Turbo Tappin’ Easter 2014: Shary Bobbins

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the Easter update is upon us!  Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies…they’re EVERYWHERE!  But tapping those Bunnies helps to unlock prizes in the Easter Prize Boxes!  One of the hardest prizes to win, and also the most sought after, is Shary Bobbins.

Shary is won through the Gold Prize box and once you’ve unlocked her you can either place her in Springfield or in your storage.  Once she’s placed in Springfield her 5 part questline will begin…assuming you have Flanders free.  So let’s take a look at just what a Spoon Full of Bitter does shall we?

turbo-tappin-easter shary

A Spoonful of Bitter Pt. 1
Flanders starts

Make Shary Bobbins Practice “Grey” Magic– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

A Spoonful of Bitter Pt. 2
Shary Bobbins starts

Make Shary Bobbins Sing an Educational Song– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

A Spoonful of Bitter Pt. 3
Shary Bobbins starts

Make Shary Bobbins Encourage Evil Deeds– 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

A Spoonful of Bitter Pt. 4
Shary Bobbins starts

Reach Level 7 and Build the Blue House
Make Shary Bobbins Update her References
– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

A Spoonful of Bitter Pt. 5
Flanders starts

Make Shary Bobbins Fly on her Umbrella– 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp 

And with that Shary’s Walkthrough is complete!  You’ve successfully performed “grey” magic and brought her back from the dead!

Remember there is NO RUSH to complete this questline….there is no bonus to finishing this.  No eggs awarded, so complete it on your own time at your own pace.   And please, please, PLEASE don’t use donuts to rush the quests 🙂

What did YOU think of the questline?  What do you think of Shary being an addition to the game? Have you unlocked her yet?  How long did it take you? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

60 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Easter 2014: Shary Bobbins

  1. So happy i got Shary Bobbins…

  2. The people are commenting from last year, sorry…

  3. So why are people talking about tapping on eggs? I don’t have that option.

  4. My screen hasn’t switched to the easter theme and I don’t have an option to tap on bunnies. I did the update through the play store. How can I start playing the Easter event?

  5. I kept looking for an airplane…

  6. I have been playing since last August and this event is the worst! The prizes are great , but I am just not getting the good ones. I play 5-6 times a day and visit friends daily. I have not gotten a basket in over a week or the egg and it just doesn’t seem right 🙁 oh wells.

  7. Gardsmith3b9

    I have gotten like 15 blue and pink boxes I’m 3 days before finishing the quest which I still haven’t and I got the banana dic on the first shot. I unno different for everyone.

  8. So is it true that you are guaranteed Bobbins and Hugs Bunny on your 80 and 81st gold box?? If so I am really close to that, I have done at least 70…

    • Yup, those are the magic guarantee numbers. 🙂

      • Also, will the quests based on the characters still exist if I got one like the last day of the event, and the easter stuff ended before I could finish the quest? Thanks for your help 🙂

        • Yes, the quests are not limited time. So if you unlock the character the quest will stay around until you complete it (even if you keep the character in storage until the event is over) 🙂

  9. I’m am so disappointed with this event. I have spent money on donuts buying 1000’s of eggs as well as logging in constantly to tap tap tap, and all I get are fences and trees and ponds. I’m so disappointed at EAs greed and lack of fair play for the consumer. It’s really turned me off playing. Disappointing since I have played since the start of the game and have a great Springfield.

    • It’s a shame you spend money on eggs with out much success. We tried to warn everyone not to do so until the end of the event. I think when you spend them early it just frustrates you more and more, but if you wait till the end you might spend less because of all of your free attempts.
      Try walking away from the game for a bit. See how you feel after a couple of days of not tapping. It might help restore the fun in it for you.

  10. I rarely leave comments , but PLEASE LISTEN!! I have been a very dedicated player for over a year and have practially every item going. I like to complete full sets. I have been patient throughout Easter Special but the one character I cannot get is Sharry Bobbins. I had 700 donuts spare so decided to but truckloads and get here. After having won a ridiculous amount of other gold prizes, Sharry still has not been won. I then paid for an extra 300 donuts and again went after my final gold prize and AGAIN won nothing but things I already have a lot off.

    I feel 100% ripped off and that this Easter special was designed to make money and a lot of money from loyal players!

    These special updates and occasions should be fun and rewarding to players NOT an opportunity to take in money (or rather an obscene amount of money).

    If I get to the end and still have no Sharry, I will have to reconsider playing. I am playing family guy and enjoying that.

    I fully understand I don’t have to use donuts but I do believe that such sought after characters should be avaliable to buy or at least after a reasonable amount of attempts at a “lucky dip” situation be given.

    This the first time I am DISGUSTED with this game.

    One very loyal and happy player is now NOT a very happy and loyal player.

    • Sorry. As we have stated numerous times and warned…you should have saved your donuts attempting to get other eggs to get gold ones.

      There are so many other ways to get items without spending donuts. With any event since TSTO started…it is always best to wait til close to end of event. We will see what Thursday (tomorrow) brings.

  11. Bought countless eggs, but still cannot get Shary Bobbins >:-(

    • Sad to hear that. We stated time and time again to wait and save you donuts on gold box items. Just play the game.

      See what tomorrow brings first.

  12. Hi there. Thanks Bunny for clearing that up. I have a suggestion for all of you still trying to get things. When you leave your baskets out, please don’t put them so close together (unless they are all blue or all pink) as it puts people off giving you eggs. I have been giving eggs to most of my friends with baskets as I have so many and don’t need them. However, when they are really close most people don’t want to risk touching the wrong colour so they won’t bother. I stopped giving eggs to those who put different colour baskets too close. Also, if you have any Egg Generators, put them somewhere obvious as if they are tapped by a friend the time re sets from their tap, not yours. I discovered this when I tapped one of my 12hr ones and it only had 3hrs left. If they are easy to see I always tap these for my friends. I know I have been very lucky with this event so I am doing my best to help out my friends. I no longer spin boxes (nothing left to get) and have 8 generators so end up with thousands of eggs each day. If any if my friends are reading this, put out any of your baskets as I will fill them all & put your egg generators next to the baskets. I still grow carrots & use Witch Marge to speed them up as I know people need these eggs. If you are in the same position as me, help out your neighbours. One day you may need their help.

  13. Hi there. I thought everyone knew this but, once you finish the Easter quest you won’t get baskets until you either win the Faberge egg (or buy it). Once you have done that, you have a 0.3% chance of winning a pink or blue basket. Hope that helps. I was lucky, I got the Faberge egg the same day I finished the quest. Odds suck though just like the odds for prizes, but it is possible to get everything. I got my last item, Shary Bobbins a week ago but I had won a lot of egg generators, 19 baskets and bought a truck of blue eggs. If you are not lucky enough to win Shary or Hugs Bunny they are guaranteed when you get your 80th golden box (Shary) & 81st (Hugs Bunny). Since I had everything a week ago I give all my eggs away to my friends baskets. In fact, today I gave away over 22,000 blue eggs and 16,000 pink eggs as I still keep all my characters on egg tasks, use witch Marge to speed up carrot crops and get loads from the 12 egg generators to enable me to help my good neighbours. I almost ran out of eggs today as a lot of my friends (I have 95) had baskets and I filled every one of them (even the friend who had 12 blue and 9 pink baskets). Knowing I was very lucky, and I was able to spend 50 donuts on eggs, means I now pass them on to those who need them. So, if you get everything, make sure you still get eggs as often as possible and help out any friends you have. One day they may return the favour. I have room for 5 more friends with baskets who need help so add me if you need eggs. My user name is Alessandra774. Remember though, I can only give you eggs if you have baskets. This event was heavily rigged and EA seem to be getting greedier and greedier. One of my friends didn’t get any building, character or 50 fences for 2 weeks so spent nearly £70 on donuts (insane) and finally got Shary & Hugs after spending 2000 donuts on blue eggs. It was his 80th and 81st gold egg box so if you want it that badly (I wouldn’t) EA have set it for you to spend a lot of money. Maybe switch to Family Guy – I’m loving that game right now and they give free clams (equivalent to donuts) every day just for tapping a neighbour. They are not as greedy as EA and that game could be EA’s downfall as they seem to be making it harder and harder to win things without spending money. Started with The Wheel of Misfortune at Christmas, carried on with Valentines Day and now the worst odds of all, Easter! If they carry on like this they will definitely lose out to FGuy! Don’t be so greedy EA, a game is not supposed to cost £70! The profits of over £130m prove they are being overly greedy and care only about money, not making a game fun and enjoyable. Even worse, the 2 characters everyone want only have 5 quest tasks, which is pathetic. I hoped Homer would be given Hugs Bunny’s costume at the end of the quest, oh the constant disappointment of EA! I’ve finished Easter event and level 40 so once again I’m bored, bored, bored! Rant over! Sorry but I feel sorry for people who are tapping constantly with little reward. 0.3% chance of getting something you want is cruel. I have 39 egg piles and over 260 fences. Pointless!

    • Thanks for all the info. However you are completely incorrect on the baskets. As my game, Wookiee’s game and many others have proved. NO WHERE in the files does it show or state a change in baskets in reference to the Faberge. I got them AFTER the quest ended and BEFORE I got the Faberge egg. Wookiee did too. Many others did too. I just think that people do not realize just how random these baskets are.

      Some players saw 3 or more in a week while others (like me in one game) only saw 1 every 7 days or so. They are random. Period. The Faberge has no effect on them whatsoever. There is no data, coding, or files to back that up anywhere. I see the same players that got several baskets in the beginning to now complaining that it MUST be the Faberge making them not get as much. Then I see the same players that hardly got any baskets in the beginning at all to start now rejoicing they are FINALLY getting them. With or Without the Faberge Egg.

      As far as spending a huge amount of donuts to get the Gold Prizes, we have pushed and pushed to NOT spend donuts on the Gold Prizes. To wait. There are many other ways to earn them. You do not have to waste so many donuts.

      No two games are alike. There is still a week left and many ways to get still good prizes. It is all in how you play the game itself.

      • I told my friend not to spend money on eggs to get the last 2 characters but he has more money than sense. I read on a blog that the baskets were switched off in the code when quest was complete until you got Faberge egg, and then it was turned back on. They even quoted all the code. Can’t remember what blog (but I am pretty sure it was ****), but all my friends starting getting baskets once we got the egg. It is a 0.3% chance I know. Sorry if that info isn’t correct but it made sense to me as the only time I’ve never got at least 1 or 2 baskets was the 2 days it took me to win the Faberge Egg. I’ve been very lucky with the game myself, got all the main characters, buildings etc within 7 days. I have won quite a few egg generators and loads of baskets. My friend was dumb enough to read a blog stating that you are guaranteed Shary Bobbins on your 80th gold box and Hugs Bunny on the 81st box if you haven’t already got them, and decide to buy truckloads of eggs. I wouldn’t recommend that either, it cost him £70. He ignored the rest of the blog suggesting there could be another way of getting them at the end of the event. He did the same at Christmas! Now I must go back and see if any of my friends have empty baskets as I have thousands of eggs to give away.

      • Hi there again Bunny. I just checked and it was **** that posted that info about baskets being turned off. The title of the article is Faberge Eggs: What Are The Odds. Maybe someone should tell them they got it wrong as they go into great detail about it all.

        • It is up to them on what they post. Everyone has their own interpretation. I try to help, but it is up to others if they are willing to listen. I just now and always have gone by what I actually see in our games, test games, files, codes, etc. I will NEVER go by speculation. I want that proof. It is how we all work on this site. We want something to back up what we do and say. I will not give out information without something to back it.

          Sitting in one of my towns as we speak are two of the 3 baskets I won AFTER finishing the questline. I still do not have the Faberge Egg in that game.

          If some are experiencing a glitch, I can understand it. But from the beginning…those baskets have NEVER been a reoccuring item. Always random. So is the Faberge Egg. It just has a higher percentage than the baskets do, so I can see you getting it before them.

  14. I hate this event. I spend a lot of time tapping (I have over 80 friends), and so far I have only got the Banana Dictatorship and the useless experimental bunny. I have a lot of fences, including the colorful ones, but not the 50 I need for getting the 15 donuts. This event is a lot of work without proper compensation. I’m very dissapointed.

  15. mandaneurotica

    I really hope EA pulls through sometime toward the end to help out the (what seems to be) about 75% of loyal tappers who got the shaft during this event. Normally it’s not that hard to acquire all the special items as long as you’re willing to put in a little extra work, but with the way this particular event has been set up, no amount of diligent tapping will guarantee that any of us will unlock even half of the good stuff. And I know firsthand.. I have been playing multiple times daily since the beginning, using witch marge to accelerate my carrots & putting all other quests on hold so that all 6 of my characters who can get eggs are constantly doing so (and, of course, visiting my maxed out friends list daily.. also I did buy a few baskets). Three weeks of doing this & the only unique items I’ve acquired thus far are Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr, the Blocko store (obviously I’m ‘team pink’), the Banana Dictatorship, & Bunny #24601. Three weeks equals four items?! Maybe there’s something I’m missing.. I don’t know.
    Anyhow, if EA actually does something to ameliorate this situation, my best guess is that their way of extending the ole olive branch to their fans/players will be to allow us to purchase our unlockables with donuts. Ah, somehow donuts manage to fix everything.. Monetarily, for EA, of course.

    • It is so odd the difference of each game. I have not had much chance to play in my A “Freemium” game, but have unlocked some major sought after items in the few boxes I have opened.

      Hang in there. Keep your eyes open on the 8th. Don’t spend any donuts for Gold Box items in the meantime. I know all of us wish the glitches didn’t riddle this event. It soured such a cool new event in our games. I liked the idea that no two were alike. Great idea, execution could have been a bit better. Sadly though, I don’t think even EA could have foreseen the issues coming. I am curious to see if they do extend the event or do something else on the 8th or beyond what I see in the files.

  16. This no basket thing seems epidemic to me. I have noticed a lot of my neighbors don’t have any. My husband hasn’t gotten one in over a week. My guess is they’re drying up so people will spend donuts ($$) now to get them. I have to say that’s kind of sneaky and mean if that’s the case haha. And I too am getting fences, beach towels and trees when I’m lucky enough to get a spin at all. Grrr…

    • Odd thing is, on the opposite side…many people, myself included in one of my games, hardly ever got any baskets but now I am getting them more often in that game. A LOT more. Could also be the random differences in the games also effects that fact that half got a lot at first while the other half only got a few and that is now swapping to even it out. Just a thought. 😉

      • I got a ton of baskets early on, probably a dozen or so, but nothing in the last few days; been watching them all get filled (thank you, friends!) and disappear, now it’s a matter of grinding out the eggs with lots of tapping. I can’t complain I suppose, but would love to see the special events be a little less centered around selling donuts.

        PS – Had a question for you, and I think I know the answer already – I’ve already received all of the unique pink items – any pink eggs I get now (my dominant colour) should be used to swap for blue, correct? Thanks!

  17. Gradually loosing interest in this event 🙁

    All i get is either umbrellas or fence
    Used to get baskets, now nothing


  18. I’m from team blue and got all I needed from that over a week ago. Been trying to get the block store from pink but all I get is trees, towels and gold eggs. It’s getting really demoralising. I really want shary bobbins but that’s looking slim. I’m tired of getting coloured fences and the easter gate 🙁

  19. chaijianin707

    Initially i was quite positive that i dont have to rush to get all easter item esp those in the golden box. But since i completed my quest, i didnt get any basket at all for past one week. And baf luck on those boxes. Not even Kang, what more sharry and father sean. Please help me.. please. I had spent 200 donuts to get extra eggs. But no luck… sob

    • There’s still time before May 13th. This event requires an incredible amount of tapping and will definitely come down to the wire. I hate that some folks won’t get everything (myself quite possibly included). Best of luck.

  20. Like many of the other people who posted comments, I too did not get any baskets once the quest was over until today. I went a week without any, but today was given two baskets in my non-dominant color. Sometimes they do not appear on the screen, but are in the inventory. Maybe EA has corrected the issue. Just wanted to give some hope.

  21. I have been having the no baskets or fab. egg issue as well. The boxes hate me lately, I only get the decorations I do not want. Unless the wheel of fortune shifts soon I am not getting Shary.

    • Definitely add your name by letting EA know. As for luck, we’re in the same boat regarding prizes except I have gotten baskets all week and the egg.

      • Finally managed to contact EA after I got hung up for a half hour on the login (bad sign probably). Hoping some good comes of it.

  22. i cant get shary bobbins 🙁 🙁 :'(

  23. I’m starting to get really fed up of trying to get shary bobbins, I play at least 5-6 times a day and have got everything but Shary and Hugs to get, I was stupid tbf and spent nearly all of my saved donuts on extra eggs and there was a lot of them and still nothing …. Help anyone???

  24. Oooh….fingers crossed i get her!! 🙂 not been in a gold box for a week or so… also, is it just me or is it harder n harder to open any boxes!! I’m lucky if I’m getting to open one a day….but still I’ve been LOVING this event!!

  25. Just got Shary! I’d guess that was about box attempt 50. Only Hugs left to go now! Shame that the “fly on her umbrella” animation is static.

  26. I just got Shary Bobbins last Wednesday and I am so happy.

  27. Not even get to the minimum requirement to get Shary Bobbins yet. It takes too long to get 500 golden eggs for one spin. Unless you are extremely lucky (w/o spending any donuts to get eggs) to get >10,000 golden eggs (20 spins worth) and extremely lucky to get her at 20th spin. Otherwise, it’s hard for us morals to get her within 2 weeks.

  28. Having problems getting blue baskets.
    Other friends have baskets coming regularly to there towns to complete prizes.
    I bought 2 baskets for 20 donuts but they just disappear.
    Any tips on why I am not getting free baskets when zapping bunnies?

  29. Bonnie ( oatleybonn569 )

    So do it mean i cant do anything , as far as quests go , until i get Shary Bobbins ?? Bummer if so ,,, been trying from day one : ( But been buzzing around doin other things 🙂 Oh yea , i seen a helicopter flying around ! How do i get one of those ?!?! Oh yea , Springfield Falls too ? R those quest prizes ?? If so can i go back n do them ? Thank U n PLEASE add me oatleybonn569

  30. I have been progressing really slowly these past few days. My bunnies don’t drop egg baskets (or a faberge egg) anymore ever since I finished the quest line. I only have Johnny fiestas as the only unique prize, I am in the blue group. Usually the bunnies drop off a basket or two everyday, but I have never seen a bunny drop off anything but a single pink or blue egg.I fear this is a problem and I want to get it fixed. As for Shary Bobbins I would like to get her, but if I have a problem I fear I will not. 🙁 Thank You if you reply.
    PS: I am not crazy I have gone 5-6 days in a row without any thing unique( box or bunny).
    PPS: I really need your help.

    Sent from my iPad. 😉

    A dedicated Tapper.

    • It’s something many tappers are experiencing right now. We’re looking into it and should have a post on it next week.

      • Alissa, add me to the growing list, no baskets since main quest concluded (week ago). But I’m still a happy Tapper, just got Father Sean yesterday. His “rap dance” is hilarious!

      • LOL……just sent you my “clown” comment. 😉 I too took a little vaca, internet connection was difficult, but did find time to “hare”rass someone a few times. But, I’m back, and ready to annoy….err….comment on all things “tap”able (Boy….that sounded wrong..LOL)

      • So it’s not JUST me. Thank you, and do you think I should contact EA or uninstall and install the game or something?
        Sent from my phone.

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