Where Did THAT Come From – Kang & Kodos Topiaries

Hello hello hello. About a week left of Easter and hopefully the gift box fairies have been kind to you. With all the cool stuff, it’s always my pleasure to write about the items which come in an update. Been long enough, I’m hoping folks have earned the Kang and Kodos topiaries and I figured it was time to tell you just where they come from.

kang hedge kodos head

You know, I probably should’ve included these guys in my Sumatran Century Flower post but decided to save it for another post. I’m sure that lets you know they come from the exact same episode as the stinky flower. At the beginning of Season 14, Episode 22: “Moe Baby Blues”, our favorite yellow family is off to the Springfield Botanical Gardens.

Springfield Botanical Gardens

While trekking to the site of the century flower, they pass a ton of topiaries to include an elelphant, what looks like the feet of the Jebediah Springfield statue, a horse, Binky from Life is Hell and…. Yup… Kang and Kodos.

Kang & Kodos Topiaries

Just another quick scene from a show leading to new items available in our towns. These guys cost 15 donuts each and give a 0.5% boost to all cash and XP. Best thing is they’re also available in the gold prize box. Just got Kang today… now to complete the set without spending sprinklies. Well, y’all keep on tapa tapa tapping in the free world.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

25 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Kang & Kodos Topiaries

  1. 2 Kangs, no Kodos, would like a matching pair 🙂

  2. ­
    I have the Screaming One, which ever that one is.
    I have not won the Drooling version, yet.

    … HOWEVER, I’d rather have ANY of the gold box characters (that have tasks) first, though!

    ­ X(

  3. Have won four Kodos topiaries and no Kangs. Oh well. I really just need to get Father Sean and Shary Bobbins. I’ll be okay without the Kang topiary. Just swapped a bunch of pink eggs for blue to win gold only to “win” 250 pink eggs from my gold box. Better than more pastel fences, but… Taptaptaptap. Or perhaps I should get to work? Nah. Taptaptaptap.

  4. Any info about the baskets? It seems i’m not the only one who hasn’t got any in 8 days, or since the easter storyline finished…

    • It is odd. I see people saying that, but I just finished the quest in a game and got 3 baskets. Still no Faberge Egg. Other test games, same thing. A basket before the Faberge. But I also have seen others complain since the event started that they didn’t get hardly any baskets or none at all for 7 or more days. Then the numbers jumped. The coding itself has not changed for them. Still the same random percentage.

      • Thanks for the reply 😀 I’ve been zapping bunnies obsesively all day everyday, so statistically I should get one soon haha

  5. CentralCali559

    I got kodos twice, and still want Kang. All that’s left for me is father Sean and Shary Bobbins and Kang Topiary. I wonder if EA is going to extend the event. I know they have in the past.

  6. I got kang and kodos topiaries already 😀

  7. I’ve got Kang but no sign of Kodos yet so he is looking a bit lonely but I would be saving any donuts for the real thing at halloween again hopefully since I think my real Kang could do with the company too 🙂
    I just got blocko store this morning though what has been the main item I have wanted so from now on I will be happy with whatever else I can unlock as a added bonus. Still need chirpy boy & bart jr, the bunny NPC, hugs bunny & shary but I can cope without them. I’m sure I should get at least a couple of them in the time left but I won’t be spending donuts even if they have a deal closer to the end.

  8. freaknstein8

    Oh boy…two days of tapping just gave me one of these bushes…EA, give me some DAMN baskets!!!

    • I kind of understand the feeling. My last three Mystery Boxes the past three weeks : $250, Newspaper Stand, $250.

      My sister, also freemium player but unlike me has a life outside of TSTO and plays few days, than loses interest few days, then back few days; her last three Mystery Boxes: 10 donuts, Bench, Squeaky Voiced Teen.

      Did I mention within 15 or 20 Easter boxes opened, she got Banana Dictatorship and Father Sean. Whereas I have opened 58 boxes and had to wait for the 48th to finally get a great item in Blocko Store and then got Banana Dictatorship on 51st. Still no characters, just those two buildings. Yet my sister who was too indifferent to even bother logging in to get Kumiko despite my many many many urging over that tie-in weekend has Father Sean already.

      EA programming can be quite random. Hang in there Freak. I feel your pain!

      • freaknstein8

        Safi, I will be fine…lol…have you at least visited me yet? I saw your town lastnight and again this morning…saw you did a bit of work…you and I may take this game too seriously… 😉 LOL …I really didn’t think I’d hold out this long but this website keeps me playing…as for your sister…my son is almost the same as she and my daughter, who is the biggest Simpsons fan in the family, is waaay too cool to play a silly game…I just got in from weedeating…not tapped my town…you better visit!!! 🙂

    • I visited your town last night Freak. Saw all the cool designs and text messages. I didn’t tap though until just after 4pm EST today as I don’t want to visit 1 friend at night and 99 during the day. I’m pretty good at visiting everyone within 25hrs (most days within 24hrs1min, I’ll often get to a neighbour and have to wait for the last 15-30sec to finish). So you should see me tapping around 4:30pm most days this week. Barring any real life obligations, that time will push back 5-10min each week.

  9. Got Kang and Kodos…but man, I can not get any of the characters to save my life…bought a whole crap load of eggs, and I still cannot get Father Sean, Egg Council Guy or Shary Bobbins. I have enough fences and umbrellas to surround almost all of my land. And blue baskets, of which it’s kind of useless to have multiples of at this point.

    Anyone notice how it will stop on a fence or umbrella and keep clicking but the item doesn’t change? But it doesn’t do that with any of the stuff you want. This game has made me realize just how addictive my personality really is…it pisses me off but I just keep trying…sigh. I could be giving money to a charity and actually doing some good for someone, instead of throwing away money on pixelated fences that make me die a little inside.

    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP SPENDING DONUTS ON GOLD BOXES. We have said this all through the event. Wait. Trust me. Don’t spend another donut. Give it til Thursday…then decide. 😉

      • ­ ­
        Looking forward to Thursday to see what is coming up!

      • what are you hiding?! SECRETS! want to knowwwwww. I hope it’s good! I keep getting fences yet still have a few more to go towards sucking out. My pink boxes are either giving me beach towels or gold eggs and my gold boxes are giving me pastel fences. no hugs, shary, or father Sean.

      • I ain’t spending donuts. But I’m getting sick of this game – finally get enuf saved up to open a gold box and get—–fences, ponds and little egg clusters. Where’s my Dammit Doll!

      • Socaldave3295

        WAITAMINUTE! You mean all this time when you’ve been telling us not to spend donuts on eggs and save our donuts, what you really meant was don’t spend donuts on eggs and to save our donuts?? You really should be more clear 😉

      • Oh the agony of waiting Two Days! 😛

  10. I got two Kang from eggs, no Kodos yet..

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