Shout Out! And the May Finalists Are….

shoutoutrevised Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well April has come and gone and that means it’s about that time to pick our Tapper of the Month!  Our cross blog monthly contest to find the Tapper of the month between TSTO Topix, TSTO game and TSTO Addicts has been set up because we want to feature YOU!   Your town, your words anything/everything about YOU!  Each month we’ll pick a handful of readers across the three blogs to be featured in our Monthly Shout Out, where we’ll feature your town and some fun information about you.  Then at the end of the Shout Out we’ll let the TSTO Community vote for their favorite.  That winner will be declared our Tapper of the Month! This has been a fun process for Topix, game and Addicts!

We’ve enjoyed getting to know each of you through your submissions and we really loved seeing your creative work on display!  We received many submissions for the May Tapper of the month and had a tough decision to narrow it down to just 5, but we did it!  The writing staff of all THREE blogs came together and collectively agreed that all 5 of the finalists were Tapper of the Month material! So check out the top 5 and be sure to vote for your favorite!  Remember the Tapper you choose could be the Tapper of the Month and be featured on Topix, game and Addicts for the month of May AND win a $10 gift card!  So choose wisely!

Now with out further ado the finalists are…… In no particular order

Greeneyez82 and his Springfield!
Here’s some more info about Greeneyez:
“Hey my name is Kirk, I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. I work 3rd shift at Wal-Mart as an inventory management specialist in receiving. I spend alot of my time watching Netflix, reading, and keeping up with politics. I started playing TSTO in late spring 2012 on my iPhone. I did stop playing last year during the Whacking Day update after several hundred of the eggs I had disappeared which really got me steamed! I started playing again on my new Android phone a little after Thanksgiving lay year though…it is addicting, half the reason I love it! The other half I love it is because I’ve always enjoyed this type of game, used to be a hardcore player of SimCity 3000 Unlimited (way back in the day).
I’d like to be featured just so I can show off some of the ideas I’ve had about placement of items and maybe see other towns incorporate them into their own or expand on the ideas! Also it’d be nice to win the giftcard!  I keep the Xmas lights on Cletus farm and Nelsons house year round because let’s face they’re rednecks lol. I have the sun ray from the giant magnifying glass directed to the tire fire as if that’s what started it. I think the seesaw in the jail yard is pretty funny, and the cop car near Lard Lads for obvious reasons!”

And here is just one shot from Greeneyez town: Screenshot_2014-03-27-08-23-00
You can check out more shots from Greeneyez town here

oikledavid783 and his 3D inspired town!
Here’s some more info about oikledavid783:
“My name is David. I’m 25. I live in Ontario, Canada. I’m an instock supervisor at Walmart. One of my hobbies is pokemon. Cards or the video games. But the biggest thing I’ve been focusing on is The Simpsons: Tapped Out. I’ve been on it since the beginning of summer of 2013. And I haven’t stopped. I’ve been on it everyday. Everytime time there is an update I get excited. When I don’t have much to do if there is no updates I just try to organize my town and design it better. I love TSTO because everything in it is something you’re familier with. You know every character. But it’s yours and how it’s designed is up to you. I think I should be shout out of the month because this game is the best thing to happen to me (don’t tell my girlfriend) kidding. It’s the second thing. My girlfriend is also an avid tapper”

And here’s just one image from David’s town:     
You can check out more images from David’s town here

Archheretic1 and his 2D Design!
Here’s more about Archheretic1:
“Hi I’m Jason from Romeoville, IL. I’ve been playing Tapped Out on iOS since the first Halloween update. My pic is my tribute to Game of Thrones. This is the North Wall made of ice with a House Stark sigil of a Direwolf next to a weirwood tree. Thanks!”

Here’s Archheretic’s Design:Archheretic1

Kays_xo and her Springfield!
Here’s a little more about Kays_xo:
“Hello there addicts! Here is my entry for the town of the month 😀

The simpsons tapped out community (especially on tapped out UK) all know me as Kays_xo. Im from the UK and have been playing tapped out since the squidport event! 
Im a daily reader of your blog, and would like to say thank you for all of your hard work that you do to make this game both more enjoyable and easier!  I have included a whole picture of my town, but also two separate ones as top right and bottom left corners were slightly cut off.
Device: Ipad (iOS)”
Here’s the shot of Kay’s town (you can view the cut off portions here):
Screenshot 2014-04-22 14.21.27

And finally….

pullak and his Springfield!
Here’s a little more about pullak:
“My name is Pullak Rozario, long time reader, and i love the site. Figured it was finally time to share a little about my town, and, if u care to listen, a little about me. I was born in Bangladesh, and my fam and I moved to the states when i was aboutta year old. We came to the Washington, DC Metro area, and we’ve been living here ever since.

This was in 1986, and, with the Simpsons starting their incredible career in ’89, that yellow family has been with me pretty much as long as i can remember. Hands down, the I watch it religiously (or on Hulu if I happen to miss an ep). So i was pretty stoked when I first found out about the Simpsons tapped out game. Except, i couldnt exactly afford one of those fancy shmancy smart phones till last summer. So, I’ve been with the game for a few months shy of a year now. Long enough to have hit the new level cap (39! Woo-hoo!), long enough to have a few cool seasonals/exclusives, but not long enough to know the pain of Whacking Day (which, to be honest, I hope they bring it back this year).
To tell you the truth, I’ve recently had some setbacks in my professional career, that have gotten me pretty down. So, i’ve been trying to keep myself busy; sprucing up my town, watching old episodes, and generally drowning my sorrows in the awesomeness that is “the Simpsons” (vodka helps too lol). 
I like to consider myself a product of my society, culture, and environment. My environment being the Prince George’s county, MD public school system; an undergraduate education at one of the most diverse state schools you will ever come across; medical school training spanning a few hospitals in New York City, a few hospitals/clinics on the island of Dominica, West Indies (not Dominican Republic), and right here in DC. And of course, largely influenced by entertainment and the media (…by entertainment and media i mostly mean the Simpsons).
Attached is a few pics of my Springfield-so-far. Most of my town is just a jumble of real estate and buildings stacked in a corner. While studying for my most recent set of exams, Tapped Out (and your website) provided much needed study breaks, although, I didnt exactly have the time then to organize and beautify Springfield the way she deserves. But I have a few pretty cool spots worth checking out, and a few even cooler ideas brewing in my head 😉
First and foremost is the Simpsons house. I’m really bad at cleaning up my pumpkins post-Halloween, and I imagine Homer is as well. There’s also a row of white houses across the street, a nod to the time former prez George Bush lived across the street (white house. get it?), and the Flanders’s’s’s bomb shelter that everyone (except the Flanders’s) seems to use.
I’ve also gotta pretty beachside spot for Fat Tony and his crew of (goons? goomah? thugs?) mobsters. Further down the beach is where the kids go to chill; mini-golfing, videogame-ing, monkey barr-ing, even bumper cars! The last two pics for today are contributions for the “watcher in the woods.” Suzanne’s gingerbread house, tucked away next to the freakshow tent (cuz gingerbread houses are always in forests, right?). I imagine when your house is covered with frosting and gum drops you’ll have a serious ant problem.
And finally, a quick look at my KrustyLand. Specifically, a haunted house, in the middle of the haunted woods, where children’s screams can be heard echoing through the trees. But, are they screams of fear? or excitement? (mostly screams of pain and bloody noses from the “tooth chipper” next door).
Anyways, that about covers the surface of who i am., and a quick look into MY Springfield. I don’t wanna take up too much of ur guys’ time, I know its Friday night, and I think someone needs to be let out of an attic or locked into a basement (or maybe the dog just needs to go pee…..)? Thank you guys so so much for taking the time to listen. If you’re interested, I’ll be sure to hit you guys up again later with more about me and my town.  Take care!
— Pullak”
Here’s one shot from Pullak’s Springfield:

photo 5
You can view more images from Pullak’s town here

So Tappers what did you think?  Which one of our finalists do YOU think deserves to be the Tapper of the Month?  Now’s YOUR chance to voice your opinion and vote for your favorite!  Voting is open until 11:59pm EST on 5/3/14 and you may cast 1 vote every 6 hrs for your favorite.  We’ll combine the vote tally from Topix, game and Addicts and announce the winner on May 4th! (for the official rules check out this post)

Do YOU want to be featured for our June Tapper of the month?  Start sending in your photos of your Springfield to (please put Shout Out in the Subject line).  In addition to photos please also send us:
-Your origin ID
-A few sentences about YOU (where you live, what you do for a living, any hobbies etc)
-How long you’ve been playing TSTO
-Why you love TSTO
-Why you should be featured in our Monthly Shout Out
That’s it!  No fancy stories to write, no complicated questions to answer…just tell us about YOU 🙂

You can check out this post for a FAQ about what you need to do to be considered Tapper of the Month! 

Have fun voting and GOOD LUCK to the finalists!

13 responses to “Shout Out! And the May Finalists Are….

  1. YAY!! More great ideas to steal..err.. borrow. My vote is in, good luck to all.

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  3. I’m definitely going to take oikledavid’s DMV idea, and that is an impressive clover hedge. I saw a Duff one once that I’ll be incorporating into my town at the factory.

    I can’t wait until I fill out my land so I can build my town properly. Great inspirations from some of these pics. Keep posting, I love the ideas.

  4. I enjoyed looking at all of them. So many ideas worth stealing! I’m trying to figure out what’s happening in Kayes_xo in the section of the park with the eggnog bar. It gets blurry when I zoom in.

  5. When are they going to come out with something new for Krustyland? What is the purpose of the cop car for krustyland? Also, why in the world did the price and time go up on the squidport boardwalks. I think 2 days is too long to wait for the boardwalks or is this a ploy to get tappers to spend their donuts. “I’m Just Say!!!!”

    • As far as Krustyland goes, they’re slowly rolling out new decorations for it. The cop car is just a decoration (you can see this post for where it comes from) no purpose to it other than the looks of it (and it improves your Kitsch rating). They also rolled out new rides during the Halloween Event, The Christmas Event and the Valentine’s Day Event. I’m sure they’ll have more in the future.
      As far as the squidport tiles go…that’s the way it’s always been since day 1. (last summer) They are staggered in how long they take, and the cost. The time ranges from 1hr to 84hrs, depending on what tile you’re building. You can check out this post with all of the details on how long and the cost for each tile
      I can assure you, it’s nothing new. They introduced it last summer with the thought process that it will just take a while to complete the boardwalk. 🙂

  6. Love seeing everyone’s ideas. Good luck to you guys! My vote is in, tough choice!

  7. Argh!!! I was really torn between oikledavid and kays ox!!

    I chose kaysox because i could see all her town and like myself, she obviously likes a cohesive town…. her temple it’s like my own and i like towns that make sense with added details such as 3D areas.

    However, oikledavid….every one of his pics are super cool!! Love it when i see GREAT 2D, the clover is fantastic!! My freemiun stitch it app isn’t that great, so i probably would use individual screenshots too but maybe he should have done screenshots of his whole town…. i bet it is amazing!

    Good luck guys with winning tapper of the month!!


  8. I love this. So many clever people out there. Good luck everyone

  9. EvilKitten812

    Voted! Good luck everyone 🙂

  10. Good luck to all 5 finalists!! My vote has been checked!

  11. Very nice…I voted!!!… 🙂

  12. 5 great candidates again. It was a tough decision but I’ve cast my vote. Let’s see if I voted for the winner this time. Good luck to all 5 candidates!

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