What NOT to Buy in the Easter Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping (I can’t say hopping…that’s Bunny’s job 😉 ) in to give you a few quick tips about what NOT to buy during this update.  What you can save those precious donuts on!

I know, I know…normally we’re telling you what to spend your donuts on (and I freely admit I spend them on everything.  I truly think I have a problem!)  and here I am telling you DON’T BUY THIS!!!!  But there’s a reason…

ALL of the premium items below you can earn FOR FREE in the game, so don’t spend those precious donuts on these things:

easter machine 1
Frink’s Egg Generator (the one that’s 40 donuts).  During the main walk through you WILL be given one for FREE.
Also if you REALLY want more bunnies in your town, during the main questline you’ll unlock the ability to grow carrots.  (4hrs)  Each time you grow carrots and they’re complete they generate 10 bunnies in your town!

blue basket pink basket
Egg baskets.  You can win these in the Easter Boxes.  These also are earned at random when you tap on Bunnies.  So SAVE YOUR DONUTS and don’t buy these!  Why buy what you can earn for free, right?

faberge egg
Faberge Egg.  First of all….this won’t unlock to buy until the END of the main questline, but when it does DON’T BUY IT, you can earn this for free at random after the main questline is over.  If you don’t earn it and you really want it wait until just before the event is over before you pull the confirm donut spend trigger!

In the Gold Box, you can earn a free Kang and Kodos Topiary. So don’t waste your precious donuts spending 15 donuts each on these two aliens. Not too mention if you forget your confirm donut spend…you may buy TOO many. 😉

kang hedge kodos head






So there you have it Tappers, some things to avoid spending donuts on…no matter how much you want to.  Save those precious donuts for the Crazy Cat Lady!!!

What are YOUR thoughts on the freebies so far?  Getting ready to zap some bunnies?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

121 responses to “What NOT to Buy in the Easter Update

  1. Man i was stupit enough to spend nearly 900 donuts on eggs to get all the gold items with no luck..

  2. Okay, I know this is totally unrelated, but you seem like tapped out geniuses, so I was wondering what’s up with the accounts that got hacked a while back? One day, I simply could not log on and my name was changed to neo speed (my friends could see this when they visited me) . Also, the town never changed and they never had anyone doing missions. I was hacked and the account was abandoned. Wth???! I have far surpassed what that game had, but it took me a while to get back up to where I am. (Which is to the point, where I don’t ready need to collect money). I’d just like to know if there was a reason for this hacking of my account.

    • They aren’t “hacked”. For some reason an odd glitch hits players. Quite random and very rarely. But somehow someone else stumbles into your game. If this happens, its just a contact to EA to get everything back the way it was if anything changed. If you feel the account was compromised, definitely contact EA. They can make it right.

    • I was in contact with ea for a few months, but they never resolved the situation and could not give me an explanation or even a credit for money spent. I was eventually told that this was an internal error that would take a few weeks to receive a response, which, like I said, was never really given throughout the five or six messages between me and them. I was very disappointed with how they handled it. It happened to a few friends of mine, too, though my friend got some doughnuts out of the issue.

      • Understandably disappointed. That makes me sad to hear it was never resolved for you. I do not know the time frame that has passed, but an alternate option is to dispute the charges with your app market you bought the donuts through (google play or itunes/iOS) or even your credit card company.

        I stay on top of EA for major issues and don’t back down. I contact them constantly and continually reopen cases closed or make new ones until issues are fixed. Luckily I have only had to do that twice. The other times it was resolved.

        Sorry it didn’t work out for you. Have you tried to reopen the case?

      • No, I havnt. It’s been a whole, maybe almost a year. I’ll look at the emails. It would be nice to receive a credit! I felt very pushed to the side, I even swore off the game, but I neeeeed my Simpsons!!!!!!

        • Definitely keep buggin EA and having the email proof will go a long way. They can take a little to get back to folks but a year is way too long. Good luck!

  3. I have a two blue baskets and a pink in my town and one of the blues has a blue egg in it. What’s up with that?

  4. What are Easter Boxes? I am being told to buy one but can’t find it. I already have about 14 easter baskets in my ‘hood (all of them free) so I added one more (also awarded by game) & nothing happened. Are easter baskets same as easter boxes? Am I expected to actually spend donuts? I DON’T spend donuts.
    I too got the grow carrots dialogue and was sad because I still had 40ish days on corn & was very pleased to see my real corn grow in seconds.

    Level 39, add me please.

    Anyone else annoyed with Krustyland? I don’t like that aspect. Don’t want to spare my neighbors for a Krustyland quest.

    • Just answered my own question. The game just wants me to exchange my eggs for prizes (I think). Those are the easter boxes

      Sorry to ask a question I was able to answer myself

  5. I was 20 days into growing corn (real corn) and the option to grow carrots was enabled. I didn’t want to stop growing the corn and thought I would miss out on this opportunity. Fortunately the game auto advanced the crop after a couple of minutes , I collected the £45k and 9000 xp and able to grow carrots (grow bunnies). Saved me a 70 day wait – winner!

  6. I didn’t receive the Frink Egg Generator. Do I have to finish the “Shop to they drop” mission first?

  7. some glitch happened and i ended up with 3 free egg generators! SCORE!!

  8. level 39 add me

  9. What do you think about the corpse flower? Worth the 40 doughnuts?

    • Still debating on it. It does puff out the nasty cloud, but doesn’t cover that big of an area or stay for long. It is a cool decoration and that is pretty much all it is to me. The main thing I see on it is the multiplier. 2% is pretty darn good for only 40 donuts. So it depends on if you NEED extra XP & $$ as you tap on through. Otherwise, to me, the MK1 is more useful during the event for same cost, or the Kang & Kodos topiary for only 30 donuts combined and a 1% bonus combined.

      It is all a matter of what YOU need and want in your town. 😉

  10. I want- I Want- To save the pink frosted ones, But I want the Cat house___ umm Crazy Cat Lady. What should I save the Yummies for? Love your site and read it everyday.

    • Lol. Thanks. SOOOO many cool things with this event. She is NOT limited, so unless you HAVE to have her toss bunnies right this very instant, save them pink sprinkly sweeties for a Limited item.

  11. Thanks for these tips! I’m saving my donuts so it is good to know what to buy and what to wait for.

  12. Hello there TSTO Addicts!
    I believe I got an issue with the Four Day Weekend For Our Sins, Part 4
    Flanders is not triggering, I’ve completed Homer’s task, Ned is avaible for action, but … nothing happens.
    I’ve reinstalled the game, but it’s still not working T_T
    Anyone having a good idea?
    Thanks for your help!

    • So you’ve completed part 3 where Homer steals eggs…then did the part with the free donuts pop up?
      If that’s all happened try storing Ned’s house and replacing it. Sometimes that helps trigger an task to go. Let me know if that helps! 🙂

  13. I have enough eggs to buy baskets but I can’t buy any baskets it doesn’t give me the option. Can you tell me how?

    • Baskets can only be brought with donuts, not eggs. Eggs will unlock Easter Prize boxes (500 eggs of 1 color unlocks that color prize box). You can check out Bunny’s post here for all the details on how to buy Easter Prize Boxes 🙂

  14. Krachzl active player add me 🙂

  15. It shows to my neighbor that I have an easter basket, but it’s nowhere to be found!

  16. You guys are the best! Thanks for for all the awesome tips this makes the game so much more fun!

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