TSTO Anonymous: The G Spot

Ok, I know with a title like that some of you may have been wondering just where The Wookiee was going (looking at you Freak) but it actually makes sense if you read this.  Over the past 3-ish weeks, I’ve had a lot of “G” words rolling around in my head.  Here are a few of them:

Grief, Glory, Greed, Garbage, Gluttony, Guarantees, Giving up or Getting Over It…  Basically a lot of things this fuzzball thinks applies to this Easter Update.  Maybe a better title would have been Wookiee’s rambles about Easter but the title did get your attention, right?

Anywho…Not since Whacking Day 2013 has there been an event so polarizing so I figured it might be time for us to hold another meeting of TSTO Anon.  Our gathering place to bond and talk about this silly addiction of ours to TSTO.  The coffee is hot so let’s get started…

TSTO Anon 2

But first… an open letter to EA from your resident walking carpet.

Dear Easter,

How do I love thee, let me count the ways… ah crud, I’m actually wearing shoes instead of flip flops and can’t seem to get my hands out of my pockets.  Hmmmm… guess I’m not counting love today or writing you a sonnet.  Maybe it’s not a love or hate relationship we have anyways.  Maybe I just like you even though you can be fun and all.  You’re kinda like one of those people who throw gifts at their significant other but doesn’t realize I’m one of those people who judges a relationship by how it makes me feel.  Sure everyone likes nice things but intangible fun is equally nice.

Lately our relationship has been a little exhausting.  Boy have you been needy in order to get you to give me anything.  I like seeing your face and definitely feel compelled to hang out at least daily but what happened to my me time.  Oh Easter, this has been a strange relationship indeed.  You’ve slowly made your mark on my town and inventory to equal that Valentine floozy who I briefly had a dalliance with.  While you’re no weather-changer or water-dyer like my former flames, all of your mutant bunnies have been pretty interesting.  I get you don’t like snakes, some ladies don’t.

We gotta talk about your idea of an Easter basket though.  Remember when we were kids and how fun they were.  Chocolate everything, stuffed animals, Cadburys, useless colored grass that makes amazing messes and pranks.  But no… your idea was eggs and it didn’t even work out like you planned.  I’ll forgive you because I know well how a good idea can go awry but next Easter, maybe I’ll do the baskets and you can do something different.  Ralph seems to be the only successful person at collecting eggs in a basket to be honest.  I’ll leave it at that.

My biggest issue with this relationship really is just how you treat my friends and acquaintances.  While any dating situation is about you and me, I do care how others view you and boy oh boy are you one unpopular lady.  Even my palereenos who have good things to say seem to be doing it through a strained smile.  It’s all good though… it really has been a fun month and from what I hear, you already have plans to move on.  Whenever the wind whispers through my pastel fences though, it will whisper the name Easter.  

With an indifference that will last to the ages.

Woodrow errrr…. Wookiee

Phew… I feel much better.  So, this little meeting really is just about having a place for all of us to talk about Easter… the good, the bad and the fugly.  Here at Addicts, we really do care about every one’s opinions but as we’re not EA or associated with them in any way other than playing the same silly mobile game everyone does, it’s hard sometimes to be battered down with complaints you can do nothing about.

If y’all care… 5 days out from the “end” of my Easter dating… here’s where I stand.  I’ve played completely freemium and did not buy a MkII Egg Generator. I thought it’d be easier to identify with all the freemium peeps if I kept this relationship honest.  I have opened 20 blue boxes (stopped after getting egg council guy), 24 pink boxes and 7 gold boxes.  I kept track of this by being a nerd and actually using decorations to count each box lol.

Easter Tally

Here’s my Easter Haul so far:
3 Beach Towel & Umbrella
2 Easter Egg Pile
30 Easter Fences
2 Easter Gates
4 Easter Ponds
4 Easter Trees
Kang Topiary
4 Pastel Picket Fences
Johnny Fiestas
Egg Council Guy
Blocko Store (finally 2 days ago… this is what I really wanted)
Bunny 24601
Banana Dictatorship

I’ve received 10 baskets total this event.  3 of pink and blue before completing the event followed by a 7-8 day period of none.  After finishing the questline, I received 2 pink baskets and have gotten 1 of each after finding the Faberge egg. I agree 100% with everyone that the baskets could and should have been much better.  Not much else that can be said on it.

I wouldn’t mind getting the lizards, Hugs and Father Sean but I feel I was fairly successful this event.  My inventory isn’t crazy overloaded with things and I got some cool stuff.  For me it’s all GLORY.  Of course, a lot of folks feel this whole event was centered around GREED by EA.  Fact is they have to make money and some of their ideas to make it are better than others.  I’m not the biggest fan of anything where everyone can’t win but since I’m a horrible gamer, I resigned myself to the fact long ago that some folks were always gonna win instead of me. I’d love to say you’ve seen the end of wheels and boxes but I’m not gonna hold my breath.  Wish in one hand and poop in the other, right?

I may buy some gold eggs at the end out of GLUTTONY aka the completist in me but am seriously considering abstaining.  We shall see.  I certainly won’t be spending any sprinklies until the 12th.  I really hate that this event has caused so much GRIEF for all my favorite tappers but other than saying I can sympathize, that’s really the best I can do.  I’m not sure I’d want to be EA right now even if I could.  It would be fun to come up with future content though and Jebus knows I know some things we’d all love.  The funny thing is, I bet even if I came up with the perfect event to me, someone would dislike it.

As for all the unique Easter stuff, some of the new items may seem like GARBAGE (looking at you stupid egg pile) but for the most part, you can use the stuff to great effect in your designs.  I’d love a daycare center in the future to go with most of it.  A lot of people have used those funny looking trees for cool designs and the Easter Gate is the first real entryway design TSTO has gotten. They’re definitely better looking than the concrete wall everyone got so excited for.  If you have masterpiece ideas for it, take a second look at your Easter schtuff.  I will admit, it’s much easier to bang my head against this one lol.


Ultimately, in this event, it’s up to you whether it makes you want to GIVE UP or your intention is to GET OVER IT.  I wish everything was GUARANTEED beyond some high coding in the game.  I can guarantee we all have control over our attitudes about the game.  Not everything in life is perfect and I always feel as long as the good outweighs the bad, it’s still worth it to keep something in my life.  EA hasn’t done any deal-breakers yet for me.  I still love the Simpsons and TSTO brings me joy.  Perhaps my give a damn is busted or I’m just way too chill to fret over a game on my phone.  Who knows?

Well, that’s about all I have for this meeting.  This is your place to sound off and have others commiserate or cheer you up.  It;s way more than just a chance for me to ramble.  Consider my words just a way to get the convo started.  Please feel free to express your opinions in smart, reserved ways.  Any cussing or just sheer ranting without a point probably won’t be approved.  I don’t promise we’ll answer everything but it takes a pretty trolly comment not to make it onto this site (almost never happens, even during Easter).  I seriously just hope EA has read a lot of the upset over aspects of this game.  This is just one more place to let you know how you feel.  Specific things you’d like to change or never see again would be constructive.

Hope your real lives are amazing and your TSTO is just your happy escape. Keep on tapping in the free world.  TTFN… Wookiee out!




184 responses to “TSTO Anonymous: The G Spot

  1. I started playing this game right in the middle of the easter event, so unfortunately I missed out on stuff as I figured out the game and started adding neighbors.
    That said I enjoyed the event and it has been an opportunity to get involved in the online community and add friends, I might not have otherwise.

  2. Bobbi Edwards

    I play completely free. As an obsessed fan of The Simpsons since childhood and a lover of all things Sims, this sim like world centered around my favorite characters of all time was perfect. I have sang the praises of this game for the passed year and three months and even recruited many of my friends in real life to play. I hate the boxes and I hate the wheel. It doesn’t seem random, it seems predetermined. There, I said it. But during the last Halloween update, we addicts came together on a global front and tallied our actions for a larger cause. Sure, there were some lazy jerks out there who didn’t play yet recieved the awards. But it felt good watching those little numbers increase at the bottom of my phone. In a way, as we collected goo, we saw we weren’t alone and that there were many people all over the world who were with us at that exact moment. Kinda nice, right? All I really wanted was Blocko and Sherri Bobbins. Neither of which did I receive. But its really hard when 54 out of my 101 nieghbors no longer play and I can’t delete them! So, as of two days ago, I gave up and updated. I had had enough. An update popped up today and it now says that I can win “cool Lisa” as I have already won all of the other neighbor xp prizes, but for some reason, no matter how many neighbors I visit my xp bar doesn’t move passed 6. And that’s really annoying. People who play like me, don’t take the easy way out and buy everything, we earn it. So this is bothering me big time. In conclusion, egg piles suck, Sherri Bobbins and Blocko better return next year for the ones who didn’t win them and down with wheels and boxes. Thanks for reading.

  3. I feel sorry for you man. I thought I was unlucky, but you obviously have it worse. I miss the wheel because I figured out how to get it to land in any region I wanted. I hope they change it back and lay off the social events where you have to rely on your neighbors to excel for awhile. I don’t even know why I play this game, but it is pretty much the only one I do play. I hope you do well on the next one.

  4. Recommendation: After Completing “Sucking it Out” half-way through the event, replace the fences with something else, or allow tappers to re-complete the questline so that upon opening yet another box and receiving yet another set of fences, there’s not the overwhelming sense of disappointment.

  5. As Team Blue I managed to get Johnny Fiestas & Egg Council Guy, but it took a total of 36 blue boxes. Today I’ve opened my 35th pink box & received Chirpy & Bart Jnr – which a week ago I would’ve been over the moon with, but with only 2-days to go & still no sign of Blocko Store (the only item I truly wanted from the beginning) was gutted to say the least! Despite playing every couple of hours every day, I’ve only opened 13 gold boxes, with no sign of Fr Sean, & no hope of Shary. I was lucky enough to get the Faberge egg a day or two after finishing the Easter quest, but the lack of baskets is frustrating & when I’m lucky enough to get them, they’ve been blue, so only worth 200 by the time I’ve swopped them to pink. If EA are reading – next time a higher exchange rate would be nice. Also, being a “p” username, I’ve had no eggs dropped by neighbours & had to rely solely on my B-game to fill them. I wish I had spare cash to afford donut purchases, but fact is I don’t. Kids need feeding & bills paying in real life – please realise this EA.

    • I’m in the blue group also…seems almost like we out number the pink…when I have blues to swap, I now have trouble finding blue baskets to swap…when I do, they are tightly bunched with others…I too am after that lego store…after a day of collecting enough blues to convert to enough pinks for another spin, I end up with gold eggs that open a gold box that gives me 250 pink eggs…whole day gone…lol…just a game. 🙂

      • Freak…..I feel your pain…..I’m a pink….just cashed in another blue box…..got more darn fences……I may not be able to get johnny fiestas…..very disappointing

        • Funny thing…my philosophy in life has been to do the hard part first…so I have gone after the pink boxes…only done , I think, four blue boxes…the rest pink…well the occasional gold…I want all the “prizes” I can get but at this point just want that blocko store…I could not be a completist(?) simply because of the cost…rather have the annoying ad and be able to achieve everything than get out my wallet…but that’s me… 🙂 …close to a second box today…my first gave me a wonderful beach towel and umbrella!!! LOL 🙂

      • Ok 3rd blue box today….I got fence, pond and egg pile….really???…no jf???

        • The egg pile is my least fav…I had to put mine away because I kept tapping them, thinking they were rabbits…I still feel optimistic… 🙂
          Good luck!!!

  6. I’ve been working really hard visiting all my friends and checking my carrots! I still want Hugs Bunny and Sharrie Bobbins… (And I think there’s something wrong with the alien topiaries, seems like you can only get one kind. Maybe they did that so you’ll spend donuts on the other one?)

    As soon as you could buy gold eggs I did, figured I would give it a try and see if I could complete my collection! But all I got was more fences and eggs. I might try it again at the end of the event but reading through other people’s frustrations makes me think I could spend those donuts on something else cool. I did get 50 fences so I got the extra 15 donuts, so it’s a net loss of 35 donuts so far for the event…. That’s not too bad I suppose? Oh wait I got the MKII as well so whatever that was I spent! 🙂

    Overall I did get some cool stuff and I’ll try to not bother myself too much about the imaginary things I didn’t know I needed a month ago.

  7. One thing that’s weird is I can’t sell the crappy stuff I don’t want like my 9 beach towels! And there’s no way to just trash them? So they’ll sit in my inventory forever…

  8. I am actually enjoying this event quite a bit – it is my first event though, so I don’t know what I’m missing from previous events which most people seem to think were more fun. To me, I expected from the beginning that I would be unlikely to get everything without spending any donuts, but at least I have a chance at getting everything for free. It seems to me the alternative is for EA to make an event where you can “win” stuff – but pretty much everyone wins – and simultaneously add more things to the store that you have to buy with donuts (like the Crazy Cat Lady, etc.). I haven’t spent a single donut so far, but I will on the last day if I have not won all the things I want (Hugs Bunny, Shary Bobbins, Egg Council guy, Chirpy and Bart Jr.).

  9. HandsomeHank8

    OMG Did anyone else stop. & read Freakenstein’s post?! My heart goes out to his daughter & her friends family. Sorry doesn’t even begin to express my feelings for all of you.
    Moving on to EA, yes I, to have had many problems with them. & this event, having said that I love the items I have winned for my town and a tad sad about not getting the rest? However this event brought me to post on addicts, Alissa, Wookie and Bunny are awesome, they listen to us whine, even we they haven’t caused the issue and can’t do anything about our issues.
    We all need to remember EA is yet another corporation in our country, their main goal is making money, not making us happy. Except that and play & be grateful that we live another day and are able to have the wonderful town of Springfield to play in. I have great neighbors in my town who have helped when I do have baskets and I try to return the favor. I have the awesome people of addicts (all of you) to vent & just talk in General.
    To everyone out there lucky enough to be a Mom or have a Mom still living, A BIG HAPPY’S mother day!
    Remember all to stop & smell the roses (even the lemons when that’s all live gives you)!

  10. I think the regular egg prize from the Gold box was designed so EA could say ‘HAW HAW!’, and so we would say ‘I spent 500 golden eggs ON THIS?!’ It is too bad that isn’t a good thing,,, I have 2 more fences needed, just got Father Sean, and haven’t gotten either building from Pink or Blue yet. I wish EA would figure out that Spinners/Wheels of Pain = aggravation. If

    hate spending donuts on the off chance of *maybe* winning something from this event. I did buy the Mark II, but that at least will look cool and continue generating money after Easter. I’ve also gotten plenty of baskets but my friends rarely use them, probably because my name in the alphabet is low, so the exchanges all get made earlier. That being said, electrifying bunnies is still fun! If they had made it so all the prizes in Gold were good, I think there would be a whole lot less frustration with this event. .

  11. I hate this event. I got hugs, the blocko store, the lizards and the flying bunny thing. Hugs and Blocko are useful as I can earn money from them. I only have 46 of the 50 fences. I guess I’ll never get father Sean and Sherry Bobbins. I want Johnny Fiesta and the Egg council guy too. I have so many beach umbrellas, ponds and all the other useless nonsense. I wish I could trade that stuff in for eggs. This has been my least favorite event in the 2 plus years I’ve been playing the game. UGH!

  12. cloverdalegal

    No egg yet, so no baskets in over 15 days. Too many small eggs, beach towels, floss trees, etc. No block house n some characters. Not happy with event at all. My friend got great stuff n the egg today, but I play more and finish the missions quicker… so what gives…lol Tired of tapping on these bunnies, wish there was a bunny total…lol Woukd love to know who many I have tapped on.

    • I am sorry luck hasn’t shone your way lately. I got several baskets after finishing the quest and just before finally getting my Faberge Egg in my last Freemium town last night.

  13. Any gripes I have about this event would just be a rehash of what’s already been said…aside from that, I have liked it…I have been pleased with what EA has given us this year except the one-time-use baskets…I don’t mind all the fences…starting to get baskets again…my neighbors have been filling them in lightning speed!!! Thank you all and Wookiee…you’re awesome!!! 🙂

    • Yet never a basket for me to put an egg in for you LOL. So you’ve been sick too Freak? (other than your normal sick LOL). I think Bunny started it 😉

      • Lately, can’t take the pollen…if you pray, send a prayer to my daughter…her best friend is gone…afraid how this is going to affect her…yes, gone as in the bad way…was over bullying…we’ve all been a mess…
        I’ve had three or four baskets today…they filled quickly…hope I get more…see ya!!!

        • It was for her, you are beyond that 😉
          Seriously, just be there for her, and let her be when she needs it, you’ll be able to tell. Trust me…

          • I’ve forgotten what I’ve already said…my daughter had just come out last year…I love my daughter regardless of who she loves…we have a normal relationship…she’s a 17 year old and won’t answer when I call…so now and then we panic…if she can just get through high school…thank you so much, Miss Dar…okay, enough about this….

            HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY !!!!!

            • Yep, gotta love them no matter what 🙂 My son is awesome, my daughter & I have a love/hate relationship (I love her, she acts like she hates me). Family politics & my ex-sister have had a hand in that. Long story, I still have a wound in my back from almost 2 yrs ago. At least my daughter text me happy Mother’s Day & in the morning, no less. It was a pleasant surprise. As long as she knows I love her no matter how badly she treats me, I am good with it. Thank you for the HMD, & it was sweet of you to put it in your town for all us moms 🙂

              (BTW, love the “Miss Dar”)

              • freaknstein8

                LOL…you’re not my granmaw, as I say it… 🙂 …my kids are awesome in many ways and both love me…just messed up times…wait…you were shot/stabbed??? I was stabbed in the back with an icepick but they hit mostly my shoulderblade…lol
                I will love my kids no matter who they love…will scold them when they hate…the klan burned a cross in our yard in 1976 because we invited a black couple to come and sing at our church…been fighting for equal rights for a long time…need rights for purple people… 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                ODL I hate it when I do that! Just erased my whole answer to you! Here goes again. My answers, in order:

                Thank the Lord for that!.
                Great you look at it that way, more parents should.
                Yes, the knife was only recently removed.. Almost pulled my arm out of the socket 😉
                We should love our children no matter who they love, and hate sucks.
                Purple is my favorite color, so yes, purple people and everyone else should have equal rights.

                My opinion on racism… if your child was dying and the only dr. that could save them was black, you would let them do it, and thank them and God your child was alive. If you say you wouldn’t, (because you are too racist), you are either lying, or the most selfish person in the world for not putting your own childs life before your own.

                My 2 cents worth, whether or not anyone agrees with me 🙂

      • The best weapon against hate is most assuredly love…sadly…both are so easily misunderstood…nothing shows simple basic love better than offering someone half of your sandwich…or your last cookie… 🙂 …okay, that just sounded good in my head…may not be true…lol
        Wow…MissDar!!!…all battle scarred and everything…ex-sister, huh…scratched off the ole Christmas list, no doubt…I will hear this story…later, maybe???…not sure to use “lols” or smilies here…

        • Oh, don’t get me wrong Freak, I still love my sister, I just decided it wasn’t healthy for me to have her in my life any more. (among other family members). I have a **huge** family, and she is so perfect, I think they will have her sainted before she’s even gone LOL. It’s a matter of being the “wrong” one your whole life, while being taken advantage of, then finally getting fed up after being thrown to the curb. The nature of most people is when you change your game, they get frustrated and upset and lash out. I’m so much happier now, so it was a blessing in disguise. I’ve still got a long way to go as far as being a “people pleaser” to the point of letting people take advantage of me, but I am making strides 🙂

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your daughters freind. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

      • Oh Freak. All my thoughts and love to your daughter, you and your family.

      • So sorry to hear your family is going through this my thoughts are with you all

      • Thanks. Sara…amazingly, within 30 minutes of asking others for prayer she came outta her shell and made a little joke and was hungry…hunger is a good sign…hunger means you want to live…
        Thank you Sara, my sweet neighbor…if you have kids, Happy Mother’s Day…!!!..if not just know they are a joy…

      • Thanks everyone…I’m sorry to bring this to the blogs…no more wishes needed over here…please go about your Mother’s Day plans and God bless you all…really.

        • Freak, I consider all of us family here. I don’t care what you want to talk about, I’ll always listen, and for a not so tiny lady, have very broad shoulders 🙂

  14. I still need johnny fiestas…so I’ve been trading all my pinks in for blues. ..I spin the blues and get more golds…..spin the golds….get 250 more pink…cmon man!! Very frustrating

  15. My biggest wish is that Other Springfield had some sort of magically permanent egg basket in both colors. I find myself having to scan my friends list over and over again to swap blue eggs for pink. (I also think eggs that aren’t gold should never be a prize from the gold box, ie blue boxes win blue and gold eggs, pink boxes win pink and gold eggs and gold boxes win only gold eggs)

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