Random Changes Level 40

Hey there Hoppereenos. While we were attempting to take break EA decided to interrupt our trip with a nice lil Level 40 Update. So what changes did this bring?



First off the Realty Prices (building costs). Normally with a new level being brought in, the previous levels building costs go down (the top 6 levels). Not this time. EA has added yet another tier to the pricing. (You can find most the building costs in our Realty Guide here.)

Red Blazer Realty

Highest Level: 3 times base cost
2nd Highest: 2 times base cost
3rd Highest: 1.6 times base cost
4th Highest: 1.4 times base cost
5th Highest: 1.3 times base cost
6th Highest: 1.3 times base cost


Highest Level: 4 times base cost
2nd Highest: 3 times base cost
3rd Highest:ย 2 times base cost
4th Highest: 1.6 times base cost
5th Highest: 1.4 times base cost
6th Highest: 1.3 times base cost
7th Highest: 1.3 times base cost


Now the top 7 levels will have an increase to their building prices instead of the top 6. How does this multiplier work? Well let’s use the Ah Fudge Factory as an example. Its base price is $150,000. Due to it is on the highest level right now (Level 40) its actual cost to you will be 4 times greater than the base cost, or $600,000. So for those of you on the lower levels are just starting out, being behind isn’t so bad. You may end up paying a lot less for buildings than those that purchased them when they first came into the game.


bumblebee manthe simpsons tapped out ottotsto squeakyvoicedteen

Squeaky Voice Teen, Bumblebee Man, and Otto can now start quests as early as Level 5. So if you are lucky enough to get SVT in a Mystery Box (how I got him) or happen to purchase one, you can start them off pretty early in the game.




Santa’s Little Helper Topiary is another great instance as to why we do not put spoilers out until we can visually confirm them in our games. Much like the Olmec Head, BBQs, Devils Anvil, and many other numerous items the topiary has been just hanging out in the files for quite some time now and only just released. The information, cost, etc in the files as it hung around until now has also changed. So we much prefer to wait and give you the right information when it arrives vs “possible rumors” of what may or may not happen.


Now on a side note, there is a slight lil change to the way one of the buildings look. Some may not have even noticed it at all. The Guinea Pig Rescue Center. They just rounded out the path in front of the building is all. I actually preferred it the way it was, but maybe too many people had hopes for dirt paths in the game to extend to it and EA has no current plans of dirt paths.

New Guinea Pig Center











I am still poking around more in the files to see if anything else stands out. I will update if I do see anything. In the meantime, do not worry about rushing or starting the new level right away. It is here to stay. So just focus on your Easter Event items and if you have the characters available to start Level 40 without interrupting your Easter Event play, then send them off. Don’t forget to double check that Confirm Donut Spend.

Til Next Time…

Hoppy Tappin

bunny tap











44 responses to “Random Changes Level 40

  1. i preferred the old guinea rescue center too! i had a road on the left and a road on the bottom and it worked fine. Oh well!

  2. Pyanfar the Hani

    Since the update my righteousness level has plummeted and I can’t get it to go back to 5. I’ve bought 15 (more) stop signs, made sure Snake, Legs and Louis are in prison, have no graffiti, etc. Nothing has changed. It was a steady 5 for months even with the Friend Point graffiti, then dropped to 1 after the update. I bought the stop signs and it went from 1 to 2 and there it stays. So instead of a 5-star Springfield I’m at 4.5. Did they perhaps change how righteousness is calculated? Or do I have to hide 60 more stop signs?

  3. freaknstein8

    Testing…trying to log in…

    • freaknstein8

      Been locked out thanks to the wordpress guys…not one minute of sleep this night…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzZZZZZzzzzZzZzzzzzzz

  4. My random change just gets worse…the toolbar that shows if you have a reply to your comment stopped working right last week about the same time…starting to think I wasn’t supppsed to have it because the wordpress guys are saying it works fine…so apparently they took it from me all together…will I ever learn to keep my big mouth shut?…don’t answer that…lol…no wait…they logged me out somehow…

  5. Something strange happened yesterday. I tried to get into the game and Origin told me I should save it on my other device (but I don’t have one). When I tapped “ignore and proceed” (or whatever it says in English) I found myself in a town I didn’t recognize. I tapped some bunnies and houses (hopefully this was helpful to the owner) and decided to have a look at the neighbours. When I got back to the town and then went to have a look at the neighbours again I saw all of my friends and could visit them again although I already had with my own game. So I got the stranger’s town two baskets worth of eggs and increased his/her Frink points. So thought maybe things like this are the source of the unknown names that have been showing in TSTO addicts readers’ towns. Have you experienced anything similar?

  6. Has anyone else noticed that the romantic task between comic book guy and Agnes was changed to “help elderly cross street” or something? It’s still sort of sweet but it removes a callback to a popular old episode and it seems strange that they’d remove it.

  7. Has the Sideshow You, in Krustyland, always had a random donut prize? This morning I popped 2 Balloons with tickets and the third one had 5 donuts. It’s the first time I’ve received donuts from it. Just wondering if this changed with the new level also.

  8. Did anybody else’s springtime soundtrack disappear in their Springfield? Mine can only be heard for 3-4 seconds in 30 sec intervals… I loved the constant chirping of birds and stuff….I miss it! It made my very frustrating Easter event still cheerful… What happened?

    • It does seem to have lessened. I did enjoy it too. Wonder if people complained or if it was causing issue with the coding.

  9. Question… I have a second account (made by accident) and when I visit my current account, the characters are doing random tasks, not the ones I put them on. Is this right? No point in putting them on their coolests tasks if just random ones show up.

    • The tasks are more there for your amusement now. A neighbor to your town may see something different due to a change in the game when we had to tap on characters during Valentine’s to get cards. EA made it so they just roamed and were easier to tap on and collect the needed items for the VD Event.

      • I’m not a fan of this, though, for several reasons. First of all, seeing characters/skins I don’t have doing tasks in other neighbor’s towns and vice versa was a neat way to showcase our individual towns to our neighbors. I’d be more amused by their actions if I knew others were being amused as well. On top of that, when I enter a neighbors Springfield now I hear several characters talking over each other, and many times they all come spilling out of one building, slowing down my device and even crashing the game at times. I’d rather they reverted back to the way it was originally.

        • The spilling out of a building is a new element they added to visiting neighbors. It’s so neighbors can see which characters you have in your town, especially helpful when they’re all on 1 long task.

      • Why do I feel like I just contacted EA’s customer support? Lol

  10. Omg – Did I miss a post or has no one else noticed the Faberge egg is animated?? Btw – after it finally popped out last night, got a basket first thing this am. Woohoo!!

  11. Christian Goddard

    Wasn’t the old end to the event date May 10?

  12. Jill Hensley

    I was hoping we would get more land. It would be fun if the guinea pig rescue center would get its animation back too. Still, nice to have a new level.

  13. I’m honestly confused by what the tiers mean.
    If I am inferring this correctly, you are referring to the latest or highest level, right? So, the price *theoretically* of the chocolate factory would drop from $600,000.00 to $450,000.00 when Level 41 drops (for those who have not yet bought the item). … Subsequently, the price would further be lowered to $300,000.00, when Level 42 drops.
    Or am I way off here?

    • You are understanding it correctly. So the base cost of the Factory is $150,000…so let’s do a complete breakdown

      Level 40 X4 = $600,000
      Level 41 X3 = $450,000
      Level 42 X2 = $300,000
      Level 43 X1.6 = $240,000
      Level 44 X1.4 = $210,000
      Level 45 X1.3 = $195,000
      Level 46 X1.3 = $195,000
      Level 47 = item will now be at its base price of $150,000 and will not change further.

      I have done all the math for you in the Realty Guide I linked in the post. I listed the Base Cost of each building in those now top 7 tiers (currently Levels 34-40), along with the multipliers they currently are under, as well as their current cost in the game. I update these with each new level that comes out. Hope that helps out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Cool!
        Thank you for reply!

        BTW, any chance that level 42 will be coming up in the next few days? Saving $150,000.00 would be nice, LOL!

        • Bwahahaahah silly person. It would be nice if they hit fast, but then our towns would really be overloaded. In the summer and into fall it was like a new level every 2 weeks. Just hang in there. No need to rush. Just enjoy the Easter Event and play the game at a steady pace. No need to rush. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          (FYI…$600,000 is a deep price to me too…a seasoned player.)

      • Ooops! I meant level 41.

  14. My zombies dont “claw” at people. They still explode but they also used to grunt and wave they’re hands around.

    • I believe that changed happened with Easter or before. I noticed it while verifying it for another player. I just can’t pinpoint when the change took place as I stored most of them away and didn’t take them back out til the Easter Event.

  15. freaknstein8

    Bunny’s back…officially…?!? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes and no. lol She’s still moving slower than usual…assume 1 energizer battery instead of 2…so we’re letting her take her time, but she is around.

      • freaknstein8

        Good…cause she hasn’t yelled at me yet… ๐Ÿ™‚ …no, wait… ๐Ÿ™ …lol

  16. I was REALLY hoping you were going to say they changed the odds on the baskets. I can’t get a basket to save my life and I’m in there squishing bunnies every 2 hours ๐Ÿ™

  17. If yo actually look at the 2 guinea centers, on the new one there are no more rocks near the new road. Guess where’s Waldo is really paying off now!!

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