Thank You! Thank You! From Me To You!!

Hey there Tappereenos, here at Addicts we get a question a LOT about our readers wanting to reach out to other Neighbereenos in the game. To date, EA has not made a way possible for us to reach out to our Neighboreenos.


A great suggestion was provided to us by one of our readers, brmharvey, who wrote this…

Is there any way to set up a running post where friends can commend or thank each other? I mean, this new event has showed me I have some pretty great friends. And I know some must have come from the tstoaddicts site. So it would be nice to have a dedicated space where they can be thanked, because some of mine do seem to go above and beyond.
Just a thought – I think it’s too bad EA has set up this big social game, but it doesn’t actually allow for any, you know, *social* interaction.

We really do quite like this idea. So we decided to give it a go. Feel free to use the comment section below to give a “SHOUT OUT” to your Neighboreenos. Admire their decorations, town design, consistent tapping in your town, pretty much what ever you would like to say.

Here are a few guidelines we ask that you follow though, we would like to keep this as positive as possible…so please, no negative comments…or Bunny will bury them in the basement with the bodies…errrr…ummm…just don’t do it. If you want to put your email address out for contact, you do it at YOUR OWN RISK!! You will take full responsibility for any and all emails along with their content that are sent to you by doing so. Just remember, you are putting it out there for ALL to see. Anyone that reads the comments and/or site will have access to it. ANYONE.

So play nice and have fun. Here is a way now you can tell your neighboreenos just how you feel about them. 🙂

Team Addicts

REMEMBER: No add me requests on THIS page.  Let’s keep this page for those looking to thank their neighbors.  If you’re looking for friends post your Origin ID on our Add Me Page 🙂


860 responses to “Thank You! Thank You! From Me To You!!

  1. Lorbath aka Thalin2k

    Hello Neighbors, from the formerly named Thalin2k.
    Due to a wonderful (sarcasm) glitch on my game, I had to start from scratch with a new ID, and they had to reset my town.
    After an hour on the phone with EA help, I am now back in business, but newly named Lorbath. (Which matches my Disney game).

    I hope all my long time friends will delete this “new” neighbor when they see a name they don’t recognize!

    Note to others: DO NOT STORE MR SPARKLE
    (if you have a lot of stuff in your inventory).


  2. @simpsonyogi liked what you added to your airport entrance so much I copied you -thnx hope u don’t mind-yayo4now


  3. Thanks to all my visitors, I guess I’m lucky I’m at the beginning of the alphabet lol! (Although I did read the comment last week from the lady who plays fair and starts her visits from the other end on occasions- nice!). I should have ‘Town Planner’ on my passport I spend so much time pottering about with lampposts and mailboxes and parking lot-positioning!! Thanks again…x


  4. Huge thanks to the people @ from Grimzen05 for bringing people together!


  5. A BIG thank you from STARFISH0217 to all my new neighbors who responded to my friend requests. I can’t wait to really browse through your towns. The big problem is that I have hit my limit of 100 friends and can’t add any more. Which is sad because I have like 20 more requests that I can’t add. I’m going to keep a list of further requests just in case some of my new friends or my old friends decide to part ways. Again, thank you so much neighborenoes!


  6. Add me please it’s. ksnowmanuk. Thanks


  7. Thank you to everyone who friended me from the vandal free page, and now my sincere apology to Ohjeez92 for fat-finger tagging them. I will be more careful


  8. I just posted a friendly invite for a graffiti-free fitness request this morning and already a ton of you have added me to your friends list.

    Awesome stuff. Just a wonderful response and I am so happy to a part of this community and checking out your springfields is all so inspiring!

    Thanks to all and thank you to our hosts for creating this page to link likeminded tappers together!!!
    Happy tapping!


  9. A lot of new players added me over the last couple days. Not to diminish any of their work, but… I just took a spin around gamerchica88’s Springfield and it is AMAZING! The attention to detail is outstanding. If any of you are lucky enough to have them as your friend, take a minute and look around.


  10. Thanks neighbors, y’all are the best. Nice to have neighbors that play everyday, I play several times a day myself.



  11. Sorry to my neighboreenos brophman and jdowlin. I was TWS (Tapping While Sleeping!) Thanks to all my great neighbors! greengirl


  12. I want to give a shout-out to some of the amazing towns I’ve been visiting lately:


    Just to mention a few (from my old and new neighbors). I’ll try to check some more, later. I just wanted to let you know, how much I enjoy all the creative work you’ve put on… the time and effort, it really shows off! 😉

    P.S. And a huge thank you to all my neighbors (old and new) who always stop by. I really appreciated! 🙏


    • OMG…thank you!! I just got a bunch of new friend requests and said to my partner, ‘could I hope someone maybe mentioned me in this thread coz they liked my world??!’ …Yay!!! Thank you!!! I’ve been playing waaay too much recently, but I now ‘customize/cookimize’ one building at a time, ready to place in Springfield when I get the ‘just right’ piece of land, lol!! Heights is my ‘Architectural Planning Area’ lol!! Thanks a lot, I’m proud of my world lol, to say I don’t have a ton of donuts!! Sorry I haven’t been able to add new neighbours yet: I have 100 already, seemingly all active at present. Much love, Cooking


    • And ooh.! Wow! I thought it only right to double check your world and guess what?! Last week I screen-shotted your ‘3D stadium/Colosseum pit’ (Sorry if you don’t approve of my description lol!) show my son and partner and we all loved it!! Heehee! X N its much love, Cooki not Cooking lol!x


  13. I just got a bunch of new neighbors from the add me thread yesterday, and wanted to say thanks! I went up 2 flu levels in one day!

    I’m trying to repay everyone, but only got up to the J’s in my neighbors before my tapping ran out of pins. I will work from the end of the alphabet tomorrow! 🙂


  14. Add me joset101489 check out my town..


  15. Add me joset101489


  16. __melicious (then 014 or something!!? TBC) … Found you on the ‘Add Me’ page this week and really hope you get to see this because I wanted to tell you that your world is just by far the best I’ve ever seen!! Wow!! Well done!x


  17. Thank you to my neighbour Henmonster.

    I always like visiting your town, I like seeing your town progress.

    Also, I wanted to say thank you for the idea to use the cobblestone road in place of the ‘normal’ road.

    I wanted to use the cobblestone road in my town, but I was not sure how it would look, then I saw that you had done that idea in your town,when I saw how nice it looked I bought the cobblestone road right away. 🙂

    Thank you for being a good neighbour. 🙂


    P.S: I have noticed a couple of my neighbours have now also done the cobblestone road idea too! so I think your idea is becoming famous. 🙂


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