Easter Event 1 Week In….What Have YOU Won?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So we’re 1 week in from the start of the bunny invasion, with 3 more weeks to go!  Now that everyone is busy tapping and zapping I want to know…what have YOU won so far?  Are you keeping track?

And apparently you do to…one of our readers Runicgem left this comment/suggestion on another post:
Hi Everybody!!! i would love to see a post on who has received what so far pertaining to the boxes of Easter. To date but not whining, I’ve received 4 ponds, 1 Kang Topiary, 2 Beach Umbrellas, 2 egg piles, 1 Easter Main Gate, The Banana Dictatorship Bulding and 20 easter gates plus Gold coins of 100 and 300 a few times. I hope i get some characters and other buildings but if not then donuts will be spent LOL. Hope everyone is doing well and Keep On Zapping!! 🙂

Well my friend…here’s my list from my A town:

Note: In my A town I’m playing as freemium as I can get with this event.  I have not purchased a single Egg.  The only purchase I’ve made at this point was for the MKII and that’s been more a test to see if I experience the same glitch a few of you are mentioning (where it gives you your dominant color instead of your non-dominant color).  Beyond that not 1 item has been purchased.  All baskets have been won and all Eggs have been tapped or zapped.  I am growing carrots and using Witch Marge…so I earn about 10-13 eggs/2 hrs with that (when I remember to go in and tap it!).  Also…I am NOT maxed out on friends.  I currently have 75 neighbors.  

I’m Team Pink in my A game…
Pink Boxes: Fence, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, fence, fence, tree, 100 gold eggs, umbrella and towel, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, Chirpy and Bart Jr, umbrella and towel, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, Blocko Store

Blue Boxes: 300 Gold Eggs, pond, Fence, 300 Gold eggs, egg pile, 300 gold eggs, Pond

Gold Boxes: Kodos Topiary, Hugs Bunny, Gate

For those not wanting to count…I won Chirpy and Bart Jr on attempt #13 and Blocko Store on attempt #18.  Ended up with 6 Fences (18 total towards Sucking Out quest), 700 Gold Eggs, 1 Easter Tree and 2 Umbrella and Towels.  So…I’ve now stopped attempting on pink since I’ve unlocked both items and am converting pink eggs to blue.

In the Blue Box i’m still at least 5 attempts away from having a shot to win a unique item and in the Gold Box I got lucky and won Hugs on my second attempt!

So now…what have YOU won?  Sound off in the comments below with the prizes you’ve unlocked 1 week in!


169 responses to “Easter Event 1 Week In….What Have YOU Won?

  1. Two sets of Easter fences! 🙁 My Springfield has been down ever since the Easter update! After going back and forth with EA having them get me going, then having the game shut down again 3 diferent days, the very helpful, very generous with compensation donuts EA liaison told me that older gen iPads may start experiencing more problems! So now I’m stuck playing on my iPhone 5, which sucks!

    • That does stink. I’m one of those weirdos who enjoys playing on my 4S but I think I’m just super used to it. I have a Galaxy S4 tablet but never really play on it. Good info to know about the older ipads. I hope that rep is wrong but we shall see I guess.

  2. Finally got the Bunny NPC!!! Wooii Hooooiii!

  3. Well, so far I got:
    – 4x easter eggs pile for the ground
    – 4x easter pond
    – 2x Easter tree
    – 2x beach towel + umbrella
    – Johnny Fiestas
    – Banana dictatorship
    – Egg council guy
    – 32x easter fence
    – Bunny 24601
    – the 2 lizards
    – today received character of Hugs Bunny
    – Kang and Kodos Topiary (each 1x)

    Wishing for Bricko store and 2 remaining characters. The rest can stay unclaimed (such as more easter ponds, trees, egg piles, towels, gates)

    And yes, I had a weak moment and bought one barn…

  4. pasteysquirrel

    I’m in the blue group, its been a bit lackluster so far until this morning when I got Banana dictatorship.
    Blue Box:
    4 Easter Ponds
    2 Egg Piles
    6 100 Gold Eggs
    4 Easter Fences
    Pink Box
    2 300 Eggs
    1 Towel and Umbrella
    Gold Box
    1 Pastel Fence
    Banana Dictatorship

  5. 700 gold eggs, 2 beach towels + umbrella, and 9 easter fences from the pink box. 300 gold eggs, 1 Easter pond, and 3 fences from the blue box. 2 pastels fences and banana dictatorship from the gold box.

  6. Between my 100 neighboreenos I have got two full blue egg baskets in one week, and EA glitch have made a pink basket with two eggs in it vanish. My own round the clock efforts have produced 2 gold boxes (pastel fence, topiary) and some egg decorations and fences aplenty. I got donuts via purchasing 14 x 69p Golden Scratch-R cards (why not gamble?) and I got enough blue eggs to grab the priest, Johnny Fiestas, Banana Dictatorship, winged rabbit, the lizards and am now up to 36 egg fences – 2 trees, 2 towels and er.. MANY small egg decorations. So I paid under £10 and am pleased with the outcome. Shary Bobbins can remain dead. I’m sure she’ll show up again somehow.

  7. I only bought the Frink Machine II to get Blue eggs, i´m in pink team. Don’t remember how many boxes I’ve opened but my prize list is something like that.
    -3 beach towels
    -2 easter trees
    -1 pastel fence set
    -6 easter fence set
    -1 easter door
    -2 easter pond
    -Kodos topiary
    -Distint color eggs (don´t remember exactly how many)
    -Bunny 24601 (my first really important prize)
    -Blocko Store (the second)
    -Banana Dictatorship (the third)
    -Hugs Bunny (the fourth)

    Counting I´ve opened more than 20 boxes including 5 gold boxes as minimum

  8. Blue team!

    Blue box – 24 boxes
    – 4 ponds
    – 6 Easter fences
    – 1 Easter egg decoration
    – 11 (100 Golden Eggs)
    – Johnny Fiestas (20th try)
    – Egg Council Guy (24th try) both of the hardest on the same day! 🙂

    Pink box – 8 boxes
    – 3 Easter fences
    – 3 (300 Golden Eggs)
    – 1 umbrella & beach towel
    – 1 Easter tree

    Golden boxes – 4 boxes
    – 1st try – Kodos topiary
    – 2nd try – Banana Dictatorship
    – 3rd & 4th – Pastel fences

    And only on day 8!!!!

  9. Blue Team:

    Blue Boxes:
    5 Ponds
    2 Egg Piles
    6 100 Gold Eggs
    1 250 Gold Eggs
    4 Easter Fences
    1 Egg Council Guy

    Pink Boxes:
    1 300 Gold Eggs
    1 Easter Fence

    Gold Boxes:
    1 Pastel Fence
    1 Kodos Topiary

    I have not spent any donuts on this event.

  10. Team BLUE! 😉 I bought the MKII-Sunday(with the 75 donuts that EA gave me for the valentines day update reset of the SB blimp etc) otherwise I am freemium(i have bought 6 gold scratchers since Dec.’13 I am still ahead on those-but only barely). I have 100 friends (i want to add all of you 😉 visit them faithfully daily- but sadly not all have tappable things. And have had I think 5 (3 pink 2 blue) baskets filled now by neighbors. I went from Thursday until today w/o winning a new basket today I have 3 (1 blue 2 pink) empty set out. Plant carrots as many times as i can and have everyeone on egg tasks back to back (I HEART Ralph task lol so funny).

    So far I have Blue Box:
    3 Easter Ponds
    3 Egg Piles
    4 fence sets
    1 johnny Fiestas
    5 100 gold eggs

    Pink Box:
    1 Fence set
    1 beach umbrella
    1 Easter tree
    1 300 gold eggs

    Gold Box:
    1 Fr. Sean (first gold box opened woot!)
    1 Easter gate
    1 pastel fence set (which i am happy to say goes towards the 15 donut task)

  11. Ivanbezdomnyscat

    I don’t know how many boxes I’ve opened, but here’s what I’ve won:
    Blocko Store
    Banana Dictatorship
    1 blue Easter basket
    2 pink Easter baskets
    Fr. Sean
    6 Easter ponds
    More gates than I’ll ever need
    Approx. 8 Easter egg piles
    A frink pink egg generator
    And a Fabergé egg this morning from a bunny tap!

    I spent donuts to buy the blue egg generator, bc I’m team pink.

  12. I haven’t rushed/used donuts and started on 4-16. My box total is 36 (I’ve also had 14 baskets dropped by bunnies). Finally today after 22 blue boxes I got the ECG and after my fifth gold box got banana dictatorship. These are the first “good” prizes I’ve got in 8 days of playing.
    Does anyone know for sure if the guarantees of 80/81 boxes is per color or a COMBINED total of all colors? Because if it’s combined I think we can all get this by the end of the event.

    • I don’t believe it’s combined. Different configurations for each box. BUT that being said still 3 weeks left…so a lot of time to go 🙂

  13. (Alissa, I think you mean “now”..instead of “not” stopped attempting)
    Ok..here’s my list…just for my friend Runicgem..lol
    Team Pink..never bought an egg directly (but did buy a MKII & I…sucker for flashing lights..lol), 100 friends visited daily, use baskets often, use Witch Marge, keep egg tasks active:
    Chirpy & Bart Jr.
    3 Beach Towel & Umbrellas
    6 Easter Fences (18)
    2 Easter Trees
    Several 100 Golden Eggs
    2 Easter Fences (6)
    3 Easter Egg Piles
    2 Easter Ponds
    Several 300 Golden Eggs
    Banana Dictatorship
    Bunny #24601
    2 Easter Gates
    1 Pastel Picket Fence (2)

  14. Team Pink:

    Block O Store – oh yeah – my favorite!
    Easter Fence: 5
    Beach Towel: 2
    Easter Tree: 2
    100 Gold Eggs: 5
    300 Gold Eggs: 3
    Easter Egg Pile: 2
    Banana Dictatorship
    Kangaroo Topiary
    Pastel Picket Fence: 1

    C’mon Shary Bobbins, Chirpy Boy/Bart Jr, Fr. Sean, and Johnny Fiestas!!! Best Event Ever EA!!!!

  15. I’ve won a bunch of fences and easter ponds. it feels like Christmas all over.

  16. I’m freemium too. I’ve got 15 fences, 3 ponds, the eggs, and some golden eggs, from which I got the Banana Dictatorship.
    I’m now gathering blue and pink eggs so I can pass the 12-box mark and start completing the boxes 😀

  17. Thank You Alissa for this post! 🙂 I was mainly curious bc i have, like yourself, have not spent donuts with the exception of the MKII and 2 baskets ( pink and blue). I only bought the MKII bc like some other Tappers, i thought it would go well with Frink’s Lab. 🙂

    • Anytime! I was kind of curious myself on this 🙂 Think we’ll do this each week to give everyone perspective on where others are.

      • I believe doing posts like this helps to differentiate who plays the game as it should be and who is going a different route.

  18. Ivanbezdomnyscat

    I don’t know how many boxes I’ve opened, but here’s what I’ve won:
    Blocko Store
    Banana Dictatorship
    1 blue Easter basket
    2 pink Easter baskets
    Fr. Sean
    6 Easter ponds
    More gates than I’ll ever need
    Approx. 8 Easter egg piles
    A frink pink egg generator

    I spent donuts to buy the blue egg generator, bc I’m team pink.

  19. I am team pink and so far I have managed to unlock…
    PINK BOX: 2 beach towels, 2 Easter trees, 20 Easter fences, 5X 100 gold eggs
    BLUE BOX: 3 Easter fences
    GOLD BOX:2 pastel fences
    Not much luck on the prizes I’m afraid:(

  20. I’m a freemium pink player and have opened 17 pink boxes, 5 blue boxes and 2 gold boxes. I’ve received (pink) 8 boxes of 100 gold eggs, 4 sets of fences, 2 trees, 2 beach towels and Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr (15th box). In blue boxes I’ve gotten 300 gold eggs, 2 fences, 1 pond, and 1 egg pile. In my gold boxes I’ve gotten the gate and picket fences. Im having so much fun! Here’s hoping for a building or character soon! I should be opening another gold box today!

  21. I have also not purchased a single thing with donuts though I will near the end if I haven’t received Sherry Bobbins or the Banana Dictatorship. I have received the following:
    (Pink is my Dominant)
    Chirpy and Bart Jr
    Father SEan
    (I have done the gold box maybe 4 or 5 times)
    7 total fences
    Bunny 24601
    the tree
    and everything else has been duplicates or decoration based. Although, based on the posts I think I am pretty far along as I have 3 of the premium items (i.e. Father Sean, Chirpy and Bart Jr, and Bunny 24601)

    • You’re doing great! Shary will be a hard one…I can say that. But still winnable! As far as the Dictatorship that has the best odds (well almost best odds) in the Gold Box so you should get that well before the end of the event! 🙂

  22. So far I have won
    Johnny Fiestas
    Fr. Sean
    Banana Dictatorship
    3 fence sets
    2 Easter egg piles
    1400 gold eggs
    1 Easter tree
    2 Easter ponds
    1 Beach towel and umbrella

    So not too bad for 1 week’s worth of tapping. I have blue as my dominant egg colour.

  23. I am a pink egg player and I am playing completely free as well, except I did buy the cat lady since I can’t resist a good character. I haven’t kept track of the order but here is what I have received
    Pink Box:
    Beach Towel – 3
    Easter Tree – 2
    Fence – 5
    100 Gold – 8

    Blue Box:
    Fence – 1
    300 Gold – 2
    Pond – 1

    Gold Box:
    Banana Dictatorship
    Picket Fence – 1

  24. Not a lot of joy in Mudville so far.

    I am not *n*lly keeping track of each box like SOME people (shhh, no will know it’s you Alissa) but I JUST got my first decent prize, Johnny Fiestas (with a 24 hour build time – for a PRIZE??? – chincy EA programmers).

    Besides that?
    5 Easter fences (15) and 1 pastel picket fence (2)
    3 Easter Egg Piles (in storage)
    4 Easter Ponds (in storage)
    Beach Towel & Umbrella (in storage)
    1300 Gold Eggs (rainbow fence & Kodos Topiary)

    12 Blue boxes
    2 Pink boxes
    2 Gold boxes
    16 boxes total

    I DID get the crazy cat lady, I just like her – other than that, no donut spending. I considered the barn or the MKii, but in the past, I have always regretted accelerating things.

    • I choose to look at it as 24hr build time for 250 Eggs 🙂
      Not a bad haul so far since you only opened 12 blue boxes…that means as soon as the magic number hit you got it 🙂

      I only track for YOUR benefit lol…that and because I want to see if the odds match up. But is it bad that I have the results of my B and C town too? (both complete) It’s for testing purposes I swear! 😉

      And yes..I got CCL too. And I’m loving watching her throw those bunnies! lol

  25. Team pink here. I feel like I haven’t opened all that many boxes. Having said that, I have 23(?) fences (including two pastel ones from the gold box), two beach umbrellas, two easter trees, one easter pond (probably one of the blue box attempts) and a few piles of gold eggs. I scored the Banana Dictatorship on my 2nd gold box and am 100 eggs away from a 3rd attempt. No Blocko store, NPC lizards, or any of the other big prizes from the regular boxes.

    • Oh, and I’m definitely a freemium player, no buying donuts for me.

    • So 7 boxes of Easter Fences (3 each time), 1 box of pastel fences, 2 boxes of umbrellas, 2 boxes of tress, 1 box of pond…and the gold eggs well that’s hard to accurately count unless you know what was 300 and what was 100.
      So 2 gold boxes total.
      4 pink boxes
      1 Blue box
      And then your 7 boxes of fences are probably 5 pink 2 blue…and then your eggs. So not too bad so far. 🙂

  26. I haven’t had much luck getting any fences, so I’m kind of bummed that I won’t complete the “Sucking Out” quest. However, I received a couple bonds, an Egg Generator, a few fences, lots of Gold Eggs, and a ton of baskets.

    • Still 3 weeks left. Once you’ve cleared your pink and blue boxes and you’re just working on getting gold eggs those fences will come! 🙂

  27. Johnny Fiestas, Banana Dictatorship, 20 fence segments, 1 fence gate, 3 egg piles, 2 Easter trees, 1 beach umbrella,

  28. Freemium player:
    I’ve opened 22 boxes; 19 pink, 2 blue and 1 gold.
    1 gold yielded 1 Easter Gate
    2 blue yielded 1 Easter Fence x 3pcs, and 1 Easter Pond
    19 pink yielded 9 100 Golden Eggs, 6 Easter Fence x 3pcs, 2 Beach Towels with Umbrella, and 2 Easter Trees

    That’s 21 of the 50 fence pieces required for 15 donuts, woohoo!

  29. Nothing of note from the pink and blue boxes, but I’m happy as I have at least one of each decoration and several gold eggs.

    I’ve opened 4 gold boxes so far and received (in order) Father Sean, Pastel Fence, Easter Gate, Banana Dictatorship.

    all in all I’m not doing too bad and enjoying the event :).

    • Great job! Isn’t it so satisfying when you open the first gold box and win one of the top prizes? 🙂

    • Yep there really are some haters as i just found out on another blog and got myself insulted For my positivity lol…. think I’ll just stay over here at tstoaddicts…. i am enjoying this update and just going with the flow…… glad others are enjoying it too!!

      • lol you too huh? My thought process on life…when you’re handed lemons make lemonade…don’t squeeze them in your eye! 😉

        • Hahaha true….when i was reading ‘the bait And switch off Easter’ on another blog it blew my mind… why do they play!!! Anyway, like i said I’m gonna stay over in this Camp haha

  30. 8 kangs. Lots of fences nd heaps of eggs almost everything buy nanny nd hugs bunny almost gt hugs bunny landed on him heaps but the last mil second change to fence lol

    • Tease isn’t it lol that happened to me with the Lil egg council guy…. tbh i don’t think I’d wanna win everything in the first week like so many ive seen commenting…. I’m happy so far with my father Sean rapping his way round town lol

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