Easter Event Neighbor Guide

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As it’s nearing that magic hour of 24hrs since the update launched, I know many of you will be just starting to unlock your Easter content (and I know you’re anxiously counting down the seconds until you can!) so I wanted to take a minute and go over a few of the neighbor basics for the Easter Event.

This will be short and sweet, and is mostly to serve as a general quick tips guide when visiting neighbors.  We will break everything down into more detail as we progress through the event.  So for now just the basics, so you can get rolling on those eggs!

DO NOT ADD FRIEND REQUESTS HERE!!  If you post an add me request to this post (or any other post that’s not the specific Add Me thread) it will be deleted.  We don’t want to be mean about it, but we want to make sure as many people see your requests as possible, that want to see them.  So we have a GREAT resource for adding friends and putting your Origin ID if friends to add you here.


1. Friend Points are still in play!
If you have not yet unlocked all of your Social Currency prizes & maxed out (current max out level is 8) you WILL still be able to collect friend points AND earn prizes.  This will NOT impact how many or how you collect eggs.  FP’s AND Eggs will drop out from neighbor’s buildings.  FP’s will be on the same scale they always have been (10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) but the eggs will be on a different scale.  So don’t be alarmed when you see a different number of eggs appear vs. FP.
As an added bonus, you can now earn FP’s in your Springfield for actions your friends do (and no not just vandalizing).  You’ll earn 1 FP for every handshake on buildings you clear in your town (only applies if you haven’t maxed out FP’s yet).

2. If you tapped your neighbors less than 24hrs ago you’ll still have to wait before you can tap them again.
Just because it’s a new event doesn’t mean the time limit on tapping friends resets.  You can only tap a friends town once every 24hrs.  So if you did it last night while waiting for the event to start, you’ll have to wait for the 24hrs to be over before you can earn eggs from friends.

3. You will NOT be able to zap bunnies in your neighbors towns.
The bunnies that you see in your neighbors towns are only for decoration, and they’ll see the same ones when visiting your town.  You cannot collect eggs from tapping on them…you can try, but nothing will happen.  So don’t get frustrated or upset when you tap on the bunnies in your neighbor’s town and NOTHING happens.

4. You collect eggs from neighbors by tapping on buildings.
Similar to FP’s you’ll earn eggs by tapping on buildings.  Eggs, Money, XP & FPs (if you’re not maxed out) will appear when you tap a building.  You DO NOT have to tap all of the “goodies” before moving on.  You can tap 3 buildings and move to the next town before they’ve all been collected.  You will still get credit for it.

Don’t vandalize your neighbors.  You WILL NOT earn eggs when you vandalize, so don’t do it…no benefit.

6. Be Careful what you tap!
Some buildings will show eggs over them and some will show money piles.  Only tap the buildings with eggs, those are the only ones you can get eggs from.  The ones with money piles will not earn you eggs.

7. Egg earning scale
Similar to other events, and FP’s, the amount of eggs earned per action are on a sliding scale.  The scale is as follows:
5 per action for first 30 actions (10 neighbors)
3 per action for next 30 actions (10 neighbors)
2 per action for next 30 actions (10 neighbors)
1 per action for rest of the actions

Yes, I skipped 4.  You will not earn 4 eggs per action in any case.  It goes 5, 3, 2, 1.  

8. Egg Breakdown, What Colors Come Out of Buildings?
This will be based on what color group you’re in (see this post for more on how to determine what group color you’re in).  The color group you’re in is the egg that will appear the most (your dominant egg).  Here’s the break down of what pops out:

5 Eggs: 4 to 1 (4 of the group you’re in, 1 of the other color)
3 Eggs:  2 to 1 (2 of the group you’re in, 1 of the other color)
2 Eggs: 1 to 1 (1 of each color)
1 Egg: dominant color only.

9. Your friends DO NOT have to activate the Easter event to collect from them. 
Just like it says.  As soon as you unlock the event you can start collecting eggs, no matter if your neighbor started it or not.

Remember to clear your handshakes so your neighbors have something to tap in your town!

11. Nothing to Tap in My Neighbor’s Town
If there is nothing to tap in your neighbor’s town check to make sure you’re not still locked out in the 24hr wait period (between friend visits).  If it says you can complete actions and there’s nothing to tap…wait.  They’ll need to get into their town and clear their handshakes.  Try again in a couple of hours.

12. Easter Baskets
Easter baskets are an egg swap.  You give 100 eggs of a color you don’t want and in return you get 50 eggs of a color you do want (not Gold).  We’ll have more details on how you do this soon, working on a more detailed post 🙂

So there you have it my friends, my quick tips for visiting neighbors during the Easter Event!   Now go get to collecting those eggs!

What do YOU think of the new FP system?  How about the sliding scale for eggs?  Have you visited neighbors yet?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

102 responses to “Easter Event Neighbor Guide

  1. I have baskets, i can se that they are full but i can’t collect the eggs… what should I do?

  2. Why does my game say “No more FP earned today.” No FP’s and no eggs! Only on FP level 4. I can’t find anything that says there is a limit on either per day.

    • someone else was just commenting about the same thing. Stupid question but you still have friends to visit right? They are still open for tapping and not stuck in the 24hr wait period? If so how many are still open to tap?

  3. I accidentally placed all my egg baskets out and it won’t let me restore them or sell them. I play alone so they just sit there taking up space. Will they go away after this Easter version is over with?

    • They are a one time use. They disappear after being filled with eggs…that being said, I assume they are coded within the event and will go when the event does. Why not make the best of it and grab a few friends to fill them up. You can always remove those friends later when the event is over.

      • How do I add friends? I’m still pretty new to this.

        • No worries at all. Welcome to the Addicts!

          You just go to our Add Friends page (links can be found on the home page too) and add your name to the comments.


          You then start to get friend requests in your game (you will see a number appear over the Bart & Milhouse icon). You just tap on that. It’ll take you to your neighbor screen. You tap on Bart & Milhouse icon again and it will bring up the friend menu. Next to the names you will see an “Add” and “Decline”. Tap on “add” and you now have a new friend.

          I would suggest you poke around our posts in the Tips & Tricks menu. There is a LOT of good information in there. Especially for someone just starting out. Don’t forget to get Jebediah. If you can’t find the answer, we are here to help. Just ask. 😉


  4. I have egg basket in my town for swapping. Then one time, i saw one egg in the basket and i try to get it but nothing happens. On the next day, the egg disappear. Where do it goes? How will i collect the eggs there? Help please.. Thanks

    • This is a known glitch that EA is currently working on fixing. If you check out this post you’ll be guided how to report your issue to EA so they can be put back in your town once it’s fixed. 🙂

  5. Dunno if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but as well as the Easter spectacular they have also put the spring in Springfield in the form of lots of wildlife.

    My town is full of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds – all with pretty cool animation. Worth looking at if you haven’t spotted them already.

    Nice one, EA.

  6. I accidentally put a blue basket in my town & wish to remove it…… BUT I CANT!
    It cants be stored…. Help 🙁

  7. not sure if this has been mentioned yet – i noticed that when visiting friends if they had an easter basket out and i didn’t do an egg exchange, i don’t get my 25xp for being a good neighbor-eeno… that’s a bit of a shame! with only 2 levels to go i need all those xp’s! and about half of my neighbors have baskets out.

    • Whether or not you donate has nothing to do with a neighbor visit. If you tap on the eggs over the buildings and either collect all the eggs, XP, $$$ yourself or wait for the game to do it…THEN the pop up will appear with the 25XP. You just have to wait for it. If you tap and run, you wont ever see it. 😉

      • Bunny he is having the same issue as me… 🙂

      • hey guys, so as of the ‘basket glitch’ post i see this is a general glitch (which doesn’t at all detract from the awesomeness of this event – the bunny responses and the spring in the air animations are fantastic! and who doesn’t love an egg hunt?) but is it just the ‘thanks screen’ that’s missing or is the xp not being added to your account? just curious and i have to wait another few hours before i can check it out with my own neighbors.

        • That’s the one thing I’m not seeing an answer on myself. And I too have to wait the a few more hours so I can check it out myself. If you’re able to determine it before any of us can, please by all means share your results with us. 🙂

    • This also happens in my neighbors

  8. HEY…I’ve not seen this addressed, but I bet it has…my friends are playnig but showing no egg count…which I’m guessing is because they’ve not advanced quite far enough…but when I visit them anyway, I don’t get the “Thanks” screen with that 25 XP…anyone else???

    • First I’m hearing of it!

    • Hi…me again, but I’m serious this time… 😉 …the above comment of mine was in error…it’s when I visit and tap neighbors with egg baskets that I don’t get the “Thanks” / 25XP screen…would that be to allow you back “in” for egg swapping later? I noticed that you can do that..sorry I got it wrong the first time, Alissa!!!

  9. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Is there an egg limit when visiting neighbors? Does a notification pop up saying that you’ve collected enough eggs for the day, like it does with the friend points??

    • You get the usual 3 taps per neighbor. And you get eggs in return similar to FPs…(See #7). You can drop off eggs until the baskets are full or you run out.

      Is that what you were looking for?

      • Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

        I know all that, I meant after a certain amount of eggs does it cut you off and say you’ve reached the limit for the day. That’s what happens with friend points. A notification pops up saying you’ve reached the daily limit and you can continue visiting friends but you won’t receive any more points.

        • Got yah. 😉

          I haven’t ran into it yet. I will let you know if I do. But I also haven’t had one day yet that I got all 100 neighbors. Several had nothing to tap at all. I suggest to skip the OTHER town whenever you can and leave it for last, just in case.

  10. When I tapped on a basket it took all my eggs blue & pink I got nothing in return!!! Also i t says to add baskets to my town yet I cannot figure out how to add them.

    • You can either use donuts to purchase them OR you can win them. Check out Bunnys detailed post on it here 🙂

    • Brandy May, that happened to me too! I was down quite a few eggs when I clicked on the basket, there was only one basket, weird!

      • You need to notify EA if you are NOT getting the 400 eggs added to your count from each basket. The baskets are a one time only use, so they disappear once they’re full and you tap the egg icon… but your eggs should go up in count +400 for that color.

        If it’s a glitch, EA needs to be aware.

  11. How often does “7. Egg earning scale” reset?

  12. [Random thought] **************** is the Josh Sherrer (SP?) of the TSTO WordPress world. [/Random thought]

    • Lol. Interesting thought.

      Unfortunately…as per demanded a while ago (with reference to a blue hair guy in our games now)…we are unable to mention their name on our site…EVER. (Now you know why we are unable to include…THEIR choice…not ours.) As we honor requests no matter how far fetched they are, I have censored out their name(s). Sorry. I am sure you understand. 🙂

    • Lol uh huh. “There’s no reason to login my game more than once a day, I’m bored.” “there’s too much tapping to do. It’s too busy” “15 free donuts isn’t worth my time!” “EA doesn’t give enough free donuts!”…i think they need to more bran in their diet 😉

  13. Now that Homer’s collecting eggs in my game and I’m on a short friend tapping/bunny zapping break, my next task is to figure out which buildings will not have the egg icon and therefore give me eggs. I did see that crops (at least the moonshine anyway) didn’t have them, and neither did the Shamrock Cafe or anywhere in Krustyland. However, the Eggnog Bar and O’Flanagan’s did, so it’s not a simple matter of regular buildings only. (Note: I didn’t tap the moonshine or Shamrock Cafe, but I did tap in Krustyland, and all of those had their normal non-eastery icons, so I’m basing my findings on that). I’ll have to keep an eye on other premium and limited-time buildings in my neighbor’s towns, though it seems most if not all of the buildings achieved through standard quests and leveling up are egg-friendly. I’ll be writing them down since I’m weird like that, and if I remember, I might share it here. I’ll also have to rethink what I tap for myself in the next few weeks – usually I go through and tap my brown houses, Simpsons house and the Kwik-E-Mart for extra guilt-free income, but that might change somewhat depending on my findings, hehe.

    • Lol. Work away at it. We have many here with great minds that like to crunch numbers for us. (Safi & CGuy…WHERE ARE THE NUMBERS??!! You two are SLACKING! Lol).

      Feel free to post your findings here. We love to get feedback from our readers. So far, buildings Mainly generate the eggs minus the graffiti ones. Some limited time items seem to as well (I think the spooky wall does, but my neighbor tappers will have to verify that one. I have them all over hidden behind buildings.) There is not a set list I have found, but I need to keep picking through to get all of the ones included too.

      Hoppy tappin 😉

    • As long as there is an egg icon floating above building you are sure to get eggs from tapping it. Simple enough 🙂 Luckily most buildings are going to give out eggs. So far what doesn’t give out any eggs is anything Krustyland (as you noticed), any Cletus’s farm crops , anything from Channel 6 Studios, Guinea Pig Rescue Center, Present Depot (looks like a metal Christmas tree), and pretty certain the Claus Co. doesn’t have the egg icon either. Must have missed the Shamrock Cafe…That’s all I’ve noticed so far 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip about Channel 6, I had a feeling that was the case but hadn’t noticed it yet. I did figure out the Present Depot (which I had written down as metal xmas tree thingy, lol) and Guinea Pig Rescue Center weren’t eggsactly friendly, and I think you’re right about Claus Co. (the one I saw was directly in front of a couple of buildings that did have the egg icon so it was hard to tell).

  14. I was bummed to see that Krustyland doesn’t give out eggs either. I didn’t think it would since it only shows floating tickets still, but still tested it once. Too bad since that is an excellent resource at times for those that don’t come back for days to clear handshakes 🙁
    Had my first “oops” moment too when I accidently gave away 100 blue eggs for 50 pink ones >_< hehe oh well I'll just have to be more careful of those exchange baskets in the future till I actually want to do it.
    GO PINK POWER!! lol

  15. Wooo Hoooo! Visited about half my neighbors, got 500 blue (which is my color) and my first cash in was 100 for the gold box!! I am exstactic overthis update!!! 🙂 i would make my smile bigger but i dont know how LOL

  16. So I left blue eggs in a neighbor’s basket but I didn’t get any pink in return… am I missing something?

  17. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Not sure about anyone else but I have been getting $214 and 3xp per friend interaction plus the eggs!!!

    I am loving this easter update 🙂

    • LOTS of extra $$$ & XP to be had. Not to mention DONUTS!!! Random free ones. 🙂

    • So am I. What’s weird, though, is that when I accidentally vandalized a building, the reward was only around $100.

      Also, I found my first donut from the max FP level today! Woo-hoo!

  18. I’m super bummed that my A and B towns are both blue. I don’t understand the math of it all (or how frequently you get an end of task egg bonus or how frequently the bunnies respawn) but so far it feels too complex…I don’t like the bunny hunting (too small to see easily or my towns are too decorated which, darn it EA I like decorated towns and if I have to undecorate in order to find the bunnies quickly….sigh.
    Maybe EA will adjust the odds because I don’t see how I could stay ceremony and still get more than 2 total boxes a day (which I could be wrong but you can only earn around 1 box per day with neighbors)

    • Wtf autocorrect, freemium not ceremony (why is that the suggested correction?

    • All the “MATH” stuff is coming. Just took a bit to put it all together. Hang in there.

      Bunnies…you get 1 every 5 minutes until you hit a MAX of 40

      Use the ZAPPER. You can just drag it all around the screen fast and it will get all the bunnies. Even those you do not see. All you see after is eggs or a random basket pop out. Maybe a lil electrocution. Lol.

      • I totally prefer the zapper to my previous hunt and peck thing…just have to get used to visiting every 5 hours instead of every 8(4 I guess once the grow carrots happens) thanks for the respawn info so I could worry less about checking my towns too much

      • dontknowathing

        The drag method doesn’t work with my android device. Only thing it does is what it normally does and that is scroll across the screen. I have to tap each bunny individually and they apparently like to spawn behind buildings.

        • My Android is set to a low sensitivity on the screen as well as has a screen protector on it. It is harder to get the Zapper to trigger for me. It takes a few times. I usually have to find at least one bunny and press and hold on the screen for a bit for the bolts to shoot out. Then while continuing to hold and hold…drag my finger across the screen. You might wanna see if your sensitivity in your phone settings are high or low and adjust them for the game. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Thanks Bunny! I have been trying to get that zapper thing to work and it just wasn’t….. but hold and hold and hold did. Finally no more hunt and peck.

  19. I like the floaty egg above the earning buildings…

    • I dig it too. I’m also the nerd that giggles when I collect eggs from certain buildings. Oooooh… discount plastic eggs at Sprawlmart…. I wonder if CBG gave me a dragon egg by mistake… the eggs have gone bad Nelson

  20. Do you know anything about doughnuts? Last time I visited my neighbors I got a total of 3 free doughnuts. If this feature goes away with the update I want to make one more visit. Besides 3 weeks from now I’ll be on the phone complaining to my friend how sick I am of these eggs

  21. I got a basket, got it from my inventory and now I can’t store it!! It’s blue with pink ribbon, so which way does the swap work? I would give blue to get pink but not the other way around. I wish I could store it until I knew how it worked!

    • I have two out which I can’t store either. If it’s a blue basket, they’ll give you 100 blue and receive 50 pink in return. Does that clear it up for you? SO far I’ve earned two blue in my first day. I think it’s probably better to wait to put any more out until later in the event.

  22. Kelly clarkparker

    Dont over play the egg swap! I kept tapping it as I didn’t know what twas and I lost all my eggs!!! Not impressed

    Is anyone else having problems visiting friends/neighbors? I keep getting kicked off. I’ve restarted my phone so many times, I have logged out and back in, I have tried through krustyland, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I can’t think of anything else. Please help!

    • Sorry it took me a bit to get to this. Best advice is to try the normal troubleshooting to see if it fixes the problem. Also a good idea to visit neighbors on wi-fi if you aren’t already.


    • Yes, I have been having this problem all day. And I am connected wifi. If this keeps up I wont be playing – its taken me over 4 hours to visit all my friends (and I am not maxed out) today…

      • Hmmmmm… my visiting went a little slower but was otherwise ok. I wonder if there’s any connection to device type?

        • I am on android (HTC one to be exact). My game has been kicking me out a lot since the last update (not this one, but the one before) but today was the absolute worst. Some friends I cant get into at all so they will have to get deleted if it stays that way. So frustrating but I want those eggs!

          • I Have android GS4 and having issues with it kicking me out. Could be server overload. Also, could be all the stuff I have on my phone causing memory issues and the game to have to stop. TSTO is a HUGE file of info. It needs a LOT of memory and a CONSTANT steady stream of internet to stay stable. Glitchy internet will crash the game over and over.

            • The only thing I have been able to find that makes any sort of sense (and maybe it really doesnt) is if my friend has all of their characters doing the same task in the same location OR their town is decorated to the max thats when it kicks me out. I know memory isnt my issue, so I chalked it up to server overload. But its sad that I may have to get rid of some of my friends in real life because their towns are super overloaded.

              • I know in my town, I have hit the warning of 4500 pieces of decorations and then some. If they do have an overload…it does make it hard to get in.

    • Me either. It’s so frustrating! I have tried everything. My brother deleted it because he was sick of dealing with it. Ive always had probs being booted off but never problems visiting friends. Feel like it’s this new update but I can’t undo so I reinstalled and still probs.

      • Keep in mind this is a HUGE event with a lot going on in the game, so if you add that to a neighbor that is maxed out on decorations and items…it can cause issues with you trying to get into their town. (We ran into this a LOT with the Halloween Event. SOOO much going on at once. I couldn’t even get into Wookiee’s town.)

        My best advice is to contact EA and see if they have any further suggestions on how to help you out. Otherwise try to NOT go to the neighbor that kicks you out. Skip them and see if it is neighbor specific. (Like 5 of them kick you out and the rest are ok.) If that is the case, then it is town data overload on that particular neighbor. If it happens no matter what neighbor you tap on, then something else is going on and you definitely need to let EA know so they can open a help ticket for you and get it fixed.

  24. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Thanks for the tips. Easter will be arriving in my town in less than an hour but I still have to wait 3-6 hours to visit most of my neighbors. Waiting the the hardest part of the game, lol.

    In the meantime, here’s a video I found…

    Top 10 Simpsons Episodes: http://youtu.be/XdAyvrFvEzs

  25. Nice post i just hate how takes so long accumulate 500 eggs

    • We have a great post coming up later with all the math equations. Stay tuned. 😉

      • Thanx, I’m looking forward to seeing if this is even possible, because off the top of my head, this event punishes anyone who doesn’t spend tons of donuts.

        • We have a post coming with the math on prizes. For sure, this event requires dedicated tapping of your game and neighbors daily. Other than CCL, Mojo and the Puppy Store, I’m playing right beside all the freemium players for the boxes. I hate for anyone to feel punished. Unfortunately, EA is a money making company and will always have that angle but there is a lot of cool stuff a ton of freemium players can earn.

  26. Did i ever mention how much i love TSTOADDICTS and the encompassing staff? 🙂

  27. This event is AMAZING!!!

    I just finished visiting all 100 neighbours. Not only did I get the 510 eggs, but I also got $213 per action for an income of $63,900. And I even got some donuts visiting neighbours.

    I love this event!

    • It’s pretty sweet.

    • Donuts too? Nice! (I’m still waiting…)

      • Yup, donuts too. I now have 6 free donuts visiting neighbours post-Goofball.

        While I needed $2,986,000 to unlock all remaining tiles after level 39 broke out, slowly but surely I’ve been digging away at it. I’m now down to $1,273,000 to unlock all remaining tiles. At $63.9k/day visiting neighbours, I should definitely have all tiles unlocked in my Springfield before the end of Easter (maybe even April).

        Still a ways away in Krustyland though. My guess is late May or early June before I unlock all Krustyland tiles, though I’ve unlocked quite a but the last month.

        • Sweet. If you have any screenshots of your recent donuts, please shoot them to the Addicts e-mail. Those tiles do take a while but as for KL, getting all the land is overrated. I think I have about half of it and my KL is pretty sweet.

  28. This is so great.. thank you!

  29. T minus 57 minutes 🙂

  30. Perfect timing for this post! I was just about to go wabbit whacking!

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