Weekend Update: April 6th- April 12th

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. (Did you just yawn too now?) Boy what a busy lil week. Lots of fun to be had, drinks to be drunk, cheetos to be crunched, and one poor driven mad Alissa. But enough about what happened at Addicts Headquarters…


Weekend Update Addicts


How was your week? Busy busy too? Get a bunch more donuts before the new FP item was dropped? Well on to what you came here to see…

Last Saturday after the Weekend Update post Alissa gave us the heads up on the New Simpsons Episode: Luca$.

Then Bunny hopped on in to feature YOU in Springfield Showoff: Apartments.


Now for this weeks goodies…

SUNDAY: Bunny hopped on in with another cool women brought into our game courtesy of the New Level 39 in Real Housewives of Springfield: Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon. (Try saying that 5 times fast.) She then jumped back in to bring to you her recap of the New Simpsons Episode: Luca$ w/tweet commentary via Hank Azaria.

Alissa then got the conversation started with the nights Open Thread. The silly random things you all talk about crack me up.


MONDAY: Time to giggle. Alissa kicked off the day with a Caption This from YOU. Did you come up with a tag line for it?

Bunny put on her nerdy geek girl glasses to help clarify those crazy Name Notifications you are seeing increased in the game.

Wookiee wanted to show us another side of the Simpsons legend in this weeks Silly Simpsons: Springfield. Did you guess?


TUESDAY: Bunny helped to clarify that YES, donuts were still randomly popping up after you maxed your FP in Donuts At My Neighbors? She then tried to spark a lil inspiration with Simple Town Designs: Cletus’ Farm.

Wookiee wanted to see if YOU are a lil cranky, grumpy, sour faced…or are YOU happy in his Diary of a Wookie: A Ramble on Happiness.


WEDNESDAY: Alissa started the morning with a poll for YOU. What Friendship Level Are YOU On?


The Addicts Team went on high alert to bring to you all the information on the New Episode Tie-In Update to Days of Future Future.

Bunny hopped on in to let you know of a couple new items in the game in Random Changes Noticed. Then putting on the nerdy geek girl glasses, time to go Glitch huntin for the issues with locating Maude after purchase. EA in the meantime was busy with damage control and jumped in a Hotfix/Patch to correct the cost of Maude/Gypsy combo to what they originally planned. I hope a LOT of you got the good deal before it was fixed.

Alissa had us take a step out of the Update realm and get into the mind of our Winner of Shoutout for April, Mopurglar.


THURSDAY: Bunny jumped on in to remind you to get in those cool pics for this weeks Showoff: Tacos and Duff. She then hopped back in to alert you of another HotFix/Patch 2 that hit our games. (It also brought a cool image. EEEEEE!)

Alissa gave you a bit of information for a new item to see if you Should Spend Donuts On: Cremo Bot. Then she provided the details in Should I Spend Donuts on Maude and the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop. She then gave us some AWESOME news that they were going to run a Marathon of ALL the Simpsons TV Episodes.


FRIDAY: You want to know what changes hit your game with the Update, well Alissa provided us with the latest Conform-O-Meter changes. She then brought you all the details of unlocking the cool new Friend Point Item: Capitol City Goofball.

Wookiee snuck on in next to give us some back ground on Where Did THAT Come From: Capitol City Goofball. As well as some great news that Springfield could be coming soon to HOLLYWOOD!

Bunny went a lil nuts today and had to be tranqulized as the image from HotFix2 spread around like…well…BUNNIES IN OUR GAMES!!!


SATURDAY: Stay tuned for the Episode Reminder and Springfield Showoff: Bumblebee Man’s Tacos n Seven Duffs. There is still a lil tiny bit of time to get your entries in.


As an added bonus, our very own Wookiee is actually going to be appearing by voice on a livestream today at 4PM EST.  That’s 1PM for all you west coasters like him and 9PM GMT (what the fuzzball calls zulu time, whatever that means). Head on over to TheAdiposeTV’s livestream on twitch.tv if you want to hear what a wookiee actually sounds like.  Tell him Bunny said she wanted you to bug him.  Adi is designing the Tunnel of Love in Krustyland and I hear they give away donuts there sometimes too.  Show the wookster some wuv Addicts.


Don’t forget to collect all of the Homer Graves you want as that part expires at 11:59 PM PST (They are all the same, so no need to rush if you just want one). Also, last minute entries for Showoff can still be snuck on in. HURRY HURRY! 😛

Homer grave ends

So there you have it. The week all smashed into one neat and tidy lil post. Nice and convenient for you. Makes you wonder what is gonna come next, huh? What was YOUR favorite things that happened this week? Get the new Capitol City Goofball yet? Buy the newGypsy/Maude Combo? Get it for a steal of a deal? Sound off in the comments below.

Til next time…


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50 responses to “Weekend Update: April 6th- April 12th

  1. Will there be or is there an Easter update Bunny?

    • Despite not being furry I think I can answer this for you 😉
      So far it’s just speculation, nothing confirmed until we see it in the files or it hits our games. But we should know something in the next few days 🙂

  2. Bunny!! Thanks for adding me! I’m going to be late to work now because I was cruising around B town forever! Love what you did with your trains omg so creative and cool. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. OMGAWD…I couldn’t find a place to squeeze in on a previous conversation, so here I am…my last comment was apparently struck down so I’ll try a less risque approach…
    No one has mentioned the movie my quote is from…I figured at least Wookiee would’ve said it… 🙂 …

    • …oops, I cut the above short cause my dog, Bob Barker, was crying to go out for his turn to #1…
      Did at least one, maybe two people go a tad crazy lastnight??? Wish I hadn’t fallen asleep…sorry.
      GRANMAMADAR!!! 🙂 …Hi there…aren’t you sooo cute with your buildings and trees and bushes… 😉 😉 😉 …LOL…I deleted an old friend for you…he was a dude *spits* …no real “Bro Code” in my Springfield…
      How are you??? I took a hasty strool through your town, lovely indeed, but alas, I’d just waken up and…hadn’t had my coffee yet… I Will be back… 🙂

  4. Love the site…first time poster but always ready it. On the difference in prices for the donuts here’s an article about apples change . http://appleinsider.com/articles/11/07/13/apple_adjusts_app_store_exchange_rates_adds_volume_app_purchasing_for_businesses

    • Welcome to the Addicts madness then!! I appreciate your information. The thing that baffles my mind is users in AUS are seeing and INCREASE and if I am reading the article right, they showed their app cost going down and not up. Interesting article none the less. Thank you for it. I am looking into it further trying to get clarification. 🙂

  5. Woohoo!!! Donuts After Goofball Confirmed !!! Thanks Tabi !!! 🙂

    • Sweet. Congrats! Glad to hear they are back. A little disappointed with my goose egg in that category yesterday. But hopefully can pick up an extra donut or two today.

      • I got three more a moment ago…but it was the “leveling up” donuts…and the three cost me big time!!!…they were in the Right box this time and I picked the other two!!! LOL

  6. Maybe I missed the post about it… Do you get anything special for completing Homer’s gorge fest?

    • Other than graves? No, not really. Not sure if they will become special after the episode. Still curious as to why 10 of them all the same. Would have liked some of a few other characters from the series that have them. Like Grimes.

  7. I’ll have started on grave 10, but not finished it out when the event ends. We’ll see what happens…. Today I had Lincoln giving a public address the same time that Quimby was making a speech, so I got a public debate! (I wonder who won, they certainly weren’t following Robert’s Rules of order 😉 ). The best part was when the Cap City Mascot wandered by, not paying them an ounce of attention. Sorry public people! I didn’t think of screen shotting it until it was too late. Maybe next time.

  8. Woohoo…got the prize…started tapping for donuts and the smoke alarm went off…that means supper’s ready!!! WooHoo!!! 🙂

    • Well done…and WELL DONE!! 😛

    • I got my Goofball pretty early this evening about 12 neighbour’s in. I went through the next 200+ actions hoping for donuts. Unfortunately not a single donut tonight. However, I was getting $107 per action, so can’t complain :).

  9. easter update ???

  10. I had a glitch at the start of the eppy tie in where I started it on my iPhone and grabbed 2 Homer graves, I got home and went to my iPad, and the tie in restarted on me. I can’t say I’m complaining seeing as though I now have 11 homer graves.

    • Sheesh…killing off people in your town left and right? Is it Steve? Or Hannibal? Lol 😛

      • I ate Homer’s kidneys with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Then came another Homer… And another… Aaaaaand another. I’m so full of Homers I giving up my cannibalistic ways.

  11. When did the price of donuts change? It’s been a few months since I bought any. I play on my iPad and for 900 donuts its $62!! But when I log into my android it’s still $51.99.

  12. Not sure where to ask….hoping someone can help. How do I change my avatar to a personal pic?

  13. Maude plus gypsy fortune teller glitch is the best deal for this week i guess

    • Lol. It was in my opinion. Oh…and sent you something 🙂

      • 25 donuts? Hell no i cant resist it, by the time the update hit and saw it, the voice in my head keep sayin “JUST BUY IT AND DONT YOU EVEN DARE TO THINK ABOUT IT!!”

        Anyway just got the Capital City Goofball, now lurking on free donuts tonight

        Btw Bunny, can i say received an invitation from you is also the fav thing happened this week? Lol

        PS: love the BUNNY area ^^

        • Hehehehe. Well I am glad you got it at the “oops” cost. 😉

          Awww, well space opened up and I need friends. Just be warned, I may not be the best neighbor when I get really busy. But at least I can humor you with my ever changing town. 😛

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