Where Did THAT Come From – Lotto ‘N’ Liquor

Level 40 is here and wowza was it a neat surprise from EA.  Definitely nothing to be bored about during this Easter update.  Of course, with new stuff comes the resident fuzzballs writing up some more posts to tell you just where all the stuff comes from.  Today’s post is for the premium building offered for 150 donuts, the Lotto ‘N’ Liquor.


This new building earns $105 and 11 XP every 3 hours and fits in great with the other strip mall style buildings in TSTO.  I set mine right next to the Helter Shelter but that’s just the evil designer in me.  This building comes from one of the more recent episodes in the show, “Ned ‘N’ Edna’s Blend” (S23:E21).  While a newer episode, for all of us who miss Edna Krabappel, this is a great one even if the new item only appeared in yet another quick blip.

This episode is the one where we discover Ned and Edna got secretly married.  Considering they met in the finale of Season 22 and people voted on whether they’d get together permanently, this wait was typical Simpsons writers messing with us.  It also has Edna trying her tail off to be a good step-mom to those two weirdo Flanders kids.  Of course, Ned and Edna disagree on parenting methods for the boys (i.e. Ned dislikes public education and temporary tattoos) but it all works out in the end when Ned realizes even Homer and Marge disagree on parenting.

This episode also includes:

–       Ned in the LBGT (Left, Gifted, Bi-dextrous and Trans-handed Community).  They meet at the Leftorium and have “Left is Right” Parades.

–       This is the Homer plays Jesus and Tim Tebow is a part of advanced astronomy episode.

–       The classic 3 act structure… good enough for Aristotle, good enough for the Simpsons except when they do 4 acts and upset Moe

–       Homer: “I’m sure some idiot somewhere agrees with me.”

–       According to Chalmers, Ned and Skinner’s rivalry is like a Secretariat vs. a can of dog food.

Wow… I’m rambling like usual.  So for the Lotto ‘N’ Liquor it actually appears at the very end of the episode between Sleazy Sam’s Payday Loans and Bail Bonds & Beyond.  Sleazy Sam is opening his 50th location and Homer appears to endorse it as Jesus H. (lightning strikes).  Yes Homer, God is going to do that every time you impersonate Jebus for profit.  Characters at the opening include Barney, Crazy Cat Lady, Herman, Brandine and Cletus.

Lotto 'N' Liquor

This ending really has nothing to do with the episode as a whole but I like it because it actually is a bookend sort of ending.  In the opening sequence of the episode, the billboard shows Sleazy Sam and makes no sense until the “Aha moment” at the end.

Lotto 'N' Liquor 2

Homer also plays Jesus in the beginning so it’s funny stuff to me.  If you don’t agree, “I’m sure some idiot somewhere agrees with me.”  He writes in all caps so you know what he says is true.

Well, I hope every one is enjoying this new content and still zap-bopping away for those Easter prizes.  Y’all stay classy.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

R.I.P. Marcia and Edna.  We miss you!

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    (Left, Gifted, Bi-dextrous and Trans-handed Community).

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