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Dropping in with a quick but AWESOME tip I just tested out to earn bunnies FASTER!  You can earn up to 20 more bunnies every 4 hrs…which translates to MORE EGGS!

Now if you’ve been reading this blog regularly during this update you’ll know that you can earn 10 bunnies each time you grow carrots on Cletus’s Farm.  So 10 bunnies every 4 hrs…BUT there’s a way you can cut that time in half and get 10 bunnies every 2 hrs…with out using donuts!

Here’s what you’ll need for this:

-Part 8 of the main questline, Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins, started, Harvest Carrots at Cletus’s Farm.
-Witch Marge (from Halloween 2012 and 2013)
-Ability to check your town every 2 hrs

Here’s what you do:

-Grow Carrots on Cletus’s Farm…4hr task.
-Use Witch Marge skin to Speed Up Crops
-This will cut the time in half for carrots!  From 4hrs down to 2hrs!
time cut farm
witchcarrotscarrots ready
-Clear your town of bunnies BEFORE you harvest the carrots.  Otherwise you might get a too many bunnies message.
-After you harvest the bunnies….Witch Marge will still have 2hrs left on her Speed Up Crops task.  You might think it was a waste right?  WRONG…plant carrots AGAIN, right away after harvesting them.
witch empty

-Witch Marge will STILL cut the time in half on the carrots.

So…1 4hr Witch Marge task = 2 Carrot Harvests on Cletus’s farm, which equals 20 Bunnies every 4 hours!

Yes, I’ve fully tested this and it works COMPLETELY!

What a great way to earn Eggs quicker!

Special thanks to our reader Marc who pointed this out to me!

94 responses to “GREAT TIP! Earn Bunnies FASTER

  1. Has anyone reported the carrots no longer giving bunnies? I have grown carrots 3 times today and I have not gotten bunnies from any of them. I always zap the bunnies in my town first and then tap the carrots (just to be sure my town isnt overrun). I check my town every twoish hours so my town should never be overrun anyways. This has only happened today.

  2. CapCityGoofball

    Just checked again (thanks to witch Marge) It was 12 physical bunnies.

  3. CapCityGoofball

    I get 12 bunnies from the carrots. Looks like the multiplier works for bunnies too!

    • Interesting…i usually count the eggs when I zap them all and get between 11-12 but just assumed it was some bunnies giving 2 eggs. Are you counting bunnies or eggs?

      • CapCityGoofball

        Eggs. I will try to count bunnies next time, but they hide so quickly! If you get two eggs from a bunny does it usually say +2 or is it two individual eggs? I haven’t seen that yet from the pool of 40 bunnies.

        • I know what you mean about the bunnies…I usually try to zap them in 1 shot (always makes me giggle…is that wrong? 😉 )
          They show up as individual eggs. I’ve noticed it when i zapped 2 bunnies and got 3 eggs.

  4. Heather Stanton

    I’m a level 39 but I do not have the option to grow carrots what do I nees to do to get these quests? I think I’ve nit gotten a few quests others have and do not know why as I complete every task the game throws at me as soon as they pop up

  5. Question about the carrots….when you harvest them should the bunnies all appear right at the farm (similar to the ghosts at the wailing wall and ancient burial ground from the Halloween event), or will they spawn randomly throughout your town? I’ve had them show up all together at the farm only once. Every other time I tap the completed carrots, they just dissapear and nothing happens. Not sure if the bunnies are showing up somewhere else, or there is a glitch in my game that’s not giving me bunnies!

    • They will appear right next to the farm…however if you have Bunnies in your town and are close to the limit they’ll go to your “bunny bank”. Where bunnies over 40 are stored (up to 20 bunnies) and released when you’ve cleared some out of your town. If your bank is full you’ll get a too many bunnies message.
      Best thing to do is make sure you clear out your bunnies before you harvest the carrots. That way you know there will be room in your town for them! 🙂

  6. ARG! Wish I snatched witch marge when i had the chance! Cant get enough of these bunnys.

  7. Love this tip and Miss Bunnies corn tip. I haven’t gotton to Part 8 yet, so both tips will come in handy.🎉

  8. OK… so how many of you are still going for tapping on the spray cans out of habit? LOL I know I’ve caught myself a couple of times & actually did it at least once LOL

  9. How do you get baskets again? I forgot.

  10. Alissa, I just recently got this new feature on your site with the “Likes” and “Following” buttons…I see what happens when liking or being liked…but I’m scared of the follow option…not a stalker… 🙂 …am I being followed…???… could my secret mancave be compromised??? …or maybe could I reverse-spy on the NSA…??? 😉

  11. I don’t know if anyone else stated this, but you can make your houses and scenery invisible to search for rabbits more easily.

    • good tip!

      • I was so happy to try this out and have it work. It turns out in Simpsons-land rabbits are considered people. As soon as it worked I knew I had to spread the love on TSTO Addicts. This site is my TSTO Bible.

        • lol Bunnies are considered people in Addicts-land too! 😉
          Thanks for the great tip! Compiling a list of reader tips from comments for a post, I’ve got this one added to the list 🙂

    • Awesome Kurz! I’d forgotten that I’d done that for one of the other events! Thanks!

  12. Another possible tip for finding bunnies. I have yet to see any on water. So if you have any open land change it to water and you should have less area to cover with the stunner. This has been true for me so far today

  13. I need Marge

  14. Nice April Fools joke for us with no witch marge… 🙂 …LOL

  15. Alissa we are not worthy you are awesome

  16. I cant plant carrots just yet but when this task becomes available to me, I will use this trick. Thanks Ali!

  17. Bummer if you just got the game around Christmas time 2013 and therefore don’t have Witch Marge.

  18. Have to see if my Witch Marge Speedy Quick Crop Caper™ works on the carrots.

    If Witch Marge is accelerating a crop that has less than 4 hours to go AND you go to Krustyland and back, it will complete instantaneously.

  19. How you get fences fast?

  20. If you do have to plant corn, what is auto speed up?

    • Auto speed up is something triggered by the game and an event. It means that you need Cletus’ farm to grow a certain item, in this case carrots. So if something else is in there growing already…the system will speed it up no matter how many hours or days are left on it to allow you to harvest it and get it out of the farm so you can plant the other crop needed for the questline.

      So for your benefit, it is good to put in corn BEFORE you have to plant carrots. Then instead of 90 days…you get corn as soon as you hit that part in the questline. Just make sure you do NO tap Cletus’ farm to do this. You need to go to the task bar and tap on the “DO IT” in the pop up or it won’t work.

    • Thank you bunny. I had in fact started the corn but I did tap on the farm to do this. I di have time before I start pt. 8. So I will store Cletus’s farm to start the corn with the task bar. Please don’t think I’m stupid, but where is the task bar?
      I think YOUR holiday is the best.🐰

      • No stupid questions here. Please don’t ever think that. If you don’t ask, you will never learn right? Any of us are more than happy to help in any way we can. 😉

        As far as your question, the task bar is all that information that pops up off to the left hand side when you “open your task book”. This is the list of “to do” items if you will. For this event, you will see a Bunny yellow head in their that will show you where you are in the questlines for the Easter Event. So as you are told to do things, like “Make Homer Steal Eggs”…you will see an icon for that task over on the left in the task bar. Not sure what each icon is for? Just tap on it. A lil box will pop up and tell you all the details. What task a character is on, how much time is left, cost of donuts to speed it up. If they need to still be started on the task, you will see “DO IT”. If they are done it will say “GO TO”. And when you tap on those words it takes you to the character and/or building involved.

        Let me know if this makes sense and helps. 😉

        FYI…I LOVE THIS EVENT!!!! 😉

      • Yes, thank you for your help. When I get to pt8 and Cletus task shows up I should tap on it, tap do it, and the plant corn. Cletus is not in my task bar right now. I am on pt 3.

        • You need to plant the corn BEFORE you even get to that point. Get the corn in the ground now! Lol.

          When you come to the point in Part 8 where they start talking about planting Carrot crops, you will see a new task for it in the task bar. Tap on the “Do It”…it will take you right to the farm where you can select to plant the Carrots and WHOOOOOOSH…corn out carrots in. It is just critical you do it from the task bar to initiate the speed up process. Otherwise, if you just exit out of the task bar…tap around a bit…and scroll over to Cletus’ farm…tap to open and plant…Nothing will speed up the corn.

          I hope that makes sense. The difference is with the task bar the GAME is forcing the crop. You just going there on your own is YOU opening the crop. GAME force is always better. 😉

      • Here I go again. Please forgive me I have been sick the last 8 months and get confused easily. I have found no way to plant the corn through the task bar. Now , after reading other posts i think I have it all wrong! Can I plant the CORN the USUAL way, then when the time comes for carrots I plant the Carrots through the task bar?

  21. Hi there, how do you get carrots? Do you have to grow corn first?

  22. Wish I had Witch Marge!!

  23. how can I get witch marge? I don’t have her yet 🙁

    • Unfortunately, she was limited time from Halloween 2012 and 2013 🙁

      • Honestly regretting not purchasing her. This “speed up a crop” task has proven to be useful so many times now! It’s a painful reminder every time a neat trick regarding that task pops up.

  24. My first Whacking Day and first Easter! I AM SO EXCITED! Thanks for your tips!

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