Wookiee Randomness: I’d TAP that

What’s up Addicts?  What’s the haps on the craps?

Is that saying even cool any more?  Where are all my old school rap fans at? West coast is the best coast, right?  Somehow I think I dated myself just now but it’s ok.  I’ve never been the guy who was cool/hip/fly/dope/etc.  I’ve always been more of a Lewis Skolnick than a Zack Morris.  Before you start the Screech jokes, know I did identify with that character but as I’ve met him in real life and wish I hadn’t, I would never compare myself to him plus I’m much more street smart.  If you gotta pick a nerd, pick a good one and Lewis is that.


Anywho… this post isn’t about the eighties or nineties or nerds.  It’s actually just a question I was wondering about.  So here’s what’s been floating in me noggin. Last week while tapa tapa tapping in Wookieetown, I realized that it brings me joy when I see that a particular neighbor has tapped certain buildings.  For example, I have a buddy who really likes Professor Frink.  When I see his name attached to a tap on Frink’s lab or other “smart” buildings, I smile.  It’s also sweet that his lady makes sure to tap the lab when it’s available.  Admittedly, I made sure my lab was neat-o just for him.

Frink's and Otto's

Another neighbor whose favorite is Otto taps the school bus in Wookieetown consistently.  It’s so funny to me and dare I admit I prefer not to see other names attached to the bus.  Weird to think it as purely that neighbors tapping space.  I have a frienderino with a horror-themed moniker who naturally taps on my grave yard.  Because I know she loves baseball, it makes sense that Alissa would tap on Duff Stadium.  Just another one of those little things about TSTO which adds to my experience.

Stadium & Graveyard

Another strange thing to admit is when I see certain friends tap on their buildings, I’ve been known to verbalize a hello and have my family look at me like I farted.  I like seeing people on my friends list having “regular haunts”. This got me wondering if I was a creature of habit with what I tap.  I paid attention over a week and other than really liking to vandalize buildings regardless of friend points (I blame egging and TPing during Halloween 2012), I found myself tapping the Android’s Dungeon when it was available.  Makes sense since CBG is my favorite character and I love comic books as well as Nerdicana in general.


So, I’m curious.  Do you find yourself consistent in what you tap?  What’s your favorite tapping spot?  Do you not care and just randomly hit things?  Do you hit it and quit it or do you take your time to find the right thing to tap?  Do your neighbors consistently pick certain areas to place their marks? Did all those questions sound dirty?  Sound off in the comments below with any thoughts or experiences.

Until next time keep on tapping in the free world.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

135 responses to “Wookiee Randomness: I’d TAP that

  1. Claire McGonigal

    first ever blog reply, I like tapping the lemon tree, not sure why! also I feel so guilty when I accidentally tap a brown house on my way to vandalizing. great website!

    • I love those lemon trees!
      Thank you for your first.ever.reply! Hope to see you in the comments more often, now that you’ve gotten the first one out of the way!
      And thank YOU for the kind words! 🙂

      • I like the lemon trees as well…they would go nicely with a tequila tree… 😉 … sorry I, we, blew up this and other threads…hope you got a laugh from some of it, Alissa…and thanks for that silly thing you did yesterday!!! 🙂 … happy Easter Event Eve…fingers crossed… 🙂

    • I like the sound the lemon tree makes as well.

    • Welcome to the madness. First of your life so far lol. The lemon tree is one I like too. I imagine myself stealing it.

  2. If this isn’t the longest running Sunday Night Open Thread…then it’s granmamadar’s fault… LOL. 🙂

    g’night everybody!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Morning. 😉

    • Oh s***…wrong thread!!! Sorry kill em!!!

    • Goodnight Freak, wish you could see this awesome eclipse, almost there & definitely blood red. Sweet dreams 🙂

      & hey, what do you mean it’s my fault? LOL

      • Glad you can see it…seen many…I want a closer view, myself!!! 🙂

        g’night 🙂

      • No, I want to go out there…where no man/furry creature has gone before… 😉

        • Are you afraid of Tribbles, or women?

        • Wow, wanna talk about FreakING me out, that last post, the second I hit send, my laptop went black LOL. My son told me today that when you leave it plugged in all the time it ruins the battery life.

      • Afraid, very afraid of women…lol
        Well I just tapped the majority of my friends about an hour ago…many of my guys were tasked to 24 hr quests… still no donuts…that’s at least three days for me… 🙁

        • sorry @ no donuts, but hey, it’s BUNNY day, so smile 🙂

          • Yeah, it’s bunny’s day…not yet over here though…happy for her…I was hoping for more decorations but it doesn’t look like there are any…I guess it’ll be fun this time tomorrow though!!! I did something with my dumpsters…go look? 🙂

            • Did you get a buyer? LOL, Will do right now. BTW, I keep forgetting to tell you I absolutely LOVE your DSOTM!

              • freaknstein8

                🙂 Thanks…

              • You’re quite welcome Freak 🙂

              • freaknstein8

                I’ve been real happy with EA this year but this stupid 24 hr quest is crap… 🙁 …sorry…just nothing to do…no sense in visiting neighbors…no idea what I need to change in my town for this update or if I can put my town back like it was…I don’t …sorry…just not a great day for me…I’ll be better… 🙂

              • I hope things are going better for you today 🙂

              • freaknstein8

                Worse… 🙁

              • I’m sorry Freak 🙁

                BIG ((((hug))))

              • freaknstein8

                Thank you…trying to salvage what so far seems tobe a wasted event for me.

              • Awww, don’t think that way, what is it they say, anything good is worth waiting for? Cheer up my friend 🙂

              • freaknstein8

                You still don’t know…I lost 100 donuts within 5 minutes of the event…bought almost 12000 eggs, by accident…want some? 🙂

              • Ouch Freak! That would most definitely bum me out. There must be a positive somewhere down the road to it… Try to have fun in spite of it all, & if I can do anything, let me know.

              • Holy freeehole-ies! You do have a LOT of eggs. We could make deviled eggs out of them. I thought you could exchange them for stuff?

              • freaknstein8

                Thank you …I’m faaaaar from happy right now but it’s okay…trying to make light of it…just a game…just a %©%#$@£¢¿#@$& game… 🙂

              • 🙁

                I feel bad that happened. Sorry freak. Wish there was a way I could help. What if…I send you a bottle of bunny water? Would that work? Or…I could shave Wookiee bald and send you pics of that?

              • :-*

              • freaknstein8

                Hey…am better now…couldn’t give you any eggs yet…accidentally gave some guy 200 eggs…lol
                …sure could use a drink!!! 🙂

              • I’m glad you’re doing better 🙂

                Bunny might share some of her “water” with you 😉

                Did you check out my Easter display? It’s no biggie, but I’m a little happier now about the lack of decorations 🙂

              • freaknstein8

                Oh I’m using them…lol…get a basket but hey, don’t buy one cause you’ll get one tapping your bunnies…you will. 🙂

              • That’s good, I didn’t want to use any more donuts, since I used 6 to speed up the 24 hr starting of the event.

            • Freak, That looks GREAT! I’m with you on the Easter deco’s kinda expected more :/

      • Just messing with you…this pull down reply thingy is killing me…keeps locking up…hard to respond to everything…hope you had a goodnight!!! 🙂

  3. I also tend to go for the buildings that take a long time to generate income, or in some cases the ones that I assume take a long time because I don’t have them yet, haha. I also go for the ones that I assume were from special events before I started playing – the pumpkin house, the gingerbread house, Fort Sensible, the Halloween stuff, last year’s Whacking Day…stuff I want. 😛 I always make sure to check out Squidport before I take out Krusty Burger, Flanders and brown houses (in that order). I don’t vandalize (on purpose anyway), so Kwik-E-Marts and the Simpson house are last resorts before heading to Krustyland – not that I can’t use the tickets, I’d just rather have the money which is why I almost never tap on my own buildings there (it can wait ’til level 39ish, just like most of my Squidport will).

    Beyond that, one thing I almost always do in someone’s town is tap certain characters for their soundbites, whether it’s the gobbling turkey, the raccoon and his/her chirp (from xmas? I started playing the last day or two of that update so I didn’t get him), Snowball II meowing and hacking, Stampy…I’ll also admit to saying “Hi Doctor Nick!” everytime I pop into a town where I’m greeted by him, and that the yupperchaun saved one of my inactive friends from deletion for a while, though I did let him/her go – I get not being able to scroll through everyone on a daily basis, but not checking your game for handshakes so others can tap is kinda not cool…especially for well over a week.

  4. Arrrgh… My mile long rambling of the day was just dumped because my wifi decided to dump me (it is possessed LOL). Any way, quick synop (am I capable of that?):

    Excellent thread Wook, literally LOL@fart. Get outta my head w/your Lewis laughing in Wookie voice. At least you didn’t relate with Booger.

    Tapping? Daily. Spray can, high$, whatever I can find, in that order.
    Being visited? Only notice about a handul of names, figure non-dailies have their reasons. Always have enough for everyone to tap on when they visit.

    Pet peeve… numerous attempts to tap a neighbor with no luck. After a day, I check their last playing time, & depending on their level/past history/length of neighbor, I unfriend them. Hate doing it, but want to make room for devotees. I let lower level players slide as long as they’re consistently playing, don’t want to discourage a new Addict 🙂

    Quick synop? FAIL lol (this was 1/2 as long as the original LOL)

  5. Great posting Wookiee (and thanks for adding me…AWESOME TOWN). I like to “tag” since it helps friends get their “stuff”. I also have several friends (ColonialArticus I’m talking to you 😊) with amazing towns that are always changing (I know every “squire” inch of their towns) and when I see something new I want them to know, “I was here, I saw your clever/ hard work, I like it!”, so I tap a building in or close to the new addition. Then I usually head to Krustyland for selfish reasons, I’m low on tickets and completing the build. Hint, Hint..lol

    • yah yah yah…I’m a busy girl…bad neighbor this week. 😛

      • I noticed…..cue frowny face in 3…2…1 😩, but rumor has it you’ve been quite busy with some “other” site (whatever that means), so you get a pass this week….😉

        • NOOOOO idea what you mean. Me? Busy? Psssh. NEVER! 😛

          I was FORCED to help some dude with something he and his buddy named Bruce went and broke. Psssh. Guys named Cybers… 😉

  6. Just wondering never really paid attention how many friends points is awarded for vandalizing friends town…. oh and add me please Kweatherly774

  7. WanderingCaveman

    After the Frink Points got introduced I started going for the buildings with the spray cans, mainly because certain neighbors were so vocal about it *cough*Freak*cough*
    Otherwise I tend to tap the Adroids Dungeon because I’m a huge comic fan. Of course, if I’m trying to get through all of my neighbors quickly I’ll sometimes go for the first thing I see when I enter their town.

  8. Great post! Admittedly, I love tapping other peeps Frink’s Labs, Christmas villages & spray painting the school!

  9. BTW, I’ll be popping in ROTN into the DVD player right after I’m done typing th…

  10. I go for spray cans. If I can’t find any, I go for my favorite sounding buildings. Pet sematary 😉 Frink’s lab, etc etc…

  11. I like to tap the buildings that have the sounds I like, like Frinks lab, Disco Stu’s, the Itchy and Scratchy store and Krabapples Apartment. Since the friend points started I try to find spraycans to help boost my friends FP totals.

  12. I like to vandalize. But I also try to take care of buildings that take a long time to generate income. 🙂

    • I’m with you mp, that’s what I usually do. Sometimes I hit a MB not tapped before I find the spray cans & can’t help myself, though LOL

  13. It’s interesting to me how much people do not like to tap on the brown houses. I have a gaggle of them as a safeguard, just because that way I know even if I’m keeping up with my longer earning buildings that my neighbors will have something to tap on to pay out and earn them points (just cuz sometimes “I’m an hourly player” means “I will keep my town completely clear so you’ll get nothing, but I’ll visit you every day without fail!”)
    But Kwik-E-Marts and Simpsons house always get tapped before Brown houses, even in my one town where the Kwik-E-Mart is bottom left and you’d never get to it without passing over all the brown houses (I know I know, 45 sec, 3 min vs 5 minutes is not that big a difference unless one is hypervigilant). I just think it’s fascinating.

  14. I just moved my buildings to make it easier for tappers to hit the spay button – with the exception of the school, of course. I usually try to hit the spray can first, unless I get to the point where I get only one FP, then I hit what’s handy. Dated yourself? Phooey! When you get to be my age (83) age means nothing.

  15. Hey Wookiee, first of all, my son just showed me a pic from tvguide.com, showing the upcoming Simpsons Lego episode…it looked like maybe it was prepped for cover art though they quit printing years ago, right?!? Oh jeez, it’s from the Simpson’s FB page.

    Not that anyone cares what I tap… 🙂 …If I see only one spraycan, I go to Squidport to tap Turban Outfitters(?) , due to it’s 36 hour payout speed…then I often go after the church since that’s been my “home” for so much of my life …part of me being a freak… 😉 …then I tap a spraycan or I come back later to see if one is available…but, hey…ask anyone…I’m nuts!!! 🙂

  16. Ha, that’s so funny that you wrote this post because that thought has actually occurred to me. When visiting neighbors towns, I tend to tap buildings that I don’t have in my town. Like when I didn’t have the Gingerbread House from last years Halloween event (I have it now), I would always tap that building because I wanted it. Another building I find myself tapping now is the Mapple store, which I hope makes a return to the stores again so I can have it in my town.

  17. I always make an effort to tap the spray vans first since the start of FP’s. Prior to that with the exclusion of events, i will tap buildings that take long time to regenerate if possible.

  18. I… like to vandalize Moe’s. I’ll usually only vandalize one building, and it’s always Moe’s.

    Also if anyone has an Aztec building, I’ll tap that if it’s available. I just like the signs, I guess, and I like the way the red looks on the Moe’s sign.

    • LOL you got something against Moe? 😉
      I like vandalizing Moe’s too…mostly because when I do it I picture him yelling at Bart through the phone lol

  19. I thought I was the only one! I love to see when my neighbors tap places other than the central area. I want people to cruise around and enjoy or get inspired by my design! I consider myself to be super lucky because most of my neighbors visit every day, even some I’ve been neighbors with since Halloween 2012! if you’re reading this, thank you and you rock! When I visit other neighboreenos, if I’m not vandalizing, my favorite spot to tap is the java server because I am a junkie for some sbucks coffee. Other spots I tap often are graveyards, anything from Halloween and new buildings, because I always want to see who has it and what they did with it. or, if I can’t spray paint, I’ll try to tap an adjacent spot so my neighbor knows I was looking to boost their fp!

  20. When I have plenty of time, I look around for the buildings that take the longest to generate income otherwise, I just find 3 buildings close together and tap them, only avoiding those who pay my friend very little like brown houses, kwik-E-marts, krusty burgers and the simpsons house

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