. Thank you again for the nice message, see you in Springfield soon. 🐱


  18. Just have to give a big “thank you” to all my neighbors. They’ve been visiting me a lot (notice Patticake333 shows up more often than others), even though I can’t reciprocate at the moment…game crashes after I visit one or two on my iPhone. Works fine on my iPad, but I can sneak a quick town check while at work on my phone…iPad, not so much.

    So…THANK YOU! I’ll try to visit you all more often!


  19. *************


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