Where Did THAT Come From: Sanjay’s House

WOOHOO! NEW LEVEL AND NEW STUFF!!! Level 39 finally hit our lil towns and with it came a new character and building. Well, in this case a house. A really nice house in my opinion. So the question is, Where Did THAT Come From in the Simpsons Episodes?



Season 7, Episode 21: 22 Short Films About Springfield
Bart and Milhouse are being the usual boys and spitting off the overpass onto cars below. It makes them reflect on the idea that thousands of people are passing by and there are probably thousands of great stories out there. Thus, 22 short films about Springfield.

The first story has the boys heading for sugar at the Kwik-E-Mart. Sanjay is there talking away and trying to convince Apu to come to his party. He thinks Apu could use some merriment. He works so much, he needs a break. Sanjay promises a wingding time of Titanic proportions. So, for the next 5 minutes, Apu is gonna party like it is on sale for $19.99. So he closes the store and rushes to Sanjay’s home.

Sanjay's house

Apu runs around like a Mad Man trying to get all the partying in within a matter of minutes. They hurry into the back yard of the house where the party is in full swing. Sanjay’s backyard even has a pool. (I wish EA would give us a pool, an ACTUAL pool. BBQ too. Mmmmmmmm B B Q **drools**). Apu stuffs his face with a hot dog (no time to warm it up), hooks up with a girl, falls in the pool, and arrives back at the Kwik-E-Mart with one minute to spare.

So there it is. A quick flash of Sanjay’s house and EA drops it in our game with him. I actually like how it looks. It is REALLY a nice house. Now I just got to figure out where I want to put it and what to design around it. What are YOU going to do with his house?

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13 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Sanjay’s House

  1. Know I’m a bit late, but thanks so much for doing this research. It’s amazing the level of work they put into such a minor building.

  2. a pool would be awesome… i put a lake in wolfcastle’s backyard, to try and make it a pool, but it just looks… like a lake. And i CAN’T spend my precious sweets on a hot tub, not yet 🙂

  3. Ohmeohmyso420

    How cool would a water skiing task be for the speed boat 😀

  4. I added what I could to make a pool. Couldn’t have Sanjay’s house without it!

    • I want a pool in my Springfield. Some fun backyard summer kind of things. Pool, BBQ, maybe a picnic table, tent. 🙂

      • Oh yes! I’ve been wanting picnic tables for my Krustyland too. The BBQ would be a great addition to the backyards.

      • Ohmeohmyso420

        EA better be nice to us this summer. At least I hope they will be. All good ideas.

  5. I know this isn’t the place to meet friends….but I’ve been working a lot and when I get home to check my town and visit my friends, some of them haven’t been in in like, 3 days! Anyone who’s a reg on the forum still have a couple spaces open for me? I’m an awesome neighboreeno! (And are ppl still playing TSTO??)

    • I’m baddud69749 if you need a neighbor. I try to get in everyday but I do drive truck so it’s hard to get to neighbors everyday but I try.

    • sending you an invite! dropped a few neighbors so np:)

  6. This morning I click on the game to play. When the splash screen I get a message to enter my age (??). I do this, then I’m transported all the way back to level 1, after being on level 39. I shut down restarted, signed back in, same thing. April Fools, or real problem?

    • No this has happened to me before. First, check to make sure you are in fact logged into Origin and your account (you’ll see it in the bottom left corner of the splash screen). If you are logged in and you have another device try singing in on that device it should restore your town. However, if you don’t have another device uninstall and reinstall TSTO then sign into Origin (it will ask for age verification when you reinstall it). That should help! 🙂

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