Should I Spend Donuts on Manjula and Apu’s Apartment?

Level 39 is here (finally) and with it comes another female character to add to the Springfield crowd, Manjula!  Finally, Apu isn’t lonely anymore!  I’m sure you’re asking ‘Should I Spend Donuts on This?’ Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilon to YOUR Springfield!

apusapartment_menu                manjula_menu

Building: Apu’s Apartment
Character: Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon
Donut Price: 160 donuts
Dimensions: 10×6
$500,45xp Every 24hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Indolence +10

-Comes with a quest line
-Another female character for TSTO! (in a very crowded male world!)
-Premium character earns 50% more on all cash and xp than a freemium character
-Character interaction AFTER questline is complete (i.e. joint tasks)
-Some great outdoor tasks, especially looking after the octuplets.
-Apu’s Apartment has great animation to it.  If in use the lights go on and off in various windows and there are shadows in some of the windows.  Here’s a screenshot of it in action:
apu apartment litup
-Pricey.  At 160 donuts she’s not the most expensive character and building combo (heck Disco Stu was 180 donuts), but it’s still a high price. (higher than Luann and the Cracker Factory which was 150 donuts)
-Not voiced.
-Requires Apu to complete 2 tasks, 24hr and 1hr)
-Questline requires Apu A LOT, hard to run this questline in conjunction with the main Level 39 questline (which also requires Apu a lot)
-Only 2 of the 5 tasks are visible tasks.

Final Thought:
Personally, if you have the donuts to spend, I say go for it.  It’s another female character added to the game PLUS another apartment building to add to your housing district (and Apu won’t be homeless anymore!).  She’s also one of the most requested characters to be added to the game, and her questline is pretty amusing.  I also like thinking about her making Apu’s life miserable!  It’s time he stopped partying like it’s on sale for $19.99 🙂
However, this is NOT a Limited-Time Item so take your time with your thought process.  Manjula will still be there in a few weeks.  So if you’re on the fence or worried about saving up your donuts relax.  There’s no rush to get her.

You can check out Manjula’s Main Walkthrough here. (coming soon)

Manjula’s Tasks
                                             Manjula_consider_apus_worth                     manjula_look_after_octuplets                                   

Task Task Length Payout Building
Reunite the Family 1hr $105, 26xp Apu’s Apartment, Requires Apu
Consider Apu’s Worth as a Husband 4 hrs $260, 70xp Outside
Look After the Octuplets 8hrs $240, 105xp Outside
Kwik-E-Mart 12hr Shift 12hrs $600, 150xp Kwik-E-Mart
Get Away From It All 24 hrs $1,000, 225xp Kwik-E-Mart Requires Apu

What are YOUR thoughts on Manjula and Apu’s Apartment?  Will you be spending the donuts to reunite Apu with his wife?  Where have you placed the apartment in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you! 

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17 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Manjula and Apu’s Apartment?

  1. I’m looking for Apu’s apartment but it’s not there. Manjula isn’t there either.

  2. Jewelsparkles2013

    How do I start the task for Manjula to search for a crib for the octuplets? Or is this just to increase the # of furniture items that can be stored?

  3. I got her today!!

  4. Pardon me, have to ask 😊 I’ve read all your premium items posts, and in most of them you say ‘Pros- Another FEMALE character’. Why is that so important that it has to be included in the building/character description?

  5. Alex aabcampos2

    She got two new tasks:
    1hr and 24hrs that don’t need apu anymore

  6. Though I do enjoy the character, I think it’s a little weird that you can send Apu to care for the octuplets while she can care for a different pair… LOL

  7. So excited to get this combo, but I’m waiting until it finish the main level 39 quest line. Yay for another lady! And those poor octuplets need their mother 🙂

  8. I’m most definitely going to get this! I’m buying donuts tonight just to be able to get her! And I love the building, it’s so colorful! I kinda hope we’ll get the octuplets for our town someday, like Brandine’s kids, who give money! That would be really cool!

  9. I am so going to get her, but I have some saving to do, I spent all my donuts on the leperchauns, oh if I had only bougt one. I have always wanted Manjula!

  10. Off course you should buy’ its Manjula

  11. I got her as soon as I saw her. I needed more female characters. I also love seeing her perform her task outside with the babies and her list. Poor Apu.

  12. I love it especially the octuplet task

  13. I couldn’t help it. I snatched her up as soon as I updated. I wished she was voiced, but oh well. She’s still another awesome character, and the apartment building makes it that much sweeter.

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