Easter Event 1 Week In….What Have YOU Won?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So we’re 1 week in from the start of the bunny invasion, with 3 more weeks to go!  Now that everyone is busy tapping and zapping I want to know…what have YOU won so far?  Are you keeping track?

And apparently you do to…one of our readers Runicgem left this comment/suggestion on another post:
Hi Everybody!!! i would love to see a post on who has received what so far pertaining to the boxes of Easter. To date but not whining, I’ve received 4 ponds, 1 Kang Topiary, 2 Beach Umbrellas, 2 egg piles, 1 Easter Main Gate, The Banana Dictatorship Bulding and 20 easter gates plus Gold coins of 100 and 300 a few times. I hope i get some characters and other buildings but if not then donuts will be spent LOL. Hope everyone is doing well and Keep On Zapping!! 🙂

Well my friend…here’s my list from my A town:

Note: In my A town I’m playing as freemium as I can get with this event.  I have not purchased a single Egg.  The only purchase I’ve made at this point was for the MKII and that’s been more a test to see if I experience the same glitch a few of you are mentioning (where it gives you your dominant color instead of your non-dominant color).  Beyond that not 1 item has been purchased.  All baskets have been won and all Eggs have been tapped or zapped.  I am growing carrots and using Witch Marge…so I earn about 10-13 eggs/2 hrs with that (when I remember to go in and tap it!).  Also…I am NOT maxed out on friends.  I currently have 75 neighbors.  

I’m Team Pink in my A game…
Pink Boxes: Fence, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, fence, fence, tree, 100 gold eggs, umbrella and towel, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, Chirpy and Bart Jr, umbrella and towel, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, Blocko Store

Blue Boxes: 300 Gold Eggs, pond, Fence, 300 Gold eggs, egg pile, 300 gold eggs, Pond

Gold Boxes: Kodos Topiary, Hugs Bunny, Gate

For those not wanting to count…I won Chirpy and Bart Jr on attempt #13 and Blocko Store on attempt #18.  Ended up with 6 Fences (18 total towards Sucking Out quest), 700 Gold Eggs, 1 Easter Tree and 2 Umbrella and Towels.  So…I’ve now stopped attempting on pink since I’ve unlocked both items and am converting pink eggs to blue.

In the Blue Box i’m still at least 5 attempts away from having a shot to win a unique item and in the Gold Box I got lucky and won Hugs on my second attempt!

So now…what have YOU won?  Sound off in the comments below with the prizes you’ve unlocked 1 week in!


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  1. Not sure if people are still reporting here, but here are my rewards earned as Team Pink. Sorry I don’t keep very close track…

    Pink Boxes: Fence (30), Easter Tree (5), Beach Towel & Umbrella (2), Chirpy and Bart Jr, Blocko Store.

    Blue Boxes: Egg Pile (3), Pond (2)

    Gold Boxes: Fence (2), Gate, Banana Dictatorship

    I’m glad I did this because I didn’t realize I was finished with pink boxes… Huzzah!

  2. I just got to level 15, so the problem I have is that I don’t have Moe, Ralph, or Nelson to gather eggs for me. Just Homer and Ned, the carrots and the mk I. I’m averaging 1-2 blue boxes a day (I’m team blue) and 1 pink box every two days. And so far I’ve only gotten 2 gold boxes. So things are pretty slow for me. I did manage to get the egg council guy and kodos topiary. I’ve got way too many ponds, 14 fences total, one tree (wouldn’t mind more of those), 2 egg piles and of course gold eggs.

    I did breakdown and decide to buy a MK II, so hopefully that will help. Plus, I like the fact that it will still earn me money after the event.

  3. I’m doing horribly! If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it! I’m pink dominate looking for blues.

    Have both colors of baskets but lots of neighbors that I donate too but no one seems to want to donate to me.

    Would love assistance add me Wescop1

  4. I have a question. My primary is blue, but I haven’t purchased a single blue box as I’ve been switching them to pink and have been doing pink first as the returns for gold eggs seemed highest that way. Am i losing out on something by doing this or should i change plans and start rolling for the prizes with my primary color first? Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Thanks guys!

    • It really is up to you. We suggest your dominant color box to be cleared as those are the easiest accessed eggs as you go through the quest line. Then you know you have all them first and then can move on the to egg color you will less likely get. I would say you may want to clear the dominant first, unless you want the prizes in the NON dominant only along with gold. Comes down to whatever you want out of the event.

  5. After just now winning the EggCouncil dude on my exactly 24th blue box (woot no more collecting blue eggs- my neighbors can have them ;-p) it is clear that EA has a plan. Flawed or not- I see 1) they want to make some $$- they are entitled to after all. If you don’t want to pay- don’t-simple as that. I cannot imagine your world ending if you do not get all of the “stuff”. 2) they are trying to slow down the event- making it impossible for most players to rush through it and them scream BORED!! They set it for 3 weeks- and that is how long they expect it to take 90% of us. if you have to win stupid ponds and trees for 1.5 weeks (or more.uuugh :p ) so be it.

    Face it if you won the “good” stuff on day 3, would you still be playing? helping your neighborinos-lots of who still need FPs for stampys and snowballs–they made the winning of fences easier to take by offering you donuts for free-that is a nice thing.

    This is a game that you are able to play and “win” for FREE- yes it might get tiresome –3 weeks of bunny tapping is a little monotonous, but so what? Remember back to levels 11-20- such a drag, not enough characters or buildings to generate $$ to get to the next task. it took for-evah!
    This is the same- you “pay” for stuff with your time and your persistence. I think EA did a good job to ensure that the event will take the 3 weeks (give or take) that they intended 😉 good on them. And that players of all levels can get some “good stuff”.
    Ok- I’m off to tap some bunnies and leave blue eggs at my neighbors.

  6. got hugs bunny on my 72nsd attempt now i have everything apart from kudo bush

  7. A few ponds, some fences, gold eggs. Hmmm. With kids and a job this update is lost on me. I don’t have the hours to tap away like a numpty and gamble on a wheel and win some fences. The people ‘loving’ this update have way too much time on their hands

    • Meh…I view the “gambling” as no different than a kid playing skeeball or some other arcade game and winning tickets or tokens to get prizes. Save up all of your tickets/tokens to get $2 worth of “prizes”. Same concept here. Not really gambling, more just saving to earn a prize.
      As far as people that love this update and having too much time on their hands….i dunno that that’s exactly the case. I think it’s just people’s desire to do what they can to collect everything. It’s no different than any other event in the past. You’ve got to collect everything you can as often as you can to earn the prizes. Same concept here.

      • Having kids playing arcade games all day to win craptacular prizes isn’t a great idea either and if those kids were spending €100’s of dollars doing that, than that is even worse. And they don’t gamble all their tickets on a roulette wheel that gives them a crap prize 9 times out of 10 and encourages them to go spend more actual cash to win better ones.

        I like this game and am not being meh. I don’t like the intrusion of a gambling element into it that the Krusty Wheel and now this has introduced. Still can’t believe that EA get away with the premium scratch card where you spend real cash considering this isn’t an 18 rated game. I live in the UK and we have a much more liberal approach to gambling than the USA, but you still have to be 18 to gamble with cash on anything from slot machines to scratch cards, to the lottery, to horse racing. Yet here EA brazenly shoves gambling in the faces of minors.

        In my opinion they need to get back to producing a game where collecting XP and game cash actually buys you things, and putting an aspirational value on the premium element, like introducing the monorail, stonecutters etc as premium items. At the moment this game feels no better than any run of the mill gambling app encouraging addicts to drop more and more cash.

        • I get what you are saying. I see what you mean.

          This game is completely freemium and can be played as such while still enjoying it every bit. I started a freemium player and continue that A game freemium to this day.

          I also see you say EA needs to give us more premium items. That would cost $$ too if the person had no donuts or not enough. So you are asking for them to provide you with more paying content anyway.

          It is up to a parent to monitor their kids activities and what games they play. You can’t just hand a kid a high priced electronic and walk away. At least I hope not. If something is not right, then don’t allow them to play. I see the same kind of games and more in kid amusement areas, theme parks, arcades, etc. It’s up to that individual on what they’re going to give their kid money for or allow them to play. I really don’t see this any different. There are also safety measures built in the buying process to not allow real money to be spent without taking many steps and log ins.

          I also don’t see this game geared towards kids. I see it created for adults that have grown up with this show and have fond childhood memories.

          Please feel free to vent. Understandably this is a hot topic of discussion. But please also, if you want change tell them. Contact EA. They do listen. Look at all they’ve changed already.

          Speaking of…it was players response to EA that created these games of “chance”. Many complained they wanted a prize every time regardless how big or small so they got SOMETHING for their efforts. They wanted more chances to win. So I encourage you to be vocal to them. You never know what change we can effect.

  8. got shary bobins on my 71st gold box

  9. I’m probably only averaging 2 boxes ever 1 to 2 days. And that is with planting carrots, tapping bunnies, and getting them from neighbors ( I probably have around 40-50 neighbors). I have only won the banana dictatorship, fences, ponds, an Easter egg pile, and golden eggs. This event is underwhelming for me. Am I the only one that feels that way?

    • Awww…that is really not a bad haul. We are only 25% into the event. Long ways to go. Most prizes unlock at 15/20 boxes. Seems Hugs and Shary …mainly Shary, may be the most difficult to get. Just have fun. Don’t overthink the numbers.

      Not everyone enjoys an event the same. (I am a lil biased on this one…wonder why? Lol) Hang in there. A game is really what YOU make of it and take from it.

    • Your post is exactly the way I feel. I’m at the same clip, with roughly the same haul. I realize we have lots of time to go, but to get stoked to earn that next box and it turns out to be…the fourth pond already…even with several weeks left, I feel like I’m running in place on this event.

      • Well…if you are running in place…switch it up a bit. Do the Hammer (Can’t touch this)…the running man…the sprinkler…LOL 😛

        Just don’t worry too much about numbers and all that. Just tap and have fun. Enjoy the sillyness of the game. Or come here and see if we can make you laugh…or you can laugh at us. 😉

        So much time still left in this event. Only 25% into it.

  10. CapCityGoofball

    Didn’t count boxes, but I currently have 300 gold eggs, and I have won Kodos, Hugs, and the gate from my gold boxes. Also won 18 easter fences, 3 ponds, 2 egg piles, 1 tree, and I just got the Egg Council guy from my last blue box! I’m team blue so as soon as I get Fiesta’s I will be swapping eggs.

  11. Until now I’ve been relying on my brain to remember what I’ve won (can you hear the cogs whirring?) but may have to start making a note as the event progresses…

    Anyway. I’m freemium and have 96 neighbours I think (though might as well have 76) and my A game is team BLUE!

    So far I’ve got:

    Blue box: 3 x egg piles, 3 x ponds, 5 x fences, 9 x 100 gold eggs and egg council guy.

    Pink box: 2 x fences, 2 x trees and 2 x 300 gold eggs.

    Gold box: 1 x kang topiary, bunny #24601 and 250 blue eggs (boooo!)

    And I’ve just now scored Johnny Fiesta’s! That’s blue box done in 22 tries! 😀 Just need to hammer pink and gold now… Luckily my B(**ch) game is Pink lol

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