IN Game Update: Episode Tie-In Days of Future Future (Updated & Complete)

Good morning Tappers. Get your fingers ready. We got a lil update in our games. Homer kicks it off.

update 492014

Well it’s not Whacking Day and it’s 1 day before the “other game” (Update Clarification the “other game” is the Family Guy Game which is released tomorrow.  We have a full site dedicated to it ( BUT when we first told you guys about the new site I PROMISED I wouldn’t talk about it on TSTO Addicts again…since it’s such a polarizing topic.  However, looks like some people are confused by that reference just wanted to clarify it 🙂 ) is released BUT it’s an in-game update nonetheless!  I’ve got to tell you, when I looked at the upcoming episodes of The Simpsons THIS is one I had marked as a possible Episode Tie-In (and one I was hoping for!).  So let’s take a look at the goodies this new update brings…

As always for our friends who don’t like to know what’s in the update before they play it details are below the fold…so SPOILERS AHEAD!

UPDATE: There was a HOTFIX/Patch to the Game about 5:30PM EST…to see more CLICK HERE!

First up the free stuff!  Hilarious new quest line involving Homer and Maude (and free prize(s) at the end!)

Here’s the rundown of what’s included in the update:

Free Stuff:

Homer’s Grave…awarded at the end of the questline (more details coming, it’s pretty cool)


Capital City Goofball- 3,000 FP NPC (non-playable character).  No tasks associated with this.  Some animation when tapped.  We will have a complete Friendship Level 7 rundown on this soon 🙂



Premium Stuff:

New decoration…

Cremo Bot- 30 Donuts. Awards 0.75% bonus to all cash and xp (2×6 in size).  Can have multiples. Animation, front opens to show fire, no tasks associated with this.  We will have a Should I Buy on this soon…like always 🙂

Returning items….

From what I’m seeing if you didn’t play TSTO during the Halloween update you’re getting the chance to purchase Maude and the Fortune Teller shop again.  Trying to confirm this so more details will be up soon (since we were all around during Halloween we all have her in our towns, so I’ve got to do some digging and see)

From the BEST READERS EVER!  Maude and the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop ARE back, as premium items.  They’ll unlock in your build menu (if you don’t have them from Halloween) after you complete the first part of the quest.  And they’re 25donuts for the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop and Maude (combined) UPDATE: EA realized their “oops” and corrected the cost to what they originally wanted, 150 donuts for the combo.
Originally this was a free item at Halloween and now it’s 25 donuts 150 donuts and we will have a Should I Buy on it soon…just like we always do 🙂

Homer auto starts into the Update by saying he is hungry. He will need to be free to kick off “Not Enough (Moral) Fiber Pt.1“.

Not Enough (Moral) Fiber Pt.1
Homer starts

Homer: So hungry…haven’t had…eating job…in days.
Lisa: If you’re hungry, how about an apple?  You could probably grow some at Cletus’s farm.
Homer: I saw I’m hungry, not peckish.  The idea that you can satisfy your hunger by eating a piece of fruit is complete nonsense.  It’s just one of those things grown-ups tell kids to do but don’t actually do themselves…like brushing your teeth before bed, or reading instead of watching TV, or practicing safe sex.
Lisa: What about thank-you cards?
Homer: I haven’t written one since I was eleven.  Also, don’t play video games.  And don’t mindlessly do whatever you’re told.
Reach Level 7 and Build a Krusty Burger
Make Homer Eat at Krusty Burger– 30min, Earns $40, 10xp
Homer: What’s going on?  And who’s that fat guy lying on the pavement who looks a lot like me….but obviously isn’t because I’m transparent and hovering over him?
Maude: That’s you, Homer.  You’ve had a heart attack, causing your spirit to leave your body.
Homer: Oh yeah?  Well, if I’m just a spirit, how come you can talk to me?
Maude: Because I’m just a spirit too.  You killed me, Homer.  Don’t you remember?
Homer: Eh, I kill a lot of people — Frank Grimes, Shary Bobbins, that trucker who ate too much steak.  It gets hard to keep track.
Maude: And if you’re not careful, soon you’ll kill yourself.
Homer: You mean I get a second chance?  Woo-hoo!  There was still so many things on Earth I never got a chance to eat.
Maude: No Homer, that’s why I’ve appeared to you.  You need to mend your gluttonous ways.  Otherwise…The next time you binge, it will be the GRAVE for you!!!

Not Enough (Moral) Fiber Pt.2
Homer starts

Homer: I can’t believe I’m being haunted…again.  We’ve really been going to the ghost well a lot lately.  But Maude is the worst ghost of them all….because she’s making me watch what I eat!  Maybe I can get Flanders to reason with her.  After all, there’s no one a woman is more likely to listen to than her recently remarried ex-husband.
Make Homer Ask For Ned’s Help– 1hr, Earns $140, 34xp
Ned: How-diddily-hodiddiliy-hi-there-dilly-neighboreen–
Homer: Shut up, Flanders!  I need your help.  Maude is haunting me and I need your help to get her off my back.  You’re good at driving her away.  Remember that one time when you drove her away from the world by killing her?
Ned: Actually Homer, that was you.
Homer: Right, right.  Why do I keep forgetting that?

Not Enough (Moral) Fiber Pt.3
Ned starts

Ned: You know Homer, maybe this spooking is just the wake-up call you need to turn your diet around.  You want to live to see your kids grow up, don’t you?Homer: Of course… if that ever actually happens.  In the meantime, I’ll do what I can to watch my eating.
Ned: That’s the spirit!
Make Homer Eat Everything in Ned’s House–  12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp                                                                           homerdie
Maude: I warned you this would happen if you continued to over-eat.  And now…It’s the GRAVE for you!

decoration noteThat decoration is Homer’s Grave (4×2 in size)!  But now here’s where the cool part comes in….

Not Enough (Moral) Fiber Pt.4
Homer starts

Homer: Hang on a minute.  I’m not dead.  What’s going on here?
Maude: Well…I’m just a ghost.  I can scare you and try to get you to mend your ways…but I can’t actually kill you.  Union rules.
Homer: So what was that whole grave thing about?
Maude: Well, I said it would be the grave for you, and I had to honor my promise.  More rules – they’re a really serious union.  But let me make one thing clear.  If you over-eat again in the future, it will once again be the GRAVE for you.
Homer: By which you mean, you’ll put another decoration in my inventory?
Maude: That’s right.
Homer: So you’re telling me that instead of dying a horrible painful death from over-eating, I get a FREE grave EACH time I do it?
Maude: I…uh…guess.  Where are you going with this Homer?
Homer: Woo-hoo!  Out of my imaginary way, Maude!  I’m going to eat like a Midwesterner!
freegraves ends
So you have until midnight Saturday to earn 9 additional graves (10 total)!  All FREE! (Note: the graves are all the same thing.  You’ll just get 10 of Homer’s grave.  They are not different)
Make Homer Raid Random Fridges– 7 hrs (x9), Earns $250, 60xp each time.

Each time you make Homer raid a fridge and complete it he has a heart attack (great animation!) and either he or Maude say one of these lines of dialogue (that i’ve seen…if you have something different please share it with us!):

-Homer: Hate the heart attacks — love the graves!
-Maude: Shame on you, Homer!  I’m punishing you with this complimentary grave!
-Homer: Woohoo!  Another free grave to add to my already outrageous collection!
-Maude: I’d dance on your grave, but there’s just too many of them.  And I can’t dance when floating.
-Homer: Getting to over-eat is its own reward.  The grave is just gravy.
-Maude: Enough with the graves!  I’ve got other people to haunt already!
Yes they do repeat…and each time you’ll earn another grave for your inventory!

Not Enough (Moral) Fiber Pt.5
Homer starts

Maude: Homer, I give up.  This haunting has accomplished absolutely nothing.  If anything, it’s only made you fatter.
Homer: Yes, thank you.
Maude: The good news is the time limit on my haunting contract with you is done.  I may not have been able to kill you, but you’re doing a fine job of that yourself.  I’ll see you soon!
Make Homer Raid Another Random Fridge– 7 hrs, Earns $250, 60xp
Homer: What? No more graves?

And with that the episode tie-in questline is complete!

226 responses to “IN Game Update: Episode Tie-In Days of Future Future (Updated & Complete)

  1. I think that’s so lame they made a quest you couldn’t complete without donuts. I’m up from about 6:30 am to midnight everyday and had Homer raiding fridges continuously, and I too missed out on the last grave. I hardly need it, but I hate that I was not actually able to get it. EA better be careful. Unrelenting quests and the hard push to needing to spend real money for even basic game play is what killed games like FarmVille. I always liked the more gentle hand they take in this game – which actually makes me more likely to use some real money.

    • Yeah, I missed it by about 2 hours as well. I didn’t want to use donuts either, and 9 is a lot already. I was hoping we’d see some zombies rise from them at episode end or something… Oh well. They look kind of cool on the beach, anyway.

  2. Has anyone else’s Not enough (moral) fibre part 4 completed itself? I set Homer off on the first of 9 fridge raids, visited Krustyland and he appeared there with a ! for a task to be completed in Springfield. When I went back my game was suddenly on Part 5 but there are no additional graves in my inventory! What can I do to get the graves? Help please!

  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but do each of Homer’s Graves have an effect on the Conformity Meter? I’ve been stuck with needing still 1/2 a Vanity star to complete my 5, and have 3 graves out.

  4. Midnight on Saturday? I think that means it’s nearly impossible get all 10 graves without using a donut or two. Here’s my math. I’d be happy to be corrected, though:

    The 5-part questline takes 83.5 hours, which is 3 days, 12 hours. The update hit Wednesday morning and ends Saturday midnight, a duration of 3 days, 12 hours. So unless you download the update the second it hits, and reset Homer’s tasks within minutes of its completion every time it happens, I don’t see 10 graves being feasible.

    Of course, the fifth part of the quest can be started as late as 11:59 PM on Saturday, so that technically gives you 7 hours to waste. It would still require perfect gameplay, though…hmm.

    • Lol. I just honestly do not know what I am going to do with all those graves. 😉

    • I managed to get all 10 graves without spending any donuts. However, a couple of times when I happened to wake up in the middle of the night I went to the trouble of logging in and tapping Homer out and in; I also stayed up until 1:30am ET last night to make sure I got the last one before the deadline passed.

  5. I just sent this to EA. May I suggest that everyone outside of the US who recieved a price hike, send EA a message too.

    “Why has the cost of purchasing doughnuts for Australian users gone up so much, especially as the Australian Dollar has risen against the US dollar. For example a Shop full of doughnuts(900) was I believe $51.99 last week, it now cost $64.99. I have heard from people in the US that they still only pay $49.99.

    A. Why have we had such a massive price hike ?

    B. Why are US users still paying the same prices ?

    This is unfair and i will seriously have to consider whether i continue to play this gane or not.”

  6. hey I bought maude and the gypsy house, all I got was the Gypsy house, how come maude is not floating around the game ? I also want to know why we are getting over charged in Australia for doughnuts. Its not fair.

    • Maude is a completely separate entity. She will be all by herself in your inventory menu. Just scroll back through it and you should see here there to place into your town. 🙂

      As far as the cost increase on the donuts, you will need to contact EA. There may be a cost issue causing the change in pricing. Sorry.

  7. not sure where this should go but I had to post it.

    Bunny Crumpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m still getting visited by people I deleted weeks ago…has there been any theories or is it just a glitch? Well my theory is when you delte a friend, the game doesn’t actually delete but just allows a new friend to be written over it… your old friend has come back to finally visit not knowing they were deleted at all…I don’t know…

    Hey Homer is in a Bunny suit in the app store !!!!!! 🙂

    • That is what I am hearing. Can you screen shot it? I want to see it for myself.

      • Oops, fell asleep tapping…my son showed me on his kindle…mine has the normal “running away” Homer…I just knew you guys already had this put up…gawd, I’m sorry I can’t show you but at least it shows something big coming… 😉

      • Okay, I did find it…it is running as an ad banner in the Amazon app store and is of Homer in a bunny suit walking like the previous one with his hand up on a giants finger…yeah this is real…:) 🙂 🙂 …Bunny getting an Easter event!!! Woohoo!!!

      • Your blog says I have to link to a puter to get a screenshot…that ain’t happening tonight…but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a Homer Bunny out there!!! 🙂
        Sorry no screenshot…there’s an easter basket with colored eggs…oh and Homer is walking away flashing his white puffy tail… 🙂 …is yours white, Bunny??? LOL

      • OMG I got you a photo bunny!! My friend has a kindle but the best I can get for you now is a photo she took with her camera of the kindle app store. She’s technology impaired so I didn’t want to put her through all the screenshot stuff @ 5am LOL here you go!!!!

      • Oh my eyes…Homer’s suit is white and his tail is pink…my other comment was from a bogus memory…the god hand also carries an Easter basket…this is gonna hit, they’re not just teasing you Bunny!!! 🙂

    • anakinskywalker

      same thing here!’

  9. Has anyone else got a glitch of two Homers since this update? I’ve had two since yesterday and it seems like both are working and getting rewards. I’m not complaining, I can get all the graves on double time if this continues but I worried all my progress my delete itself when it realises the issue.

  10. I dont like the free 10 graves i have no room to stick em in my cemetery

  11. jackson sluther

    OMG On the first day of the update I got Maude for only 25 donuts and she gets 50% more too. Add me lv 39 browny_gravy

  12. wildthornberry88

    Hmm glut another update just now but can’t see any changes :S

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