Random Items Noticed On Level 39 Update

Hey there Hoppereenos, happy to FINALLY have an Update? Not to mention a NEW LEVEL??!! WOOHOO!!! You can get all the latest info on the Level 39 drop here. Well I am here to touch basis on a few things I noticed with the Update itself.

Level 39 unlock


First up, that crazy lil downloading donut bar is back again. For most of you, it was probably such a quick lil flash in the bottom right corner of the opening screen during the Update that you didn’t even see it or caught it just as it disappeared. Well here it is. Donut Download


Next Up, those Frakkin FP’s. Many people noticed the new item for our Social Event/FP Collection. The E.A.R.L. (WDTCF post coming up later on it). You also noticed that the Level 6 still showed as “MAXED”. Not sure on the issue, however I do notice that as you collect FP (especially from vandalism) the lil bar that pops up in the center at the top is still filling up as well as the information to speed up the item with paying out donuts is getting smaller and smaller. You just need to hit another 5000 to acquire it. So keep on visiting those neighboreenos. Hopefully a glitch patch will follow soon (as with most updates, you don’t know there is an issue until it is tested by a million people all at once. Lol.)



Our water is now back to blue. WOOHOO!! No more toxic ooooozey neon green. (You may notice some other buildings color a lil more vibrant too.) Blue water


With a New Level comes New Pricing. I will be updating the Realty Guide with the new cost for each Level’s buildings. So for those of you on the lower levels, you now will pay LESS what others have for your buildings. Always a plus!!  (As for the Springfield High School and the Knowledgeum…they swapped cost. Making the Springfield High School the higher priced now and the Knowledgeum the lower.)building price


There is a part of the main questline that requires you to pretty much send almost ALL of your characters to Kwik-E-Mart. (A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 11 & 13). For some reason, some characters are showing this as a task. (Here is Mindy). Just wait until that part of the tasks pops and you will be able to use it. FYI…it does NOT go away after. Looks like a glitch. So just leave it for now. Mindy task glitch



UPDATE: We were going to wait til the Conform/Krust-O-Meter Posts for this info, but due to I am seeing more questions on it…I will add it here too. In Krustyland the Trees no longer give you 25 points each towards your Kitsch. They now only give you 10 each. I am still looking to see if anything else has changed in there. So far, the Trees stuck out to me the most. That is a 15 point loss per each one and will hit you HARD on your Krust-O-Meter.  So if you were relying on those greens to push you to the 5 bouncing balls, you are going to need to add a LOT more now. Sorry. TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance


Last but most certainly not least…the most important item of all, DO NOT FORGET TO TURN YOUR DONUT SPEND TO ON! The system auto resets this, notifications, and sounds with a new Update. So you need to go back in and put them all back to where you want them.


donut spend


I will keep poking around to see if there are any other noticeable changes. (There are some changes pricing wise and task wise. All to come later or already updated.) Otherwise, stay tuned as we have a LOT more information coming on the new items. Should I Spend Donuts On, WDTCF, and MORE! Still plenty of time to send in your Springfield Showoffs too! 🙂

HOPPY Tappin’

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24 responses to “Random Items Noticed On Level 39 Update

  1. Can anybody tell me where the lighthouse can be placed? I am still a ways off getting it and want to make sure I leave a place for it in my new city design

  2. I love this update! That lighthouse will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

  3. Somehow I got a free 12k xp points. Was 2k from level 37 before the update, immediately after I went to 10k xp into level 37.. Didn’t tap anything to get it. Guess I’m not complaining, but weird.

  4. Are the XP points to get donuts instead of leveling up lower or is it just my imagination? 🙂

    • Both. Lol. On lower levels, when it fills it moves you into the next level of play and characters. When you hit the very top level of play (now its level 39) your XP keeps collecting and then once maxed out, sends you into bonus XP (starts filling pink). When you fill it up with bonus pink…you get the 3 box bonus and chance at up to 3 donuts. You just have to be done with all the XP levels and “in the pink” to get it. 😉

      • Yeah, I’ve been at the max levels for quite sometime, it use to take awhile to fill up to get the 3 box bonus, but since the new update it’s already half full and I think it’s like 255,xxx till the donut box. I thought it use to require a higher XP amount but can’t remember. Or you can ignore the senseless ramblings of myself, lol 🙂

        • Ramble ramble ramble. Lol. No worries. If you haven’t topped out yet and a new level hits…you automatically jumped to the next required amount for that level. So if it is LESS than where you were heading on the bonus rounds…you score!! 🙂 Less for you to have to get and that much closer to more donuts. 🙂

  5. Not sure where to post this:
    But for the first time I got donuts in Krustyland from “Sideshow You.”

  6. I’m happy to see that vandalizing is being pushed more this go round…
    With all the heavy lifting of yesterday…the constant answering of the same question/statement…I would have been compelled to do a , WE KNOW OF THE GLITCH YOU ARE EXPERIENCING, IN CONTACT WITH EA ALREADY, FIX COMING, TAP AS YOU WERE…in large red font just above the comments…
    Sorry if I added to the chaos…:)

  7. I love the water being blue again! I don’t know why exactly but the green was getting on my nerves the last couple days.
    In KL, I lost one ball in kitsch. After adding all the Duff guys it didn’t budge, then I added probably 20 trees and still nothing. Finally I added a few benches and finally back to 5 balls. That decrease in tree value was rough.
    I’m hoping to get Apu’s apartment, any sign of a Gil deal? Otherwise Easter isn’t that far as those deals seem to happen around holidays.

  8. Your prolly already aware but just in case, those KL topiaries are a one time buy 🙂

  9. I’m assuming it’s related to the update – my Krustyland went down from 5 stars to 4, as it dropped 2 points of Kitsch. I’m assuming that they’ve either changed the total needed for each star of Kitsch, or reduced the value of items somehow. I added the 7 new Topiary items, which took me back up to 4 stars, but even an extra 30-some trees didn’t get it back up to 5.

    • I just updated the post. Refresh it. The info on the effect will be in there now. Was going to wait for Conform post, but more and more people are asking so I wanted to push it out now to help.

      Essentially, Trees are now only worth 10…no longer 25 points. So you lose 15 points each per tree on your Kitsch rating. That can cause a HUGE hit.

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