Introducing our May Tapper(s) of The Month!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In a collaborative effort between TSTO TopixTSTO game and TSTO Addicts, we want to feature YOU!  Your town, your words anything/everything about YOU!  Each month we’ll pick a handful of readers across the three blogs to be featured in our Monthly Shout Out, where we’ll feature your town and some fun information about you.  Then at the end of the Shout Out we’ll let the TSTO Community vote for their favorite.  That winner will be declared our Tapper of the Month!

Well….YOU entered and we narrowed it down to the top 5 and then YOU voted as a community of Tappers and picked the one you think is most deserving of being called the May Tapper of the Month!

AND exciting news…for the first time WE HAVE A TIE! Yes, that’s right I said a tie!  TWO Tappers earned the exact same number of votes…

And the winners are…..

Archheretic1 AND Kays_xo!

That’s right Archheretic and Kays were the favorites of the TSTO Community at Topix, game and Addicts!  Each yielding 30% of the total vote!

Let’s take a look at their submissions and Springfields again:

Archheretic1 and his 2D Design!
Here’s more about Archheretic1:
“Hi I’m Jason from Romeoville, IL. I’ve been playing Tapped Out on iOS since the first Halloween update. My pic is my tribute to Game of Thrones. This is the North Wall made of ice with a House Stark sigil of a Direwolf next to a weirwood tree. Thanks!”

Here’s Archheretic’s Design:

Archheretic1 Tapped Out TSTO Shout Out May (1)

Kays_xo and her Springfield!
Here’s a little more about Kays_xo:
“Hello there addicts! Here is my entry for the town of the month 😀

The simpsons tapped out community (especially on tapped out UK) all know me as Kays_xo. Im from the UK and have been playing tapped out since the squidport event! 
Im a daily reader of your blog, and would like to say thank you for all of your hard work that you do to make this game both more enjoyable and easier!  I have included a whole picture of my town, but also two separate ones as top right and bottom left corners were slightly cut off.
Device: Ipad (iOS)”
Here’s the shot of Kay’s town (you can view the cut off portions here):

Screenshot 2014-04-22 14.21.27

Congratulations Archheretic and Kays!  We’ll be contacting you both shortly to send you your $10 Tapper of the Month Gift Card (you’ll each get $10)!

Rounding out our top 5 were:

3rd Place: oikledavid783 with 17% of the vote
4th Place: Pullak with 13% of the vote
5th Place: Greeneyez82 with 10% of the vote

Do YOU want to be featured for our June Tapper of the month?  Start sending in your photos of your Springfield to (please put Shout Out in the Subject line).  In addition to photos please also send us:
-Your origin ID
-A few sentences about YOU (where you live, what you do for a living, any hobbies etc)
-How long you’ve been playing TSTO
-Why you love TSTO
-Why you should be featured in our Monthly Shout Out
That’s it!  No fancy stories to write, no complicated questions to answer…just tell us about YOU 🙂

You can check out this post for a FAQ about what you need to do to be considered Tapper of the Month! 

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  2. Jenifer Halls

    hi thank you for this wonderful tips ! 🙂
    anyway how can i sure this ******** if its working or not ? hope to get approved ! and be answered. thank you. best wishes OP.

    • That site (Which has been removed) is considered a hack/cheat site. Things we do not endorse on this site, as they are against EA’s policy. Purchasing (or getting for free) donuts via any other method except via the store in TSTO is considered an illegal way to do so, and can result in the removal of your game from EA.

  3. Reblogged this on The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX and commented:
    I would like to start by apologizing to the Addicts and Game team and to all of you, I have been so busy that I totally failed to post the finalists and poll for the May Tapper of the Month. Here is Addicts post of the winners whom I’d like to congratulate on behalf of TSTO Topix. Please stay tuned soon for the next round to find the June Tapper of the Month.
    Happy Tapping!

  4. Yay! Congrats!!! =)

  5. Woo Hoo to all !!!

  6. Congrats to both!!!

    Again, I didn’t pick the Addict of the Month, but I improved from my fifth place performance last month., with David finishing third.

    With five such great candidates it is crazy tough to pick just one. Again, congrats to Archheretic and Kays, look forward to reading your interviews!

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