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No real reason for a little Shyriiwook to start off the post, just felt like it.  For today’s WDTCF, I figured it was about time I spent a little time talking about a building that is available as a unique prize in the pink easter box… the Blocko Store.

blocko building

All of the buildings available during the 2014 TSTO Easter Event are really cool but this one really looks great to me.  Quite possible due to my admitted affection for the Lego blocks and anyone reading this site over the last couple months knows I’ve been waxing about the Simpsons and Lego often.  This building, besides looking cool earns $200 and 20 XP every 12 hours and adds to your consumerism rating on the conform-o-meter.  Truly, it’s “Hip to be Cubical” and this building also unlocks a 2 hour task from Super Nintendo Chalmers.

Our new repository of blocks comes to us from “The D’ohcial Network” (S23:E11).  It’s one of the many, many stores at the Towne Centre at Springfielde Glenne.

Blocko Store

Lisa visits the store courtesy of the gift card Marge gives her.  Among the sets available for purchase are Cosmic Wars, Space Adventure and Earthland Realms.  Lisa would rather just get a DIY set to make what she wants but that’s not how Blocko works… they do all the imagining for you.  Lisa went there with a gift card and decides she’ll just buy Chubba the Shedd’s Dust Palace and make whatever she wants.  The clerk informs here that if she does though she better build herself a lawyer too.

Blocko Store 2

Of course, when I think of Blocko, the first episode that comes to mind is “Hungry Hungry Homer” (S12:E15).  The beginning of this one is all about Blockoland and the family’s visit to the “theme park made from only Blocko brand assembly fun blocks.”  You know, a place people would go when they’re sick of ordinary shaped amusement parks.  Bart and Lisa felt “meh” about going but Maggie was super excited.

Blocko Bunny


Or maybe it was just the bunny made of blockos.  We all now that bunnies bring out strong emotions in all of us.  Blocko land is funny and ripe with gags.  Trams with square wheels, yellow bricks dressed like cowboys, Indians and Abraham Lincoln, bumpy slides made of Blocko pieces and so much more.  The themed lands are Rectangle Land, Squaresville and Cube Country.  It even has a restaurant where you build your own meal with edible bricks.  Seriously, everything there is made of blocks including the water and the souvenirs.


As a brand, Blocko also has made an appearance in a couple other episodes. In “The Food Wife” (S23:E5), Bart, Lisa and Homer go to the Expensive Electronic Entertainment Expo (E4).  Blocko is seen among all the other cool stuff at the expo like Grand Theft Scratchy, Mapple, Bongo Games, Cosmic Wars, World of Krustcraft, Ybox, Electronic Crafts, Shaun White: Time Snowboarder, Assassins Creed Summer of Love, Q-Bert Origins, Medal of Duty, Funtendo, Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game, Marching Band, GS3 Game Station and Guts of War II The Entrails of Intestinox.  The Blocko games being shown off at the video game expo are based on Angelica Button and Cosmic Wars.


Just a neat note that this episode also is the origin of both the Eyeballs of Death ride in Krustyland  (this ride is not on the map of the Universal version) AND the El Chemistri restaurant (pronounced ka-mees-tree).

El Chemistri & Eyeballs of Death

The last Blocko appearance I’ll mention is from “A Tree Grows in Springfield” (S24:E6).  Blocko is seen at the very end of the episode in the uber strange Malibu Stacey, Burly & Happy Little Elf love montage with a giant King Kong-esque Funzo all set to “That’s Amore” sung by Dean Martin.  A Blocko building is shown and then blown up with the Funzo’s laser vision.  Seriously just something that is better if watched.  There are so many cool products shown during this and seeing a Funzo defeated is cathartic for some of us.

Well my friends, this wraps up this little post.  Y’all keep on whacking them wascally wabbits and hopefully you had a great real Easter to balance this event.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. This is Bullocks I haven’t got the dang Blocko Store but So many Trees, Ponds, n Fences but no f’n Blocko Store. This is so Maggish of them to give me nothing but that.

  2. You think they’ll add this to the store after the event? I’ve been trying like hell to get it but I don’t want to buy eggs and get stuck with more fences.

    • I don’t know. My hope is that they do (and hoping that the pink and blue box items are for in game cash, and gold items for premium…at least a happy blend of both with that) but there’s really no telling what they have up their sleeves.

  3. “Super Nintendo Chalmers”! Thank you auto-correct! Lol! 😀

  4. Yeah, think I would out it near the mall etc make it a shopping ‘district’

  5. I’m a huge Lego nerd and I LOVE this building. Though I keep moving it around because I don’t exactly know where to place it… Right now it’s chillin’ next to my Springfield Mall-Costingtons-Butterfats complex.

  6. Great post! I love reading these informative articles, bringing back memories of watching the Simpson’s as I’ve not watched for years (no sky) but since I read another informative post I watched online …all your passion radiate your funny blogs…. love how the Simpson’s always parody things…. made me want the blocko store even more…..#determined!

  7. Thank you allisa always so helpful.

  8. I’ve seen it in my neighbors towns… must have LOL. Looks so cool!

  9. The store.

    • Ok. You’ll need a min of 12 attempts in that box before you’ll be able to unlock it. Once you’ve hit those 12 attempts it can unlock at anytime for you. Still a long way to go in the event…so don’t panic yet. We’re not even 1 week in. 🙂

  10. First post and still didn’t get it.

  11. Woohoo…I want that Lego-knockoff building!!! 🙂

  12. I love your wdtcf posts, thank you for keeping us up to date! I do like this building, it must be the Lego fan in me! placed with pride in my Springfield, now I just need to work out how to do blocks which don’t just look like hedges!

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