Episode Recap: What To Expect When Bart’s Expecting

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I know, I know… it’s been days since this episode aired and we kinda slacked here at Addicts while we all enjoyed some real life, but I thought there might be some of you who’d still like to read a recap of the April 27th episode… Season 25, Episode 19: “What To Expect When Bart’s Expecting”.  Not all tappers get the chance to see these in real time.  Without further rambling click more for my thoughts…

What to Expect When Bart's Expecting

Anyone else think Bart looks like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

So like most episodes, we get a full intro with Moe ski jumping, a billboard making fun of Apu (Total Recall: All Items Tainted) and  the chalkboard says “April Showers do not bring Matt Lauers”.  Just gonna say that any popular morning show host who hasn’t seen a movie as iconic as Star Wars should probably be boycotted.  On another note, made me smile pretty big to see Mr. Largo now that he’s available in TSTO.

All this was followed by a really dope couch gag by Michal Socha… Homer begins a magical journey through his mouth through his body… love the gags with his stomach, reproductive system, liver heart and brain… cool stuff…

The episode begins with Moe’s being closed.  Poor Barney.  Moe is holding a meeting between Springfield’s bar keeps, gin slingers and beer jerks. Establishments present… Poppa Wheelie’s, The Aristocrat, Moe’s, Wanna B. Actors, Cletus’ Moonshine Shack and The Airport Lounge.  They’re there to discuss how Mom n Pop shops like them can compete with Booze Barn and Hooch City where you can by wine by the gallon.  Sounds like a giant size box of wine to me and we know how classy box wine is.  I seriously loved the voice of the Airport bartender… really funny to me.  Despite the “financial turbulence’, Moe has put together an informational video (with a grant from Canal +) and really has a great idea… a superhero pub crawl… the masks make people feel uninhibited and invulnerable (add to that natural alcohol effects and wowza… genius idea Moe).  he’s even come up with superhero drink names: Nick Fury Agent of Schnapps, Sex in the Batmobile ad Wolverisky.  The rejection stamps for DC and Marvel as well as the approval by Bongo were nice touches.

The next montage of the pub crawl was just all sorts of fun for me.  Maybe just the comic book geek in me but I loved it.  Duff Blimp advertising “Heroes Don’t Let Friends Ride Sober” followed by cosplay galore.  Bars seen in Springfield: The Stein-Way, Stinko’s on Main, Glugs, Well-Hung-Over’s, Sir Soused-A-Lot’s, Drunkenstein’s, Five O’Clock Somewhere’s, The Bendy Elbow, Tipsy McStaggers, and Joe’s (looks just like Moe’s but I double checked the name on two different spots with freeze frame).  The costumes were really good but I especially like Otto as Gandalf and Lenny, Carl, Homer and Barney as the Fantastic 4.  Also funny that Willy just puts on a cape and Bumblebee Man a mask.

The next day Homer is half naked with rocks still glued to him, hungover in the front yard but Otto’s right back to driving the school bus.  They pass the previous nights shenanigans and it’s pretty trashed but good news is it’s work for Kirk Van Houten at his new job.

At school, the 4th graders have to go to art class and Bart is none too thrilled.  Every time he does art “some do-gooder teacher sends it straight to a therapist.”  Milhouse admits Bart’s stuff is pretty disturbing but what really is disturbing is having Willy pose nude for the class to draw.  He’ll leave immortal and also take out the trash?  It’s going a bit far but not all laughs can work. There is some laughs when we learn you can describe some art as Milhouse-ian and also that if you dip a grasshopper in paint and have it crawl around on canvas until it dies it’s mixed media art.  If you do it while hating art, it’s protest art.  Arguably the art commentary might have been funnier to me due to my college courses.

There’s a weird scene next with Shauna outside the elementary smoking and yet another awkward kiss with Bart but the reveal of her being Super Nintendo Chalmers’ daughter was pretty awesome.  Actually explains a lot.  She tells Bart how to get rid of an art teacher… as simple as voodoo and the closest voodoo queen in Springfield lives in a trailer down by Yogurtland.

What to Expect When Bart's Expecting 2

Bart gets his voodoo supplies and then casts a hex to give his teacher a tummy ache.  It works too although unexpectedly.  Bart’s teacher gets preggo.  Honestly, the line “Bart Simpson got a teacher pregnant” will probably be etched in my brain for a while.  How could that happen though?  According to Skinner, “Classic wishmaker’s mistake.. vague language.”  Bart wonders how babies are made but Pricipal Skinner can’t tell 4th graders, only 5th graders gets all the dirty details.

Some of the funniest stuff for me was when Homer comes to pick up Bart.

Homer: “Do you know how embarrassed I was to get a call at my arraignment for my behavior during the pub crawl because of a voodoo curse my son placed on his art teacher?
Bart: “I didn’t mean to make her pregnant, I just hate art so much.”
Homer: “Oh, everyone does son.  That’s why they lock it up in museums where no one will ever see it.”

Off to Moe’s for a comment about Bart’s “magic knock-up powers” and awkward discussion of libido and virility by Lenny.  So, Bart’s voodoo power gets around town and apparently there are quite a few couples struggling.  But he’s not the boy who makes babies, he’s the boy who makes families.  Bart goes into business helping folks get preggo for 5 dollars and 1 dollar “Ha-Ha” insurance.  Homer isn’t thrilled with Bart making people’s dreams come true.  They’re off to Moe’s to discuss it (at Moe’s again?  At least Bart’s drinking chocolate milk) where they get kidnapped by Legs and Louie.

What to Expect When Bart's Expecting 3

Fat Tony needs Bart to facilitate some horse intercourse for his Philly Cheesesteak.  Tony wants her pregnant.  Bart tries to explain that voodoo only works on people but no dice.  Add to this the complication that they’ll be sleeping with the fishes if they fail AND the stud horse Tony “borrowed” likes Rainbows more than Mares and it’s a conundrum.

The answer is simple.  ALl Bart and Homer have to do is sing an original song reminiscent of Les Miserables and let Cheesesteak bed the male horse she actually likes… Sudsley Brewright.  He was the horse instrumental in making Homer a man by knocking a can of Duff off the beer cart to Homer.  “Great Taste is Always Pulled by Horses”.  I liked the new original song but it might be because I dig musical theater.  You can decide for yourself.

So the EEPT (Early Equine Pregnancy Test) shows Bart and Homer were successful and all ends well.  Funny stuff that Tony’s limo is in the shop so they have a smart car for a loaner.  Also funny that Homer would rather be shot in the head than ride in one.  Sudsley and Cheesesteak have a boy and the shows ends with a a spoof on Modern Family with a great Maggie gag.

As a bonus, the show comes back with a weird court case of Sudsley the horse testifying in a criminal case.  Is he turning on Fat Tony?  Nope… just part of a commercial for “the new convenient Duff 7-Pack… one more for the road.  There’s nothing symmetrical about flavor…  It looks wrong but it is oh so right.”  Duffman even has 7-pack abs… gross but makes the point.

Well my friends, there’s your recap.  Better late than never I suppose and also a great way to just remind everyone that this Sunday’s episode is the LEGO SPECTACULAR!  Super excited and I can promise we’ll be recapping this one very quickly.

Until next time… you stay classy!  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Ha…I saw the episode two nights ago…the content was alot more than just PG…now I HAVE to tell my son where babies come from…thanks Bart!!! LOL. 🙂

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