Episode Recap: LUCA$ w/tweets from Hank Azaria

Woohoo another Sunday night and another New Simpsons Episode. So sit back, relax, and get comfy on your red couch while we go through another fun episode…NOW WITH LIVE TWEETS FROM HANK AZARIA

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Tonight’s Episode: Luca$ made me giggle with the couch gag as it was a scene pulled out of the Minecraft style files (Simcraft, “Parodies are easy!”). The entire city of Springfield looked like someone had completely created it brick by brick, block by block. Even the tire fire was full of squares on fire. In the end, Moe came in as a Green Monster and blew the couch and the Simpson family to pieces. Leaving a pixelated hole that needed to be rebuilt. Lol.

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The episode starts out with Marge showing up at the playground where Homer just happens to be stuck in the twirly metal pole. Marge wants to know what happened. Homer begins to tell a tale of his night before. Him, Carl, and Lenny are at Moe’s and decided to play a little more advanced drinking game.

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Brockman is on the news and they claim that everytime his says Senator, they’ll drink. Moe overhearing this calls in to the news station as a “reliable sauce” that saw two Senators “doing it” in the alley. (I guess he knows what to do to get his patrons to drink more. Lol.) ***insert Grinch evil smile and mouse resembling the dog with a single horn tied to its head*** The guys end up drunk and stumbling around the playground. Lenny and Carl start swinging. Lenny flies off the swing and Carl gets stuck in the roller tic tac toe while Homer, stumbling around on the tower slide, falls back into the twirly pole. Instead of helping Homer, they stumble off to “Another Bar”. At least Homer learned something from all of it, the sprinklers come on at 3am.

Meanwhile at Springfield Elementary, Bart is trying to explain to Skinner what happened to Homer and made him late. Skinner doesn’t believe him and hollers at Willie to “get the switch”.

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While Skinner’s back is turned, Bart escapes on his skateboard. Skinner attempts to follow him in his car, but sadly Skinner’s car doesn’t fair well uphill. It overheats and he rolls back down the hill and conveniently into the “Body Shop”.

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Bart makes it back home and up into his Treehouse, where Snake just so happens to be hiding from the cops. He only committed a robbery to help his kid, Jeremy, get braces. (He would’ve smiled more had he had some decent dental work.) Wiggum shows up at the Treehouse looking for Snake.

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Bart tells them that he did see Snake,  up at the top of Mount Springfield. Snake asks Bart why he saved them. Outlaws got to stick together. He shows Snake his collection of “acquired” items. Like a raccoon hopped up on ADD meds. Lol.

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Back at Springfield Elementary, Lisa sees a plump lil kid inhaling and then choking on many slices of pizza. (Zach Galifianakis). As he gags on a piece, she gives him the Heimlich. She’s learns that he is a competitive eater. He eats all the glamour foods like pizza, boiled eggs, chicken wings, and hot dogs. He even has a shirt on of his idol, the Champion of competitive eaters, Takeru Kobayashi. He wants to be just like him. He even tries to demonstrate for Lisa Kobayashi’s method of eating hot dogs, then promptly chokes…again. Lisa is in some weird way attracted to him. (She figures she can fix it. He’s just Ralph with a dream.)

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Back at the Simpsons, Bart and Milhouse stumble into his room to see that he has been left a Playstadium 4 by his new “friend” Snake. (He doesn’t tell Milhouse that.) Bart has a feeling the Playstadium was “liberated” from its previous owner and given to him in gratitude. “Can’t spell crime without ME!”

Luca$ (pronounced Luca dollar) also shows up at the Simpsons home looking for Lisa. Homer overhears him telling Marge he is a competitive eater and gets really excited. Marge tries to inform Homer that he has a heart condition and there is no way he can do it. Luca$ has brought his cooler stuffed full of foods to “practice” eating with Lisa. Marge and her sisters observe this from the window in the kitchen. “Never saw the pork eat the beans before.” Marge is surprised Lisa likes the boy, until Patty & Selma remind her the Justin Blobber resembles somebody else in the Simpson family. Women tend to marry their fathers. Marge just might be meeting her future “Ton in law”. (Meanwhile Lisa is continually giving Luca$ the Heimlich.) Marge becomes even more disturbed when she sees Maggie snuggling a pig.

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Marge is really bothered by the entire thing. Her sisters really got to her. She’s happy being married to Homer…most of the time.

Bart and Milhouse seem to be enjoying all the “liberated” gifts Snake continually is dropping off in the Treehouse for Bart. Including the Tiger under the “shopping cart cage” that Snake had used to replace the raccoon. (Well, the Tiger used it for a lil snack.) Bart is enjoying all the gifts, like a suit of armor Snake took from the Springfield Museum of Medieval Armaments. He can chase the other bullies at school down with it.

Back in the Simpson kitchen, Lisa is trying to figure out Luca$’ weaknesses and strengths. She points out that maybe he is just not cut out for competitive eating. Is she calling him “not fat”? Maybe he just hasn’t found the right food. How about he tries some ice cream? They forgot about the lovely brain freeze that comes with eating cold items too fast. Luca$ is screaming in pain on the floor while Lisa is kicking his head trying to help him pass out. Marge looks in on this and has a nasty glimpse of what Lisa’s future just might hold.

Back in the Treehouse, Bart has received his latest gift…Milhouse’ MyPad. It was stolen from his backpack, where Puppy Goo Goo sleeps.

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Milhouse now demands that Bart tell him just how on earth he is coming into all of these “liberated” items. Bart finally gives in and explains how he helped Snake out of a jam and now he is repaying him in stolen stuff. Bart offers him to suck some Squishee to calm him down. If calming someone down means to have them hopping all over the room a million miles and hour like a ….heyyyyyyyyyy!!

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A little bit later, crashed out on the couch, Bart sees on the news broadcast that Albert Knickerbocker Aloysius Snake …

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has been arrested for a ton of thefts and could be put to death under the new “4 balls and you walk” method…walk straight to the electric chair that is. Milhouse apologizes. He just wanted to ruin his life, not end it. Bart can’t believe he would do such a thing. Especially to a guy with a kid.

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That night Marge just so happens to leave her “Dissatisfied Wife Magazine” out for Homer to see.

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He tells her to quit hinting at what she wants and just say it. Marge wants Homer to take Lisa out on a lil dinner date and treat her like a gentleman so she will expect the same from the man she plans on marrying. She keeps telling him he can’t take her to do the thing he wants to do. He needs to act like someone he would want Lisa to marry, not like…Homer.

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Homer is a bit upset that Marge finds Homer a bad guy type for Lisa to marry. He grabs his pillow to go crash on Flanders couch for the night. Theirs is crap.

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Back at Moe’s, Homer is explaining to the guys how Marge told him he has to ask Lisa out on a date. They don’t know if Homer can do it, he has been out of the game a while and is a bit rusty. Sillyness follows…like a scene of a group of lil teen girls trying to ask a boy out from school. Cletus’ response is priceless.

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Bart has his lil red wagon full of all the items from Snake. He is taking them to the Police Station to try and get Snake released. (Looks like El Barto has struck. I wonder if the TV show gets FP’s. Lol.) Bart explains to Wiggum that he wans’t being greedy, he was trying to repay Bart. Wiggum denies Bart’s plea and hollers to Lou to warm up the electric chair. Too bad Lou just can’t finish putting it together. He got it from IKILLYA and the instructions are in Swedish. Snake tells him them he speaks fluent Swedish, so Wiggum tells Lou to hand over the lil wrench. Snake promptly uses it as a knife against Wiggums neck.

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It’s so cold Wiggum demands Lou to release Snake. He tells Bart he won’t need to save him a third time. He will find a way to make Wiggum shoot him instead of being able to catch him. “Suicide by Cop”.

Marge stumbles upon the mess in the bathroom from Homer preparing for his date with Lisa. Homer keeps pointing out he is doing everything he can to NOT be Homer. NOT look like a monkey. He will do everything Homer would never do. Marge feels bad and says she doesn’t have a problem with Homer, except his buttons are all messed up…and she tries to fix them. Homer gets upset that all she keeps just finding fault with him and storms off to ask Maggie for help with his shirt.

Homer and Lisa end up at the Guilded Truffle. He tries to do his best and orders the vegetarian lasagna (but asks if the red sauce can be cow blood).

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Marge shows up and tries to talk to Homer in a private conversation of loud whispers. She feels so terrible at how she has been treating him. She takes off her overcoat to reveal very seductive dress.

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Homer forgets he is there on a date with Lisa, until she reminds him. Marge heads over to the bar to wait. Jimbo promptly hits on her.

At Springfield Elementary, Lisa runs into Luca$ who is now eating a salad. He has decided to instead become whatever Adele is. He has changed his name to £uca$ (pound duca dollar). Maybe Lisa can just teach him how to whistle…with her mouth…yah he is catching right on…NOT!!!

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Quite a silly episode with a lot of hidden moments and jokes. What did YOU think of it? Like Snake’s kids name? Like Snake’s name? Sound off in the comments below.

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