Where Did THAT Come From – Banana Dictatorship

Hello hello whackers of wabbits.  Ok, you may not be bunny boppers and actually more like shockers but you get the gist.  Wookiee back for another Where Did THAT Come From.  This time we’re gonna go over one of the prizes from the golden egg box… the Banana Dictatorship.

banana dictatorship

This is a really rad looking building that you can place in Springfield and the Squidport.  It earns $135 and 15 XP every 8 hours.  I laughed when I read “Enforcing Casual Fashion”.  This type of store has never been for me.  I’m more of a t-shirt and shorts kinda Wookiee.

Anywho… this building comes from “The D’ohcial Network” (S23:E11) The beginning of this episode (other than starting in the Courthouse with BHL and Judge Snyder) finds the Simpsons family heading to Springfield’s new fancy mall, the Towne Centre at Springfielde Glenne.  Lots of extra Es but I can’t really comment on that lol.

Fancy stores at the mall include Gold Navy, Markups & Spender, Nouveau *itch and Nothing Under a Thousand, Abercrombie * the Other Guy, Spiffanys, Forgotten Amos Cookies, Expensive Bros. Jewelry, Bikini Atol and Puttering Barn among others.  There’s also fancy condos, dancing waters, cell phone skins and a place to get a massage in front of others.

Banana Dictatorship

Of course, the Banana Dictatorship is also there as seen above.  It’s seen mainly in the background  of a great scene with a trolley bouncing off Homer.  There may also be two at the Towne Center as its seen next to both Nothing Under a Thousand AND Puttering Barn.

Banana Dictatorship 2

It could also just be an animator error or another case of the Springfield Twilight Zone.  That’s really about it so here’s a bit more from this episode:

–       Lisa says something fairly astute about social media: “It’s easier to be friends with lots of people online than one person in person.”

–       This episode includes the Mapple Store and also another store from this event I’ll be writing more about later.

–       It also includes the origin of Shauna’s 12 hr “Send Make-Out Invites on Springface”… if you ever wondered it’s to 200 people and 7 of them are girls.

–       According to Skinner, Hornets make honey and it’s better than wasp honey but worse than bee.

–       The First Church of Springfield is a Wi-Fi hot spot

–       This is the episode the David Letterman couch gag comes from that a lot of folks last week thought was new.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

14 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Banana Dictatorship

  1. As soon as the event launched, this was the building I had to have. I recently got it and I’m loving it my town!! BTW, I’m pretty sure this building’s design was based upon the Banana Republic store in San Francisco on Grant and Sutter. Do a search for Banana Republic San Francisco and looks at the images and you’ll see what I mean.

    • I don’t have to search, I know it well. It is an amazing looking building and they DID model it after the shop. 😉

      Good eye.

  2. Just got one of the prizes from the golden egg box… the Banana Dictatorship. 🙂

  3. Thanks Wookiee! I didn’t know it would go on Squidport. I’ve started noticing a **lot** of items in my neighbors towns on SP that I didn’t know would go there. Love all the ideas 🙂

  4. Totally putting this on my squidport if/when I get it!

    After fences and beach towels galore, today I got the blocko store! Hey that rhymed! Maybe my egg luck is changing 🙂

  5. The Blocko Store also came from the Season 23 episode entitled “The Doh’cial Network”!! 😛

  6. Aw this building looks awesome!

    I need help getting more eggs. Anyone else who shares my pain can add me:

    Errrrrrrr623 (8 r’s)


  7. Just got this last night! Nine hours till it’s done building. Once I get Johnny fiestas I’m redoing my squidport 😁

  8. thelittleprince

    That place in the show sounds like The Grove in L.A. Love the building as well. Looks good in squidport considering we have Turban Outfitters in there as well. 🙂 Wish it had a task though. Good place for Smithers to shop. 😉

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