Woah, Hello Level 40! (UPDATED and Complete)


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well I know we’re a bit late to the party today…us Addicts have been away for the last few days and we’re all travelling back to our homes today.  So somewhere between flights and car rides (and time zone changes) EA decided to hit us with Level 40. We’re sorry we’re a bit late with this…but all the great info you except and love from us will be up soon!

Here’s a quick bit of info to get you going…Principal Skinner starts (he’ll need to be free)…and you’ll also need Ralph and Lisa free for the first part.  After the first part you’ll be prompted to build Ah Fudge (600k, 24hr build).  Ah Fudge will contain….Ms. Hoover!  (A female character that’s NOT premium!)

Lots more coming guys we promise…but at the moment I’m writing from my cell phone.  Gotta find some WiFi and fire up the laptop!  🙂


UPDATE from Alissa: Well I’ve successfully located Wi-Fi and a power outlet…at the airport.  Unfortunately, for me and Bunny we’re trapped at the airport right now…FAA has grounded all flights because of a downed tower.  (Wookiee was able to drive home…lucky Fuzzball!)  So bad news for us..we’re stuck.  Good news for you guys…I can get you more info!  So here’s the Level 40 rundown you’ve come to know, love and expect from us!

As I mentioned above…Principal Skinner kicks Level 40 off, but you’ll also need to have Lisa AND Ralph free for a 2 hr task (so much for Ralph hunting those Easter Eggs for 2 hours).  You’ll also be prompted to build Ah Fudge, it’s a 24hr build.  Here’s the rest of the details in quick rundown style:

New Buildings:

Ah,_Fudge!_Factory_Tapped_Out Ah Fudge!  24hr Build, $600,000.  Once built you’l unlock Ms. Hoover!  And the Cocoa Beanie Mascot.

Lotto_'N'_Liquor_Tapped_Out Lotto ‘N’ Liquor (Premium).  Instant build, 150 Donuts.  Comes with Dewy Largo (Lisa’s Music Teacher)

New Characters:

Elizabeth_Hoover– Ms. Hoover.  Comes with the Ah Fudge Building

Dewey_Largo– Dewy Largo.  Premium character, comes with Lotto ‘N’ Liquor.

Cocoa_Beanie– Cocoa Beanie.  Come with the Ah Fudge! Building.  (Also as a full set of tasks!)

New Decorations:

Tapped_Out_Concrete_Wall– Concrete Wall.  $385/section.

Tapped_Out_Santa's_Little_Helper_Topiary– Santa’s Little Helper Topiary.  Premium, 30 Donuts.

Tapped_Out_Crashed_Police_Car– Crashed Police Car.  Krustyland Only. 1,000 Tickets.

That’s it for this update rundown.  I’ll be back in a little bit with Turbo Tappin’ Level 40!  And don’t worry…we’ll be back to normalcy soon! 🙂

Special thanks to our friend Feelingblind over at TSTOTricks for the assist yesterday 🙂

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  1. freaknstein8

    OMG, where is this game going??? Now Krusty is running on about some bisexual count…can we even say that word here??? Okay so…where do babies come from and now this…maybe I can say, “Jake, it’s kinda like me being a bi-eggs-ual, meaning I’ll share my eggs with guys and girls…but we’re not talking eggs in this other case…”
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. freaknstein8

    Hey, Imodat!!!…are you not getting baskets as well? Hope you and your son are feeling better…now I’m getting sick from all this pollen. I’m still swapping eggs with people…mostly random…just wish they’d turn the baskets back on… 🙂

    • No baskets since completion of main quest here also, Big Guy. I feel your pain. Also, hoping each bunny zapped will bring the Fabergé egg. I read you opened a ticket…….keep us all posted my purple friend.

      • freaknstein8

        I really don’t care for the egg simply for what it is…blatant extravagance…greed with a bow on it… 🙂 …now if I get it, I will be pleased…but I just don’t wish for it like I do the Blocko store…and the 15 donuts from sucking…lol

      • Finally got the Fabrege egg yesterday (8 days after completing quest). Mediate lay after getting it, baskets began to arrive via bunny taps again. Per other blogs, this is not a glitch-ea designed it this way. Good luck, this frustrated me to no end!

        • I dunno if it’s a glitch or coded that way. All when know is…we don’t see anything via the files for it, and players (including bunny and wookiee) both got baskets with out the Faberge Egg after finishing the questline. One version or the other is incorrect. Massively a pain in the butt, but I think EA has started screwing with all of us because we publish odds etc.

          • I wonder if EA realizes the basket glitch is alienating a lot of players? I’ve noticed numerous neighbors who used to be very active not seem to be playing much. At first I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but it’s becoming very obvious to me they are discouraged. One of my neighbors has had the same 3 blue baskets out that we can’t even put eggs in, I know she is playing though, because she is clearing her town. I’ve not had a basket for a few days now, but I’m not too worried, I’ll still keep tapping along. I feel fortunate I got all the buildings & FS & ECG. Just kinda wish my last non-dom basket would have given me gold eggs :/
            I really want Shary & Hugs 🙂

  3. I know this isn’t the right post but probably the most likely seen, but my egg generator mk1 gave me my non dominant egg colour and the only thing I can think of is if it was because I had more of that colour at the time is this a change with level 40 to help us with Easter and I know that the path to the guinea pig rescue center changed

    • The generators have been doing all sorts of strange things, especially the Mk2. I say just enjoy the non-dominant eggs and hope it doesn’t resort back to the way it was programmed.

  4. Anyone having problems purchasing the Santas. Little Helper Topiary? It will place then give you the tick turn cancel box. I tick & turn do nothing but cancel crashes the game. When you go back in the topiary is gone and the donuts are back in my inventory.

    • This is the first I’ve heard of it. Were you finally successful?

      • I’ve had problems buying things with donuts ever since they put in the automatic multiple option. If you try to buy something that you have just enough donuts for, it offers you another right next to it, but if you don’t have enough donuts for a second (even if you only plan on buying one), the game crashes. Then you go back in and sometimes the donuts are still gone. I tried to buy one basket, and had only 15 donuts, and after the first one, it showed another one, but since I would not have enough donuts for another one, it just crashed. My original purchase did not got through until I purchased enough donuts for more than one of an item.

      • I’ve had mine set to ON. Still doesn’t work. Major glitch in the game now that you can buy multiples.

  5. Is anyone else wondering whether they’ll get the faberge egg??
    I finished the easter quest line over a week ago and have been tapping rabbits non stop but still haven’t found the posh egg.

    • There are others still hoping for it. Still some time before May 13th.

    • i finally got it, even though I didn’t think I would. I had been tapping for about a week after the completion of the quest line. Also, once I found the egg I started getting baskets again.

  6. ever since the update, ive had two baskets which aren’t filling up! one had three eggs and the other had one. now they are both empty and have stayed that way!

    is anyone else having this problem?!

    • Lots of people with glitchy baskets. Definitely my least favorite part of this event.


    • Try moving your baskets. I had four but only one was getting used. I decided to shuffle them around, and when I moved two, they were suddenly full. I exited edit and tapped one and it disappeared but the other went back to being empty. I went back into edit and moved it again and suddenly it was full again.

      Still not getting anything out of bunnies other than eggs since ending the main quest line, and the bunny zapper still doesn’t work, but I did finally get Shary do now all I need is the egg council guy and the faberge egg.

    • Having the same prob…I haven’t had a basket spawn on its own, so I’ve bought a couple…and I only get 200! At least I finally got Shari Bobbins, which took a LOT of tries, but I would like that elusive Faberge egg!

      • When you get 200, click on your neighbors and then back to your town. It’ll fix the number of eggs. Also works if the basket gives you nothing.

      • Hey neighboreeno 🙂 I’ll trade you my egg for Shary! All I really want now is Shary & Hugs. I definitely would be happy with more fences, but no more trees or beach towels LOL
        I guess it’s all so random. I’ve seen neighbors with oodles of fences, but I barely got over the 50.

      • I finally got Shary!!! And the Faberge egg last night! Even took a screen shot when it popped out…I couldn’t believe it! The only thing I don’t have now is the Kang Topiary. And I can live without it.

        • Awesome! And you did it with out spending donuts?

        • g2-02ed6dd8488d99c8be1a5b4aeef7b75e

          I still can’t make level40 with the fudge factory load. Just got another bonus level so I know I’m in the right place. Just got Blocko store today,no Shady,Hugs or lizards. My hubby is missing a ton and plays every day. Sooooo frustrating!!!

      • And yes, Alissa, I got it without spending donuts!

  7. I’m really pissed with EA launching an update that requires Ralph right in the middle of the easter event. This is trash, keeping Ralph occupied means less eggs for free, means more donuts spent for EA. SHAME.

    • Makes sense tho because miss Hoover is Ralph’s teacher. But you can hold off on the level until you finish Easter. There is no time limit on level 40

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