Easter Event…1 Week In Where Should YOU Be?

Hey Howdy Hey Bunny Zapping Tappers!

Well here we are 1 week in from when all those little bunnies invaded Springfield…how are you holding up?  Still having fun with the update?  Going crazy trying to find those wascally wabbits?  Sick of all my yolking around?  Wondering if this update is all it’s cracked up to be?  Worried you’re falling behind?

Yesterday we received an awesome email from Addicts reader davadrtol.  Here’s what he said:
Dear Addicts,
   I was wondering if you could do a post giving your readers an idea of where they should be in the present event if they want to get everything.  This really only applies to freemium players, of course.
I’ve been very dedicated and have collected 22 blue boxes (haven’t picked up the building or character yet), 3 pink boxes (just the fence and golden eggs) and 3 gold boxes (Fr Sean, gate and pastel fence).
With such a disjointed style of event it’s very difficult to know exactly where you should be.
Your help would be appreciated by not only myself but your other many readers.
Thank you for reading this.
P.S.  I am a blue box person.  To clarify what I have received in the blue boxes = 5 x ponds, 11 x gold eggs, 4 x fence and 2 x egg pile. 

I’m sure there are many of you out there that are starting to get nervous that you’re not unlocking the prizes yet, or that you’re running out of time to get everything.  So all yolking aside…let’s break down approximately where you should be at this point in the Easter Event..

 ico_stor_easter_100gold ico_stor_easter_125pink ico_stor_easter_125blue

First off I want to preface this by saying this is an update that is difficult to say ‘You must be at this point this day’ because there are a lot of variables that make up this update.  So we’re going to cover some of the basics of where you should be at this point…but remember you still have 3 weeks left!  There are still a lot of bunnies left to be bonked!  So don’t go into panic mode.  And most importantly…DON’T SPEND DONUTS ON EGGS.  Not at this point in the game anyway.

So let’s start things off with the main questline….Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins.  At this point you should be roughly in the middle of making Moe Hunt Bunnies with Prejudice. (part 11)  If you’re just before or just after this you’re still in good shape!  This means that you should have, by now, unlocked the ability to grow carrots at Cletus’s farm and earn more bunnies!  (unlocks at part 8 of the main quest)  You should’ve also unlocked the MKI machine (unlocks after part 8), which will help you earn an additional 75 eggs of your dominant color every 12hrs.  And you should also be sending Ned & Homer on their egg earning tasks!

ned_hunt_for_turkeys_active_1 moe_hunt_for_turkeys_active_1

As far as the side quests go…you should have by now completed Ralph’s (if you have him) 16hr task to collect Eggs and Nelson’s (if you have him) 16hr task to Raid the bird’s nest.  And you should also be sending them on these egg earning quests regularly.  With the Sucking Out quest…I don’t expect anyone to be at the point of 50 fences yet.  So don’t panic if you’re not there.  The quest will still run in the background throughout the event, so you have plenty of time to earn those 15 donuts!

Burns shadow

Now let’s talk about boxes.  How many should you have opened by now?  At this point you should have unlocked at least 12-13 of your dominant egg box and at least 3 of your non-dominant egg box.  You should also have opened at least 1 gold box.  (or at least have enough eggs sitting and waiting to open that many boxes)


Remember…and this is REALLY important….you’re not supposed to unlock anything in your pink or blue box until your 12th attempt in each box or later.  So don’t panic or get frustrated if you’ve only unlocked fences, ponds or egg piles…that’s supposed to happen.  Especially if you’re well below the 12 attempt mark.

Some tips to keep you going for the next 3 weeks….

-Try to build up at least 3 or more attempts on your dominant color before attempting the boxes.   Sometimes this helps cure the frustration because you can move through a few saved up turns quickly.

-Focus on clearing your dominant box first.  Once you’ve gotten the unique prizes from that box STOP ATTEMPTING IT.

-After you’ve cleared your dominant box, turn all of your dominant eggs into eggs of another color by swapping them with your neighbors!  There is NO point in playing your dominant box once you’ve cleared it.  Especially when the Gold Eggs are awarded in higher value in your non-dominant box.  You may think it’s only going to give you 50 eggs for every 100 you put in…BUT if you win eggs in your dominant box you’re only going to get 250 eggs, or half of what you spent on the box.  It’s the same ratio AND swapping eggs in a neighbor’s town is guaranteed to give you an exchange for the color…while attempting the box is not.  Check out our Egg Exchange to find other tappers looking to give you eggs if you’ll return the favor! (Yes, you can still swap without a basket. Just keep in mind you will only be giving them away for the 50 in return.) WARNING: Currently there is a glitch known to EA on the baskets. If you put them out prior to us getting an update, you may lose the ability to have them filled. Check here for more info.

-Winning Gold Eggs is a GOOD thing!  Don’t get bummed out that you only got Gold eggs in the prize box.  Currently the Gold eggs have the highest odds in the game.  At 45% you’re supposed to land on it frequently.

– Kodos and Kang are good rewards.  I know you want the character in the Gold box but remember Kodos and Kang are considered premium items and therefore award a bonus percentage.  So it’s not the worst thing in the world if you pick up a few of these in the Gold Prize box.

-When you win a building…BUILD IT!  Each new building you place and build will earn you an additional 250 eggs of your dominant color.

– When placing baskets make sure you separate them enough so they aren’t right on top of each other.  When they’re placed too close together it’s hard for your neighbors to leave you eggs. Not too mention they may give you the WRONG color then they wanted to and cause frustration.

-Send your characters on egg earning tasks, grow carrots regularly (make sure you zap the existing bunnies in your town before harvesting), and visit your neighbors daily.

-Check your inventory regularly for baskets won.  Sometimes they appear in your inventory and you don’t even realize you won it.  This has happened to me on several occasions.  So check for them and use them!  You won’t lose eggs by putting them out in your town.  All that can happen is you’ll gain 400 eggs of that color from neighbors.

So there you have it my friends…a rough guide to where you should be at this point of the Easter Event, as well as some tips to keep you going the next 3 weeks.  So now the million dollar question…where are YOU in the update?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I’m uber confused! Not long to go and the only premium character I have unlocked is a kang topiary and the egg council guy! I am blue dominant, and tony fiestas is the only other premium item apart from 100 gold eggs. From comments it seems to be pink dominant players that are winning premiums more quickly. Not sure if I should be opening my dominant blue boxes or swapping them and aiming for the pink box! I play multiple times a day and send all Easter egg task characters on egg tasks on a loop, I have the little computer generator which gives me 75 of my dominant blue eggs and grow carrots. Not sure why I seem so far behind!

    • Both pink and blue players have the same odds of unlocking the items in the gold box.
      From collecting over 2 days, visiting neighbors, egg generator, carrots every 2hrs (I use witch marge), egg swaps with neighbors…I earn about 4 boxes of my non-dominant color. And that usually translates into 1-2 Gold boxes. So on average I open about 5-6 boxes every other day. (between non-dominant and gold)
      How often do you clear your bunnies? How often do you grow carrots? Are you utilizing free baskets?

      • I am playing this event strictly Freemium. Until today, I got very few free baskets (7 total) – today I got 5 (4 dominant, 1 non-dominant). With that I was able to get 3 non-dominant boxes. From these, I got 2 golden eggs and an Easter Tree. The Golden Eggs let me open one golden box where I got the pastel fence.

        On average I am getting maybe 1-2 non-dominant boxes/day. (1000-2000 dominant eggs). This comes from:

        Neighbors: 500/day (a few of my 100 don’t visit every day)
        Machine: 112/day (I rarely can get 2x/day, so it’s more like 3x/2 days
        Bunnies: 100-150/day
        Carrots: 50/day
        Baskets: 400/3 days

        So, about 1100/day on average, or 1 non-dominant box/day.

        The Math doesn’t work on this event, first time I was SURE I wasn’t going to make it.

        • This one is rough. Several Tappers have commented getting everything the last couple of days…all freemium. Others, like you, are having the worst luck. Then a few are like me…just somewhere in the middle. With all these glitchs and crashes impacting players games EA’s really got to do something to get the bad taste out of players mouths with this event.

  2. Hi,
    Great job on the site!
    My dilemma:
    I am a level 40 premium daily player since game launch and I was able to play 2 days of the Easter launch before my account seemed to shut down. After 2 weeks of no access, many posts, EA chats & emails EA reset my account to day 1 of Easter launch and I was able to access my game again late last night. Woohoo!! Now I’m about 10 days from the event ending and have only had about 4 boxes opened so far(no special prizes won) I have sped up the first few quest tasks so I can shave a few days to ensure I can complete the questline. Currently Skinner is searching. I don’t think I will speed up more quest as the rest should complete a few days before the event ends if I’m not mistaken.

    My question is if I buy boxes with donuts (no way I will reach the minimum for the gold or blue special prize threshold. I’m a pink egg player)…if I had to choose what to buy what do you recommend? I do send all egg earners on tasks and speed up carrot crop. I’m a medium friend player with only about 40 friends (which is easier to manage). Sadly I will probably have to deplete my donuts during this event to get the items I long for, which wasn’t the original plan. I tend to take things slow and enjoy the game with no speeding up of tasks so this is killing me.

    Any advice would be helpful. I’m kind of overwhelmed. (But grateful to even be able to play!)

  3. Well I cleared out the Pink and Blue boxes last week and also picked up the Banana Dictatorship and that mutant rabbit, but I have attempted the gold box loads of times this week, even cheated and bought some blue eggs, but try as I might all I seem to get from the gold box now is gates and picket fences…… everytime…. or perhaps the odd blue crate or Kodos, nothing else, just wondering if I will ever get Father Sean or Sheery Bobbins. Not feeling very confident and I have all my egg and bunny producers working overtime too.

  4. Good, I am glad Nick asked for week 2 “where should you be”. For the first time I feel like I am falling REALLY far behind.

    At this point I have 2 of my main color prizes, 1 of my non-main color prizes, and no gold prizes. I am probably drawing about 2 blue a day, 1 pink a day, and 1 gold every other day. So about 28 blue draws, 14 pink draws and 7 gold draws – maybe a LITTLE bit more. Assuming we are about half way done – I see no way I am going to get anywhere near 84 of ANY of the egg colors!

  5. When’s the post for “week 2 in Where you should be?”

  6. Onc again , here I am frustrated. I know I’m supposed to be patient but the further I get into this event, the more I’m disappointed. I faithfully continued on with my egg hunting after my last post. However, five days later I am doing no better than I was before. Two weeks left of the event but ive only won one wanted prize. Blocko store. Ive finished the egg quest, leaving me 250 pink eggs short, and now I cant trade for blue eggs because I simply dont have enough. Its sad ive only been able to open two gold boxes in two weeks when i see people with 1000s of gold eggs. Something has to give…

  7. Oops. That’s 20 or so pink. Missed saying the pink part.

  8. Well now. Here I am again!! But this is regards a good thing. I spent down to about 7 blue eggs and maybe about 20 or so. Got frustrated, shut the game off. Came back about 20 minutes later and now suddenly now have 293 pink and 257 blue. This has happened before but this time I know I’m not imagining it. I only have one partially filled basket, same as before I shut down. Wow. Do you know anything about this?

    • I have seen reports off and on from players with glitchy baskets all of a sudden having eggs added to their towns.

      Also some baskets were only paying out 200 instead of 400 eggs but once you re synced town (go to a few neighbors and/or Krustyland) the rest added to your count making it 400 a basket as it should.

  9. Seba Van Rentergem

    Are there a lot of people that didn’t clear their dominat box? Cause I haven’t and I’m starting to think that I’ll have to hurry..

    PS: I do everything i can: visiting friends every day, tasks for Flanders,homer, etc, planting carrots,…

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