Thank You! Thank You! From Me To You!!

Hey there Tappereenos, here at Addicts we get a question a LOT about our readers wanting to reach out to other Neighbereenos in the game. To date, EA has not made a way possible for us to reach out to our Neighboreenos.


A great suggestion was provided to us by one of our readers, brmharvey, who wrote this…

Is there any way to set up a running post where friends can commend or thank each other? I mean, this new event has showed me I have some pretty great friends. And I know some must have come from the tstoaddicts site. So it would be nice to have a dedicated space where they can be thanked, because some of mine do seem to go above and beyond.
Just a thought – I think it’s too bad EA has set up this big social game, but it doesn’t actually allow for any, you know, *social* interaction.

We really do quite like this idea. So we decided to give it a go. Feel free to use the comment section below to give a “SHOUT OUT” to your Neighboreenos. Admire their decorations, town design, consistent tapping in your town, pretty much what ever you would like to say.

Here are a few guidelines we ask that you follow though, we would like to keep this as positive as possible…so please, no negative comments…or Bunny will bury them in the basement with the bodies…errrr…ummm…just don’t do it. If you want to put your email address out for contact, you do it at YOUR OWN RISK!! You will take full responsibility for any and all emails along with their content that are sent to you by doing so. Just remember, you are putting it out there for ALL to see. Anyone that reads the comments and/or site will have access to it. ANYONE.

So play nice and have fun. Here is a way now you can tell your neighboreenos just how you feel about them. 🙂

Team Addicts

REMEMBER: No add me requests on THIS page.  Let’s keep this page for those looking to thank their neighbors.  If you’re looking for friends post your Origin ID on our Add Me Page 🙂


876 responses to “Thank You! Thank You! From Me To You!!

  1. mydadlookslikeFlanders

    Thanks for accepting my friend requests guys! I’m having a great time seeing all of your awesome towns and getting inspired! I am: zimearthsi56 🙂 Many thanks to: (in no particular order, you are all top shelf) -#1 bluefoxleic #2 catsy76 #3 deputy12 #4 eddievokeefe #5 flutterby2909 #6 jennlia44 #7 joshturner669 #8 maroonedat278 #9 omnieskate860 #10 tjhooker11 #11 watercolour5 #12 yopichoi


    • mydadlookslikeFlanders

      I’ve been getting even more awesome friends! Too many to list here. Thank you guys!!! I really appreciate it and will enjoy visiting often


  2. Michael Wandler

    This thread is such a wonderful idea. So often I have wished there was a way for me to tell my neighbors how interesting or inspiring I have found their designs.

    My favorite town belongs to simpsonach103. Whereas I spend way, WAY too much time trying to make every aspect of my town perfect, on theme, and realistic (e.g., of course Krusty would put his Kamp next to the prison and insane asylum, because the land price would be cheaper), simpsonach103 has this mesmerizing, freewheeling style that creates intricate and fascinating scenes. Somehow, they seem at once desultory and controlled, like Jackson Pollock designed a Springfield. The creativity is off the charts.

    I also want to give honorable mention to blanstuf1027: parts of the town are truly inspired and endlessly interesting. I always enjoy visiting.

    If anyone else spends a life-altering amount of time on TSTO town design, and has room for another friend, please add me: milkslingers.


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    • Ah! Milkslingers! I can TELL you’re tsto crazy lol! Yup, your town is …awesome!!x


    • Hello new neighbor. I wanted to tell you what a awesome job you’ve done with your town. Well designed and inspiring. Nice job 🙂 Please ignore the outer edges of my town. It is a “work in progress” lol

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    • Michael Wandler

      Thank you both very much. I’ve had a great time looking around your towns! So much creativity! Keep up the great work!! 😀


    • Hello new neighbourino! 😀


    • So, yeah, what’s with Disco Stu’s next to the bookshop?? Arrgghh!!! I’m kidding I’m kidding!! Yay…I “re-toured” your town after reading your post (had a little ‘hee-hee-he!” at your ‘Krusty-Building-Psychology’-logic! (Yeees: that DOES sound a little TSTO-Addiction-Esqe, I have to agree!! I think I did mention though: I read that BEFORE I saw your TSTO username, and when I DID notice, it made me smile, and, “Ooh! Ha!” because I really had already admired your town, so it made total sense when I could attribute IT and your post to.. well!! Congrats! Your Springfield kicks a** my friend!! x


  3. Hi & Thankyou to all my friends/ neighbours out there, Peace -Out & vandilize me if you want! It’s all in fun!👋✌🐞😀

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  4. Big high-five to __melicious001: you have created one of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever seen. I’m temporarily trying out some of your ideas in my town as a self-tutorial, a way to learn about how you do it, and I promise I will be personalizing what I’ve done soon so my town won’t look like a copycat of yours in any way.

    Thank you for showing those of us lucky enough to be your friend what a town can look like. I wish I could visit your town in person, it’s so lovely and well-thought-out!

    Also, thank you too all of my friends who visited during the recent events! Always fun to see your names pop up on my screen when I tap after your visits, and to go see what you’re up to in your awesome towns!

    ~Paige AKA paigest247

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    • Yay! I second that Paige!! I’d commented on Mel’s world a few weeks ago in this thread, but couldn’t remember the numbers in her username at the time, but..yeh…she’s really taken so much care, ay!? Not sure I have any space for new neighbours but I’m going to try add you if I can, much love, Cooki x


  5. Just a big thank you to all my neighbors and a BIG apology for vandalizing your buildings during this event. Especially chewcifer, I felt like i always tapped the wrong thing in your town.
    id dougsgame2 and dougsdomain


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