Addicts Eggs-Change: Swap Eggs With Your Neighbor!

ico_mhud_askingbasketblueHey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So an important component of the Easter Event will be the Egg Exchange with your neighbors!  Where you put out baskets for a color egg you need and your neighbors fill it up for you!  On the flip side when visiting neighbors you give them eggs that they need and get 50 back in return.  If you’re confused about the Easter Baskets…Bunny has a FULL rundown post here that you can check out!  It’ll explain EVERYTHING! 🙂

So my friends…HERE is where you can list your Origin ID, what color you currently are in need of and what color you can offer in return!  Ex: Origin ID: Addicts In Need of Pink Eggs I can GIVE you Blue Eggs in return!

If you’ve currently completed all of the items and are just looking to help people out, list your Origin ID and what you’re willing to give.  Ex:  Origin ID: Addicts Have 1,000 Blue Eggs I can GIVE….need nothing in return! 

So list Egg-actly what you need in the comments below!  🙂

indicator_emptybasket_pink     indicator_emptybasket_blue

WARNING: DO NOT add you name to this list for Add Me Requests.  If you’re just looking for neighbors and not looking to exchange eggs you can leave your add me requests on THIS post: CLICK HERE TO FIND FRIENDS.  Any add me requests here that aren’t part of the exchange will be deleted.  We promise it’s not to be mean (we want you guys to have a ton of friends too!) it’s more to keep this thread for people who want to exchange eggs with people.

PS I’m going to put quick link to this on the right sidebar widget…so you ca quickly access it at anytime 🙂

1,047 responses to “Addicts Eggs-Change: Swap Eggs With Your Neighbor!

  1. Is anyone having terrible loading current update. I can not get it to load. I think I’m missing out on this egg thing with neighbors. My Simpsons is only casino

  2. thesenselessprognosis

    Anyone still in easter mode need theyrr baskets filling, reply with ur add

  3. Looking for tappers still in Easter mode. One account has 2 blue baskets, the other has 2 pink basket. Both level 40.


  4. I have one pink basket left if you want to get blue eggs in exchange for your pink ones.
    Username: Cluckadee

    • Anyone still in Easter Mode?
      Can someone please fill my baskets?
      I’m two fences away from 15 donuts.

      please add Falkinger26

  5. Still need one last pink prize. Help please!!!

  6. Still trying to get one last pink box! Help please! Lol.

  7. Anyone willing to donate 400 blue eggs?

    I can get one more gold spin and shary!!!!


  8. Add us on moiselleivy and goffena, we still need blue eggs

  9. I have blue and pink baskets. I don’t know why but the game is giving me a lot of them! I’m filling blue baskets.

  10. I have a great many pink baskets and blue eggs. Thanks.

  11. I have many baskets of both colors.
    Need to swap blue eggs to pink.

  12. Below is my husbands info, he is still playing the Easter swap and is in desperate need of Easter friends! Please help! Thanks so much!! 😉

    Level 40, very active and constant player!! Still swapping eggs, trying to win the Blocko house!! 🙂 would love to help some new neighbors and get this done together!!!


  13. I will be playing Easter non stop until forced to change. I keep getting baskets of both kinds so check my town regularly. I will help you in return! Mstookey

  14. need to unload pink eggs into pink baskets.. add me dianat_42

    • Just added and I keep getting more baskets. Will not update until forced. Keep checking my town!

  15. If anyone can spare blue eggs I would be most thankful!
    add: guam515

    I still haven´t got Shary Bobbins, Egg Council Guy and Hugs Bunny..
    Not going to update until I´m forced to do it! 🙂

  16. I need some blue eggs please


  17. Desperate help to fill blue baskets – will repay with pink eggs!
    Please add me – redbind1

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