Episode Recap: You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! No, it’s not time for the Monster Truck Ralley. It’s time for a New Simpsons Episode. So grab some snacks, a nice cool drink, and cuddle up while I tell you a tale from the TV world.

You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee


So are you ready to watch an episode with me? Lets dive into “You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee.”

HAHAHAHAH running of the couches as the “Couch Gag”. Makes me giggle. I have seen running of the bulls many of times. That stuff is CRAZY!!! Even for me. Lol.

You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee 6


I love that fact that the Springfield Elementary is holding an assembly for “The Meaning of Freedom”…and the attendance is mandatory. I guess someone didn’t get THAT memo. Lol.

The kids do not seem happy at all at this assembly. The discussion is going to be about Living History. Two guests from Springfield? They ARE in Springfield. Isn’t that like saying that you’re having a visit from someone far far away and your next door neighbor shows up? OH…Springfield, Illinois 1858? Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln? Poor guys are in a very very bad place. A gymnasium full of grumpy Elementary School kids. They are not making it any easier by playing into the kids jokes. “Oooooh, common practice.” Even poor Milhouse gets tossed at the Guest Speakers. Dolph uses the basketball hoop to hit Douglas on the head. The Guests have had just about enough. The Lincoln actor apparently also played Frankenstein. He rushes into the crowd of kids and starts swinging. Hitting anything and anyone in reach. (Did you catch all the funny stuff the newspaper said in the articles?)

Chalmers is not happy at all and goes to discuss the situation with Skinner. he feels the kids have just lost all respect. Chalmers suggests a contest to make them tell them who they respect. Who the kids heroes are. Skinner points out they have absolutely no money to do a contest. They are already renting out the multi-purpose room to a Japanese-American Social Club. (Looks more like gambling to me.) Chalmers tells him it is simple. Just get a corporate sponsor. Enter Stuffwich Subs…hey…wait a minute…this is very familiar to another Sub Sammich chain. (Eat Fresh?)

So they have a speech contest where the kids get to tell their stories of their heroes. Like Nelson saying his was one of his Mom’s many boyfriends who took him to see a horror movie when he was 3. However it looks like both Lisa AND Martin have chosen Marie Curie. She is quite upset and runs off crying. Bart tells her to just say her hero is her Dad. She even brings up the time he was a soccer referee and had the guts to red card his own daughter. (Season 18, Episode 17: Marge Gamer.)


Marge Gamer

Season 18, Episode 17: Marge Gamer


The crowd cheers. Chalmers then announces that there is a tie, so no one wins. The money instead will be put back into the school general fund. However, they will put both speeches online, behind a pay wall. Well, looks like they figured out a way to pad the schools pockets after all.

Back at the Simpsons home, Homer is still loving the fact that he was proclaimed a hero. Lisa’s speech was one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for him. He wonders how she came up with the idea for it. She must have worked on it for days. Just then the Executive Vice President for The World Football Federation shows up. (What us Americans call soccer.) He is concerned that there is an epidemic of referees being bribed at the World Cup games. So he went in search of someone that could be a symbol of integrity to the other referees.

You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee 8

There is so much corruption that even while he is speaking to Homer, he is arrested and hauled off for corruption. They offer Homer and his family an all expenses paid trip to the World Cup. Homer accepts.


So off the Simpson family goes on yet again another adventure and trip on the other side of the world. On the flight, Marge is doing all she can to learn the language so they can avoid any misunderstandings. Like on their last trips. The flight crew is getting annoyed though and tells her to turn it off. She does her usual grumbling and for that, TURBULENCE!

Now to the World Cup! OLE OLE OLE OLE!!! The Round Robin Group F Opening-Round Match between Brazil…

You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee 1

…and Luxembourg, who’s entire nation has turned up. (Leaving plenty of places and time for Snake to go on a robbery spree.)

Now time to play…”Human Foosball”, per Homer. The crowd is really getting into it. Including…A NUN IN A BIKINI??!! The announcers are really getting into the game too. Like pondering how Homer got those lil shorts on over his arse.

You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee 5

Brazil wins it with a fair match and Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo





The Simpson family heads out to get a bite to eat at a local establishment. Marge is trying desperately to order everything in the “native language”. She is really having a hard time. Homer heads out after a bite of only the meat of the skewers to get some fresh air. He loves Brazil. He couldn’t stay afraid of it forever…except…the only thing that keeps him from living there…”that fish that swims up your pee stream, that is a deal breaker”

(Sidenote: it is an actual fish and it HAS happened many of times. Want to read more? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candiru)

While out on his fresh air break, he is greeted by a gentlemen dressed quite suavely. He opens a briefcase full of a large amount of cash and asks Homer if he is certain he can’t be swayed. Homer said he has changed a lot in the last few days and leaves. They vow they will get to him. They have their ways.

Homer continues to be an honest referee despite the players trying to bribe him when he gives them red cards, stacks of money in his pillows put there by the sharply dressed man, there is even action on the bribe cam.  He just can’t escape it. No matter where he goes or what he does, EVERYONE wants to bribe him. With money, gold, gems, and even drugs.

Uh oh…back in Rio de Janeiro, Bart’s favorite kids show is back on. He hopes that Krusty will get some of THOSE kind of letters for his show. Lol.

While Homer was out, the gambler sent up gold frosted donuts, a chocolate bowling ball, and a fresh pork sammich. How fresh? Well, our cute lil pig friend runs squealing by with two pieces of bread attached to either side. (Plopper, Spider Pig, Harry Plopper.)


Plopper – The Simpsons Movie


Homer wants to know where the heck Marge has gone. Bart says she has gone to practice her Portuguese and is found at an ATM frustrating the very long line of people behind her as she is determined to do it all in Portuguese instead of English. She didn’t spend $7.99 for an app to not use it.

Back at the hotel, Homer is telling the Bell Hop to give the donuts to the staff, and to release the pig and the bowling ball into the wild. He seems exhausted by all of this. Bart questions him if it is difficult to turn all the bribes down. It is, but knowing that Lisa chose him as her hero,  he has no other choice. Bart ponders what kind of person he is himself, and whether to destroy Homer’s happiness forever. Bart decides to tell him the truth about Lisa’s speech. That he never really was her hero. Homer leaves to go drink til there’s no more pain in his soul.

He ends up at the Barra (cerveja e vinho), drinking his sorrows away. Devastated and in despair, it is the perfect time for him to now start to accept bribes from the same man that has been following him the entire time. (Even HE knew that Homer was not the real hero of Lisa.) They start formulating a plan to “fix” the World Cup. Homer doesn’t care as Marge is always complaining for him to fix things.

You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee 4


Now to the World Cup Finals. Germany vs. Brazil. The idea is to make sure Brazil wins the Cup. In return, they will give Homer one million dollars. Homer realizes he can bet that money and double it…but on who should he put the bet? Lisa is listening in and begs Homer to not do it. Not to cheat. He thinks it is funny for HER to try and tell him about deception. Homer is hurt and Lisa understands. He has taken the actions to become her hero now. Time to go double cross some gangsters.

El Divo goes down in the game and seems to be hurt. Homer, listening to Lisa, thinks he dove and is faking injury. Even as they are burying him, Homer is repeating, “NO PENALTY!” (Ummm…why are they at a funeral? Isn’t the game still going?) OH…I guess it is.

The gangsters are just about to kill Homer when Marge comes running in. She has something to say…in another language. Way to go Marge. She tells the gangsters to leave her husband alone. She loves him, but he should have never been a referee. All Homer cares about is being a hero to Lisa. She begs the gangsters to please forgive him. The gangster is impressed, but still going to kill Homer. Marge keeps begging him. She is a mother, surely he has a Mother. Oh, his Mom happens to be the lady on the plane the Lisa traded seats with so she could watch premium HBO. So the Simpsons are owed a debt that can never be repaid. The Simpsons are free to go. They go to the Cemiterio to pay their respects to El Divo.

The Simpsons are later seen in the middle of the marsh lands and rivers of the Amazon. They are enjoying all the beauty of the nature around them…and Homer admires a clearing of a section to make way for a Krusty Burger. He’s never seen anything more beautiful. The best part is, Krusty can get locally sourced monkey meat for this location. (EWWWWWWWWWWW.)

You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee 7



Pretty cool episode. Can’t help but yell, “OLE OLE OLE OLE” or “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!” Lol. So what did YOU think of the new episode? Favorite moments? Any characters or items in the show you would like to have seen brought into our silly lil game? Sound off in the comments below.

Until Next Time…

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7 responses to “Episode Recap: You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee

  1. El Divo? WTF? That is spanish…

    Marge’s Portuguese was just literal translations of sentences structured in english bearing little to no meaning in actual portuguese…

    • I’m not sure what a players country of origin has to do with anything. That’s the beauty of the world these days. It’s a melting pot of all walks of life pretty much everywhere you go. 🙂

      I think that Marge barely forming basic sentences was the joke they were getting at. There’s no way a person can master a new language in that short of time. So, it was very realistic in that she sounded exactly like someone just learning a foreign language would sound. It fit perfect. 🙂

  2. I loved the callbacks to “Blame it on Lisa” and “Marge Gamer.” Overall this episode was good. It’s not the greatest, but I liked it.

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