Mad Men of Springfield: Fr. Sean

Welcome to another new addition to Addicts, the Mad Men of Springfield. We will be going into depth on the history and background of the male species running around our lil towns as well as those not yet in the game.

Just think about it. What Man living in Springfield is “normal”? Not a single one that I can think of. They all have at least ONE thing wrong with them. Seriously! Think about it. How many issues does Moe have? A Reverend a “little” obsessed with trains? An owner of a Kwik-E-Mart that goes to counseling with the same person that robs him, on a daily basis? Not to mention the “inbreeding” and other strange happenings going on at the farm. Oh the idiosyncrasies.

So sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy as we kram your brains with some Simpson knowledge of the MAD MEN OF SPRINGFIELD.


Marge: I wouldn’t get too much into that Catholic Church.  With all the sitting and standing and kneeling.  It’s like Simon Says with out a winner.
Homer maybe we should be concerned.  Catholics can be a peculiar bunch.  No Birth Control, no meat on Friday
Homer: No meat!  What do they eat light blubs?!
Season 16, E21 “The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star”
Father Sean
This week we’re taking a look at one of Springfield’s newest residents.  A super cool white collar dude.  One who will walk the streets of your town rapping or ride around on his motorbike.  You might even find him at Moe’s playing drums for his priest band!  The character that makes me feel that twinge of Catholic guilt every time I turn on my game…We’re talking about Father Sean!
Father Sean made his appearance in Springfield during Season 16, E21 The Father, The Son & the Holy Guest Star as the Headmaster of St. Jerome’s, where Bart is sent after getting expelled (yet again) from Springfield Elementary.  When Bart, naturally, gets in trouble at his new school (on the first day) Fr. Sean finds him in the hallway and shows him how he too was once like Bart.
Fr. Sean found God and became a priest after another drunken fight with his father.  As he lay there on the street, picking up his teeth, St. Peter appeared to him and told him to mend his ways or shove off.  From that point on Fr. Sean found the Catholic Church and became a priest.  After he tells this story to Bart he then introduces him to Catholic Comics, where the super heroes are Saints!  It’s through this comic book that Bart becomes hooked on the Catholic Church, and we start to learn more about Father Sean!
Father Sean isn’t your typical priest.  No, he’s cool.  In fact he’s so cool that just hanging around him makes you want to become Catholic.  Just ask Homer!  Different from your “old school” priests, Father Sean engages the kids during his sermons.  He even quotes Eminem during them!  Not only that but Father Sean also rides a motorbike and plays in a Rock Band with other Priests.  Not to shabby for a man of the cloth huh?
Father Sean is also the master at convincing those around him to become Catholic.  When Homer goes to confront him about what he’s been teaching Bart, Father Sean greets him with a Pancake dinner, followed by Bingo.  And, if that wasn’t enough, he follows it up by telling Homer any and all of his sins can be forgiven by going to confession…but only if he’s Catholic!  (Woo-Hoo!  Way to go God!)
Of course all of the excitement over how cool Father Sean is, and how cool he makes Catholicism, seems gets Marge’s blood boiling.  Especially when she realizes that Homer and Bart want to join the church.  Suddenly Marge starts worrying about things like separate Heavens for each religion….where the Protestant Heaven is full of yuppies and the Catholic Heaven is Party central!  So cool in fact that even Jesus wants to party with the Catholics!
So Marge hatches a plan with Rev. Lovejoy and Flanders to get Bart and Homer back!  Of course she can only take Bart, because Homer is after all an adult…kinda.  When she pulls Bart from First Communion Class Homer and Father Sean go after them, with Homer warning “Once you go Vatican you can’t go back again!”
Once they find Marge and Bart (on Father Sean’s motorbike…with Homer riding sidecar) there’s a fight between Homer and Father Sean and Rev. Lovejoy and Flanders….and it’s not until Bart reminds them in such a profound way that…“It’s all Christianity the little stupid differences are nothing next to the big stupid similarities.” and it’s Father Sean who instantly realizes that Bart is right and they need to put their differences aside.

Father sean rap

While Father Sean only appears in 1 episode of the Simpsons, he’s here to stay in our Springfield’s for good.  You can check out his questline walkthrough here.

Father Sean was reintroduced to TSTO in July 2014 as part of the Summer Yard Sale.  As a result be became a premium item, costing 135 Donuts, and now earns premium rates.  The payouts below reflect these rates.  

Let’s take a look at his tasks for TSTO:

Task Length Payout Location
Play Drums in a Priest Band 1hr $105, 26xp Moe’s
Make Catholicism Cool 4hrs $260, 70xp Springfield Elementary
Quote Contemporary Rappers in a Sermon 8hrs $420, 105xp Outside
Be Cool on his Motorbike 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside
Regret Meeting Homer Simpson 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Brown House

So there you have it….the man behind the white collar.  Not really a true mad man in Springfield, unless you consider his cool and hip ways to be slightly mad…in comparison to all the other priests out there!  Hopefully, this has given you a little more perspective on the newest religious man in our games, and maybe make you think just a little bit more about just how you’re playing TSTO…remember God is watching 😉

As a Catholic I’m personally glad they introduced Father Sean into the game….despite the Catholic guilt I get when I see him 😉 His questline is amusing (Francis had to go and ruin things!) and I love the aspect that he’s a cool priest.  I had one of those cool priests growing up, and it brings back fond memories for me.  In fact that same priest is the one who performed the marriage ceremony when my husband and I got married.  So Father Sean makes me smile for multiple reasons 🙂

What do YOU think of Fr. Sean?  Have you unlocked him yet?   What are your favorite tasks to send Fr. Sean on?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. Why of why can I not get Father Sean on this event?! I’d easily spend donuts to get the character.

    • If you use donuts to buy golden eggs, you are essentially paying for the characters. Only problem is the guarantee would take 9 truckloads of golden eggs to hit the 80-81 boxes opened. Of course some folks already have some gold done and you can win the good stuff earlier but there’s no way to tell how many. In my B town, I spent 200 on gold eggs to get Hugs, Shary and Father Sean so about 67.3 donuts per character. Max would be 450 so 150 each. Ultimately up to you.

  2. Only one more week till it’s over and I’m afraid I might not get him. I want him more than sharry bobbins

  3. Alissa – Loved your take on this one. I went to Catholic school too – uniforms, nuns and all, in high school – and we also had a very cool priest. He wore jeans, and was always asking one of the oldest, plainest nuns, when she was “going to run away with him”, and she’d blush and laugh. Fun times, but yeah, the messages of love and tolerance are the biggies, no matter what you believe.

  4. Gaaahhhh!!!!

    Still no characters! Not one… unless you call “Jean ValHARE” a character.


  6. alunited1961

    The episode is class makes catholism seem like a cult……?on Jedi day I have one thing to say…..the one thing all societies and culturesand even religions have incommon! Its good to be nice to others.

  7. I want him sooo bad! But unless I get some baskets soon, I’ll never get chances at gold 🙁

  8. Danielle Dove

    Thank hes cool like sending him on his motorcycle.

  9. Men? Normal? Bwahahaha… you’re so funny Alissa 😀

  10. Aside from the fact that I’m still in love with Carl (“This is Carl here!”) I like Father Sean best. In fact, I think he’s unlike any character in town – he’s almost sane.

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