The 3 Colored Egg Boxes – PINK vs BLUE

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bunny bouncin on by to give you a little more help and detail on those three crazy Egg Boxes.

Alissa already kind of touched on them HERE, HERE, and HERE. So let’s focus on them and put all the information in one basket….so to speak.

pink player 3 boxesBLue player 3 boxes

First of all, let’s figure out what color player you are. The way you see the boxes and the results will depend on the color player you are. Not sure still? Keep reading on.

So you have collected at LEAST 500 eggs and want to go get a box. How do you do that? To start off,  you go to your Easter Trophy icon in the lower right menu icons.

Easter Trophy


Once you tap on the Easter Trophy, you will now see the boxes.

Pink Players will see this (notice the Pink Egg is first)…

pink player 3 boxes







Blue Players will see this (notice the Blue Egg is first)…

BLue player 3 boxes






Go to the box that you have at least the 500 Eggs for by tapping on the “VIEW” button under that box (See Examples above).

You are now inside. To “Buy an Easter Box” and get a chance at a prize, just go directly under the Box and tap on where you see “500” and the Egg Icon on the right side and Tap on it.

Buy Easter Box 500 Eggs


The box will open up and the randomizer will now start and go until a prize is awarded to you.

Pink Player randomizerYOU WON easter fence



Now to break it down as you will see something different in the Pink and Blue Boxes depending on your Player Color. I will show you a few things you will notice around your town as well as what you will see within your prize boxes and the odds for them.  





This is how you will see your Egg Count in your town (notice Pink Egg first).

Pink Player Egg line up

This is how you will see your boxes laid out (notice the Pink Egg is first).

pink player 3 boxes

This is how you will see your tasks for your characters (notice the Pink Egg is the award).

Pink Player Homer


PINK is your Dominate Color, so this is the what you will see in your MAIN Pink box. As you can see your Block-O Store and Chirpy & Bart Jr are in your Main Box.

Pink Player Easter Box

PINK Player Pink Easter Box:

Prizes Pink Player Odds
Block-O Store 5%
Chirpy & Bart Jr 5%
Easter Tree 12.5%
Beach Towel & Umbrella 12.5%
Easter Fence 20%
300 Gold Eggs 0%
100 Gold Eggs 45%



PINK Player Blue Easter Box:

Pink Player Blue Box

This is your Secondary Box. You will see that the Egg Council Guy and Johnny Fiesta’s are in this box. 

Prizes Pink Player Odds
The Egg Council Guy 2%
Johnny Fiesta’s 3%
Easter Egg Pile 15%
Easter Pond 15%
Easter Fence 20%
300 Gold Eggs 45%
100 Gold Eggs 0%






This is how you will see your Egg Count in your town (notice the Blue Egg is first).

BLue Player Egg line up

This is how you will see your boxes laid out (notice the Blue Egg is first).

BLue player 3 boxes

This is how you will see your tasks for your characters (notice the Blue Egg is the award).

Blue Player Homer


BLUE is your Dominate Color, so this is the what you will see in your MAIN Blue box. You will see that the Egg Council Guy and Johnny Fiesta’s are in this box. 

BLue Player Easter Box

BLUE Player Blue Easter Box:

Prizes Blue Player Odds
The Egg Council Guy 5%
Johnny Fiesta’s 5%
Easter Egg Pile 12.5%
Easter Pond 12.5%
Easter Fence 20%
300 Gold Eggs 0%
100 Gold Eggs 45%



BLUE Player Pink Easter Box:

Blue Player Pink Box

This is your Secondary Box. As you can see your Block-O Store and Chirpy & Bart Jr are in there.

Prizes Blue Player Odds
Block-O Store 3%
Chirpy & Bart Jr 2%
Easter Tree 15%
Beach Towel & Umbrella 15%
Easter Fence 20%
300 Gold Eggs 45%
100 Gold Eggs 0%



Pink Bunny 1 Blue Bunny



Don’t worry, the top 2 “BIG” prizes in each box have “guaranteed to be awarded by try #” built into it.  What does that mean?  Well basically it means at a certain # of tries if you haven’t unlocked it yet it’s guaranteed to unlock for you!  Note:There are also minimum number of tries before it unlocks too.  Meaning you won’t be awarded the prizes before a certain number of tries.
Here’s that break down and it’s the same no matter which egg group you’re in:

Item Box Min Attempts Max Attempts
Block-O Store Pink 12 81
Chirpy & Bart Jr Pink 12 80
The Egg Council Guy Blue 12 81
Johnny Fiesta’s Blue 12 80

So if on attempt 79 in the Pink Easter Box you still haven’t earned the Block-O-Store and Chirpy & Bart Jr you are GUARANTEED to unlock Chirpy & Bart Jr on your next try.  THEN you will also unlock the Block-O-Store on the very next attempt after unlocking Chirpy & Bart Jr.  AWESOME, Huh?


Your odds are the SAME for the Gold Easter Box. The Golden Easter Box contains the rare and sought after Easter content, so these odds are a little tougher than the Pink or Blue boxes.

Pink Player Gold Box 2Pink Player Gold Box


Prizes Odds
Shary Bobbins 2%
Hugs Bunny 3%
Father Sean 5%
Bunny 24601 12%
Bananna Dictatorship 16%
Easter Entrance 17%
Kodos Topiary 7%
Kang Topiary 7%
Pastel Picket Fence 31%


So what is the Minimum and Maximum on the “BIG” prizes in the Gold Boxes?

Item Min Attempts Max Attemps
Shary Bobbins 20 80
Hugs Bunny 0 81
Father Sean 0 50
Bunny 24601 0 20
Bananna Dictatorship 0 15

As you can see most of the items are pretty easy to obtain, as you’ll unlock them with minimal attempts!  Of course Shary Bobbins  will be the hardest to unlock, but would you expect anything less? (Bunny unlocked Father Sean on her 4th try of the Gold Box.) EA made it so NO ONE is playing the same game. It will  be a different experience for each and every player. I do like this myself.


I hope this has helped you out to better understand all the ins and outs of the prize boxes that link to your Player Color. Sound off in the comments below YOUR thoughts on all this. Like it? Hate it? More questions?


Until Next Time…

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110 responses to “The 3 Colored Egg Boxes – PINK vs BLUE

  1. I won Chirpy & Bart Jr today, but did not win Block-o-store on my next pink box…got another stupid tree, LOL 🙁

  2. add me: mrmathijn

  3. I’m not getting a lot of eggs I don’t see how u guys collect so many and buy Easter boxes I only kill like 5 bunnies everytime I logg on not enough to save and get cool prizes how do I get more eggs add me osorich28259

  4. isn;t this just my luck on my 62 gold box it landed on both nanny and hugs bunny like goes to one then jumps to another in a row 4 times before the box gave me another fence lol just my luck almost got one of them lol i hope im not the poor sucker that will get them at 80 and 81

    • how do you know how many you have opened?

      • You either keep track as you open them, or you can count up what you’ve won. However, keeping in mind that if you won eggs it might be harder to calculate, but it’ll at least give you an estimate on what you’ve won. 🙂

  5. Did my 51 attempt today on gold boxes almost gave me hugs bunny 3 times but nope

    But i did get 2 more kangs heaps fences 500eggs(pink nd blue 250ea)

    Blue box gives me gold eggs every 3 boxes nd blue is my non dominte

    Still need hugs bunny nd da nanny so 51 dwn 30 more attmpts left till i could get them lol

    But on bright side i gt 6kangs now

    • lol oh boy.

      • Yea lol not good luck think my game is pranking me i just hope i dnt get them in 70’s attempt lol

        • Try slowing down the rate you open the boxes. Break it up. I know in my B game i was opening everything rapid fire to get the details fast but I couldnt get Fr. Sean or Shary. So i stopped cause I was getting annoyed. Closed the game out did some other stuff went back to it a few hrs later and got Fr. Sean on 2nd attempt. Then got stuck on Shary…so I did the same thing and I got her on the 4th attempt when I reopened it.

          • Yea but this time i see it hit bunny guy few times before landing on a prize..

            Other time wen i open it goes pass 4 things before doing a very slow load before it flicks to next thing lol

            But i hate getting blue nd pink eggs from the gold boxs lol i hope to get both hugs bunny nd nanny before 60/70 attempts

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