2D Some Bunny To Wuv

Hey there Hoppereenos. Figured it was bout time again for me to do another one of my lil creations on my town. This one was really spur of the moment. No rhyme or reason or method at all. So hang tight as we go on a crazy ride through my brain as I make another 2D creation.


It was the wee hours of the morning and I hadn’t slept much in days. I knew the files were there for a new update, just not sure the time they would hit our games, so I waited. Grew very tired and bored at doing the same old tasks over and over.

It got to the point I thought it would be fun to do something creative. My redesign had burnt me out. Out of ideas for the moment, so nothing creative there at least. Then it hit me. I was staring at my lil soft velveteen like fluffy bunny sitting by the side of my bed. I NEEDED A BUNNY IN MY BUNNY TOWN!! Not just silly green hedges. There is only so much you can do with those. I wanted something…BIGGER. So I set out on a task to make me a Bunny.

I started out using the Snapdragons to lay out a basic Bunny image as it was just all in my head. Essentially a very rough outline of where I wanted to place my Bunny in my artist area.

bunny progress 1


Kinda looked a lil silly, but no worries. I create as I go. Now I pondered quite sometime at just what color I wanted to make my Bunny. Pink, Black, Red…a lot of different color options. I settled on white as it was the color of my soft fuzzy Bunny by my bed. But now the issue I run into in wanting to make something fun in my town…the color palette is VERY limited. Not too many options. So I went with the only white item I have found that kinda works best in the art I have made in the past. The Carved Ice Sculptures. Β (See Jason’s mask in my Freddie n Jason 2D.) So I began to fill up the Bunny with white.

bunny progress 2


I also decided to use the Garbage Bins to make a cute lil pink nose on my Bunny. I left an open area on the belly for a second color. I filled and filled and filled….then when I had a good coverage of white, I once again used the Garbage Bins to fill in the middles with pink. (I also started removing the outline of Snapdragons I made as I went. No need for them after I started filling.)

bunny progress 3


As I continued to fill, I kept getting those lovely lil warning messages I have become so familiar with. (They keep appearing every 150 items after 4500.) It’s not my fault I want to use a lot of stuff to make my town look cool. I don’t do basic. So I did what I always do and ignored it. Continuing to fill my Bunny with both pink and white until I felt it looked good.

bunny progress 4


I wasn’t done yet though. It looked so plain and alone. So I figured with Easter around the corner, why not give my Bunny a basket. So I went to my inventory of Boardwalk Fences and started creating the structure of a basket. Then I decided you can’t have a basket without some kind of grass inside, so I used the Grassy Shrubs to add a lil grass in the Bunny’s Basket.

bunny progress 5


It still seemed to be missing something. I tried to make the Bunny a poofy tail. It just looked all wrong. So instead, continuing to use the Carved Ice Sculptures, I started to turn the weird looking tail into one arm. Then I added another, trying to make it look like the Bunny was holding the basket.

bunny progress 6


Much better. At this time the New Level Update hit and I stopped with my design to focus on more important things. Then early Monday morning, lack of sleep again, I decided it was time to try and finish up a lil more on my Bunny. I wanted some eggs in the basket. Give it even MORE of an Easter kinda feeling. This is where I got annoyed. Again I wanted more bright and vibrant colors to pick from, but limited on what was available. So I just started playing around with anything I could think of. I made eggs out of Broken Down Washers, Snapdragons, Lawn Chairs, Flower Planter, Newspaper Dispensers, and Garbage Bins. I also decided to carry the grass in the basket all the way across.

Easter Bunny


Here is how my lil Fluffy Bunny looks likeΒ in the big picture.

Bunny 3




Now here is where YOU the readers come in. I would like for YOU to help me out to finish up this project. Give me some suggestions of what else I should add to the design. Words? Another Bunny? Anything you can think of. Lastly, I need a name for my lil Bunny. So now it is YOUR turn to sound off in the comments below. Lemme know what you think? (I also want to see some suggestions for my next 2D. I love creating for YOU.)

Until The Next Mind Meld….

HOPPY Tappin’

Bunny Icon 2


31 responses to “2D Some Bunny To Wuv

  1. Awesome Bunny! I love it πŸ™‚
    I like the name Cottontail πŸ™‚

  2. a life sized carrot with arms and legs and a face! …..hmm, that’s not so easter though.. more halloween πŸ˜‰

  3. Fluffer, Ester, Bunnzie are fun names. grass, carrots, bouncing arches ^^^, flowers, clouds, a friend like a brown boy bunny (Clyde if you name her Bunnzie), robins, worms & bugs, baby chicks/peeps don’t have to be yellow they can be pink, green, blue, purple, people dye baby chicks around Easter time.

  4. Chubby, like in the chubby bunny challenge

  5. WanderingCaveman

    Well done Bunny! For rabbit names I would go with one of the classics, either Harvey or George.

  6. This one is my favorite so far..soo cute.. I would add a baby chic and name the bunny Mr.Peeps. I have had 2 pet bunnies in my life. 1 when I was 9 named Daisy and her best friend was a baby chic that loved to sleep on her bck. Then my 2nd was in my 20’s and his name was Snuggles. He never lived outside a day of his life. He was potty trained and came to my snaps my son would love to lay on him. Well I actually had a 3rd when I was 6 unfortunately I thought it was my pet but really my dad had bought it w/the intention to eat it and ate it we did ;( I would like to have another but my hubby loves to eat them too so no bunnies for me..

    • Well thanks πŸ™‚

      Hmmmm baby chic…only issue is same I have with all the simpson images…no yellows to use. Or that one would have worked. I was thinking a lil ducky as they can be blues and blacks and greens. Great thoughts though.

      I had many pet bunnies growing up. A trained one too named Harvey that my gramms ended up caring for. I swear it thought it was a dog, cuz it acted like one.

  7. Very cute? How about the name Chester?

  8. When I saw it whilst visitng the other day I was like WOAH!

  9. Fluffy needs to eat! AWESOMO!!! Watched it progress!! πŸ™‚

  10. Love this!!!

  11. One fun bunny! πŸ™‚


    Since you got MAX decoration warnings lol

  13. Lapin crΓ©tin…in French it means “crazy bunny”!

  14. …I really love the basket made of rails…of course your bunny is adorable!!! πŸ™‚

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