Thank You! Thank You! From Me To You!!

Hey there Tappereenos, here at Addicts we get a question a LOT about our readers wanting to reach out to other Neighbereenos in the game. To date, EA has not made a way possible for us to reach out to our Neighboreenos.


A great suggestion was provided to us by one of our readers, brmharvey, who wrote this…

Is there any way to set up a running post where friends can commend or thank each other? I mean, this new event has showed me I have some pretty great friends. And I know some must have come from the tstoaddicts site. So it would be nice to have a dedicated space where they can be thanked, because some of mine do seem to go above and beyond.
Just a thought – I think it’s too bad EA has set up this big social game, but it doesn’t actually allow for any, you know, *social* interaction.

We really do quite like this idea. So we decided to give it a go. Feel free to use the comment section below to give a “SHOUT OUT” to your Neighboreenos. Admire their decorations, town design, consistent tapping in your town, pretty much what ever you would like to say.

Here are a few guidelines we ask that you follow though, we would like to keep this as positive as possible…so please, no negative comments…or Bunny will bury them in the basement with the bodies…errrr…ummm…just don’t do it. If you want to put your email address out for contact, you do it at YOUR OWN RISK!! You will take full responsibility for any and all emails along with their content that are sent to you by doing so. Just remember, you are putting it out there for ALL to see. Anyone that reads the comments and/or site will have access to it. ANYONE.

So play nice and have fun. Here is a way now you can tell your neighboreenos just how you feel about them. 🙂

Team Addicts

REMEMBER: No add me requests on THIS page.  Let’s keep this page for those looking to thank their neighbors.  If you’re looking for friends post your Origin ID on our Add Me Page 🙂

926 responses to “Thank You! Thank You! From Me To You!!

  1. Ed Bartholomew

    Sorry Weche44! I tagged your building by accident!

  2. Thanks so much to MissPear28 for accepting my friend request! I was happy to see that you visited my Springfield and were able to tap on 3 buildings. I tried to return the favour by visiting your Springfield and apologize that while I was sightseeing in your town and trying to find buildings to tap, I accidentally tapped on Springfield Elementary… I really try my best not to vandalize so I was very upset with myself for my mistake during my very first visit!!! Sadly There was not a building to tap. I sure wish that EA would fix the glitch so that we can visit and tap in our friend’s towns, the only Springfield I can successfully tap a building is my “The Other” Springfield ! It sure makes it harder to collect the friend reward prizes! Anyway my apologies again!

    • I’ve given up on them fixing this glitch. Had this ongoing issues for well over 2 years. They’ve rolled me back twice and I lost so much, but it didn’t help. Sometimes I can toggle back and forth to other neighbors a few times and will get places to tap. So I “vandalize” too, as too often that’s the only way to visit, just another way to say hi.

  3. Something happened during the last update and I am unable to leave my mark in some of my neighbours towns…… I can visit, and do so every day, but there is nothing for me to tap, not even spray cans. I’m rather hoping that the situation will clear itself with the next update, but not entirely convinced that will happen. If it doesn’t, the only recourse will be the purgatory that is EA Help and having to explain using words of one syllable or less what is not happening.
    Please do not think I’ve forgotten you or can’t be bothered any more, I’m sticking to my part of the bargain.
    Festive tappin’ to all out there.

    • I have exactly the same issue and the weird thing is, that sometimes (but quite rarely) I can tap buildings. Sometimes, when I notice that someone has visited my town, I go to theirs as quickly as possible and I am able to tab something. But quite often not. So for me the same applies, I have not forgotten about you, I really try daily (multiple times)

  4. I too have lost all my friends and just got new friends I can’t even visit…they can visit me but they only show in the origins list as “never played” ??? I’ve done all the log off unload reboot things and still no friends.😕 I’m trying to visit you all….hope this is fixed soon. I’m also getting the message that my other device hasn’t saved even though I haven’t played on it. Aggravation!

  5. Thank you, all of my friends for 6 years 6 months and 22 days of being my neighbors!
    When I logged in, ALL MY 100 NEIGHBORS
    WERE GONE! 😪 I love you all! I hope you reappear soon! I wrote to EA and I hope they will fix it! ❤️

  6. Hello neighboureenos,
    I would just like to thank my new bestest friends for visiting my version of Springfield and I hope that there are some features that will be inspirational to you.
    Happy tappin’

  7. Heather Miller

    Thank you to all of my neighboreenos who did not remove me. I took a hiatus from the game after my best friend’s passing. I’m very happy to have not lost y’all. Hey, Howdy again! *naryanja466

  8. Heather Fancy Rosengren

    Add me *****….it’s time to have some playmates. Thanks!😊

  9. JDeh, my apologies for accidentally tapping your SF Elementary while I was scrolling up through your town. I would not intentionally vandalise your town. Thanks

  10. Add me Hkfloyd76

  11. I would love some friends who play this game! I’ve been playing for 4 years. Add me! mfmbamf143

  12. This is awsome ! Love this community. I would love to have a lot of neighbours so we can help out! Could you guys please add: ymk1115

  13. So glad I found your website with all the little TSTO tips and am so happy to have so many new neighbors! Mugsymagoo334 and hisserwarren 🙂

    • I can’t believe how many new neighbors I have now, it has to be close to 25 and I am so happy, you all rock!

  14. Happy New Year to all my friends! It’s a pleasure to visit your towns.
    All the best in 2018. 🎊🥂🎉

  15. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for my new friends in The Simpson’s Tapped Out (TSTO)! I was waiting to add some friends and unlock those precious donuts! You can never have enough friends in TSTO as far as I am concerned. I also wanted to thank the website designers and creators for some great advice while playing through the game. Feel free to add me as your neighbor in game, my Origin Electronic Arts (EA) ID is snowfoxq and I am currently a Level 25 player. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!! XOXOXOXO Ho Ho Ho!

  16. I want to thank some of my neighbors for not only playing daily but visiting me every day. It’s really hard to find neighbors that play daily & visit me daily even when there isn’t a new event to play. So I hope y’all see this. If anyone who does the same please feel free to add me at tiffnvb I also like neighbors that decorate their towns too.

  17. I love your post. Thanks.

  18. Hi Tapped Out Friends. I hope it’s okay to post here. I just have a message for my friends/neighbours that visit me in game. My boyfriend passed away this past May 2017. That’s why I haven’t been on playing much. I try and update when I see something new going on via email, other sites etc. I just can’t get myself back into the game right now.

    I wanted to say Thankyou to my friends that still visit me everyday, I get the notifications pop up. I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting back. You guys are hard to come by and I appreciate every one of you. I hope to be back soon. My username/origin is NewfieBeauty. I really hope some of my friends catch this message. Thanks.

  19. Thank-you IkoDan55! For helping me w/homerpalooza before&during hurricane Irma. I was able to finish&get the last prize b4 losing power. I will be playing soon. Hope you see this. missfoxana

  20. I recently posted on the add me thread. Thank you to everyone that sent me requests! Ive enjoyed looking at all the designs.

  21. (ID: milesb1313) Level 101 and look for friend to help with the event. I will not vandalize your town :D. Thx

    Again it is – milesb1313

  22. Thank you to all my neighboreenos past and present! You make playing fun and your creative ideas inspire my town 🙂 xo from Sbp010 and ps thank you TSTO Addicts for being a wonderful place

  23. I owe a HUGE apology to all of my neighboreenos!
    (Friends of mzgrizz or my22twain…whoever the heck I am!)

    I’ve not played for several months due to non-stop migraines. The light from my pad is killer, as is much of life right now.

    BUT…I AM determined to play this new game. So, if I don’t see y’all playing with me within a weekish, I’ll understand completely.

    Biggest, annoying Nedly hugs to each of you!

  24. To any friends that I have mistakenly vandalized a building I’m sorry. Been having slow response getting into some towns, since EA has added the screen time out. So when I get in it has tapped a building right close to the loading point. If you have Moe’s or the school right near…they get nailed.

  25. Yvonne Riopelle

    I want to thank all my new friends. Your towns are amazing! I have to shout out to omnieskate860, did not mean to vandalize one of your buildings. I apologize!

  26. Thanks to everyone who has added me lately, I had one Neighboreeno, and in a week I’m up to over 60!
    You all rock.
    aka : mib87ls

  27. I just wanted to say thanks to all my neighbors. You all have such amazing towns. I really enjoy visiting and seeing how creative you are. Thanks for accepting my friend request and the visits. 🙂 Vi
    id: missvanvi

  28. I really enjoy visiting all of my neighbors. Thanks for being my friends I really appreciate each of you.

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